30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-3-20

  1. Good Morning.
    A few things:
    1. I have a property listed for sale. The first three offers fell apart due to financing. I finally have a cash offer. It would be really good for me if it closes this time.
    2. You know how I feel about my Boy and all he represents. I am dropping him off at the vet in a bit. His medicine isn’t holding him through the 12 hours it is supposed to. I give it to him about 8 or 9 at night and he starts couging around 5. I know this disturbs Mr. P’s sleep and mine as well. Amos and I have discussed this and I have promised him that I love him enough to not let him suffer. When it’s time he will tell me. (Yes, I DO know how that sentence sounds, but every pet owner knows what I am talking about). Also, I am not ready to explain to Little Miss that he isn’t here anymore. She is his “person” and she loves him. He taught her how to play with him.

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  2. I went to a mid week Bible study at church last night. The study was on Habakkuk. What a book for our times. He also had us read Psalm 73. I encourage you to dwell in these today. I am going to turn off talk shows as I drive today and put on hymns to listen to. We need to dwell in praise in these times.

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  3. Good morning! It is a new day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Just saying those words makes a better attitude to follow.

    I spoke with Wesley. He has some students in quarantine already. Same as in Georgia, a lot has to do with Greek community.

    I wrote that above earlier, but am now posting it. Better for lunch than dinner.

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  4. From Breakpoint this morning:

    Kevin Bywater, offered the following formula to identify cults. I always found the formula, which might be called “Do the Math,” helpful. First, addition: does the theory add to the word of God? Second, subtraction: does it subtract from the deity or sovereignty of Christ? Third, multiplication: Does it multiply the requirements for salvation or acceptance by God? And finally, division: Does it wrongly divide the Body of Christ?

    Those questions can also be helpful to discern conspiracy theories, along with two clarifying worldview questions: Does it truly and accurately identify what is wrong with the world as the Bible describes it, and does it truly and accurately identify the solution?

    Finally, these conspiracy theories often inspire unhealthy fear. The fear of God, Scripture says, cast out all other fears. To be paralyzed by fear, or to be so outraged by fear that we no longer are able to love our neighbor, is not of Christ.

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  5. Michelle, do you remember Tony’s TV on Pacific Ave? Owned by an Italian immigrant whose son now is on the port commission; the dad died 3 weeks ago at 82, just heard a fascinating bio at today’s harbor commission meeting. The dad met his wife at Peck Park shortly after coming here from Italy, she was 14. They married when she was 19.

    Mary Star, soccer, such a great Pedro story.

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  6. Enjoying a short break from madness. Every day I have worked has been insanely busy, and this the most busy yet. This does not bode well for the fall. And we aren’t even emergency services.

    DJ, those four questions regarding conspiracy theories crystalize what has been in my mind. I am seeing people add to the Gospel – one of my cousins has flatly stated that it is a Gospel issue those who do not support a certain position are not truly Christians. It keeps recurring to me how Christ has been pushed into a secondary role in all of this, as if Bill Gates, the deep state, etc. are the ones truly in control instead of Christ, who, as Paul says, sustains all things by his word.

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  7. In the category of insult added to injury: I just got the mail. There was a nice box from Baylor by the door. I opened it to find it had beautiful yellow crimped stuffing surrounding a lovely black leather portfolio. When I opened it there was a fine pen inside. Then I read part of the letter from the school apologizing that they were unable to do the special recognition dinner this year where they present the portfolios. Now I need to let him know it is here and what does he want me to do with it.

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  8. Feeling sad today because of so many losses during this long extended season. I also talked with my church friend earlier whose family has lost the 7 members over the past year. And praying for Kim, of course.

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  9. The weather is warmer than average, in the 90s with the heat index near 100. Staying inside a lot lately is making me want to go out and slap mosquitos, but I am not there quite yet.

    Art found a movie on cable, Sweet Home Alabama, which I partly watched. It made me think of how the South is portrayed to outsiders. It was a bit untimely with the portions showing reenactment of the Civil War, but even so, my favorite scene was when all the dead soldiers raised up and looked around and then went back to playing dead.

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  10. Story 1 is finished about the ‘virtual’ fleet week being offered in place of the real thing which would have been this weekend. It was always such a boon for area restaurants and drew nearly 250,000 throughout the holiday weekend. The restaurants are struggling so much right now and this is one more hit they’re taking, missing what was a major cash and customer haul every year.

    Speaking of cash, it’s time to refill my prescription eye drops and the cost for a 90-day supply (which I can ration to last for twice as long) is $550. Yikes. It just seems ridiculous to me but the drug co. has a paten it seems to be able to extend over and over again (now until 2024 but it may go beyond that, they’re working on it!). Only one other drug is a prescription substitute and that’s the same price. My doctor says I really need to be on this drug for dry eyes (it makes you eyes product more tears) and he’s seen a lot of improvement since I’ve been on the drops.

    But sheesh.

    Even the pharmacists gasp when they call up the price. “Too expensive!” they all say.

    Yeah, tell me about it.

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  11. Our weather is cooler than normal lately. It looks like we may have an actual Fall this year, although it’s still early. 🙂

    Good news!

    We found out Elizabeth will be coming home for Fall break-4 days in early Oct. 🙂

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  12. Cheryl, I’m now on Medicare and GoodRx doesn’t work with that, unfortunately. My insurance plan does cover it, but none of the plans you can get cover it well enough so it’s not almost prohibitive to buy.

    We had some nice coolish weather for the past week but it’s heating up again for the latter part of the long weekend, though I don’t think it’s supposed to last that long.

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  13. We’re just back from spending the day “at school,” with the Adorables. I was actually watching the nearly 2-year-old. He’s now speaking in sentences–you can’t always understand him, but it’s there. We were impressed by his clear enunciation of “pineapple pizza.”

    These are smart kids with every advantage, including having a teacher mother (well, frankly, that may be a bit of a disadvantage–she knows too much). Really not a good way to educate. Frustration, computer issues, way too much break time (we saw everybody; multiple times).

    And our brilliant school district–why let a crisis go to waste?–has decided to redraw all the school boundaries, This is obvious social engineering, and they’re gleeful.

    Why isn’t it every about improving education for the children?

    My daughter and I did get fitted for new shoes. A luxury, but my feet are a mess right now.

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  14. I did not know Tony. My family was a “recent transplant” to the community when my mother got a teaching job there in the early 1950s. We fit in well ethnically–or at least my mom and babysitters did–but we weren’t the usual residents. I’ve got a booklet I’m going to mail you (did you get my text?) that tells some of the town’s history that I never knew. The Facebook page, too, has been a revelation.

    Maybe we never do know our own hometowns?


  15. I have a teeny-tiny lizard in the house, seemed to ride in on some reusable trash bags I brought in after loading up the trash bins … I tried to nab him twice, but missed, he started some wild wiggling, really bizarre, and I couldn’t get a handle on him.

    New pet.

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  16. A lovely visit with my dad and beautiful step mom. They are both doing so well and she is looking great after several visits where she seemed unwell and exhausted. Pretty spry at ninety eight, but still, my dad walked backwards down the stairs, offering her a hand as she came down. He adores her and she him. They chose well.
    God did come up in conversation a few times, not sure how much my dad heard as he is nearly completely deaf and the hearing aids were not working. He said he has only had about ten hours of being out with a mask. I told him he had me beat.
    They still plan to move to Good Sam. My brother has not yet told them that they will be allowed no visitors there and family will not be allowed to help them move in. I did remind my dad that we have plenty of room here and they are both welcome here.

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