43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-18-20

  1. Good morning little bird, and everyone else.
    It was a hectic day yesterday, but fun and humbling.
    The sign is gone.
    A flower from NancyJ has replaced Elvera’s shaggy bear. I have a picture of me in front of a huge sign sitting on my radio.
    Otherwise, everything is back to normal. I ave a huge stack of cards that I will sort through again later.

    I have so much to be thankful for. And I am
    Especially to AJ for keeping us together. .

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  2. Morning! And to quote a verse from Robert Browning:
    “The year’s at the spring,
    And day’s at the morn;
    Morning’s at seven;
    The hill-side’s dew-pearl’d;
    The lark’s on the wing;
    The snail’s on the thorn;
    God’s in His heaven—
    All’s right with the world
    This is what has come to my mind upon reading your exchange Chas and Aj….it has brought a smile to the face…what a blessing to know you gentlemen… ❤️

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  3. Good morning. This is supposed to be the last day of the heat wave. With thunderstorms throughout the day. Should be interesting. It is laundry day. To hang it out or not? Nice to have the option.

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  4. Good Morning. Thanks for technology I will be teaching a class in Auburn, AL today to some agents at a KW there. We start at 9 today and Thursday.
    The seller on the house is using a limited services broker, which means she is getting NO guidance and I am having to help her along. That’s awkward. I keep telling her I am an agent representing myself. I want to stay ethical. Now, with a full price offer she is saying she will not pay for the rewiring. She is also claiming to have a second offer. Mr. P wants me to give her whatever she wants. I am willing to bargain, but I am not going to overpay for it either. While I would love to have the house, I am not emotionally involved. He is. We have discussed it and if everything works out, we will move Son, Mommy, and Little Miss into it and get them out of the apartment. They will pay a fair rent which will still cashflow.
    It’s funny, because I only became aware of this house last Friday, but for a long time I have tried to get #3 Son to buy a house. I’ve told him I will contribute my commission towards his closing costs. I tell him I am the World’s BEST Stepmother! I tell him I don’t care where he and K live, but Little Miss needs a house. I have told other people this too. Suddently it looked like it was happening. What you focus on expands.
    Off to start class

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  5. Amazing, Kim!

    I shopped at Sprouts earlier. It would have been an almost empty store except all the inventory takers were there. I suppose I have a new collection of germs now.

    Art has two doctor apps. at midday so he is taking the day off. He is watching Law and Order.

    My brother does not have a television or DVD player so that is why he came here to watch his movie. Art is the only television owner in our family.

    Kizzie, I need to ask Art your question from last night about Endeavor.I halfway watch programs while doing other things.

    Our property tax bill came yesterday and it is around $3,500. It has gone up drastically as the value of neighborhood houses has risen. And the auto insurance bill and home insurance bill came on the same day. Not a fun mail day for me.

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  6. We may wind up with (even) higher taxes in California after all this is said and done.

    I’m totally confused about what Kim is actually doing with all these houses and the musical chairs, but it sounds exciting. 🙂

    The log rocking chair I’ve wanted for my front porch is back in stock on Amazon and is on sale but it requires assembly.

    PT called late yesterday and they’re getting me in today for a 4 p.m. appt that was canceled by someone else.

    And I guess I’m doing a postal roundup with our local congressional voices who are all speaking out today in one form or another about the mess. A friend said her mail was delivered at 10 p.m. last night. Ours isn’t delivered usually for days on end now, then we’ll get a huge dump of it that you can barely pry out of the mail slot.

    We’re flying back up to 87 degrees today, with 80% humidity? Really?

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  7. Oh good, that humidity number was just from this morning, it’s gone down now to 68%. We don’t do humidity well.

    My evergreen tree in the backyard, which has been there for more than 20 years, is getting a lot of brown needles this summer. I hope it’s not dying.

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  8. What am I doing wrong Mumsee? Renting to family? Yeah, it has the potential not to work out. If it doesn’t I have a rental management company that can move Navy people in for a year at a time for $1,200 a month.
    I got loan approval, and estimated costs. Now I have gotten an insurance quote. Asbestos siding will cost extra for insurance because insurance companies are scum of the earth and look for reasons not to insure and to charge more if the do.

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  9. Janice – Last night I forgot to mention that the actress who plays Dorothea Frazil, the reporter Morse often speaks with, is Abigail Thaw, the daughter of the original Morse, John Thaw.

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  10. Kim – Which house are you buying – the less expensive one or the more expensive one? Are you going to stay in your current house? (The other day it sounded like you would be moving.)


  11. Does anyone here listen to Steve Green CDs (or tapes) back in the 80s and 90s? (I don’t know how long he continues recording.) He was quite popular in Christian circles back then.

    Recently, I stumbled upon an old Steve Green CD from the mid-80s among some CDs I hadn’t looked at in a very long time. I popped it into my new CD player, and found myself singing along to songs that I probably haven’t heard in over 20 years. Not sure how to describe his style, but often his voice was what I would call “soaring”. Nightingale overheard a song and said his style was too “dramatic”.

    Here is “We Have Seen God’s Glory”:

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  12. Art got back home. His cardiologist was very pleased with his weight loss. His test looked good, and now he does not have to go back for a year!

    Wesley had something he had to finish for his new position so he still did not go for the x-ray. At this point, it best be a sprain. Live and learn.

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  13. Kizzie, I don’t remember it, but I heard Steve Green before he was known. His parents were missionaries, and they came home while their children were in high school. During those years in the States his father was pastor of a church in Phoenix, and we went there for a couple of years (ages 11-13 for me). He has either two or three sisters, who would do special music along with their mother. Mom said Steve sang with them sometimes too, but I don’t remember that. (I ended up helping out in children’s church for my last year attending the church, so maybe he sang when I wasn’t in the service.) One of his sisters married Mark Bailey, who was the president of Dallas Theological Seminary for a few years and is now (I think) the chancellor.

    Anyway, Steve Green was one of my favorites, and I heard him in person once or twice and had several of his tapes. Knowing (and respecting) his family gave it all a little extra.

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  14. Speaking of hot and humid….it is ninety degrees inside (I wonder who left a window open??) and already up to twenty six humidity.


  15. Kim, I am not being adversarial, but as a sister in Christ, am totally grieving over your plans. Please understand that. If Mr. P had 10 wonderful sons and all 10 wanted this deal, would you buy 10 houses and rent to them? If the answer is no, think about why not, and those same reasons apply to doing it just once.

    I fear that you are not considering the financial and relationship risks you are taking on. The financial include unexpected expenses, like having to replace a big-ticket item or insurance costing more than expected, vacancies of even one month in which you still must pay the mortgage, son experiencing a long-term or even short-term disability and not being able to pay the rent.

    As for relationships, what if son ends up not wanting to move in – what will that do to his relationship with his father. Or worse, daughter-in-law doesn’t, putting son in the middle between his father and his wife. Or the friction of them not being able to pay and Mr. P not being willing to put them out. And what will it do to your relationship with Mr. P when YOU, being the primary wage-earner, have to cover those unexpected expenses and vacancies? The bottom line is that a plan like yours only works if it works, and there are way too many factors that could derail it.

    (To answer your question, per FPU, you only buy a rental property when your primary residence is paid off and you pay cash for the rental).


  16. Yeah, it’s now 91 outside here but the humidity went down, it feels dry to me. I did open my south facing windows just now, there’s the barest of cool breeze wafting about. Wish I could have gotten those awnings for that side of the house (as the sun also is intense there) but they were ridiculously expensive.

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  17. I’m drinking coffee just to stay awake, still waiting for three more copy blocks & quotes from reporters to come in. I hate these huge collaborative stories. Ah, just received OC. Now only 2 more (I think).

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  18. It is currently 87 degrees here with 12% humidity. Lots of cloud cover and we are hoping that storm cloud over there by the mountain makes it way over the forest and dumps it’s contents!!
    I had the most lovely time with my friends this afternoon as we sat in our lawn chairs at the Black Forest park. We kept moving our chairs as the sun shifted but we managed to stay and chat away for about 4 hours. We kept our chairs 12 feet away from each other but how good it was to be together!!

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  19. Not sure of the temp here, but when I went to check the mailbox, it felt pleasant.

    Art and I watched the wonderful movie Return to the Hiding Place. Excellent.
    I shed some tears near the end. Miss Bosley enjoyed being with her peeps who love her. I think she did not care for the Nazi’s though. So thankful Art could watch it with me.

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  20. This morning I went walking with a friend from church, both of us wearing masks at my husband’s request. This afternoon I joined in via Zoom with a women’s Bible study from my Nashville church, with my two favorite people from that church in it and a couple of other people I know. I’ve been wanting to get back to Nashville for years now, but it hasn’t worked (our move for two years, and then some financial issues last year, and this year Covid-19), but being “virtually” part of them was a real blessing!

    The editing work keeps coming, too.

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  21. Janice – Hubby and I were not a couple who had to go out and do “fun” stuff or have date nights. Many people would probably think we were boring. 😀

    We did like to occasionally go on scenic drives or go out for a meal, but not often. Our “dates” were often when one or both of us would have an appointment to go to (we scheduled both of our eye doctor or dentists appointments together) and then would stop for a snack or quick lunch on the way home.

    But mostly, our special together time was spent watching “our” TV shows (I think there were about three we were keeping up with before he died) or movies (usually on a Sunday afternoon when he was least likely to have something to do). We would sit on the couch, one on each side, with Heidi on the cushion between us. We would often be holding hands, with our joined hands resting on Heidi.

    For our Sunday afternoon movies, we would have something quick and easy to eat, and a dessert or other sweet treat of some kind, along with decaf coffee or tea. And we would talk about whatever was happening in the show or movie, so it wasn’t merely two people staring at a screen. It was actually very enjoyable. It was “our thing”. (And yes, I really miss it. But I’ve carried on the “tradition” of usually watching a movie on Sunday afternoon.)

    Very occasionally, he would take me out to a nice restaurant for a date, which was nice, but I think we both preferred our at-home movie and TV dates.

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  22. Cheryl, so glad you got to do that Bible study from Nashville, sounds like that was a special treat.

    And happy to hear Miss Bosley got some love time with her people.

    I managed to file the story, take a super quick (1-minute) shower as I was so sweaty and got to PT in time. He encouraged me about the shot recover vs. “natural” recovery, said it’s all kind of working together as the shot gets rid of the inflammation and then we can make more progress in PT, so that made sense. He said my ‘walk’ looks good, at last, the gait looks fairly normal.

    The back of my leg (hamstrings) has been stiff, though, he said those muscles are probably still just tensing up from protecting the knee for so long, so he hit some pressure points with his thumb that really hurt, but it felt extra good when he stopped. lol

    He had me do a few new exercises, spent time on the stationary bike, had an ice treatment and now that I’m back home the house feels a tiny bit cooler and there’s a coolish breeze outside.

    I’m craving a Jersey Mike’s sub, had one late yesterday that I ordered online to pick up. Kind of hits the spot during these hot days and evenings.

    Kizzy, I’m kind of looking forward to ncis as I always do this time of year. I’m told they are filming again but I’m wondering if the new season of shows will feature fewer episodes or other changes due to all the covid restrictions.

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  23. DJ – No, Stranger Things has not returned yet. Although that is a good title for this year. 🙂

    Wondering how the TV shows are going to handle all of this. And how cop shows like Blue Bloods are going to handle the protesting and rioting situations in their storylines.

    I thought I had read that most shows were not yet filming. But you say NCIS is? That’s good, I suppose. Let Gibbs kick this virus’ butt!

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  24. Yeah, interviewed a local artist who works for NCIS and NCIS LA and he tells me that, yes, they’ve begun filming (he often is involved in their local shoots).

    I wonder, too, how the show story lines will deal with the headlines — my thought is not a lot when it comes to coronavirus, I don’t want to see Gibbs in a mask! But your mention of the protesting issues perhaps opens more of a storyline possibility.

    Sometimes I just want the escape, though — don’t “rip” things from the headlines, just do your own thing and let me take a break from those headlines for a little while …

    And, yeah, Stranger Things surely is the theme of 2020!

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  25. I am home again and I made it to my haircut appointment. No one was at the coffee ship. I found one family had had to evacutate due to the Jones fire in our area.
    So the older daughters whole family was at lil sis’s home. They had their rv and were all set up. Hopefully they will be able to go home soon.
    We all ate dinner together. We had just been talking about missing dinners together. it only took a fire to bring us together.

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  26. We have some tapes from Steve Green. I’ve converted some of them to mp3. We know a woman from Argentina who married an American. The wedding was in Argentina in 1972 at the church where Steve Green’s parents were missionaries (this woman’s family were members). Steve Green sang at their wedding. She remembers him as a child.

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  27. It’s 8:30 in California right now. The fires in the west are picking up and marching to the ocean. This is the area they worked so hard to protect last fall. Firefighters knew if the Kincade fire jumped the freeway, it would burn all the way to the sea.

    This area hasn’t burned in 30 years, as of right now. So exhausting in so many ways and concerning.

    We live on the northeast side of town. The fire closest to us is 15 miles or so east with a valley and a high ridge separating us. I’m headed to bed now, exhausted from the heat. I cannot imagine how the firefighters are managing.

    Hopefully, God willing, I’ll have better news in the morning. I don’t have a lot of faith about that right now. West county is evacuating pretty much from Highway 101 west.

    Oh, and 75 miles north of here in the town of Willits, they had three earthquakes early in the evening.

    It seems these days that we don’t have to wonder much about what it was like to live through the 10 plagues in Egypt . . .

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