6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-15-20

  1. There is a long commercial that appears on TV. Two actually, with different phone numbers. It tells us that we need to enroll for Medicare. I don”t want to get involved with these people. But I wonder who is making so much money from this that they advertise it on TV.

    There is also a commercial about selling your life insurance. There are circumstances where it might be wise. But be advised: you can do this only once..

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  2. So true, Chas. Those commercials about selling annuities are so deceptive. So many other things, too. So many don’t think through how much money they are losing and what other options they may have. Same with taking the profit from selling your house to live on before you die. I know one couple who ended up renting their own home because of that. I doubt they used the money to just live on and now they were truly impoverished. So many out there who just want to ‘help the poor unfortunate souls’ while enriching themselves. That includes many politicians. Judas also used this excuse while he was pilfering from the common pot of money.

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  3. We were able to enjoy our ocean vacation at Wildwood New Jersey this week. Things were almost normal except for no eat-in dining and mandatory masks everywhere. Since we like to cook and eat in anyhow, there was not much impact to our routine. We even did our one-day excursion to Cape May, where our favorite lunch place had tables set up outside, manned by efficient staff. I did a bike ride up to Avalon three days and on Friday we discover a nice 11-mile trail, for a total of 84 miles for the week (in 90-degree, humid weather). The condo we rented was lovely and the beach was awesome.

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