110 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-15-20

  1. Is this 8-15-20 already?
    Good morning everyone. This is such a long year to have been passing so quickly. Not like any other. Partly, but I suspect not entirely, due to the virus.
    I think life in America, the world, has changed forever.

    Mostly, not for good.
    I didn’t read it, but there appears on my computer a story about malls passing away. Elvera would hate that in her young days.

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  2. Good morning! I spy something yellow on the header! What a beautiful display similar to stained glass or a quilt. I love that effect! Of course, I spy all the colors of the rainbow in the header.

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  3. Any plans for today? I will be watching Wesley’s graduation program by myself here at home. He won’t be in it since it is all virtual. I do not know if they will read the names of those who graduated. I am thankful for the precautions.

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  4. Morning! The air is a tad bit cooler in the forest this morning and the air smells oh so fresh! That beautiful collage of our Lord’s beautiful floral creation fits perfectly!!
    Chas I was quite the “mall shopper” back in the day. The malls in the Springs are practically empty and the homeless hang around them and no one wants to go there. Sad….
    The “new” malls are outdoors. There is an outdoor outlet mall in Castle Rock and that is the place to be from what I am hearing….(when I was a kid we called those type of shopping venues the “plaza”….) 😊

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  5. The shot is all the species of flowers I found locally the first half of July this year. The larger photos within the collage are the same species as in smaller photos, but just breaking it up visually a bit. I’ve been doing first and last half of the month flower collages ever since spring started, and I’m glad to be nearly finished with them now, as they have been a lot of work, but they have also been a really cool record of the floral year. Sometimes I don’t get a good photo of a specific flower and I have to take another walk just to make sure I get that one again, and I’ve made sure I have walked all the local trails at least once during the two weeks, and usually weekly. That and choosing the best photos and assembling the collage means it takes a lot of time and a lot of work, but it’s satisfying too. I had no idea how many species of flowers bloom locally when I started this project. If the same flower blooms in more than one color form, I’ve photographed all or both the colors. Last half of July had 104 flowers, I don’t remember what this first half had, but about that many.

    I figure out what will make good numbers for a rectangle (here it’s seven squares wide and five high) and fill in the extras with the large photos. But each of the smaller photos is in a four-photo collage, and for those I have to see which photos work best vertically and which horizontally, and which ones are squares, and arrange them in the photo folder in the right order for the collage maker to put them in the right spaces–and also try (sometimes unsuccessfully) not to have too many yellows or whites in the same area, since those are the most common colors.

    I actually do know the names of most of these flowers now. The asters and sunflowers look so much alike that I don’t know most of them, but I know most of the rest.

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  6. All those flowers and no red ones. Interesting. When I think of it I realize I seldom see red ones when I am out and about.

    We had a big storm go through the area, but nothing beyond a thunderstorm and rain right where I live.

    NancyJill, my SIL lived in Monument years ago. We visited her and her husband many years ago. She has died since then, but has children in the Springs and around there. We haven’t even passed through for quite a few years and I imagine it has grown up a lot since then.

    Our malls are also changing and putting in businesses or churches that never would have been on anyone’s thinking in the mall’s heyday. I don’t understand the outside only access when we live in such a cold climate. I do realize young people want to go in and out quickly. We have very few stores to buy clothes. Men have Target and Walmart pretty much. Otherwise, we have to drive an hour for us and far longer for those in the whole northern part of Minnesota. It is all sad to me. Change is never easy.

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  7. Good morning. I have more mosquito bites this year than the past twenty combined. Maybe seven? They are getting bad here too.

    We had been planning to have second granddaughter come for a granny visit the beginning of next month but with eighteen’s turn for the worse, her parents don’t want her influence on the three year old. Understandable. In fact, we had arranged for respite for the time of the visit but they were still concerned so we canceled. That is okay. We had a nice camping visit and there will be other times if we find a placement for eighteen. So far, all we are hearing is that she needs to be placed in a psychiatric hospital for six months prior to being accepted in a facility. As I said, ideally she could be here, enjoying the animals, riding her bike, etc. But she spent quite some time the other day, talking about stabbing the eight month old and her mother (which is why oldest daughter canceled the visit). Odd as the eight month old and her mother are the ones who take her fishing and canoeing and thrift shopping etc. All things she loves.

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  8. Mosquitos- We always have mosquitos here. But I noticed them more when we lived right by the river. Now we are 2 or so miles from it.

    Malls- The one nearest us is almost dead. All the major anchor stores have left. Now one is partly filled with a furniture store and another is an out-patient surgery center.

    Plans- I need to move furniture out of the way for finally getting the rotted wood and sheet rock
    in our living room and bedroom walls replaced. I think I need to get a temporary storage place and a pick up truck to move it there.

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  9. I pray it will be a good move for them, mumsee. Not a good time to be moving with all the virus. My neighbors are already moving before we could even visit much with them. Never even met the mom. 😦

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  10. Catching up from yesterday: We first had our living room in a green shade. Now it is more mocha. The hallway and kitchen are a lighter shade of the same. It all needs to be repainted, but I can’t do the edge when I have bi-focal glasses. Some stuff is a bit difficult for us to move, as well. So, we endure.

    A friend had a pine green carpet and it showed every piece of lint etc.

    My bedroom is navy blue with a white ceiling. I still love it, although it could be repainted. The attached half bath is rag painted with the navy blue and two shades lighter. I like that, too, but since it was my first time doing that kind of painting it should be done over.

    My style is eclectic and I put in what pleases me. My parents made some of my furnishings and they will always stay as long as possible. Some of the artwork is from them along with many things I have made.

    I buy furniture that is long lasting as I am not one who likes to replace. My first couch was $25.00 at a garage sale; my second was free from my MIL. My next one was from a store and moved on to daughter’s house when it was pretty worn already. Now we have leather for the sofa and one of the chairs. It is definitely worn, but fine. We have had it many years and I hope for many more.

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  11. Kathaleena, it is interesting to me too how few wildflowers are red. We have the coral trumpet flowers, but that’s almost the closest thing. If you look really closely, there is one red one in there. In the left column, see the milkweed with the monarch on it? Look just to the right of it and you will see royal catchfly, which is bright red. And the orange flowers don’t bloom until summer and there aren’t many of them even then. Quite a lot of purple, though.

    There is one more big surge of wildflowers to come, with the New England aster (some purple ones and some pink ones) and the goldenrod, and some more white asters, being the most important flowers over the next month. Queen Anne’s lace, too, but it’s already in full bloom and the goldenrod is just starting. So I’ll do the flowers of the first half of August (which I’ve already photographed) and then the second half of August, and maybe just one collage of the flowers of September since there aren’t as many species of them and I think they all bloom all month.

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  12. Outdoor malls are making a return — but brick and mortar retail is dying as more of us shop online. So our malls are heavy on dining and entertainment type places.

    Last time I walked through a mall was when a friend was visiting a few years ago and we wanted to see the remodeled mall we used to hang out at. I realized how truly boring it was to just walk through a mall 🙂 — but it didn’t used to be boring, of course. It helps, too when you’re young enough to appreciate all the things the stores are selling, they’re geared to the young.

    I bought leather furniture about 10 years ago because I wanted something that would last and was somewhat timeless. I’d been through a couple couches (buffalo check, a feminine plaid) that just didn’t endure as the fabrics weren’t very pet friendly (plus I grew weary of them when I wanted to change the look up in the living room). Leather is expensive but it’s classic and tough, it endures for many years which was what I intend for it to continue doing.

    We’re having brownouts in California due to the excessive heat. The fans in the house help, but by noon or so the house shoots past the high 80s and soon into the 90s where it sticks, it doesn’t come down for hours, dragging through the evenings. No sea breeze during these days so my natural A/C is gone. Sweltering. It’s already 77 degrees at just 8:30 in the morning today. They’re also worried about wildfires this weekend. It’s that lovely time of year.

    I went to bed last night with wet hair and a cold, wet hand towel. The ceiling fan in the bedroom (along with a 2nd one + the open window) make summer nights more bearable than they used to be in this house. Maybe I’ll drive around today, the Jeep as A/C 🙂

    Congratulations to Wesley, did he get that arm checked out?

    And I hope Kare’s elbow and roscuro’s blood-draw pain are better?

    I think covid will be with us through most of 2021 from the looks of it now.

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  13. I’m old enough to remember when the big rage was to cover and enclose all the former outdoor malls.

    Now they’re doing the opposite, bringing them back out into the open. Outdoor dining, of course, thanks to Covid, will be a thing going forward, too. It all works well here in California where (normally) temperatures are quite moderate.

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  14. Our restaurants are glad to be able to have some indoor dining and use the outdoors as well. Lots of outdoor dining places were added when the smoking bans came. We simply cannot have outdoor dining in our coldest months. I do remember being on a roof top in Nashville in February when snow came down, vinyl curtains were up and some patio heaters added. I was in a heavy winter jacket and still cold. We get much colder than that, of course. We have gone to an A&W more than we ever had before, since we can eat in our vehicle. I think they are doing even more business than usual. The season from May to September is what so many restaurants count on and I am afraid many are hurting terribly.

    Thanks for pointing that flower out, Cheryl.

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  15. Our bathroom is still not redecorated after having it redone. The new floor has to be replaced and the store did reopen, but no one has come to do it yet. I have not been shopping to get anything, so it is very bare. This piddling project is going on two years now. 😦

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  16. So, I found a 1944 cottage at Navy Point, near NAS Pensacola. I actually found 3 ranging in price from $115 to $145K They are dated, and functionally obsolete as they are 3 bedroom, 1 bath. They have potential as the other two we will look at tomorrow are priced at 245-269K and are of the same age range. They have just be updated. The plan would be to rent this house out, move into one of these, fix it up, and then rent it, and buy another. He keeps talking about having to get a large air conditiined storage unit. I keep talking about getting rid of some stuff. One thing I did get him to decide is to dismantle the king sized sleigh bed in our room and put it at a consignment shop for sale. It takes up an extra 3 feet in length in the bedroom and if we have to move into a smaller bedroom the bed would take up all the space. He says I keep looking at him when I talk about getting rid of stuff. No I don’t. I immediatey gave up the bed I had thought I wanted and a dresser that needs to go anyway that belonged to my father. I’m thinking that BG might have her own place sometime in the future and want her bedroom furniture and would gladly give her my mother’s china cabinet. I would like to get rid of his mother’s china cabinet but know that isn’t happening.


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  17. I saw the post that said there are no reds in the header. I thought I saw some with my colorblindness.

    The graduation ceremony was nice but different than I expected. I watched a bit of the student’s names being posted on the stadium scoreboard but they were the August graduates. The May graduates had already been posted.

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  18. Thanks for the cards 6Arrows (Also known as “Carol”), Mumsee (aka “Jenny”), and Michelle.
    This from “Chas”. This is the only place I carry this moniker. I am ‘Charlie” everywhere else. I didn’t know my real name was Charles until I joined the AF.

    You said some nice things. I don’t know that I diseve any of them. But you turn 90 only once.
    I feel now, like I’m on the way out. Don’t feel bad, I’m not sorry. Only I need to be strong enough to care for TSWITW.
    I have been immensely blessed if you consider the scrawny, worthless guy who joined the AF on 2 August 1949.

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  19. This is your last weekend in your 80’s, Chas; I guess it’s time to live it up. 🙂

    House is adorable, Kim, but yes, so small.

    And the price of a parking space in California. 😦

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  20. My potted impatiens were wilting when I went out last night to water; I put them (in their clay pot) into huge bucket of cold water to soak overnight. It always works, they’re perky again. They hate the heat even when they’re in the shade.

    Yesterday I worked 12 hours, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Got everything done but it was a scramble. And I didn’t have nearly as much time as I’d planned and hoped for that feature which bothered and disappointed me. I hate rushing something like that out, but I didn’t have a choice.

    Happy advance birthday, Chas, I failed to get a card in the mail in time I’m afraid. Will there be a cake with 90 candles?

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  21. Kim- You could use those small houses as vacation rentals. AirBNB and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) are becoming popular among those of us who would rather spend a few extra dollars for the convenience and privacy of a house to the cost of a hotel for several days. Some a less than the hotel. We found a small 3 bedroom a couple of miles from my parents’ house in Tucson for $76 a night, as opposed to $100/night at a hotel. And we saved more by going t a grocery store for food rather than eating out. I’ve decided that when we go somewhere for more than over night, I’m looking for a house or condo to rent.

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  22. Oh Kim house #2 … move in ready and so cute…and lake front property? How lovely!
    Kathaleena this area of CO is indeed changing and in my view not for the better. They predict Colorado Springs to outgrow Denver in the future. Denver is saturated and everyone is looking south to live and then commute north. Our rural 2 lane hwy is as busy as the interstate at times..bumper to bumper and impatient drivers causing dangerous situations. But, we did get a traffic light at our access road last year so we now can cross over with relative safety 😊

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  23. I’m glad the card got there on time, Chas. I mailed it Wednesday and thought it might take three or four days, but knew that hoping wouldn’t necessarily make it true. 🙂

    I like the looks of both houses, Kim. And I see the blinds aren’t bent and ripped like some of ours in places where cats were allowed inside. 🙂

    Well, my living room look has improved with the purchase of the tablecloth yesterday and a little rearranging of smaller items. I ironed the new tablecloth, which is quite a bit bigger than the turtle tank table — how about all those “t” words in a row! 😉 — and put it on the table while we had the almost empty tank on the floor. Tank-cleaning day, which is a good time to switch out tablecloths!

    The reason I bought a bigger tablecloth than needed is because I wanted to have it long enough on the three sides not against the wall so that it would go down almost to the floor and cover up the table legs, which look kind of dumb with the piano legs so nearby. The piano and table were not a good match at all, but now with the pretty shade of blue next to the piano and under the tank — a long cloth cloth instead of a chintzy vinyl piece that didn’t cover much more than the tabletop — the south side of the room is now a prettier blend of lighter tones and black.


    along the north side of the room, I spread out a black-and-white musical throw along the back and cushions of 2/3 of the couch, covering up most of the worn and tearing fabric. The throw covered the whole middle cushion, plus half of each of the end cushions, and I put the bright yellow pillow on the middle cushion. I really like the contrast with vivid yellow on black/white. On the other two cushions I put a deep teal-like blue pillow that I’d bought several weeks ago and one of my old pillows that was almost an exact match with the table cloth.

    My love seat along the short east side, with the window behind it, is still blah with blah pillows, but the overall look of the room is definitely more satisfying than it was two days ago.

    Oh, and the really cool thing I discovered is that there’s room for the original grand piano bench (I generally use the adjustable artist bench, and only need the grand bench for playing duets) to be stored under the turtle tank table when not in use, instead of taking up room in the narrowed space between the living room and dining room. I also had a plastic tub of CDs under that piano bench, and covered the bench with the music throw. I was so pleased to find how well the long bench and the CD tub fit under the table and now is completely covered by the long tablecloth, freeing up the music throw for use on the couch, adding some black to the pale side of the room just like I added lighter tone to the dark side.

    Win win! Better balance now. 🙂

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  24. Our turtle notices change of tablecloths, too. This afternoon, after going back to her cleaned tank (I put her in her older, smaller tank with some water for her to swim while I’m cleaning her 40-gallon tank), she liked to swim down toward the bottom more and look at the tablecloth. Her back legs were propped up the side of the log in her tank while she pointed herself nose down to check out the new color. 🙂

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  25. One of my colleagues at the studio is in a quandary. She’s been teaching only online since the pandemic hit in March, but one of her families she’s had for at least a few years really wants to be back to in-person lessons. So much so that they wanted to switch to a teacher who is meeting with students in person.

    The studio owner asked me if I would be willing to work with the two children, as their current times for lessons match my availability. I said that would be fine if they want to go that route.

    Well, my colleague who currently teaches them really doesn’t want to lose that family, which I understand, so she has very reluctantly decided to try in-person lessons again. She’s really nervous about the whole thing, though, the studio owner told me.

    A difficult decision to make, when you’re worried about the virus, but don’t want to lose clients with whom you’ve built a relationship and rapport.

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  26. 6 Arrows, surprising how much a few changes can make a difference. I’m glad you made some good ones.

    This week I had to make birthday cards for a two-year-old girl, a 50-year-old man, and a 90-year-old man. Quite different . . .

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  27. Chas has a pet turtle now too?

    I took a drive to one of our beach cities to the north – on the coast the temp was 77 (compared to 95 where I live). Ran a few errands up there, enjoyed the a/c in the Jeep, saw surfers and horseback riders on the coastal route home.

    There’s a faint coolish breeze that’s finally come up here, but the house is still 91 degrees at nearly 6:30 p.m. It’s supposed to be “a little” cooler tomorrow, but looks like pretty toasty temps for the week ahead. It’s August.

    Mosquito landed on my hand while I was sitting on the front porch. I went to slap her but missed.


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  28. 91° in the house? Oh, I would have a headache in that. Whew, that’s hot!

    Cheryl, I was pretty excited that not only did I find some color combinations that worked, I also ended up with more space after a purchase! And now the long piano bench that’s tucked under the table is right next to the piano when I need it, instead of halfway across the living room / dining room space. Works for me. 🙂

    If anyone is curious what the blue sofa I talked about looks like, it is almost identical to this one:


    The one I saw has two square pillows that come with it, and I think the leg style is different, though I’m not sure. The legs didn’t stand out to me at the store like these in the picture, so that’s why I think they’re different, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

    The one I looked at is also a sofa bed — it unfolds just the way the linked one does — which I liked because 6th Arrow sleeps on the living room couch on the occasions when 1st Arrow is home for the weekend.

    The couch is comfortable — not too hard, not too soft. Goldilocks would like it. 😉 It does sit lower than our current couch and love seat, so I’m not sure if that would be harder to get on and off of as we age?

    The swivel chair that I looked at, OTOH, has a higher seat than anything we currently have. Oh, I loved sitting in that chair! The price gave me pause, though. $400-something for a chair seems like an awful lot, and that was on sale! I think the regular was $600 with 30% off, so $420.

    The last cushy chair we got was a free one by the side of the road…

    Would a high-seated living room chair look weird with a low-seated couch?

    Ah, decisions decisions. But I’m happy I found a nice stepping-stone look for the living room and don’t have to be in a big hurry to replace the couch and love seat. At least they’re still standing. 😉

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  29. Six Arrows, my reading chair (a futon chair that would make into a narrow twin-sized bed if I had bought the matching futon, and which I have slept in once or twice) was several hundred dollars, but I’ve loved it ever since I bought it 16 years ago, and the girls loved it too. Sometimes the right piece is worth a little extra. Will it suit your needs, and will it wear well, and can you afford it? And yes, will it work (at least to some degree) with the room?

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  30. Home decor, fun topic. I do want to get one of the ladder-back dining ‘side’ chairs at Pottery Barn, they’re about $250 each I think. I’ve love two. But as charming as my old antique, mismatched chairs are around the old Iowa table, I really could use a good, solid comfortable chair. But it’ll have to wait a while, probably.

    So a cool breeze finally kicked up a couple hours ago, but the house temp is still in the mid-80s at 9 p.m. I have windows open, fans going. Hoping it’ll be a little cooler tomorrow? Talked to a friend from the dog park, a Canadian native, who said she’s never gotten along with hot weather so we commiserated.

    I did a deep watering of the front porch flowers, front lawn and Charlie Brown. Nice to feel so much more stable walking up and down the stairs and front yard slope now that the knee is at least better.

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  31. Chas, in Nashville church was cancelled because of rain May 2, 2010. See how noteworthy it was, that I even remember the date? 🙂

    May 1-2 that year we had 13 inches of rain, and the city was badly flooded. I’d tried and tried to think of a “safe” route to church, and couldn’t, so I understood when it was cancelled. Several people did die in the flooding–including a couple driving to church.

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  32. I apologize Chas. I didn’t get a card in the mail to you. Know that I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays.
    (I get distracted when I teach and go into the office – just ask Mr P – somebody remind me his birthday is the 26th)

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  33. Chas may keep getting cards…

    DJ, thanks for asking. My arm is not any better, and I am experiencing some numbness in my fingertips. I need to seek some medical attention, but the only thing available on weekends is the ER, and that I am reluctant to go to. This is all pretty concerning for me, as my hand are essential in my work and to play my instruments.

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  34. Morning! Another eerie orange glow to our sunrise this morning but no hint of smoke in the air. We are in a drought and the rain continues to elude us here in the trees. In town yesterday they had a sudden downpour which was great for them but those clouds went south much to our dismay.
    Chas you’ve almost completed your 90th year!! ❤️

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  35. Chas, if there is anything else you want to do in your eighties, better get to it!

    My husband and I took a walk this morning. We have neighbors in their nineties (both in good health) whose son owns a thriving local business and keeps them supplied with plants. She was out sweeping the patio when we went by, and we stopped to chat with her for a few minutes. She said her son is busy at work this morning, putting out new inventory, but he’d yell at her if he saw her sweeping. Reasonably, sweeping is a low-risk activity–I know, just about anything is “high risk” in your nineties–and as long as she can do it, I think she should. I told her we’d be yelling at her too if she was up on a ladder, but sweeping is fine.

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  36. It was 77 degrees in my house when I got up a 7 a.m. Lots of 7s

    It’s only supposed to be 75 today according to the forecast for my area, but that makes no sense. Seems like this heat spell will go on for a little while longer, but maybe the worst of it is over. I’m hoping we get a good rainy season this fall/winter.

    Roscuro, I don’t blame you for avoiding an ER.

    A whale! Sounds like a refreshing coastal visit, Jo. Were you out on a boat? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a whale from the coast, though I’ve seen them on whale watching trips. I have seen dolphins from the coastline here, I sent in a photo of that to the blog years ago, I still see it sometimes on the side-gallery here.

    I sent an online msg to my ortho MD last night through the patient portal — I had a followup question about whether this cortisone knee shot I received a month ago can be expected to continue to improve my knee or whether its work is most likely “done” at this stage and this will be as good as the knee gets. That’s OK, it’s way better than its been, but there is still some pain and stiffness, it’s not 100%. It’s nothing I can’t live with, especially compared to where I’m coming from with this injury, but thought I’d ask him anyway.

    And he may not be able to say, it’s probably — like these injuries and their recoveries in general — unpredictable and varies from person to person.

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  37. It was so hot here, I know, I know, that I read until midnight, waiting for it to be bearable to sleep.

    At 4 a mighty wind blew through like I’ve seldom, if ever, experienced. Honestly, I thought, if this is what happened in Acts, it’s no wonder everyone was so awed!

    Thunder, lightning, trees dancing like mad. That was the end of sleep.

    I’ll have to catch up in eternity. Today will be too hot to move anyway, and then there’s the rest of the week. 106 expected on Tuesday.

    Why would we have air conditioning? It never gets that hot here. 🙂

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  38. I know someone else who’s in NoCal currently on family business and she was also posting about the deluge.

    We’re looking at low to mid 80s temps going forward for the next week — bearable unless the humidity spikes.

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  39. This morning at 6am it was 59 degrees out here. Now it is 81 at almost 11am…we are predicted to have mid to high 80’s until the foreseeable future and no rain. A lady who lives in Monument reported this morning that ash was falling in her neighborhood so she now has to keep her windows closed. 😢
    6arrows I liked that sofa…very classic modern lines. I tend to lean towards traditional in my taste. I own many antiques and incorporate them with newer upholstered furniture. But the family room recliner and living room wing chairs are leather. I ordered two swivel glider chairs this summer and it took them over two months to make them but they finally arrived a couple weeks ago. The upholstery is linen and they are oh so comfortable. The Mr and I sit in them every morning having our coffee and chatting to start our day. 😊

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  40. I think Wesley continues to wait for news on his insurance status before getting the x-ray. Maybe I will call him later today on the status.

    My brother came here after his in-house church service. He got a movie to watch, Return to the Hiding Place. He was trying to shoo Miss Bosley away from the top of the back of the couch, not behind where he was sitting, but nearby. It is one of her usual spots by the window so she can watch birds. Rather than have him being mean to her, I have retired to the upstairs so she would follow me and not bother him. I told him I would borrow the movie from him and hope Art will watch it with me. Of course I am the one wearing a mask in my house because I told my brother I have a bit of congestion. Hint. Hint. It is what it is. The fallen world.

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  41. Miss Bosley is very content now sitting in my lap. I am crocheting the baby afghan for the new baby expected in my church family. They are a cat loving family. I am content doing this. It is a creme yellow granny square afghan, and I will make some dusty rose colored roses with green leaves to attach to it. The colors they are using are creme, dusty rose, and green with a little yellow mixed in. I made a rosette a long time ago, so I hope I can figure out how to do that again.

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  42. My brother finished watching the movie and said he needed to get on home when I asked if he’d like for us to go so th outside on the front porch (away from Miss Bosley). When she first sat in my lap she had wetness on her fur where my brother had splashed her when I was not there. That probably means he splashed our leather couch, too.

    We have one cream/beige love seat left from a combo couch and love seat that I loved from back when we got married. I bought a dark brown leather couch (it has recliners on each end that we don’t use with our crowded space right now). I had been using saddle/horse blankets with black/cream/turquoise colors on the couch to bring the two together. For the summer I have taken off the blankets.

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  43. We went through with the outdoor service, with rain. I saw lightning on the way, but had an umbrella.

    We weren’t on the lawn, but in a smaller U-shaped patio area leading out to the lawn. People close in wore masks with the electronic band inside the church library (which opens onto the patio).

    Elders brought in two tent shelters–you know, like tents only no walls, used to shade–and we, who were in the back on the lawn–sat under those. I wore a mask because I was up a “row” with another famly.

    We had to meet. There was a voter’s 7-minute meeting. A loud of chorus of “aye,” and “amens,” with clapping and we were done.

    For the first time in memory, our church’s financial budget is in the black in July.

    The financial officer, who has been doing this for 15 years, was shocked.

    We all said, “thanks be to God!”

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  44. Silly me. I forgot to say what kind of flower it is. Here is the description from the post:

    Our Arizona native plant of the day is Ipomoea cristulata, an annual herbaceous vine, stems twining, often growing on other shrubs. Common names include Trans-Pecos Morning-Glory, morning-glory, scarlet creeper, scarlet morning-glory, and in Spanish, trompillo. The large, tropical genus Ipomoea includes vines, shrubs, and trees.
    Family: Convolvulaceae (Morning-Glory Family)
    Ecology: Found in disturbed areas, roadsides, chapparal, oak woodlands, and pine forests, from 2,500-9,000 ft (762-2743 m).
    Flowers: May-November.
    Notes: Distinguished from other regional Ipomoea spp. by being hairless on leaves and stems (sometimes hairs on nodes or undersides of leaves); having variable-shaped leaves, often with divided and entire leaves on the same plant; hairless sepals; and especially the red, trumpet-shaped flowers. There is a long history of mis-naming this species as Ipomoea coccinea.

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  45. Janice, it has long been said that men don’t get hints. If you want him to wear a mask inside your home, you need to directly ask him to do so.

    I had one brother who couldn’t stand dogs, and when he was going to visit, I always left Misten outside all day and vacuumed a couple of times. Cats aren’t always good at sensing who doesn’t really like them and keeping a polite distance.

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  46. Elvera fell. I had to call Chuck to help get her up. We called EMS. They are taking her to get her leg X rayed.
    Chuck & Linda will call when they learned something
    Me? I’m just in the way now.

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  47. Thanks, Cheryl, for your advice about men not taking hints. I dare not be so blunt as to ask him to wear a mask because that is what got him so mad at me a while back. I am living and learning how to handle the idiosyncrasies of certain people day by day. God wants us to keep the peace with all people whenever it is possible for us to do so.

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  48. Janice – It is true that we are to keep the peace whenever possible, but I think that if it is important to you, and if you are concerned for your or Art’s health, it is reasonable for you to ask your brother to wear a mask.

    It just doesn’t seem right that he can come into your house, “chase” you upstairs by mistreating your beloved cat, and not respect your view on masks. But I also understand that you are walking on eggshells with him and don’t want to upset the apple cart. (Like my mixed metaphors? 😀 )

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  49. Janice – I forgot to add this: If Wesley’s arm is indeed broken, isn’t it possible that it may be healing “wrong”, possibly setting up difficulties and pain in that arm in the future, since so much time has gone by without it being checked? I don’t know, but that thought has occurred to me as I’ve read of him waiting on his insurance.

    It’s really too bad that healthcare is so expensive that people without insurance go without needed care.

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  50. Praying, Chas

    I’m thinking if the arm were broken it would have been too painful to let it ride? Perhaps (hoping) just a sprain? But perhaps a fracture, too … Has he gotten a splint to help or had a medically trained friend look at it?

    Might be worth getting in somewhere and then worrying about sorting out the insurance & bills later. Isn’t there a county medical facility he can get to that serves folks without insurance? It could be free if he does, at least that’s how it works here.

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  51. Janice I could just envision that lovely baby afghan…complete with delicate rosette flowers…the family will be blessed with such a gift of love 💕
    Chas I am praying for your precious Elvera….and trusting our Lord through it all….

    Liked by 3 people

  52. Unless it was just a sprain and it’s getting better on its own.

    Any word, Chas?

    My retired pastor’s wife fell on their porch yesterday and spent the night and today in the hospital; there was some initial bleeding in her head but that’s gone now, thankfully. Love both of those guys, hard to see life getting so hard. But they have good, strong spirits and take things also with a healthy sense of humor.

    Just got back from feeding the fish next door, they were happy to see me. Today has been considerably cooler (though still too warm for me). But there’s a cool breeze from the southern ocean cliffs again this afternoon so I have 4 of the south-facing casement windows in the front room open. Indoor temp as a result dropped from 87 to 84 in just a couple hours.

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  53. Oh, so sorry to hear Elvera fell. I’m praying for both of you, Chas.

    NancyJill, 12:54, what a nice way to start the day! Sounds cozy. 🙂

    Janice, how relaxing and peaceful that sounds to sit and crochet the baby afghan. That will make a lovely gift.

    Sorry about the furniture ads you’re getting now! Living room decor is popping up all over the place now on my computer, too. 🙂

    Our pastor who preached today announced that next week they’re going to try an outdoor service for the 9:15 service — the middle one on Sunday. Those attending that service are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs.

    We will probably go to the 8:00am service like usual. We don’t have enough lawn chairs for our whole family, anyway.

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  54. DJ, Cheryl, and any others who know about dogs – Is there such a thing as nervous panting? There have been some times lately in the night (like that night the bat got in) when Heidi has been panting very briskly, and it seems to me like she is nervous, but I’m not sure.

    As I said recently, she has been doing some weird things that are very much out of the ordinary for her. She now follows me into the bathroom when I get up in the middle of the night to “go”, panting like I described, and then stays in the bathroom on the rug for a couple to a few hours. But during the day, she is her usual self.

    Liked by 2 people

  55. Oh dear Chas. I am praying all is well and TSWITW is Ok

    We made an offer on the house. The bonus is once we went in the 269k one and then in the 115 k one they pretty much have/had the same floor plan !!!!!!

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  56. Kizzie there is such a thing as nervous panting. Lu is a neurotic nervous dog when in unfamiliar surroundings and when strangers come around. She pants like there’s no tomorrow when strangers come around and when we go into see the Vet. That is why we put her on “calming” pills when we go into town to see our Vet. In the middle of the night sometimes she hears raccoon and deer meandering outside…she bolts out into the family room to look out the door and whines and pants. My neighbor’s dog will wake up in the night panting when she hears deer outside. Could it be Heidi is hearing some animals outside and that is unnerving her?

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  57. Kizzie, Nancy Jill already answered part of it. I will add that you’re probably familiar (from Nightingale’s work) with the term “sundowner” (I forget exactly how it’s used, sundowner’s syndrome or something or other)–a person who is mentally OK during the day but gets agitated at night, a form of dementia. Dogs can have sundowner issues too. Might be worth asking the vet about it.

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  58. Elvera is OK
    She spent several hours at the hospital getting x-rayed, etc (whatever they do. Actually, they “do” very little, with lots of wait time in between.)
    But she is OK now. She takes some Tylenol. But I doubt she really needs that.
    Thanks for the prayers everyone. This was serious for a while. But the first x-ray showed no broken bones.

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  59. Yes, panting can be a sign of stress, or sometimes pain or discomfort. I’d noticed your mentioning some of those behavior changes.

    I now give both dogs a 3 mg dose of Melatonin at night (per veterinarian’s instructions) — Cowboy sometimes does night pacing. When Tess had that arthritic tweak in her hip/hind leg here a couple weeks ago, there definitely were some behavior changes, one of which was her following me into the bathroom which she never does. (And if you know how tiny my bathroom is, you’ll now how crowded that was.)

    I’d keep an eye on her, see if there seems to be any physical discomfort. But it could also be stress, that bat being in the house (dogs really pick up on these things more than we do), or something amiss outside, a coyote or other kind of predator in the neighborhood?

    Did you say she’s eating normally?

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  60. My brother brought some figs he had picked for me. Unfortunately he had put a paper towel over them and layed down two large tomatoes over them. He had put the cracked side of the tomatoes down so they drained out tomato juice through the paper towel onto the figs. I rinsed the juice off and called my friend, Florence, who had wanted some figs to can preserves. I told her about the tomato juice, and that I had rinsed them off. She was thrilled to have me bring them over. She gave me a baggie of chocolate chip cookies and gave me two blooming perennial plants to transplant. It was great to see her for a few minutes. All’s well that ends well ♡ God gives good, good gifts.

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  61. Ah my Dear Chas, I am so glad that Elvera is OK. You had me worried. I want you two to be together for a while longer. I am attached and cannot lose either of you right now.

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  62. Sundowner’s Yes it happens with those with any kind of dementia. When my father was in the hostpital before we brought him home, I dreamed that he was calling me. When I awoke, I gave BG my cell phone and told her I was going to the hospital to check on Papa and if anything was wrong to call Nana or her Daddy. When I got to the hospital, the nurse askied me if I was Kim. When I told her yes she told me he had been calling me all night. She explained sundowners ot me then.

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  63. Thanks for the prayers and concern everyone. I thought of you immediately after hearing the news. But I couldn’t come to the computer because we had visitors and other constraints that kept me busy.

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  64. Yay! I got 100 !

    DJ – Interestingly, Heidi is still eating about the same amount as she usually has, but for a while now (maybe a couple months?) the times she eats have changed.

    I used to give her a scoop of food in the morning which she would eat after going out to do her morning business. And then she would be eager for her dinner scoop later in the afternoon, sometimes between 4:00 and 5:00. Now, though, she doesn’t want to eat until later, with the first scoop often not being until around what used to be her dinnertime, and the second one right before I go to bed, around 10:30. I think I might give her a little extra sometimes between those two times.

    Of course, she is ready for treats or a piece of something I’m eating at any time of the day. 🙂

    Since she is getting older (she’s 10 and a half now), she has to go out potty more than she used to. But she can still hold it through the night, for which I am thankful.

    I will keep an eye on her and see if there are any other tell-tale signs of something amiss.

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  65. Well, I finished the August 1-15 wildflower collage. Now I just need the second half of August and September and I’ll be finished with that challenge I gave myself. . . . But my husband is talking about going tomorrow to the state park where we saw the river otters a couple of weeks ago, and had a fun date, so who knows what photos I might get tomorrow? More otters would be wonderful.

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