45 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-11-20

  1. Well Ma’am, thank Democrats and BLM.

    Ironic no?


    “Seattle’s first Black female police chief resigned after the city council voted to cut the department’s budget and ax dozens of jobs”

    “The police chief of Seattle resigned on Monday, hours after the City Council reduced her department’s budget by nearly 1%.

    In a department-wide email, Chief Carmen Best — who was the first Black woman to lead the Seattle police — said her resignation would be effective September 2.

    “This was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time,” Best wrote in the email, according to KOMO.

    Earlier Monday, the Seattle City Council approved amendments to the current city budget, reducing the police departments $409 million budget by $3.5 million, according to Reuters.

    The cuts were made to top officers’ salaries and eliminated the Navigation Team and SWAT Unit, according to KOMO.

    “Why on Earth – for the people who’ve worked so very hard – would we ever consider not having the best of the best and compensating them fairly?” Best said at a press conference about the cuts last week.

    “I find that absolutely shocking and quite frankly – I think it’s punitive and not well thought out. And that’s exactly how I feel about it.”


  2. Again, thanks Democrats, BLM, and Soros.

    This is what Soros does HRW. Pay attention.


    “Massachusetts: Accused Rapist Bailed Out of Jail by Liberal Bail Fund Group Charged With Raping Again

    Also, Alleged VA Rapist Released Due To COVID Charged With Killing Accuser.”

    “A pro-bail reform group in Massachusetts posted bail for a twice-convicted rapist who has now been charged with yet another rape. The group called “Massachusetts Bail Fund” has as its slogan, “Free Them All.”

    The Boston Globe reports (archive link):

    Three weeks after being freed from the jail where he was being held on rape charges, Level 3 sex offender Shawn McClinton faced new allegations Thursday that he kidnapped, beat, and raped a woman he met walking along a Quincy street.

    The new charges against McClinton, 39, sparked immediate criticism of the Massachusetts Bail Fund, the group that posted the $15,000 bail to set him free.

    Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said he was “absolutely appalled” that someone with McClinton’s history would be freed. “We’re getting to a point in society where we’re giving more credence to criminals than victims. We’re talking about violent offenders. Why would you bail someone who committed rapes?”

    McClinton, who was convicted of rape in 1994 and 2007 and has a pending rape case in Suffolk Superior Court, was ordered held without bail Thursday by Judge Lisa Grant of Dorchester District Court.

    The Globe goes on to provide some details about the Bail Fund group.

    Officials at the Bail Fund, who oppose the bail system on philosophical grounds, did not respond to requests for comment. The fund, whose slogan is “Free Them All,” argues that requiring cash bail for defendants to get out of jail before trial is unfair to the poor and ineffective at preventing crime.

    If a prosecutor believes a defendant is too dangerous to release, the fund and its supporters contend, the prosecutor should ask a judge to declare him or her dangerous enough to be held indefinitely.

    The group has existed for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd by police in Minnesota have spurred a massive infusion of donations to bail funds nationally. As recently as January, it was posting bails of up to only $500, but in recent weeks the group has paid as much as $85,000 to free a defendant who was accused of shooting someone in broad daylight. This week, it bailed out 30 defendants in Boston, a court official said.

    But as the Bail Fund has paid increasingly higher bail amounts, law enforcement officials have raised concerns that the group is putting dangerous people back on the streets of Massachusetts.

    Even Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who has argued for freeing many prisoners, said releasing McClinton is going too far.

    The Bail Fund, she said, often posts bail for low level offenders, who remain behind bars unfairly mainly because they’re poor.

    “However, aggravated rape, kidnapping for the purpose of sexual assault, strangulation and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon are not low-level misdemeanors. They are violent felonies,” Rollins said. “And the person they bailed out is a sexual predator that hurts and rapes women and children. The Bail Fund posted $15,000 and set McClinton loose on our community … They have no responsibility to or compassion for the victims and survivors of his crimes, or the families that he has destroyed. I do. “

    In Alexandria, Va, a man who was being held on rape charges was released from jail over Wuhan coronavirus concerns. He allegedly then went and killed the woman who had testified against him in his rape hearing.”



    “George Soros Associated With Effort To Spring Minnesota Rioters From Jail
    An ex-con and Soros alumni is leading the $20m effort to post bail on behalf of Minnesota rioters.”


    Soros funds the liberal DA candidates, once elected they attack police and release prisoners under the guise of “bail reforms.”

    This is all well documented, if you’re paying attention that is.


    “George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the U.S. justice system

    Progressives have zeroed in on electing prosecutors as an avenue for criminal justice reform, and the billionaire financier is providing the cash to make it happen.”



  3. Cuomo doesn’t want you raining on his parade.



    Yes, we’re not comfortable with her coming in and blowing up the false narratives we’ve been pushing….


  4. “If concern about vote fraud with mail-in ballots is delusional, it is a delusion shared by most of the world”


    “Report: Mail-In Voting Severely Restricted In Most Countries, Contrary to Democrat Demands In U.S.”

    “Democrats have been pushing mail-in voting for years, but they have really ramped up their efforts ahead of November’s election. One of the primary concerns expressed by Republicans up to and including President Trump is the increased threat of voting fraud.

    Democrats and their media mouthpieces dismiss this as delusional and paranoid, but as it turns out, concerns about mail-in voting fraud are a paranoid delusion shared by most countries of the world.

    Fox News reports:

    A new report highlights the restrictive laws most European countries and other developed areas throughout the world have in regards to mail-in voting, contrasting highly permissive U.S. regulations, as the debate over the security of the practice ramps up ahead of the presidential election.

    The report, commissioned by the conservative Crime Prevention Research Center and released Monday, examines voting laws in countries in the European Union (EU), non-EU states in Europe and members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) — an international body consisting largely of developed and free countries throughout Europe, North America, Asia and South America.

    The report’s analysis of these countries’ voting laws, specifically on how restrictive their rules are on mail-in ballots, leads the study to conclude that the permissiveness of American laws toward widespread mail-in voting is rather unique in the developed world. It comes as most states in the U.S. have made some changes to loosen their absentee ballot rules, but Republicans in many cases are fighting back in the courts, arguing that such changes open up elections to potential fraud.

    “If concern about vote fraud with mail-in ballots is delusional, it is a delusion shared by most of the world,” John Lott, the report’s author, writes.

    According to the report, the majority of OECD countries do not allow mail-in voting for voters in the country, while 85% of the countries in the European Union do not permit mail-in voting unless the voter lives abroad or produces valid identification to obtain a mail-in ballot.”


  5. Our Gov is a delusional @#$hat who killed hundreds of elderly with the same flawed policies other Dem Govs used. His priorities are out of whack.




  6. NBC was spreading the communist Chinese propaganda far and wide last night. Tools.




  7. Bernie Goldberg has come around, at least for now…. 🙂


    He’s doing what needs to be done. Putting aside his feelings on the person for his policies, which are clearly better than the alternative.

    Vote accordingly.


    “Why I Want Biden to Lose More than I Want Trump to Win”


  8. 8:48 ….

    Or don’t vote for either if your conscience won’t allow it.


    As regular readers of my column know, I’m no fan of Donald Trump. And that’s putting it mildly.

    I don’t like his chronic dishonesty. I don’t like narcissism. I don’t like his nastiness and his silly name-calling. I detest his need to constantly cause chaos, as he did with a recent tweet suggesting we should postpone the 2020 presidential election. There’s nothing about this man’s character that I like.

    And I hope he wins re-election in a landslide. …

    … It amazes me that in a country of more than 300 million people Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the best we can come up with. If we picked two candidates out of the crowd at a Star Wars convention we wouldn’t be worse off. …

    … Republicans have their faults too, that’s for sure – but, all things considered, they’re not as bad as what the Democratic Party has become.

    But if Donald Trump is going to win – and that looks like a long shot – he’ll have to do it without me. I can’t bring myself to vote for such a defective human being.

    I know the argument, which I’ve heard a million times: If I don’t vote for Trump it’s the same as voting for Biden. That may be true, but that’s Donald Trump’s doing, not mine.

    And if Joe Biden wins it won’t be because of me or a few million people like me. It will be because of Donald Trump.


  9. Way to not pick a side there DJ.

    This isn’t hard. You vote for the guy who closely matches you on policy, or you vote for Biden. Being a sideline sitter does not absolve you from the consequences this election will visit on the country.

    You know who and what Biden is, and he goes further left every day. Would 4 years of you and the country suffering thru the consequences of a Biden presidency really soothe your conscience?


  10. Police often prove to be the biggest snowflakes until able to handle any criticism or budget cuts. And this cuts across racial lines.

    I fail to see Soros’ connection to the Massachusetts Bail Fund. I agree with the group that cash bail discriminates on the basis of class. Too often innocent people are held in county jails for an indefinite period of time. Often its easier just to plead guilty in exchange for time served. If you insist on proclaiming your innocence, expected to spend months if not years in jail if you are too poor. Their solution is to say its either you are too violent for bail or you should be released pending trial no middle ground. However, philosophical positions should be seasoned with pragmatism. There’s no need to release a convicted rapist, In this particular case, I would also look at the judge — a 15K bail for someone already convicted of two violent rapes? Why give bail at all?

    Why are district attorneys and prosecutors elected? The judicial branch should not be politicized. Just bizarre.


  11. NBC gets the first look at the Wuhan lab. This will bring eyeballs to their screen. The actual content is not important, the eyeballs are on the screen and corporate makes money. In order to maintain these privileges, they soft pedal the report so the can rinse and repeat. Isn’t capitalism wonderful — profit over truth.

    Fauci doesn’t care for the origins story his concern is how to control it in the US


  12. They’re right most EU countries if not all have very little mail in voting. But its an apple and oranges comparisons. Most western democracies have a central agency administered by a non-partisan bureaucracy who organize elections and maintain up to date voter lists. Canada uses tax records while most European countries require people to register at the town hall anytime you move, separate, divorce, common law, give birth, etc. Even my daughter (a dual citizen) is registered in a town hall in Poland. Voting lists than are almost always accurate.

    When voting, most democracies require a photo id with an address. In Canada, every resident over 18 has a Health card as a photo id — without one you don’t get free health care. In Europe almost every country esp Eastern Europe require an internal ID card. In western Europe the EU ID card doubles as an internal ID. Almost every European has these cards as they are required for travel within the EU and also act as a health card. All these IDs are free of charge. Thus fraud is extremely difficult. I have voted without ID –I forgot it at home and they assume I wasn’t lying but it was a small town and I’m a middle aged white guy.

    Despite the lack of mail in voting, many countries have internet voting. In Estonia, the entire country votes over the internet — there are no poll stations. If polling stations are used, they rarely cause a line up. They are at a convenient location — in an urban area — they are almost always within walking distance. Within each location there are enough poll booths and its organized in such a manner that I’ve never spent more than 5 minutes at a polling station. European countries are quite similar. Oh and paper ballots so recounts are certain and not subject to manipulation.

    I’ve watched American politics for decades and its electoral system or lack of a system continues to baffle me. A lack of a central voter registry. A lack of a non-partisan electoral bureaucracy. Felons may or may not be disqualified depending on offense or state. There doesn’t seem to be a genuine desire to help people be able to vote. ID requirements differ according to state and are often challenged at the polling station. There doesn’t’ seem to be a common ID (not everyone drives) and I imagine there’s no free ID. Mail in ballot may or may not exists, rules differ in terms of whether they can be accepted. Electronic voting machines differ not only by state but by county both in terms of the type, age, and number. In some areas there is more than enough voting machines and in other stations, the equipment is old and very few are available resulting in long line ups. Pictures of these long lines are a regular feature in international news every four years — the world can’t understand how the US can’t run an efficient election.

    Elections in the US are a mess and this isn’t new. I suspect however this time it will be an excuse to discredit the results.


  13. It’s all they have. Their policies are garbage, so they go with what they know.


    Flip. Flop.


  14. I watched 10 mins of the video — I felt sick to my stomach several times and finally couldn’t take it. The language and violent posturing of the police was apparent from the get go. The man obviously suffered from PTSD and anxiety possibly increased by drug use. I note the standard lines employed early “stop resisting” “you’re erratic are you on drugs” — standard lines used by police to ensure they can blame the victim if something goes awry. Watch any “reality” cop show and you will hear those lines almost immediately.

    Since he was only being detained while they sorted things out I failed to see why they needed to put in the squad car. He was sitting against the wall just fine. Since he was handcuffed, only one policeman should’ve been handling him. There were three police trying to manhandle him into the car often contradicting each other’s movements. The angry tone and language from the police makes it obvious they are frustrated and angry. Instead of acting in a professional manner, they became emotional and became more violent than necessary. I’ve seen Educational Assistants handle more violent students in a far better manner.


  15. AJ — “suffering through the consequence of Biden presidency” — nothing can be worse than the state of America right now. I’ve followed American politics since the Carter era and nothing is worse than the present administration. In the post WWII era, never has the US appeared so weak and failing as it does today. Now I don’t entirely blame Trump. In fact, he is probably the end result of 40 years of decay started by Reagan when he starved the gov’t of revenue to the era of Moscow Mitch who was quite content to sit and run a do nothing congress while somehow accumulating millions.


  16. And once again, your opinion is irrelevant.

    “suffering through the consequence of Biden presidency”

    Higher taxes, less jobs, more jobs exported, amnesty for illegals, welfare expansion, destruction of national monuments, police cuts, increased crime, and the list goes on and on…..

    Yeah, suffering is accurate…….


  17. It’s almost too easy.



  18. AJ, do you not realize that DJ’s 11:08 quotation that you criticized was from the Bernie Goldberg article you posted at 8:48 with the comment “Bernie Goldberg has come around, at least for now….”? Perhaps you didn’t read Goldberg all the way to the end.

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  19. Quoting the remainder of Goldberg:

    But if Donald Trump is going to win – and that looks like a long shot – he’ll have to do it without me. I can’t bring myself to vote for such a defective human being.

    I know the argument, which I’ve heard a million times: If I don’t vote for Trump it’s the same as voting for Biden. That may be true, but that’s Donald Trump’s doing, not mine.

    And if Joe Biden wins it won’t be because of me or a few million people like me. It will be because of Donald Trump.

    He is a detestable man. And I hope he wins.

    An odd position.


  20. HRW, “There doesn’t’ seem to be a common ID (not everyone drives) and I imagine there’s no free ID.”

    I believe every state has non-driver IDs issued by the same agency as driver’s licenses. (Can anyone here confirm or correct? I could not find the answer in one place without looking at each state separately.)

    In Michigan the fee is $10, but “Standard state ID cards are free to applicants age 65 or older, to those who are legally blind, or to those whose license has been revoked, suspended or denied due to a physical or mental disability that affects their ability to drive. The fee can also be waived for individuals who present other good cause for a fee waiver.”

    I don’t understand opposition to voter ID laws. It’s really not that hard to get an id.

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  21. I also have it easy, living in a deep blue state that will go Democrat in the electoral college. So no, my individual vote here won’t “matter,” in fact.

    I’ve always accepted that voting for anyone is selecting the “lesser of two evils.” I have no problem with that concept, understanding the sinfulness of man.

    But as in 2016, this choice is just more awful than I can bear. Sorry.

    Yes, I think the country will be worse under (the new, so-not-centrist) Joe Biden and the Democrats. But it won’t be that good under four more years of Trump, either. Is there a Door No. 3?

    Nah, I detest most of the third-party, single-issue candidates, and what’s the use anyway?

    So here I stand. I never thought it would come to this, but — for me — it has. I wish we had a much better choice, but we don’t.

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  22. Kevin,

    You are mistaken.

    I was responding to this….

    Or don’t vote for either if your conscience won’t allow it.


    The quotations from Goldberg started after that.


  23. Weird comparison chart
    “killing babies” yes Biden is pro-choice but not necessarily pro-abortion. I don’t think Trump cares either way. Children have died in ICE custody under Trump. In the middle of a pandemic, Trump is trying to roll back ACA provisions — while millions lose workplace insurance.
    “defunding police” — Biden is against this
    “riots and violence” — thats happening now. A Trump ad used current riot footage with the heading Biden’s America — I think they missed the irony.
    “law and order” — Trump is the most corrupt presidency in the modern era. And continually puts down the FBI; not very supportive of the police.
    “Liberalism, Socialism, Communism” — you do know these are entirely different ideologies.
    etc etc

    “less jobs” “increased crime” “destruction of national monuments” — have you looked at the news lately; its happening under the Trump administration.


  24. Or don’t vote for either if your conscience won’t allow it.


    That’s DJ’s comment, not Goldbergs.

    Perhaps it was Kevin who didn’t read to the end.

    I just read the whole thing again, and no where do these words appear…..

    “Or don’t vote for either if your conscience won’t allow it.”


    I’m not mistaken, and DJ knows that was her comment, right DJ?


  25. Kevin,

    Goldberg’s a NTer since day one. His opinion has always been that of Trump personally. But he sees the consequences of a Biden presidency and yet still sides with a man he dislikes. That tells you all you need to know about Biden.


  26. DJ — you have my sympathy. I spent most of my adult life voting for a candidates who had no hope of winning, its only been in the last 5 years that I have been able to vote and know my vote would go to the winner (for my district, not to gov’t) . But hey the VP may be from California. Now there’s a debate which may be interesting Harris vs Pence — far better than the train wreck Biden vs Trump.

    Even though I know my vote will not matter — either third place or as a winner, I still vote according to my values. If your values match Trump vote for him, if they don’t match vote for someone else or no one. A representative electoral system is better for this — each vote counts as seats are allotted on the basis of vote percentage not the first past the post district voting which encourages two party systems and voting against someone not for someone.

    Kevin — I agree with you on voter ID but from what I see and hear an acceptable ID is not as easy to obtain in the US as elsewhere.


  27. 🙂



  28. Ouch.

    The truth hurts…..



  29. “Willie Brown’s Mistress” — considering your support for Trump you actually went there. There’s a subtle sexism where one immediately considers her marital history but barely blinks at Trump’s. You would rather support the philandering porn star paying adulterer? That’s a huge glass house.


  30. Of course I did. Everything’s fair game now. The left set those rules, I’m just playing within the parameters they set. If Trump’s were fair game, so are her’s. And her’s are well documented.

    Ain’t equality a hoot?! 🙂


  31. I could vote for Pence with no problem.

    hwesseli, funny because when I was in college and in my 20s I was a Democrat (we’re all liberal when we’re young, right?). Everyone I voted for lost. My first vote was cast for George McGovern whom I adored and walked precincts for; I even had a bumper sticker. He won in 1 state. Ouch. And I was crushed. (Of course, today’s left makes him look almost moderate in retrospect.)

    I didn’t vote for Reagan but did not have a bad feeling about him, particularly. I thought the left entirely overreacted to him at the time.

    I finally switched sides (it was a long, maturing process for me) and voted for the elder Bush as my first GOP presidential vote. He lost to Clinton, of course, and I started thinking hmmm, no one I’ve ever voted for has won the presidency, it must be me …

    I liked George W and enthusiastically voted for him. There were mistakes made, but I felt he had good character and the compassionate conservatism approach always appealed to me. I trusted him and his judgement. He was not bitter or spiteful, he was able to get along with his political “enemies.” In short, he was gracious. I like that in a leader, and even think it’s a necessary trait for a good one.

    It’s Trump’s character and temperament that are most bothersome to me and I worry that, in a worst-case scenario, he’s potentially just a loose canon. I don’t trust his judgement in a crisis. He comes off as bitter and spiteful too often and I think those are horrible traits in a national leader.

    But the Democrat left is no solution here, either. I especially am concerned about what Goldberg mentioned under the freedom of speech issue. That does not bode well for us.

    And where the party goes, Biden will be forced or persuaded to go, that’s becoming more and more obvious.

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  32. You’re right, AJ, I wrote imprecisely, but you’re missing my point. DJ was essentially paraphrasing Goldberg, who wrote. “But if Donald Trump is going to win – and that looks like a long shot – he’ll have to do it without me. I can’t bring myself to vote for such a defective human being.” I don’t understand why you seem to argue with her and yet speak positively of him.


  33. Interesting the political journeys people take. My teen years were the Reagan years. I supported his Cold War mentality and didn’t think much of his domestic policies. In Canada, the conservative party operated under Toryism. A small town paternalism – they weren’t really right or left. Their social values appealed to my hard working Dutch immigrant parents, and I naturally followed suit. As Canadian politics slowly became more influenced by outside ideologies the Conservative party began to emulate Reagan and Thatcher and that’s when I headed to the exit. I couldn’t vote Liberal because they were traditionally the party of big business, free trade, etc. Under Trudeau Sr they moved to the left but still had the big business faction. They’ve evolved to become a centrist party. This left me with the left wing NDP… their economic policies favouring the working class, support for universal health care, etc is what gained my vote. I don’t think my politics changed much esp my economic positions but the political parties definitely did.

    My social point of view of course had to change to support the NDP. But I don’t think my position has changed much. For example, I’m pro-choice but I think we need to create an environment where almost every choice is not abortion. Supporting leftist economic policies goes a long way in that regard (free health care, child benefits, daycare, free education etc) . Those who know me wonder how I can tolerate the SJW in the NDP but for me its a matter of priorities — they want social justice I want economic justice. They support each other, I just happened to think breaking down the class structure will go along way to support the SJW goals. And stressing economic justice keeps the white working class on board.

    I don’t see the leftist within the Democratic party as that radical. In terms of economic policies they don’t seem much different than McGovern — the SJW stuff is new so the social side of the spectrum they can appear quite radical.

    Harris is interesting. Immigrant kid, mixed racial heritage, extremely bright , hard working, ambitious and with a mean streak. I don’t think she will allow a leftist within 6 feet of Biden (social distancing after all). She will chart a centrist course and she won’t tolerate any b.s. from anyone. She wants to be president eventually and she won’t tolerate any obstacles. I’m sure it was between Rice and Harris and I’m sure the right will throw mud the rest of the week– they had two files ready to go depending on his choice.


  34. AJ — you missed the point. Since the social conservatives have accepted Trump, moral judgments no longer mean anything coming from social conservatives. Hence why would they make any judgments — perhaps its gender.


  35. No, it’s not gender. It’s not color either. She’s just yet another horrible Dem candidate whose policies totally suck.


  36. I have a non-driver ID here in Connecticut that I got at the DMV. I don’t remember how much it cost, but I think it was 20-something dollars.


  37. AJ, is politics so important that a person must vote for the lesser of two evils against conscience? Not in my book.


  38. Well, usually it doesn’t let you post the same comment twice in a row, so when it was still showing up, I figured I’d hit “post” and it wouldn’t post if it already had done so . . . sorry.


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