43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-10-20

  1. I guess my body is getting ready for the start of school. I woke up around 5AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh, well. 5 is my usual get up time during the school year.

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  2. Good morning! Waiting for the tractors to finish and the horses to come onto the track.
    More positive covids showing up at the hospital every day. Most are discharged home, but some are quite ill. We had our 3rd death this weekend. A nurse and a tech are out with positive tests.

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  3. Good morning everyone. I’m just sitting waiting for Monday to start. Whatever that is.
    I spent a moment trying to figure out what a “positive covid” is. Until it occurred to me that somebody is sick.

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  4. Morning! Those are some ominous clouds up there…sign of the times eh?
    Praying for protection for you and your team rkessler. I have known some with positive tests but their cases have been so mild, much like having allergies. There seems to be different levels of severity with this virus. 😞
    We are having a couple over this afternoon and we have not seen them in over 10 years. They were our small group leaders at a church we attended years ago….It will be a sweet reunion …..

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  5. Good morning! It’s been a day already. Two of the overly stuffed containers my brother filled with cut up tree had fallen and dumped so I have been out trying to get it all packed back in and out on the street for pick up. The regular garbage pickup was earlier than usual. As I was out there a young guy on a bike zipped by and two joggers (not together unless it was the same guy since the first was going up the street and the second going down the street). Being in a frustrated mindset, I thought that in the best of Christian worlds they would have used their energy to stop and help an older lady. Art had been out there and said this looks like it would be more easily handled by two people. I said yes it would, but knowing he is not use to physical labor in heat and humidity, I told him to go on to work. I know I sounded angry, and I need to call and apologize. I am partly angry that my brother always puts twice as much into cans as should be in them so they are very top heavy and very easily tipped over. I suppose I need to buy another can. We had one that disappeared a few years ago. I still have the lid to it. Considering now a new thought; the lid could be repurposed to plant seeds in for later transplant. Another day, another year.

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  6. That’s a 2020 sky.

    The cat now wakes me up at 5:30 every morning. How does she know what time it is? It’s exactly the same time. I try to brush her off but she is relentless. Purring into my ear, gently pawing my face, meowing continually.

    So I drag myself out of bed, give her a little bit of kibble in her dish which she eats happily, then, after turning out the lights I leave on overnight, I head back to bed. But this morning I never went back to sleep — not really a problem, I got a good 9 hours last night after going to bed early again. And this way I can scoot up to the vet’s to pick up the dog meds and be back in time for the staff call and the work day.

    Guess I’d better hit the road soon, though. They open in 45 minutes it takes about that much time to drive up there.

    Janice, yeah, you’d think those runners might have stopped to assist, right? That would also be exercise lol for them, it would only add some diversity to their morning training.

    When I sold my Jetta to a private party I had to get a duplicate title as mine was un-findable after a move and 12+ years since I’d bought it. Seems like it was a quick and easy process. You can probably just do it online.

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  7. My youngest daughter had two of her sons come home with a note a week or so ago. The note said that the author was out trimming trees at the church property (not daughter’s church) and three boys approached him and asked if he would like help to transport the branches. All three helped him out and he sent them home with a monetary award. He wanted to let them know that they have raised some nice boys. Two were my daughter’s children and one was the foster boy that they have agreed to help out when the foster mother needs a break for whatever reason. It was a pleasant surprise for my daughter. Your post reminded me of this, Janice.

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  8. off to baby sit. I have some activities planned, so we will see. Then hopefully make it home before the car arrives. I am waiting for an email from the dealer so we can plan a time.

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  9. Vet trip was quick, traffic is still less than it was in pre-covid days. I made it up there in 30 minutes, unheard of before during a rush hour commute.

    Folks here are up in arms over the lack of mail delivery, our block received mail on Friday night last week and that was it. Obviously there are a lot of financial stressors on the Postal Service right now and I see a few conspiracy theories also are cropping up with regard to the election.

    Most of us bank online and do direct deposit, but my one neighbor, for example, still gets and sends everything via snail mail — checks, bills, payments, etc.

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  10. So it’s official, rental is van is reserved, stuff is mostly packed, books are on the way to the school, semester’s tuition is paid in full, and my baby leaves in 11 days. 😲😲

    I’m starting to freak out a little bit. 😦

    OK. A lot.

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  11. Cheryl,

    Yes. They’ve altered the schedule slightly. They will go until just before Thanksgiving. Then the semester ends, they all go home until Jan. when the 2nd starts. They’re discouraging visits and trips home for obvious reasons while school is in session. 😦

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  12. How exciting, AJ! When I traveled five and a half hours away from home to be a freshman at Georgia Southern, I did not go back home until Thanksgiving. I could not believe that the size of my home shrank while I was away. It was shocking to see it after some months when I had never been away like that before. I have never had that sensation at any other time in my life. I wonder if others will have it this year.

    Wesley is teaching all his classes on line. He has three composition classes and one literature class. He is signing up for insurance today. Maybe soon he will go get his arm x-rayed. He thinks it is a possible fracture of his smaller arm bone but it is most likely a sprain.

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  13. AJ, when I left for college I was 22, had had my own apartment with my sister for two years, and was attending college a long way from Arizona. I initially entered the three-year program with thoughts that I might switch to the four-year program (which I did pretty quickly), but I had no idea whether I’d get to Arizona at all during my college years. As it turned out, I did get back there twice, one week each time. (There was no family I could stay with long-term. My mom had moved into a one-bedroom apartment, the sister I had lived with into a studio apartment, and I sold my car when I went to college. So I really needed to stay at college and work over all my breaks.)


  14. The state of NC is celebrating my 90th birthday early.
    They’ve taken my driver’s license.
    LindaS has trying to reach the NCHD (in fact, a call from her interrupted this entry. The HD will reinstate my license until some report (about my eyes) is made. As of now. I don’t know what will happen, but I am still driving.
    For now.

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  15. Before Hubby died, he had been reading Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons by Meg Meeker, M.D. Has anybody else read this? It was published 12 or 13 years ago, I think.

    Recently, I decided I should read it and “finish it for him”. I don’t know how much I will be able to apply anything myself, since I am not an actual parent, but I can do whatever I can do. Nightingale is a very good mother for a boy to have, so I think she probably is already doing much of what the book recommends.

    Heidi has been getting kind of weird lately. She used to gobble up her food in the morning, but now doesn’t eat until later in the day, including right before bed. One recent night, in the middle of the night, she barked to go outside, which she very rarely does. When she came inside, instead of coming back into the bedroom with me, she nudged aside the partial barrier to Chickadee’s old room (aka “the cat room”, where their food and litterbox are, and they can be safe from Janie when she is downstairs), and jumped up on the bed in there. She never does that!

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  16. So NC takes one’s license away when they turn 90? In OH my Mom turned 90 this past Feb and they didn’t even inquire. Praying they give it back to you Chas and that your eye exam reveals you can safely drive the short distances that you must. ❤️
    Our time with our former small group leaders was just as sweet as we knew it would be. We learned he has Parkinson’s but is doing very well thus far. Our time in prayer together was a moment I will not soon forget…thankful….

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  17. After I took our firstborn to college, I came home and just grieved for a week or so. I felt the same I did when he got on the school bus the first time, “Wait! I haven’t taught you everything you need to know yet!”

    After a while, I realized, “Get a grip! You’ve got plenty to do–certainly laundry–and three other children.”

    It’s just hard.

    And you’re doing it for the first, middle AND last time.

    After the last time, my husband and I flew off to Washington, D. C. on a business trip. Romance, hotel, no calling home.

    I’m sorry you can’t do that. 😦

    BUT! It was delightful to have an empty house for the first time in thirty years. 🙂

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  18. I thought I had a Zoom Meeting at 4 but it is really at 4:30. It is based on a book “Perfectly Yourself” by Matthew Kelly. It is a little heavy on the Catholicism, but not so much as to turn me away. You may remember that last October I went to a Women’s Retreat based on this book. It was a nice get away for me. The woman who ran the retreat invited me to the recharge that she is doing.
    One of the women who was there last October put on her vision board that she wanted to move to Boston. Last week she did. I sent her a message telling her I knew she could do it. She is a lovely young woman.
    My Vision Board? I gave up on it about December. What I want this house to be and what it is is completely at opposite ends of the spectrum. There is a toddler and a stay at home grandfather here so I am not getting my retreat from the world any time soon so I gave up.
    Speaking of the stay at home grandfather…he decided to go on a diet. He has lost 10 pounds which is good. He has a knee surgery planned for October 6th. I have made my schedule at work so that I can stay home most of the month. Since he doesn’t have Little Miss on Mondays and Turesdays I will probably go into the office on those days. We had talked about sending her to pre-school to play with other children this year, but Covid and such, it just got away from us and I don’t know of any program I could get her in this late, nor if I would really want her to go. We all know that children at germy little critters.

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  19. The picture of the fawns was still up when I posted this morning. Now it looks like a representation of “Monday in 2020”. It also looks like our sky now.

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  20. Lots going on here. Chas, hoping that license gets restored, you have a better record than I do :- ) I got a speeding ticket just 3 or so years ago. Before that, had another one a few years before that. There were good reasons for both, but the officer wasn’t buying. I’ve been good ever since.

    I’m having a frustrating time trying to get this mail delivery story done, I’ve talked to a couple residents and have a request in to the Congresswoman’s office for a call back. It’s both national & local in its impacts.

    And I’m trying to connect with our sign artist in town, he’s recreating old signs from businesses that used to be here years ago, including one for our old newspaper. He also did some of of the location sign work for the Perry Mason show and even had a bit part in Episode 7 (which I think is the one airing this week or maybe it was last week?) painting Perry’s sign to his new office. Maybe we can get a still of that.

    Perry, btw, has cleaned up some since that first episode. He’s now clean-shaven and in a suit and the story lines aren’t so, well, shocking as Episode 1 was in at least a couple places. Sheesh.

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  21. Having said that, however, I’ve only seen some significant bits and pieces of the later episodes, I haven’t really watched the entire series so far.


  22. But it’s a cheap suit.


    Meanwhile, seen on Twitter:

    1. What was your saddest pre-pandemic purchase? Mine was all new lingerie. I haven’t worn an underwire since March 15

    2. Three new pairs of shoes. I have been barefoot since March 17.

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  23. 3. Tickets to everything because my New Year’s rez was to be more in-person sociable.

    4. I bought a box of business cards that arrived on March 10. You know, for all the networking I was going to do.

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  24. I got a speeding ticket back in the eighties a few years before Wesley was born. I was on lunch break trying to get back to the Dept. Of Public Safety/State Patrol Headquarters so I would not be late. A tiny bit of irony there.

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  25. Sign guy is going to be a fun story, he actually works for Paramount which is how he landed his sign-painter part 🙂 it’s in Episode 8, the finale running this week, so our timing is good. Meeting with him on Wednesday.

    He’s done about 130 of the town’s “ghost signs” — places that no longer are around, stores, bars, theaters — not to sell but just for posterity so they’re not lost. He was going to do a gallery show but then Covid hit. He then had to do all the studio’s covid signs. But he has everything in his garage so we’ll get the showing then.

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  26. No car today. He had a family problem and then had no one to come with him. So the guy I bought it from is going to deliver?? I still don’t think that they know how far it is. He is ordering me the floor mats and will mail them to me. That is also not cheap. Of course the ad is no longer up and I am wondering did it have this or that??? I was surprised that it had a trailer hitch.


  27. When telling about Heidi’s new weirdness, I forgot to mention something funny. Two nights in a row, she managed to “lock” herself in the bathroom. She went in there to sniff around, and somehow knocked the door closed. And I think that by pawing at it, she made it click shut.

    So I wake up in the middle of the night hearing her bark, and think she must have to go out. But she’s not at the back door. I look around, and don’t see her anywhere, then she barks again, and I realize it is coming from the bathroom. The second night, I awoke to the sound of her pawing at the door, and figured what it must be. Dumb dog!

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  28. I had a warning from a highway patrol once. I deserved it and it did its work.

    The first child we had leave to attend college away was a horrible time in my life. The boyfriend (and their other good friend) died a month before she left for college where she did not know a soul. My other daughter left shortly after in a van with her band to go on the road for awhile. The boyfriend had been killed in a van accident when the driver fell asleep. I could hardly hold it together when we moved her into the dorm. I did, though.

    The easiest one to leave at college away was the youngest. She was rooming with a friend.
    By then we also had internet and it was much easier to keep in contact.

    Life goes on. We have been blessed with so many good times and moments.

    I hope her college life is wonderful, AJ, and you have many good times again when you are blessed to be together.

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  29. oh, for me that last one leaving for college and it was just me at home. What an adjustment to the single life. I finally started working at JCPenney in the evening.

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  30. Quite a storm hit Iowa today. They call it a “derecho”, which means 100 mph straight winds, also described as an inland hurricane. It went basically along Interstate 80 and parts North. My SIL’s house in Ames was spared with some branches down, but my SIL in Cedar Rapids had part of the roofing torn off, which caused water damage in the house, including the ceiling in the master bedroom caving in. An estimated 250,000 people have no electricity in Iowa tonight. That’s almost 10% of the state!

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  31. okay, anyone here computer savvy?? I am sending out my newsletter, yeah! I created four groups in outlook to send them to. One of the groups keeps bouncing back and not sending. It says that my bcc address is not correct. But, it has always worked before. All of the others went just fine. Michelle, can your Mr. Techy fix this???


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