27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-6-20

  1. Beautiful moth. We had a yellow one outside the door of the cave gift shop. One of the ladies looked it up and found it to be an imperial moth, which only comes out one day to look for a mate then goes back to wherever it lives.

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  2. That one is a female chickweed geometer moth. The males have much thicker antennae. Usually they don’t let me get their photo. This time I had an eye doctor appointment fairly early in the day and knew that I’d have my eyes dilated, and if I didn’t get out early I wouldn’t get “out” at all, so I took a short walk early. A group of older ladies were walking together and asked what I was photographing, so I told them, and stepped back enough so that they could see. One said, “You must have good eyes to have spotted that,” which secretly amused me since I was on my way to the eye doctor . . . it’s bright yellow, but it is also tiny. This species has a wingspan of up to an inch across. Folded as here, I think it would be less. Proof that moths can compete with butterflies any day. 🙂

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  3. I have several photo sites on fb that I regularly see. I just shared a picture of a moth that took my breathe away. They surely can compete with some butterflies. My youngest regularly watches the metamorphosis of the monarchs and records them. So awesome and so difficult to believe it all just happened.

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  4. It’s a busy day today, I’m already cooking for a lunch guest, cookies, etc.

    My husband thinks I see patterns that don’t really exist. He’s always commenting about the difference between cause and correlation, and I don’t disagree, I just see patterns or odd coincidences often.

    Yesterday, I finished reading a novel about a group of people who set up a Jane Austen Society in the tiny English town where she lived the last ten years of her life.

    As is my custom, I read the historical notes where I saw the name of a woman who restored Jane Austen’s memory in that town by purchasing her brother’s estate and helping form a museum.

    I gasped, laughed, and read the name out loud to my husband. Who looked at me and said, “really?”

    We knew her in college when she was engaged to one of his roommates who became our best man. It didn’t end well and that’s all I have to say. (She went on to invent a product you are using on your computer right now and is wildly rich. That’s what happened to engineers who graduated from college in the 1970s and went to work in Silicon Valley).

    Today, the other roommate, who was also in our wedding, and whom we rarely see, is coming for lunch.

    It’ll be wonderful to see him and chat away in the lovely afternoon sunshine. But I just think it’s odd those two people who were so significant our senior year of college would “cross” our paths at the same time. I wonder if the aforementioned former fiance has sent us an email this morning? I’ll need to go check. LOL

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  5. This is a reaction to Jo’s prayer on the prayer post–Jo, what is the status of the compound in PNG? What’s up with school? How are people doing? Are they able to get the foot imported that they need? Can you tell us about life there? Genuinely curious.

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  6. School is scheduled to begin on the 12th, next week. Folks are carrying on with the work. Market for fresh produce is only open once a week and the store was limiting the number of people inside. I am sure they are grieving today. Some have left on furlough, one this week and I believe that she made it as I haven’t heard otherwise. It would be so encouraging for someone to return. School is short staffed, but I imagine the classes will be smaller. They thanked me for the way I had organzed things. My aide has a list of everything to get ready for Term 1.

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  7. During the storm on Monday I did not realize that a small tree on the side by the new neighbors went down. It has cable tangled in it. So the power company has to come out and make sure it is not their live wire before I can get it removed. The new neighbors are patient as it is by their driveway and in the way. It’s always something. I knew the storm was bad.

    Have not heard from Wesley about the insurance. I passed along your info, Nancyjill, and I hope they will give him a grace period if the new insurance is not in effect.

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  8. Progress, finally reached a Navy spokesman for Fleet Week story which got held.

    Saw the other son next door earlier, he said things are rough, they’re just trying to get through the tragedy of the loss of his brother. He said they’re trying to cut back on the big family turnouts every evening, he said it’s great but now is getting a bit too overwhelming. Everyone’s worried about his mom, of course.

    I made the mistake of looking at a meniscus recovery FB forum page earlier this morning and was horrified, never felt so discouraged during this time in which I’ve been trying to recover.

    But I figure those kinds of sites mostly draw in those who are having the most trouble in recovery, the people who have tried everything but are still frustrated and in pain. Think I’ll stay away from that one for now. I need more hope in that area, big time, not despair. My therapist has been great, always encouraging, but this has been a rather long stretch (which, again, he & the MD, whom I see again next week, both have said isn’t unusual with these injuries).


  9. DJ: Just listen to your doctor, therapist and surgeon if it comes to that. They have more experience than any of us. And they can tell you horror stories of people who chose not to follow the general recovery instructions and glowing reports of those who did. But that kind of injury takes time to heal.

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  10. Oh, yesterday I was the crazy photographer lady.

    I think I told you that I found a pair of mating monarch butterflies, and since that was the one “stage” in monarch life stages I hadn’t photographed, I was pretty excited about that. (I need to find another egg someday, as my “egg” photo was taken with lesser-quality equipment and it isn’t at all a good photo. Those things are really tiny! But I do have one, anyway.)

    What I don’t think I said was that in my trip to the park yesterday, I took more than 1,000 photos, more than 700 of those in the hour in which I observed the mating pair. (Some of those are “burst” shots, taking a bunch of shots in a second or two with one push of the shutter. And not all of the photos were of the monarchs.) One day in our previous home we had snow, and lots of birds coming to the feeders, and perhaps rabbits coming and eating spilled seed too. A lot of interesting things to photograph and a lot of beauty, and I got very close to 1,000 shots that day or possibly I went just over 1,000. But yesterday was a record, and in this case it was mostly one subject (those butterflies and a bunch of other butterflies). I think I’ve officially hit the “crazy” level.

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  11. One of my grandsons was in a dance recital (very pared down and outside) and just found out one of the dancers has tested positive for the virus. His duet partner is getting tested along with his whole family. My daughter isn’t sure if she should just have him tested or the whole family. The girl was wearing a facemask when she danced.


  12. The thing abut ethical is that you can still be unethical and report that you are ethical. And ethical people will believe it.
    But I knew Kim was ethical before she told me.

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  13. My second story of the day is in and the dogs are fed.

    The cat has had her 5th meal of the day.

    Off to PT in about an hour.

    Everyone’s right on schedule around here today.

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  14. I was tired today and did not accomplish much on my day off. We did dispatch a rattler in the wood pile and got to discuss an incident from the book of Acts. And watered some stuff. And walked a couple of times. And chopped some firewood. And read some of the Return of the King.


  15. I just got released from a 3-hour Zoom meeting.

    Our visit with college roommate was so lovely. It was cool in the shaded areas of our backyard and we kept moving our chairs around the yard avoiding the sun.

    Terrific conversations, memories, and my husband is so thankful to have an in-depth conversation with a brother-in-Christ from so long ago.

    He drives a Tesla which he charges from his solar panels. The engineers had a friendly disagreement on that topic, which the roommate was expecting! Lol

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