41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-4-20

  1. Good morning everyone.
    Such pretty flowers. And bees,and worms and wasps and it seems that every flower has a guest.
    But the guest is important to the flower. But the flower doesn’t know it.

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  2. Morning! Another beautiful collage Cheryl! ❤️
    We put out sunflower chips in a feeder hoping to keep the woodpeckers off the house…I am listening to that pesky bird tapping above this window…! Guess we will take that feeder down…there will be no reward for bad behavior 😂

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  3. This may belong on the prayer thread.
    Anyhow. I don’t think I have ever told this to anyone.
    But Ps. 34:7 (I was reading this morning) says: “The angel of the Lord encamps around them that fear hem, and delivers them.”

    When I was a student at Southwestern Seminary, I was taking a class in evangelism. On assignment, another guy and I went to “skid row” a place where a Christian lady ministered with food, etc to “down and out” men in Fort Worth.
    We talked to him and he trusted the Lord. He wanted us to go and talk to his family. We went together in my comrade’s car. But the guy was afraid someone would steal his car. I solved that problem by taking the rotor out of his distributor. (explanation: cars don’t have them anymore. But it is a simple procedure. Men used to carry a spare rotor because they sometimes broke and a spare rotor was handy to have.)
    We talked with his family and they prayed with us. We then went back to get this guy’s car. I inserted the rotor.
    You have to understand, this is a simple procedure. You can’t do it wrong. But the car wouldn’t start I was afraid, not for safety, but that the evening’s efforts might be negated.
    While I was sweating this out, a man came up, seemingly from nowhere. He asked what was wrong. I told him. He said “give me that” He inserted the rotor and walked away. I went in and started the car. End of story.
    Years later, after I retired, I was cogitating about this. That man came from nowhere and I never saw where he went.
    If I told this to unbelievers, they would say it was a happy coincidence.
    But I think it was my angel. I never saw where he came from. I never saw where he went.
    That can be explained away. But not to me.

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  4. Having seen how my husband delights in serving our children, I can imagine God’s delight in doing that for you, Chas. And His delight in you noticing, even if it took a while to sink in.

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  5. That is, as you can tell, a collage of a few of my “insects on flowers” photos. Some of them come to eat from the plant with no benefit to the plant (e.g., aphids), some to gather nectar but also pollinating the plant while they are there, one or two (like the dragonfly) are probably simply resting on the plant, and at least one species (the ladybug larva at lower right) is probably on the plant to eat other insects that might visit the plant. I love the name of that flower at lower right, by the way: it’s frogfruit.

    All of the insects are different, but there is at least one duplication of flowers (two on the orange butterfly weed)–had I noticed that duplication, I wouldn’t have put those photos side by side. I think the other flowers are all different, but I’m not certain about the two flowers that show close-ups of yellow petals–it’s possible those two are the same.

    I limited the collage to pictures in which both flower and insect are important, not photos in which one or the other is incidental to the shot. The last three or four years as I have photographed a lot of insects, I have been stunned at the variety among them. By definition insects have a lot of body parts in common (a three-part body, six legs, usually wings in at least some of the adult forms, and all or most have antennae), but the variety of shape, color, and size is amazing–and the variety of menus, living surfaces, and other aspects of their lives (e.g., mostly unwinged ants living underground in colonies with only one reproducing female–vastly different from the colorful, flying butterfly).

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  6. Ah, yes, must be the eighteen year old son’s birthday today as well. He says he did not pass the written test for a driver’s license so the jeep is still sitting in our driveway. Nineteen today.

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  7. Good Morning Everyone. I am having an attitude problem today. My attitude isn’t what it should be. I’ll work on it. I am tired and not sleeping well. Amos is needing more and more of his medicine. It breaks my heart to hear him coughing and trying to get air. He is supposed to have his medicine every 12 hours. It isn’t holding him the full time.

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  8. Happy Birthday Mrs. L!! 💐
    Poor baby Amos….hoping the vet can give him something to calm the cough. ❤️
    I read this from Tim Challies this morning and sensed the gentle nudge of the Spirit…time for me to focus more on responding rather than reacting….😊
    From Tim Challies:
    Paul Martin’s pastoral prayer that I think is worth pondering. Praying specifically for our Premier (think Governor if you’re American) he prayed, “Help us to pray for him more than we complain about him.” Ouch!

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  9. So, I just had the talk with twenty three, as she whipped open the fridge to grab the milk. Uh, Daughter? What about your fridge, are you not supposed to be using it? Oh, Dad told me to use this one. Um, no, Daughter, I spoke to dad and we are in agreement that we gave you a fridge to use. That will keep you from snagging other people’s food, like dad’s leftover chicken. Remember when I was cooking zuke boats and you came in and took some hamburger? Normally, a person might say, “MMm, that smells good, may I have some?” She stomped off in annoyance. She is rather passive aggressive.

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  10. I had a restless night, I think because of my neighbor’s loss of her son yesterday. I kept thinking, tearfully, of how awful that is for them, how devastating that loss will be.

    Anyway, I tossed and turned until nearly 2 before actually falling asleep. Now I feel exhausted, not ready for a “work” day.

    I also read a story last night in which the author argued that we seem to be entering into a period of history that will usher in even more turmoil, largely due to technological changes, the Internet, the roiling of the political waters on both sides, the failures and demise of professional journalism which is being overtaken now by social media and all the chaotic messages THAT brings into our lives (that’s going from bad to worse on that count right now). Things are moving faster and faster, the times are especially unpredictable, and the author contends that this pandemic is only a part of that “new” confusion we seem to be seeing and experiencing and we should get used to it. This is our (immediate) future for some time to come, most likely.

    I would include the very disturbing mass shootings we’ve seen in recent years as well, there does seem to be a spiraling (downward) of events, a disintegration of the culture and a rapid growth of political instability all around. It was an interesting article, though I don’t remember where I even saw it now. And I’m not sure I agreed with everything he wrote, but it did give me pause.

    God surely is up to something (always of course), the invisible hand behind all of history, directing it for his purposes. We are in this valley for a reason, though I don’t believe it’s our trajectory forever. Our pastor stressed in his last sermon the importance for us to remain rooted in Scripture in these times and not to get sidetracked or too caught up in the various arguments over the pandemic, masks, and other debates that have become so loud and dominant right now.

    I’ve also been convicted about not praying for my leaders, in the nation, state (whether I agree with them or not) and for the leaders in my own church and in the church at large. They and we are all are navigating difficult waters. It’s not easy for anyone.

    See, this is what happens when I don’t get enough sleep. My mind races and I just dump it all here the next morning. 🙂

    And when things are going haywire, my mind sometimes even harkens back to this from my college literature studies:

    ~ Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity … ~

    (Yeats, The Second Coming)

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  11. DJ, Ravi Zacharias quoted that poem, probably more than once, and I sometimes think of parts of it. It does indeed feel like “things falling apart.” May God bring many to Himself as they realize how uncertain and unstable everything else is!

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  12. I shopped this a.m. The guy who checked me out was sneezing. He had to take his mask down to wipe his nose and then used sanitizer. Every day is a new opportunity to catch Covid.

    I am on Word Press app so have not yet seen the header. I look forward to it. Wesley had quite a large insect collection. At one point I thought he might become an entomologist. He would enjoy seeing the header.

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  13. I’m surprised they even let him work. That’s exhibiting symptoms, so he should have been sent home.

    And Peter. Today IS the 5th. You missed it. You better have a great gift for her. 🙂

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  14. It has been a wild weekend. I worked nearly a full week’s worth of hours in just 3 days. And, I got a needlestick injury – RKessler understands what a botheration that is, although this was low risk, thankfully. There are times when I think the level of personal danger and emotional trauma of this job cannot possibly be measured, and I cannot even talk about it all. The world may be falling apart, but there are some standing at the gap tending the weak and wounded to prevent it from utterly devolving into every man for himself.

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  15. It truly is the fourth of August. My son’s wedding anniversary, 13 years. I wouldn’t say anything, but my computer agrees with me and all of the above posts are dated that way.

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  16. Spent more time this morning helping sort through two storage containers. Hoping to finish tomorrow and then someone will take things to Texas.

    But the guy in charge said let’s meet at 7 tomorrow morning and it is a half an hour drive to his home, where we meet. Yikes! that is a little early for me.


  17. Oh, yesterday I said I was really hoping for a little bit of a break after I finish this project (which was due yesterday and I’m still not quite finished), but a big one is coming to me. Today I got an e-mail from someone else asking if I’m taking new clients.

    Well, I am getting a “break” of another sort, though. My husband and I have not eaten at a restaurant (not even fast food) since our Valentine’s Day date a week after the date. I told my husband that if I was going to take this project, he was going to have to step up on doing the cooking. Yesterday he got pork chops out of the freezer and put them in the fridge, so he isn’t even limiting himself to sandwiches and spaghetti, and I’m getting an actual break from cooking!

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  18. Wait did I miss something Jo? Are you moving to Texas? I am confused….
    It is the 4th. I know because it is my sweet Myrtle Beach friend’s birthday…she was just in high school when we moved there and now she is 61…how can it be?!!
    Janice that post about the clerk gave me the shivers. When I work at my friend’s antique shoppe I do shudder when I hear a customer coughing…even though they have on a mask. Of course you will hear the “oh it’s just allergies”…which it very well may be but…. 🤧

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  19. Well, daughter and I were able to discuss before she went to work. Started with her usual, blame other people but by the end, she seemed willing to step up.

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  20. No, Nancyjill, I am staying here. But my friends now live in Texas and their things are here. So we are trying to go through and get some of their things for them and then get someone to take them.

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  21. I am on my tablet and finally see the neat header. Quite a collection you.have, Cheryl. Nice shots!

    This tablet lets me post without being Anon. I think it likes me. But if I make a mistake and try to correct it, there is no easy way to do it. When I backspace it adds letters and messes up words. Oh, well, I get many lessons in patience daily.

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  22. Good to know you are staying around your family Jo. I just couldn’t imagine you in Texas for some reason 😊
    The weather turned hot here today…almost 90 and the storms promised by the weather guy went right around us. Thankfully we are too dry right now but that could change ever so quickly

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  23. Well, my 6-mo. dental cleaning is … tomorrow! Surprise. I knew it was soon but, as usual, I’d forgotten to write it down. I won’t cancel it because it’s a really, really long wait to get back onto their schedule, as in several months often times.

    Guess I’ll be flossing tonight.

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  24. Nice cool days here now, 70-ish. We’re having a somewhat mild summer up to this point. … But we still have the rest of August and then September to go.

    Never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss going into an office somewhere now and again. But not too often. lol

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  25. Happy birthday, Mrs L!

    I had a dentist appointment the third week of March. I was considering cancelling it because things were going downhill, but they beat me to it and cancelled. In May I got an email letting me know they were re-opening. They said they would call to reschedule appointments that had been cancelled, but I haven’t heard from them yet. I guess I should call them, since next month it will have been a year since my last checkup.


  26. I wanted to explain about my 32 housemates, since it might give the impression I was unstable or difficult to live with. For one year in college I lived in a big off-campus house with 9 others. Most people bought and cooked their own food – I shared groceries and cooking with the friend I shared a bedroom with.

    Many of my other housemates were at an off-campus house owned by the US Center for World Mission, where I worked in my 20s. It was a big 3-bedroom house so we doubled up and had six residents, which kept the rent down for us. (We raised support like missionaries and were generally under-supported.) We had a written covenant about how we would behave toward each other and use the house as a gathering place for singles in the community and as a place of ministry.

    We shared dinners six nights a week, and committed to all be there on night each week, when we’d do something fun together. We also had a lot of interesting guests.

    There was a lot of turnover as people left for the mission field or got married. I was one of the founding members in 1984, and lived there four years. wonderful years. After I left, the household continued based on our original covenant for another 20 years after that. I was really pleased by that.

    Of course, none of that proves I wasn’t unstable or difficult to live with. 🙂

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