Our Daily Thread 7-30-20

Good Morning!

Today is Debra’s birthday!


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Anyone have a QoD?

40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-30-20

  1. Yesterday we (mostly you) were talking about dreams and such. I said that I seldom recall a dream. But I have thoughts I don’;t control. They just come to me.
    This morning I started thinking about a lecture a lady gave to our Lion’s Club in Hendersonville years ago.
    It had to do with rescuing women from sex traffickers along I-29. What suddenly amazed me was the idea that such could be happening in Spartanburg County, SC.

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  2. Chas, I had a similar not so random thought when I saw a spot on television about a young boy who was given a ride in a Lamborghinii. I think it may have been one of those Make A Wish deals for sick children and it was a police dept. that had the special car. It reminded me of the boy we knew who ended up in a single mom home and bad situations. We knew the boy’s dad whose wife refused to let him be involved in the son’s life. The dad at one time drove a Lamborghini. I thought about that boy who never got to ride in that car. That boy grew into a young man who committed a horrible crime and now sits on death row (I check every so often to see if he is still there).


  3. Morning! And a most blessed Happy Birthday to you dear Debra. And just look at that beautiful header photo AJ has posted on your day!! Amazing!! πŸ’•
    Errands to run this day and then chores about this house. I am starting a Dickens book I have not read before. I don’t believe I have read it but once I get into it I may find out I have indeed! Has happened to me before 😊


  4. Happy birthday, Debra!

    It’s also the 40th birthday of my oldest niece. She was born when I was 13, and I was so proud to be an aunt. I wanted so much for her to be a girl, and she was. And then the next two were boys, and then we got another girl, the first redhead in the family after Mom, and who was born just a couple months before Dad died . . . and from then on out they were mostly boys. (Two of my brothers started with a girl and then had just boys. One brother ended with a girl but otherwise had all boys. And my sister mixed things up by having her one girl in the middle. But the next generation of my family has three girls to every boy, since two of them have two boys and two have four boys.)

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  5. Lovely walk with husband this morning. Such an improvement over six years ago! We took Jake and Barney along of course and left fourteen year old chopping firewood and twelve moving lawn furniture so I could mow later. Granddaughter and twenty three were still abed and Who knows what eighteen was up to.

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  6. We’re scheduled to get 3.6 inches of rain today. We had a very dry June, and then we had a couple of rains a week or so apart in July, and I guess we will now have nothing close to drought this summer, since this one should carry us well into August.

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  7. Michelle, that is pretty cool.

    As I have been taking macro photos this year, I have been amazed at how many plants and plant parts (seedheads, leaves) have features that seem to be designed to hold water. One flower goes to seed with a tiny spiky ball that is just the size of a large raindrop, and you can see the whole plant covered with balls encased in water. And the jewelweed is so named because its leaves collect raindrops (jewels) along their sides. But lots of plants have hairs or spikes that hold drops of a certain size (some hold big ones and some tiny ones) for hours after everything else has dried up.

    People sometimes post on Flickr some amazing shots, and this morning I saw one of a dragonfly just covered–including its eyeballs–with tiny little dewdrops. It was an exquisite photo, and a stunning example of the kind of beauty most people never see because they don’t look closely at God’s creation. Most people ignore gorgeous sunsets, let alone dewdrops on leaves or flowers.

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  8. Temporary . . . I thought, life on earth is temporary, recognizing sin means it is temporary; only God is eternal.

    That means each day is a new opportunity to remember we are eternal and can be forgiven from whatever.

    And yes, it will be wonderful to see my brothers and sisters in church again, some day.

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  9. Mass confusion this morning as more homeless numbers are about to be dumped on us from the county agency in charge of the annual counts. Conference calls abounding as we try to sort out how many stories everyone needs to write for their areas.

    It’ll be the massive city-by-city number dump coming — nightmare day ahead.

    Happy birthday Debra!

    Cheryl, send us some of that rain, we’re parched as usual. Make Charlie Brown sprout some new, bright green growths again.


  10. Cancel culture goes to WalMart…. πŸ™‚

    My favorite line. πŸ™‚

    β€œDo I know any minorities myself? No, I don’t, but I feel very confident speaking on their behalf on the internet,”

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  11. Driving to the grocery, crown falls off…the one in my mouth not on my head!!πŸ˜‚ I am waiting at emergency dental as my dentist isn’t in until Monday…. why!!!!???? Ah the best laid plans of man….or woman.

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  12. We’ve already had two good downpours today and may get more. I TV is cool, too, thanks to that tropical storm. I think it’s Wesley’s move day and I hope it’s not pouring there. He has been too busy to communicate lately.

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  13. I completed one of the CE’s I needed today. I tested out with a 95%. I may not be good at much but I DO know how to manage risk.
    Tomorrow I will tackle Ethics.

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  14. Went furniture shopping today. We needed a place to store the games, puzzles, and films that have to be moved out of the basement into the living room. I found one, in the same vintage furniture store I got the chest of drawers for my bedroom last fall. It is the kind of old fashioned style hutch/dresser that was used to store dishes on; and it works well for films on the upper shelves, with games and puzzles in the cupboard underneath. It is very well made, looks beautiful, and fits perfectly in the space we have for it in the living room, all for a very affordable price.

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  15. Oh, Nancyjill, that is no way to ‘fill’ your time! Truly sorry to hear about a crown replacement. I assume it was not just the temporary crown they leave on for a short time? For me, getting a crown meant the tortuous root canal. (Why did my phone make it foot canal?) It’s what came before the crown that hurt the most in the mouth and in the pocket.

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  16. I went in and the emergency dentist wanted to pull my tooth and begin bridgework at the tune of 5000. I called my dentist on his cell phone and he said β€œdon’t do it”! I am not in pain at all and Dr Wilson will see me at 8 am Monday. He said to leave the crown off and do not allow them to cement it in. I won’t be smiling a big smile much and it’s a good thing we have to wear a mask in public πŸ˜‚ 😷 The Er dentist did prescribe an antibiotic for some reason even though it didn’t reveal infection but my dentist said go ahead and take it just in case…

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  17. Sounds like a nice “find.”

    One of my favorite finds was the cabinet that was behind Annie in that pic I sent in here. Found it at a 2nd hand store in town years ago, had it on lay-away. It initially held books in my back office room but with the house changes I decided to move it out into the dining area, which I was trying to reconstruct with a little more focus, and I now use it for some of our old family dishes and other ‘treasures.’ Not sure how old it is, it has slots at the bottom so could have been used for files? The top has glass doors with an old looking latch and hinges, I would guess it is from the early 1900s or so.

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  18. Long day and one of our veteran editors from OC was killed today in a horrific car crash, a couple cars were racing and rammed into his car at an intersection. I didn’t know him but he was apparently very loved and respected, had been the wire editor for many years. Many of our colleagues are very distraught over it.


    On published online “comments” from readers, we had a huge issue with that back in the day, especially with people personally attacking other people in very ugly ways (anonymously of course). Seriously, it was just disgusting. We finally forced folks to use valid FB sign ins to comment to try to cut down on the anonymity, but eventually the comments on our stories sort of fell off the radar as people preferred the straight social media outlet where they could say pretty much whatever they wanted in bad taste.

    Freedom comes with some responsibilities. I think many have lost sight of that, sadly.


    LA county announced they’d be going after houses of worship who refuse to meet outside with violation notices, fines I suppose. We ran a story about it today. We’ll see if our church is targeted.

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  19. Yikes, Nancy! Glad you didn’t fall for what that substitute dentist wanted. I have a crowned tooth that I went in for in January. Long story short, she decided to wait to make sure it wasn’t a sinus issue. It still bothers me. They canceled appointments for us and I am unsure if they are going to call at some point or what. I will need to call myself, but have been putting it off.

    My youngest daughter has a birthday today too, and a young woman who grew up across the road from us.

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  20. spent four hours babysitting today. It went well. I kept remembering the songs that I sing with my class and then singing them for the two littles. God gave me lots of creative ideas even though I was tired.

    For this time, God is telling me to wait. I still feel that I am to return to PNG.

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