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  1. WaPo joins CNN in settling with Covington Student they slandered and libeled. 🙂


    “The Washington Post on Friday agreed to settle a monster $250 million lawsuit filed by Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann over its botched coverage of his 2019 encounter with a Native American elder.

    Sandmann declared the victory in a tweet on his 18th birthday. It’s unclear how much the newspaper settled for.

    “On 2/19/19, I filed $250M defamation lawsuit against Washington Post. Today, I turned 18 & WaPo settled my lawsuit,” he wrote.

    “Thanks to @ToddMcMurtry & @LLinWood for their advocacy. Thanks to my family & millions of you who have stood your ground by supporting me. I still have more to do,” he continued.”


    6 more media outlets to go.

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  2. Play stupid games, lose half your audience.

    A&E Lost Half Its Audience After Canceling “Live PD”


    “Couldn’t happen to a more deserving network. A&E panicked in the aftermath of the homicide of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and canceled all of its “Live PD” programming. Half of its viewers responded by canceling their A&E viewing, the Wall Street Journal reported today (via Instapundit):

    Ratings for A&E Network have plummeted since it canceled the hit police reality show “Live PD” on June 10, a sign of how much the network relies on law-enforcement programming.

    Average prime-time viewership for A&E between June 11 and July 19 was 498,000 people, down 49% from the same period last year, according to data from Nielsen. In the key demographics of adults 18-49 and 25-54, the declines are 55% and 53%, respectively.

    Those results in the younger demos demonstrate just how idiotic the decision to cancel the entire Live PD platform was. The point of the cancellation was, presumably, to demonstrate that A&E was down with the struggle by caving to demands from primarily younger activists to eliminate programming that painted police in a positive light. Rather than wait to see whether there was still a demand for the show, A&E apparently just assumed that the activists spoke for their audience.”


  3. Oh good.


    “Virus Can Travel 26 Feet at Cold Meat Plants With Stale Air”

    “Cold and stale air conditions allowed coronavirus particles to travel more than 8 meters (26 feet) at a German slaughterhouse, a study showed, giving an insight into how meat plants turned into hotspots for infections across the world.

    Researchers reconstructed the likely cause of the outbreak at a Toennies Group slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, where about 1,500 workers contracted the virus. Similar conditions at plants globally are a reason they’ve become virus epicenters, according to the report from groups including the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research.”


  4. It’s not fun.


    “Some coronavirus patients still have symptoms months after they are first infected, challenging the narrative that most people will survive the disease and move on.

    Why it matters: As cases soar in the U.S., thousands more people will not only be hospitalized or die, but also will keep feeling the effects of the infection months from now.

    Where it stands: Six months into the pandemic, we’re still figuring out how the virus works, how it kills people and the implications for the people who survive it.

    Long-term symptoms range from neurological issues like “brain fogs” to an elevated heart rate.

    One study of Italian patients, published in JAMA, evaluated patients’ symptoms several weeks after they’d been discharged from the hospital and tested negative for the virus. It found that only 12.6% of them were free of any coronavirus-related symptoms.

    Common symptoms among recovered patients include fatigue, difficulty breathing, joint and chest pain, cough and headache.

    Many of these patients are “younger and had previously been healthy, with Covid cases initially considered mild to moderate. But months later they are still sick, and some are getting worse,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

    What they’re saying: David Putrino, director of rehabilitation innovation at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, told the WSJ that he thinks most patients with long-term symptoms are developing dysautonomia, a neurological condition that occurs when the autonomic nervous system is out of balance.

    It’s not clear whether the condition is a result of an overactive immune system, the virus itself, or is a post-viral syndrome, Putrino said.”


  5. Ruh-roh….


    “PM Justin Trudeau Is In Trouble Again, This Time Over A Charity Scandal”

    “In February 2019 there were calls for Justin Trudeau to resign over the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Later in 2019 he faced an embarrassing blackface scandal. But he somehow survived both scandals, though his party took a hit. Now Trudeau is in trouble again, this time over a charity scandal and there are once again calls from the opposition for him to resign:

    Trudeau’s trouble began building momentum a few weeks ago after his government announced the deal to pay WE Charity up to C$43 million to administer a C$912-million student grant program as part of Canada’s Covid-19 response. The group works on international development projects and classroom programs, mostly in the U.S. and Canada, that teach youth about civic engagement.

    The public and parliamentary reaction in Canada to the news and further revelations of speaking fees and travel expenses paid to family members of Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau has been swift and harsh.

    That’s the big picture but it’s really the obvious exchange of benefits between Trudeau and this ostensibly independent charity. Writing in the Washington Post, opinion columnist J.J. McCullough describes what it was like attending an event put on by this charity:”


    “In 2017, this charity even produced a glossy, campaign style advertisement which basically made Trudeau the voice of Canada’s future.”


  6. Like

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  9. Folks the differences between parties can’t be any more distinct.

    You know which party most closely aligns with your values, and which one isn’t even remotely close. This is an easy choice. Vote accordingly.

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  10. Since I generally only comment on what you post, its difficult to call me hypocritical unless you posted Canadian content and I ignore it. And now lo and behold Canadian content.

    The Me to We charity was founded by two brothers in their teens upset over child labor.With direction and encouragement from their parents, they started campaigning for children’s rights and getting schools involved. By the time they reached their 20s, they had corporate sponsors and celebrity endorsements. They hosted huge seciular revival rallies where they whip up enthusiasm for Me to We and when kids went home they set up their own chapters. That’s when my cynicism set in — they were the a cross between Amway and a religious revival purportedly for charity. They have begun to specialize in volunteer tourism where students fundraise and go on trips to help out third world communities — for the most part its a waste of money; the students are not very helpful and they take the jobs of locals. They should fundraise, give the money to the third world community and stay home. Now, they have a for profit arm and are extremely well connected in the corporate and political world. Its actually difficult for the conservative party to criticize them as they too are involved in terms of speech contracts etc.

    The actual program is not very well thought out. The idea is to give students grants based on volunteer work (ie pay them). The mistake the press and opposition pounced on was the contracting out of the administration of the program. I criticized the US for contracting out their PPP and Trudeau made the same mistake here — anytime the gov’t contracts out work, we should look for conflict of interest and corruption. If the program is too big you should either expand the administrative state or not run the program. Here the program is suspect and should be cancelled. Essentially they are paying below minimal wage for students to volunteer. The only students who can afford to work for these wages are upper middle class — who will use it to pad their resumes. Meanwhile the work they do is work no longer available to the average worker looking for at least minimal wage. Not much different from internships. Similar to volunteer tourism, the money would be better spent if it went directly to the community or even better directly to poor students who need the money.

    Trudeau has led a very sheltered life and these objections probably never occurred to him. Politically he’s lucky. Despite having a minority gov’t, the opposition isn’t ready for an election less than two years from the last one. The Conservatives are electing a new leader and the three smaller parties need time to restock the coffers. Plus the Liberal party’s handling of covid has given them a huge bump and they would win a majority. But don’t worry — I’ll stay true to my principles and vote for the NDP and my MP will still call me “comrade”.

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  11. Another court win for Trump….


    “Oregon Loses Fight With Trump on U.S. Policing of Portland”

    “Oregon lost a fight with the Trump administration over federal agents’ detention of anti-racism protesters in Portland, as the president takes on Democratic-run states and cities in the run-up to the election.

    Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum had asked a federal judge to stop Department of Homeland Security agents and U.S. Marshals from detaining or arresting people without identifying themselves and without probable cause, a warrant or any explanation.

    U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman on Friday denied the temporary restraining order she sought, saying the state had failed to prove it had any business suing the U.S. in the first place. Oregon had to show it had standing to sue on behalf of the protesters, defending people who can’t protect themselves, he wrote, and hadn’t.

    The ruling probably means the end of the lawsuit and could make it harder for local officials elsewhere to resist deployments of federal agents, said Stanford Law School professor David Sklansky.”

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  12. And yet again, the Chief Justice drops the ball.


    ” Justice Gorsuch Torches Roberts and the Liberal Wing of SCOTUS in Nevada Church Case…In One Paragraph”

    “In Nevada, it seems being in the entertainment business has more leeway than those exercising their constitutionally protected right to worship. Amid the COVID outbreak, the state has limits on the capacity of certain locations. For churches, it’s no more than 50. For everything else, from movie theaters to casinos, it’s much more than that. It seems a bit unfair. The standard makes no sense, but it seems to be perfectly logical for Chief Justice John Roberts who sided with the liberal wing of the Supreme Court in the case of a church who challenged this unfair standard (via NYT):”

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  13. My guess is the lawyers made more money than Sandmann.

    Do people still watch cable TV? A&E can’t seriously think young people actually watch cable — they have netflix and amazon prime.

    The Seattle report was probably written by eager young staffers. There will be some serious discussion and words of appreciation. Some easy steps may actually be completed. And then the report will be shelved to gather dust. By the way, the language is a bit confrontational but the prison system has some serious racial problems inherent in its structures in both the US and Canada (in Canada its more about natives than blacks).

    I do admire Coonrod’s sincerity and beliefs but I think he confuses taking a knee with bowing. You bow only to God but you do take a knee when you propose, during team sports, and as a sign of respect. Even in kid’s soccer games, they take a knee when someone is injured and wait at their spot while the injury is taking care of; respect to the injured party. Kneeling then can be seen as a sign of respect for African American lives.

    I see the Trump admin and its allies are quickly clogging up the airways with new interviews and spots hoping last weeks’ disasters will be forgotten.

    Two parties — one can’t find money for PPE but can send federal agents fully equipped with protective gear looking like stormtroopers to American cities. And the other party promises to be nicer.


  14. From what I read, it appears the 5 Supreme Court justices ruled against it on procedural grounds. They neither approved or disapproved of the actual rules. For those who don’t like judicial activism and prefer the supremacy of the legislature this is an appropriate ruling. Yes the rules make no sense (churches and casinos opened at the same time here) but you can’t run to the courts every time you disagree with the legislature — there is a process.


  15. Forced kneeling — since when are we OK with that idea?

    Kneeling — or not kneeling — for any cause or conviction is a matter of personal conscience.

    Or so I thought.

    Might be a good time re-read 1984.

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  16. Wonder if the Washington Post will be more careful in some of their reporting now? If so, then the lawsuit served its purpose, no matter who gets how much money.

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  17. Let’s hope the myth of these being “peaceful” protests dies soon.


    We patiently await your answer.


  18. Round ’em up and move em out! 🙂

    It’s about time!



    “US officials raid Chinese consulate in Houston believed to be spy hub

    Trump Administration ordered the shutdown of the consulate that was ‘hub of spying'”

    “U.S. officials pried open the doors of the Chinese consulate in Houston on Friday and took over the building shortly after Chinese officials vacated the facility on orders from the Trump Administration.

    Federal officials and local law enforcement surrounded the Houston facility Friday afternoon as the Chinese officials moved out of the building that the Trump Administration contends was a hub of spy activity by the Chinese Communist Party.

    Forty minutes after the 4 p.m. eviction deadline passed, U.S. officials broke into a back door of the consulate and a man believed to be a State Department official led the way of the U.S. takeover, the Houston Chronicle reported.”


    “Tuesday night, hours after the Trump Administration announced its directive for the Chinese to vacate, the Houston Fire Department responded to fires at the courtyard of the building — an apparent effort to destroy documents. Chinese officials refused to allow the first responders to enter to put out the fires, Fox 26 in Houston reported.”




    “FBI arrests Chinese researcher who initially hid at consulate in San Francisco

    FBI arrests three other Chinese nationals for suspected military ties, and U.S. officials won’t reveal if they will comply with China order to close Chengdu consulate.”

    “This week, the Trump administration ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, a severe diplomatic step that is a response to a surge in Chinese espionage in this country.

    It appears there is a robust effort to target Chinese spies in this country. A University of California-Davis researcher who fled to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco after allegedly lying to investigators about her Chinese military service was arrested and will appear in court on Monday.

    According to court documents unsealed earlier this week in the Eastern District of California, Juan Tang, a researcher at the University of California, Davis, applied for a nonimmigrant J1 visa in October 2019. The visa was issued in November 2019 and Tang entered the United States a month later.

    Tang allegedly made fraudulent statements on her visa application by concealing that she served in the Chinese military. The FBI concluded that Tang was a uniformed officer of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force after photographs of her were uncovered on electronic media seized in accordance with a search warrant.

    “I won’t discuss the circumstances of the arrest,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, adding that the individual did not have diplomatic immunity. The person said that the details of the arrest could be released when the defendant appears before the Eastern District of California court on Monday.”


    “The FBI had arrested three other Chinese nationals for allegedly concealing their affiliations to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) when applying for visas to conduct research in the U.S.

    According to BBC, the four individuals charged with alleged visa fraud are Wang Xin (王興), Song Chen (宋晨), Zhao Kaikai (趙凱凱), and Tang Juan (唐娟). All four have either insisted they had no ties to the PLA or retired from the army, but the U.S. authorities allege they were all active military personnel when they entered the U.S.

    Prosecutors believe that sending Chinese military scientists to the U.S. is part of Beijing’s plan to exploit American academic institutions.

    John Brown, executive assistant director of the FBI’s National Security Branch, said in a statement the arrests were proof of Chinese intent to infiltrate American society. He said the FBI has interviewed PLA members in over 25 cities across the U.S. and discovered many of them have attempted to hide their affiliations with the Chinese military, reported Yahoo News.

    Meanwhile, former U.S. National Intelligence Acting Director Richard Grenell suggested the U.S. should close China’s San Francisco consulate as well.”


    Now can we please stop pretending the Chinese are trustworthy, or our allies? They’re not.


  19. This is un-American. This is a total failure to fulfill a govt most basic job, protecting it’s citizens. They won’t, they can’t, because Democrats won’t allow it.

    Remember that.


    “Seattle Police Chief To Residents: We No Longer Can “Preserve Property in the Midst of a Large, Violent Crowd”

    Something will fill the vacuum left by police, and it seems doubtful the left will like the results”

    “Seattle police cannot use any crowd-control devices and must, effectively, let the violent, lawless rioters run free.

    Seattle’s police chief alerted residents that they are on their own now.”


    Now don’t complain when folks do what’s necessary to protect themselves from the mob. You built this.


  20. Blame whitey.

    But if we’re honest here folks, it should be blame Democrats. They own the education establishment as well as the teachers unions. They built this too, so if you’re assigning blame, be accurate. Leftist Democrats of all colors built this failure..


    “NY Times Blames ‘Nice White Parents’ for Public Education ‘Failing Black and Brown Kids’

    “If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public education system, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.”

    “First, there was the 1619 Project. Now The New York Times has a limited series called “Nice White Parents” because they’re the people who get in the way of “building a better school system.”

    Not just parents. The NYT had to single out white parents.

    It’s not the powerful teacher unions. Not the power-hungry politicians. Not the Department of Education. Not the lack of school choice. It’s totally those white parents!

    The NYT explained:

    We know that American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education — two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that. But when we look at how our schools are failing, we usually focus on who they’re failing: Black and brown kids. We ask: Why aren’t they performing better? Why aren’t they achieving more?

    Those are not the right questions.”

    If you want to understand what’s wrong with our public education system, you have to look at what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents.

    Can someone please explain to me why it is wrong to focus on who is not performing well? Aren’t those the question we should be asking ourselves? It puts the concentration on the kids who need help.

    But no because the NYT wants to keep blaming white people and look woke for everyone. Instead of concentrating on the needs of the students, the publication wants to trash “nice white parents.” I’m honestly shocked the publication didn’t say, conservative nice white parents.

    Isn’t this racist?”


  21. I suspect their doing the right thing has more to do with the victim and perps color than a need to see justice. But when the mob does something good, we’ll give them credit.


    He did. The white attacker stabbed a black conservative journalist.


  22. Head.




    “‘This is a tragic situation that could have been much worse’ | 3 injured in accidental shooting at NFAC militia staging area

    LMPD confirmed the shooting was accidental as three people were sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.”


  23. This Andy Ngo you keep posting is a bit off. Mortar? I know the second amendment allows you to purchase arms but I doubt the antifa is purchasing mortar at the local Walmart. Did the CBP and other federal agents suffer friendly fire?

    The Seattle cops are becoming notorious for their whining. The gov’t sets the rules of engagement and you operate within them. If you feel you can’t do your job then have the courage of your conviction and resign. Stop writing whining press releases and releasing propaganda videos. Do your job or go home. And this isn’t Seattle cops, even in my home city, the police and their supporters continuously whine when they face limitations. I’m limited in how I deal with violent students but I don’t complain — I take the NVCI training and apply it.

    So are the antifa dangerous thugs or are they the tea and cookies crowd? You can’t sarcastically make a cookies comment about them after making them out to be dangerous thugs.

    Meanwhile in Portland, the Wall of Moms has been joined with Dads with Leaf Blowers, Teachers against Tyrants and a Wall of Vets. The protest is confined to a four block area around the courthouse where the federal agents are located. The rest of the city is fine. Its as if the federal agents attract protests. Its becoming ritualistic — enjoy the beautiful weather on a patio bar, maybe eat some organic salad with your microbrewery beer and then spend the evening yelling at federal agents for invading your city. I’m surprised right wing Trump admin people who spent their political lives complaining about gov’t esp federal gov’t intrusion into people’s lives don’t understand this animosity towards federal agents is shared by the left. Its something common in American history whether right or left.


  24. The NYT serial hasn’t started yet but is already criticized. I’m sure the title and opening lines are deliberately controversial to attract attention — click bait, even the NYT will stoop that low.

    Based out of Ontario, I can confidently say there is very little wrong with the actual education system. We’re in the top ten world wide. The limitations of educational achievement have more to do with societal issues than education system issues.

    Assigning blame to white parents is provocative and I would actually be somewhat comfortable with this attempt at click bait if it was middle class white parents, they singled out. In my Ontario experience class more than race is the issue — in the US the two are more closely related but white working class parents aren’t a problem. I’d be interested to see what they mean by this as I have my own ideas.


  25. The mortars are fireworks that shoot multiple exploding balls.


    “Spencer had been holding the mortar above his head rather than setting it on the ground, dropping in the shell and running away as directed. The mishap turned into a life-altering event, with Spencer suffering catastrophic injuries to both hands.

    “They were more than burns, they sort of evulsed (or tore off) the skin, the muscle, the bones — fractured the bones in way where the parts were not reconstructable,” said Dr. Brinkley Sandvall, a plastic surgeon at UW Medicine. “They could not be put back on in their normal form because of the severe explosive injury from the shell.”

    Your “peaceful” protesters are aiming and firing these at police. Some of the injured police above were hurt this way. Good to know you think it’s acceptable.


    Oh please, the same protesters just keep changing shirts, props, and the name of their group. I already showed you this, how the wall of “moms” was full of women who don’t even identify as female.


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  27. More on this story…..


    “CDC: One-third of COVID-19 patients who aren’t hospitalized have long-term illness
    One patient whose symptoms have lingered for months called the report “monumental.”

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged Friday that a significant number of COVID-19 patients do not recover quickly, and instead experience ongoing symptoms, such as fatigue and cough.

    As many as a third of patients who were never sick enough to be hospitalized are not back to their usual health up to three weeks after their diagnosis, the report found.

    “COVID-19 can result in prolonged illness even among persons with milder outpatient illness, including young adults,” the report’s authors wrote.

    The acknowledgement is welcome news to patients who call themselves “long-haulers” — suffering from debilitating symptoms weeks and even months after their initial infection.

    “This report is monumental for all of us who have been struggling with fear of the unknown, lack of recognition and many times, a lack of belief and proper care from medical professionals during our prolonged recovery from COVID-19,” Kate Porter, who is on day 129 of her recovery, wrote in an email to NBC News.”


  28. Good. Now the IDing and arresting can begin. 🙂

    Sorry media, no more protecting the rioters who loot, burn, and destroy.


    “Judge Orders Seattle News Outlets To Turn Over Unpublished Images Of Riots To Police”

    “A judge in King County has ordered five news organizations to turn over videos and photos to police to help authorities identify people involved in rioting back in May.

    King County Superior Court Judge Nelson Lee sided with the Police Department in a morning hearing, ruling that its subpoena was enforceable. He found that the photos and video were critical for an investigation into the alleged arson of SPD vehicles and theft of police guns…

    The judge placed some limits on the subpoena. He said police could use the images to identify suspects only in the arson and gun theft investigations. Detectives could not use the photos or video to pursue suspects in vandalism or other lesser crimes — even if police found such evidence.

    On May 30 several police vehicles were set on fire and police equipment, including weapons, was stolen:

    During the protests, vandals heavily damaged six police vehicles. They smashed windows, removed ballistic helmets, uniforms, emergency medical equipment and fire extinguishers, and used an accelerant to start fires in five vehicles, according to a police affidavit and other documents.

    A loaded Glock 43 semi-automatic pistol and a loaded Colt M4 carbine rifle with a suppressor remain missing, according to the SPD affidavit.

    A total of 5 weapons were stolen from the vehicles that day, but three of them were recovered. You may recall video of one of the guns being recovered by a security guard who saw a protester take it and intervened to get it back:”


  29. “This Andy Ngo you keep posting is a bit off.”

    What’s the matter, actual investigative journalism is odd to you? This guy has been beaten, had his arm broken, and been the victim of numerous other unkind things from the mob that is Antifa. He’s been at it for years, doing the job the “mainstream media” refuses to do, track down the truth.

    Here’s some more.

    CONTENT WARNING!!!! for cuss word graffiti.



  30. ————

    They caught the scumbag who stabbed the black journalist above. Such a nice bunch these Antifa scum are.

    Funny, I’ve yet to see a mainstream media source even mention the attack.


  31. ——–

    And like I said, the mob’s motives for grabbing the perp were questionable.


  32. Yeah……..



  33. Nailed it.



  34. Some gatherings are more equal than others….

    And don’t give me the “well they’re outside” BS either. They’re shoulder to shoulder, dancing against each other, and breathing all over each other.



  35. He’s a tool. And a coward.



  36. ———–


  37. Shocking exactly no one….


    “Police In Both Portland And Seattle Declared Riots Last Night. It Didn’t Help”

    “You wouldn’t know it from watching CNN this morning, or at least while I had it on my television, but conditions in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington actually managed to get worse. Authorities in both cities declared riots and dispatched officers in riot gear with tear gas, flashbangs and non-lethal weapons to attempt to disperse the crowds. In many cases, the mobs were directly attacking police officers rather than simply setting fires and destroying property. (Though there was plenty of arson, looting and vandalism tossed into the mix.) Law enforcement appeared at times to be simply outnumbered and overwhelmed. Brazen rioters were seen picking up canisters of tear gas and hurling them back at the police. And the assaults on the DHS officers at the federal courthouses in both cities continues. Of the two, Portland was still probably the worse. (Associated Press)

    Authorities declared a riot early Sunday in Portland, Oregon, where protesters breached a fence surrounding the city’s federal courthouse building where U.S. agents have been stationed.

    Police described via Twitter the “violent conduct of people downtown” as creating a “grave risk of public alarm.” Police demanded people leave the area surrounding the courthouse, around 1:20 a.m. Sunday, and said that those who fail to adhere may be arrested or subjection to teargas and impact weapons.

    By 1:40 p.m., both federal officers and Portland police could be seen on the streets, surrounding the courthouse, attempting to clear the area and deploying teargas.

    Protesters remained in the streets past 2:30 a.m., forming lines across intersections and holding makeshift shields, as police patrolled and closed blocks abutting the area. Multiple arrests were made, but it wasn’t immediately clear how many.

    If you watch the videos at the link you will see rioters using portable power tools in an attempt to cut through the fencing that was erected around the federal courthouse. Sizable fireworks rockets were fired directly at some of the officers. Several members of the PD were injured and hospitalized.”


    Thanks Democrats.


  38. So you can walk into Walmart and buy fireworks that can be used as a mortar-like round? Wow. Is there an age limit? Any rules or regulations? If it can be considered a firearm, is it protected by the Second Amendment? Are the protesters then employing second amendment solutions as promoted by right wing militias? The use of tear gas on the other hand is considered a war crime. And where do you get laser beams than powerful — please don’t tell me you can buy them at Walmart too.

    The Portland (and Seattle) clips you have posted are far too short to provide any context. The picture showing garbage and graffiti after a night of protest seem to show how insignificant the damage is. Federal gov’t tactics are weird — they stay in the courthouse and then coming running out around 1 am to protect the perimeter. In order to control a crowd, police rarely stay static — if they want to disperse the mob they need to be mobile and stop worrying about a building. They’ve allowed themselves to be besieged and surrounded. Speaking of incompetence,, the Seattle police actually abandoned their guns.

    The court decision is of limited value — only to recover their lost/stolen guns. They can’t be used as evidence for any other crime. This may even backfire — if they arrest someone for vandalism that is on the tape yet don’t use it as evidence a lawyer can still claim the other evidence is “fruit of a poisoned tree”

    I’m not sure what the clip of Seattle shows other than an extremely well equipped Seattle police force (definitely not a war zone). With that type of equipment, they should easily be able to defend the property of the downtown core. They really need to stop whining about the rules of engagement and do their job. And if you don’t like it, resign. Ted Cruz’s bill is the use of the legislature to attempt to punish an other political party. However, its the exact opposite of what Republicans stand for — limited gov’t. Instead of having insurance companies pay for the damages, they have added a new responsibility and liability to the gov’t.


  39. The Nashville picture is hilarious — that shouldn’t be legal at any time let alone now.

    The BLM protests have definitely morphed into something more. Its now more about Trump and the over reach of the federal gov’t. However, you can’t claim its all props and then claim bored middle class guilt is taking over the protests. Its either violent antifa plus BLM or its a broad range of people many of them being middle class white people. It can’t be both.

    Its obvious Trump is using protests, crime and Chinese spying as a desperate attempt to improve his polls. He cared little about inner city crime and Chinese spying before. This places the democrats in a tough spot. Not a bad move politically by Trump but in the long run, just Cruz’s bill, it will have consequences. And he might want to focus on Covid.

    I find it strange you insist only the death rate matters yet your own posts reveal that infections have long term consequences. The US infection rate is a problem. The death rate is also increasing from its low on July 2. The current moving 7 day average is back to the rate of June 2 — over 1000 a day. Most of the new deaths are occurring in places that rushed their reopening — Arizona, Florida, and Texas. California’s number of deaths is high but not on a per capita basis.


  40. Foreign Policy is a fairly conservative serious almost academic journal/magazine. Timothy Snyder is a well established and well regarded American historian specializing in Eastern Europe. His “Bloodlands” is probably the best history I’ve read of Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus etc) between the wars and during WWII. Here he writes a fairly well argued discussion on Trump and Fascism — some its very good and others not so much. I normally do not like the Nazi analogy but my respect for Snyder as a historian ( a conservative in my opinion) gave it some latitude here.



  41. Just keep ignoring the rioting hordes, right HRW?

    Never mind what our lying eyes show us, take your word for it.

    How predictable.


    “Its obvious Trump is using protests, crime and Chinese spying as a desperate attempt to improve his polls.”

    Oh the horror, a president doing his job. Good job standing up for the CCP though comrade!


    As for the rest…..



  42. As for the Foreign Policy piece, never made it past the headline. Why bother, it’s the same tripe as always from the Never-Trump/Orange Man Bad faction.

    “Fascism can happen in America. Some of it has already happened, and more will happen as Trump fights to stay in power.”

    Give me a break, no proof, just you lefties got a feelin’ this is what he’ll do. Utter and complete garbage.


  43. Corruption?

    No. Nothing he’s done is illegal. Govt workers have stayed on Trump’s properties since they were built, and long before he entered politics. Nothing has changed.

    And Trump doesn’t even run the Trump org anymore.


    “Search Results
    Featured snippet from the web
    Donald Trump relinquished his role in the Trump Organization after the 2016 election. On January 11, 2017, he announced that he and his daughter Ivanka would fully resign and his sons Donald Jr. and Eric would take executive charge of the various businesses, along with Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Allen Weisselberg.”


    Keep trying though, and thanks for playing! 🙂


  44. The hottest take of the day. ABC sounds like HRW.

    So they aren’t a riot, they’re “intensified” peaceful protests…..

    Got it! 🤪


    What he said…..


  45. As you posted, my prime minister is being raked through the coals, and rightly so, for giving a no bid contract to a charity he and his finance minister have had frequent contact with in the past including paid speaking engagements. We consider this corruption yet you seem to have no problem with the president ensuring his (or his son’s) companies can charge the federal gov’t for golf trips and assorted expenses that go with it. This is banana republic level corruption. Its no different than a small town mayor having town council meetings in his son’s restaurant and billing the town.

    His criticism of China is a little late — Ivanka was awarded at least 15 patents in China since his presidency. The current attack on China diverts from his domestic failures but he still has business interests in China, including the use of Chinese (Uyghur?) cotton for his and Ivanka’s clothing lines.

    You see rioting hordes. I see protesters exercising their first amendment rights. I see incompetent police and federal government overreach. I see the irony of the left fighting federal government overreach while the right, who regularly complains of gov’t encroachment and the need for the second amendment, has sided with the federal government.

    And please since when has Trump cared about inner city crime…….

    Too bad you didn’t read the whole piece, Snyder is an excellent historian. He’s not a cable news talking head but rather a real intellectual.


  46. “And please since when has Trump cared about inner city crime…….”

    Since at least the 80’s as an outspoken citizen of NY, and since 2016, his entire time as president.

    But you lefties keep insisting there isn’t a problem. You mock and ridicule instead of offer solutions, as many of the links at the one below show. He’s tried to discuss, but the media and Dems aren’t willing.

    Once again, Google can be useful….


    “About 14,100,000 results”

    All the way back to 2016, his entire time in office.


  47. Its not him caring, its him using inner city crime for political purposes — he always claims crime is out of control when in fact its never been lower. Its the use of fear and a nod to his base. As for his role as an outspoken citizen of New York — you mean when he took out a full page ad demanding the death penalty for the Central Park Five and when he wouldn’t accept the overturn of their guilty verdicts. His use of inner city crime is a dog whistle.


  48. Oh, so now you’re using you psychic powers to tell us what his motivations are?

    Got it.

    Or more likely, you’re just making stuff up again.


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