55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-17-20

  1. Good morning RK and every one else.
    My screen doesn’t show the entire picture on one frame. I have to move it up&own.
    H had a few tries to figure that it was an upside down squirrel.

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  2. Morning all! Cute bunny rabbit!! 🐰 we don’t see many around here but we do have some. The neighbor warned everyone the other night that a huge mountain lion was on her roof! Now we are looking around corners before we walk around the house 😂

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  3. That is a very cute bunny.

    Good morning! I made a large order from Sam’s and had it delivered to Art’s office. It is the first order for delivery that I have made since the Covid shutdown. They left something out of the order so now I have to follow up on that. That is why I have continued to shop in person despite the risk. Things are always a tangle in some manner if we don’t do it ourselves. I have no idea if it is some form of stupidity or intentionality, but the results are the same fof us, a hassle. God knows what causes all these little things that combined make life so difficult in this area. Janice

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  4. Chas, a lot of people don’t wear the masks, they don’t keep six feet apart, they don’t take handwashing seriously, and they think only of themselves. There may be intentional spreaders, too. The more who are sick at election time, the more opportunity to say the President failed to control it. There are those among us who are determined to do anything to bring down the USA.


  5. QoD- Perhaps it’s because most people don’t seem to wear the mask correctly. I was in Walmart the other day and though all the employees were wearing masks, half of them had them pulled down so only their mouth was covered. And I have read that the masks we are using aren’t really that effective. It seems washing hands thoroughly and not touching eyes, nose or mouth are a better way to prevent it, that and taking supplements to help the immune system like Vitamin D, or eating the right foods.

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  6. Little bunny Foo Foo
    Hopping through the forest
    Scooping up the field mice
    And boppin’ ’em on the head!
    Down came the good fairy
    And the good fairy said:
    “Little bunny Foo Foo, I don’t wanna see you
    Scooping up the field mice and boppin’ ’em on the head!
    I’m gonna give you three chances,
    Then I’m gonna turn you into a goon!”

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  7. I showed property yesterday. The woman who was the potential buyer showed up with her son and daughter. Some lives here and daughter is 16. Ok. Then her sister-in-law and niece show up, then her brother. 6 people to look at 6 house. They spent and hour in the first two houses which set us back on the other houses, so I had to call listing agents and make sure we could still get in. The last house the agent warned me that it was an older couple and they were VERY Covid conscious. We had all been wearing masks except the brother. When we got to the last house, I stood outside and explained that the owners had turned on all the lights and didn’t want us to touch anything and I would open and close any doors. I also handed out hand sanitizer. Everyone did as they should except the brother. He somewhat held the mask up to his mouth. I am too nice and don’t like to offend people so I was at a loss as to what to do. He could have easily remained outside if he didn’t want to wear a mask.
    I don’t like to wear a mask either but I do it when I have to. Besides if I get Covid and bring it home my life will be miserable because Mr. Safety is vigilant.

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  8. I tried to order curb side from Sam’s again this morning and gave up for the second time. We will have to see if they have early hours for Seniors or the vulnerable. Just too many items are listed as not available. My daughter ordered ahead and then remembered something forgotten. She ran into the store and food whole pallets full of items Sam’s told her they were out of.

    My husband’s jam group played for the first time since March. It was an outdoor venue. There was hardly anyone wearing masks, including a couple of people selling food items. Most were socially distanced for the most part, but many not when buying food items. We have no had much of the virus around here, but it is around. One assisted living place in a small community just reported 9 clients and 2 workers with it.

    We saw our friends who winter AZ for the first time this summer. He says a mask make his H2O go too low. He has Valley Fever and just turned 80. He clearly still has breathing issues. He has been hanging out with his entire (large) family of children and grandchildren. They want us to come over and play a game with them, but frankly, they are out in stores, restaurants and with all those people too often for us. This weekend they will have a big grad party and the next day a birthday party with all kinds of people. I feel bad, as this is the time of year we see each other and usually at least weekly. If they were more careful, we would probably arrange something.

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  9. It’s an interesting dance, isn’t it? My in-laws and niece came for dinner last night. They walked through the house wearing masks and when I offered to set up a second table outside six feet away, they asked for that.

    No worries. I’m glad I asked.

    I then put the salad into two bowls–one for our table, one for theirs–and gave each table its own bowl of cherries.

    I plated the enchiladas and vegetables inside the house and carried them out individually.

    Since the window overlooking the patio is in front of the sink, I washed my hands before I did anything with food in the kitchen.

    It was a minor hassle, my niece apologized for not helping, but . . . and she was right, so no worries.

    I had planned to gauge how distant to go by their reactions, and it was clear they relaxed the more careful I was.

    That’s love.

    We hadn’t seen them in a while–even though they don’t live far away–and we had a family sadness to discuss that came out yesterday.

    It was a lovely evening, but you can sit outside in California and dine.

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  10. This is one of the things we needed to talk about. This article came out yesterday.

    It’s a continual sadness when half the children in your family join a cult. My in-laws never really got over it.

    Of the three nieces who were sent to India to school, we think only one attended the horror school depicted in this article. All three girls have grown up to be creative, loving, responsible women, but, the pain . . . We questioned the decision at the time–we didn’t have a lot of contact with the two in the cult–and were told, “They’re excellent British boarding schools.”

    Maybe the first one was (that niece has a PhD in statistics), but not the second one.

    And, folks, it started with yoga, which is why I have nothing to do with yoga, no matter how good the exercises are. Too much pain for us.


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  11. Oh, Michelle. That is horrible. So sorry to hear that cult robbed your family and so many others of what could have been much healthier lives.

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  12. I mowed the first section of the yard in the high humidity. In an hour it is suppose to be up around 90°. I have to wait for sections to become shaded before I mow. If I feel too hot then I will leave it undone. As Scarlet would say, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” It is suppose to rain later so if I wait I may catch some cloud cover, too, as I did last time. There is a lot of strategy involved in mowing a lawn.

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  13. Over in Exodus 1, interesting insight into why God worked through Joseph to get the family to Egypt:

    The more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew: “This was God’s purpose for Israel’s time in Egypt. Egypt served as a mother’s womb for Israel, a place where they rapidly grew from a large clan to a mighty nation.

    i. The nation could not grow this way in Canaan, because it was practically impossible to avoid intermarriage with the pagan and wicked inhabitants of Canaan. Egypt was so racially biased and had such an entrenched system of racial separation that Israel could grow there over several centuries without being assimilated.“

    So, really, nations always hated the Jews, and often for two reasons: intelligence/wealth and fertility?

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  14. Has anyone heard this before?

    Every son who is born you shall cast into the river: Seeing that his plan did not work, Pharaoh made a far more radical command, that all male children should be killed – apparently even Egyptian boys (Pharaoh commanded all his people).


  15. The rabbit is a young one and it wasn’t very far away from me off the trail. I stood and focused and got a couple of shots. And then I thought, “If he turns and eats that flower that’s between us, I can get a head-on shot of the action.” So I watched for that, and sure enough, in a moment that’s what it went for, and I was ready. I love it when an animal does just what I’m watching for it to do to give me a good shot. The flower is inside its mouth but it hasn’t yet chomped it from the stem in this shot.

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  16. Michelle in 11:02, no, I haven’t heard that it was Egyptian boys too, and I doubt that’s true. The point was not having the slaves outnumber them, not getting rid of citizens.

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  17. Kim – Maybe you could have said something like, “I understand that you’re not fond of the mask-wearing, but could you please do it this time, out of respect for this old couple?” Of course, it’s easy to think of an answer when you’re not in the stress of the moment.


  18. So sad Michelle. I can easily see how it can happen.
    So sad when people hide behind religion to do their evil. So sad when people are so empty they look to someone else to fill them up.
    Yoga can be very beneficial – have attended classes in the past but for the past couple of months have been doing an online version. I’ve gotten more results with it than when I used to “kill myself” in the gym hanging out with the no neck guys. I also like that I can drink a cup of coffee and then exercise in my pajamas. LOL


  19. Just did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I delete someone else’s comment from one of my Facebook posts. And it wasn’t one of YA’s! My cousin called her an idiot.

    I sent him a message explaining that I deleted it because I thought it was more offensive than necessary, and that it would only feed her bad feelings towards conservatives even more. I hope that he is not offended in return.

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  20. Kizzie, I also did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I responded to YA. I couldn’t stand it any more. I don’t think I was rude, but I was blunt.

    It won’t do her any good, but I got it out of my system. 🙂

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  21. Busy day ahead, several stories to churn out. And my knee, while better, still gets a sharp, stabbing pain in it with every step I take. I feel beat-up by it all at this point.

    I have PT at 4, I’ll have to show up but will try to make it a short one (I usually do all the exercises in the gym while I’m there). I’ve missed a lot of work for this knee so far and am hoping we can start winding that down, assuming this shot works to give me some relief for a while.

    Masks help but aren’t foolproof. Social distancing is better when you can do it, both are probably good.

    The governor has ordered all of our schools closed for the fall.

    Very cute bunny.


  22. Kevin,

    Same here. I don’t usually respond to Facebook trolls, especially on someone else’s posts, but I just couldn’t take it any more.

    So I stirred the pot a couple of times. 🙂

    I cannot imagine going thru life with that much hate for someone, and his family, that I’ve never once met or spoken to simply because I disagree with their politics. I disliked Obama. Never hid that. But I don’t hate him or his family, and I wish them no ill will. A little justice maybe, but not just for my personal amusement. The hate is so obvious in every post of hers. It’s poisonous.



    I understand the reason you allow her to comment, even though she always disagrees no matter the topic, and it’s your page. Just know that when some of us stand up to her it’s because we value you too much to just sit by while she trashes everything you believe in, and anyone who dares disagree with her narrow minded bigotry. She’s become what she accuses everyone else of being. It’s sad.

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  23. Thank you AJ and Kevin. Yes, she really is quite hateful, but doesn’t see it. She probably thinks of it as “righteous indignation” rather than what it is, and she is really quite clueless to her own attitudes.


  24. I am hoping and praying that somehow the Holy Spirit helps her take to heart what I wrote about the biblical basis for giving people the benefit of the doubt, for judging actions, not motives. I have seen her judging motives and hearts for years now, and she is becoming more embittered, I think.

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  25. Short of unfriending her you could also just block her from posting on your timeline if you want to, but I know that for Chickadee’s sake you probably don’t want to alienate her.

    You could also set a rule on your timeline: “I will delete any post that attacks people (name-calling, assuming motives, etc.) instead of arguing idea.” If you apply that evenly, as you already did with your cousin, YA might adapt, who knows?

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  26. But in the interest of attempting to continue free dialogue, I understand why Kizzie lets YA comment. “Unfriending” or blocking her is what she does to others. It’s an impediment to dialogue, even when that dialogue becomes eye-rolling to say the least.

    Kizzie has the calm temperament needed to respond to her with grace and also with truth. I admire that and hope someday YA catches on and sees it too.

    I have more patience for people attacking public figures, especially politicians, than others, though it’s still unseemly. Name calling is never very adult and certainly isn’t Christian (and for Christians, that includes public leaders in authority for whom we are to be praying).

    It’s interesting that YA can’t see her own vitriol and closed-mindedness for what it is. It really is a glimpse into the blindness we all can sometimes have, I suppose, so also maybe a good reminder that we should always make sure we’re not sounding like her in the heat of an argument.

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  27. Our pastor likes to remind us that in these kinds of discussions (as believers) we’re not out to “win an argument.” We’re out to win the person.

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  28. Interesting to come to this page and read all the comments about YA. I read today’s psalm on the prayer thread before this page, and there were several of the verses that actually made me think of her.

    They make their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s;
    the poison of vipers is on their lips. …

    The arrogant have hidden a snare for me; …

    They proudly rear their heads;
    may the mischief of their lips engulf them. …

    May slanderers not be established in the land; …

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  29. In lighter news, I have been enjoying listening to more sessions of the MTNA 2020 Virtual Conference. Some of them have been truly outstanding and have given me much food for thought in how I teach piano. I have implemented some new ideas, and it’s really freshened up some things for me (and I hope for my students).

    I have been less — oh, what’s the word: gung-ho? — about de-cluttering and organizing my whole house with reckless abandon since having screwed up my neck doing too much. At least I think that’s what happened.

    I am mainly focusing now on visible areas, and not worrying so much about the places that aren’t showing unless you open drawers or peek into closets and boxes in closets and stuff like that.

    Balance… being busy is good; being obsessive, well, that’s another matter.

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  30. Remember I mentioned on the prayer thread (I think) about Nightingale ordering a dumpster to be delivered for us to clean out our basement? And remember how I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her and might wear myself out?

    Well, the dumpster was delivered a little after 2:00 this afternoon. I gave Nightingale a check to pay for it. As she went to dive into the work (not the dumpster itself, mind you), I had a quick snack, then put some shoes on. She came in and looked at me with my shoes on (I don’t wear shoes around the house) and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was ready to start working on the basement.

    She told me to go sit down. She knows that I am not very strong, and thinks I might even slow her down, so she has Boy helping her. I was relieved, but told her to let me know if she does need my help.

    In the two and a half hours they’ve been working, they’ve gotten a lot done. Still a lot more to go, though. At least I can feel that I contributed by paying for it.

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  31. Kim – Is it possible that she unblocked you? You shouldn’t be able to see her comments if you are blocked, unless it is one of those weird Facebook glitches that happen from time to time.

    She had also blocked Tammy a while back. Tammy can be pretty blunt, but no more so than her. But she has no tolerance for being treated like she treats others. And now she has blocked AJ. (Or at least she said she would.)


  32. Nightingale was walking up the outside basement stairs, bringing up a board, when she realized that there was a dead mouse on it “looking” straight at her. She kind of screamed. 😀

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  33. It’s been a whirlwind day, one story will have to hold, I just couldn’t get enough information. And I have PT at 4, but I’m going to make it a short one this time, tell them I’ll do the exercises at home. I’d like to get back by 5 to finish out the work day on the clock; I didn’t take a lunch so the time at PT would be the ‘lunch’ hour alternative.

    Kizzie, so glad Nightingale and the Boy are taking care of the basement. Some good mom-and-son time, too.

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  34. I’m glad to hear Nightingale and Boy are doing the basement, Kizzie. Good for them and good for you. 🙂

    I am back from a shopping trip to the two area music stores. Several students will need new books in the next few weeks. I spent $80 for the items, and ordered two books that weren’t in stock. I also need to order two more books from a company that only sells online and not to retailers.

    All of this will be reimbursed — I didn’t buy anything for myself, and 6th Arrow isn’t in need of any new books at this time.

    I don’t think I told you this, but I decided to give 6th Arrow the months of July and August off from piano. She had finished a couple of books in June, and came to natural stopping places in some others, and I sensed she could use a break.

    The break seems to be doing her good. She had been kind of plodding along the last couple of months — she had worked hard since last fall on her audition pieces, and then the event got covid-canceled this spring, which I think dropped her morale — and she seemed to lose her usual joy of playing piano after that.

    Now, though, and even as soon as the day after her last lesson at the end of June, she plays for enjoyment nearly every day. She plays old favorites, and even sight reads new music that will be coming up. I heard the piano singing away when I walked up to the front door after returning home today. 🙂

    Everybody needs a break sometime, of course, and occasionally, a longer break is in order. This seemed to be the time. I’m glad and relieved she’s enjoying piano again.

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  35. Well, that was an easy PT appt. He said it’s wise to take it easy after the shot, move the joint, do what I need to do in the house or yard this weekend, but don’t overdo, let the shot medicine get in there and start doing its thing. Someone told me it’s like thousands of ibuprofens being dumped into your knee joint. You don’t want to disrupt it too much, but you do need to keep the joint mobile.

    So today he just had me lie down on the table in the gym while he used the mechanical massager on my leg, then he did this thing where he “rocks” my leg, gently moving the knee joint back and forth, rocking, rocking. His practice for fatherhood, I figure. He’s incredibly cute and must have a hovering fan club of young, athletic, surfer girlfriends.

    But that was it, 30 minutes and I was out of there.

    He said it will probably take “about” a week for the knee to get back to some normalcy, it’s not unusual, he said, for it to still be hurting today. I go back to PT on Tuesday and he said we’ll see where it’s at then.

    Meanwhile, I am looking forward to a restful, easy weekend. It’s going to stay in the mid 70s, then go down to very low 70s, maybe high 60s for the week ahead. Our editor is taking a much needed few days off next week.

    Today was frantic for me.

    I’ll try to find a good movie tonight, maybe. I can sleep in forever in the morning.

    6 arrows, is the neck feeling any better? I’ve had neck issues as well, too many years at a computer.

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  36. Sorry to hear of his passing. What a giant.

    From the intro to that article above:


    ~ Packer was a lifelong Anglican churchman who spent the first half of his life in England and the second half in Canada but who was perhaps most popular in the United States. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential theological popularizers of the twentieth century.

    Throughout his nearly 70 years of writing and ministry, he stressed the importance of knowing and praying to and communing with the triune God. He called for the church to take holiness and repentance seriously by walking in the Spirit and fighting against indwelling sin. He defended biblical authority and championed the cause of disciple-making catechesis. And he reintroduced multiple generations to his beloved Puritan forebears, whom he regarded as the Redwoods of the Christian faith.

    He saw himself as “a voice that called people back to old paths of truth and wisdom.” His entire life was spent resisting the idea that “the newer is the truer, only what is recent is decent, every shift of ground is a step forward, and every latest word must be hailed as the last word on its subject.”

    Though he was willing to address and engage the controversies of his day, he wrote, “I should like to be remembered as one who pointed to the pasturelands.” ~

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  37. DJ, yes, my neck is somewhat better, thanks for asking. It’s more achy now than outright painful. If I keep up with the heating/stretching/icing routine for my neck like the one my PT had me do for my frozen shoulder, that helps.

    I have to avoid playing my viola, though. Ouch ouch ouch. That really does a number on it, and not a musical number. 😉

    I’m considering playing cello again — haven’t played in decades, but I loved playing it for that one year I studied the instrument in college.

    I joked with our church’s worship music coordinator that at least I wouldn’t have to hold the cello between my chin and shoulder. 😛

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  38. Grrrr. Typed a rant, then decided to delete it. I really can’t stand that Facebook drama gets drug over here.

    My problem, I know.

    I will be taking a break for a while again. Carry on as you will.

    Please see my request on the prayer thread. Another loved one diagnosed with cancer… 😦


  39. Ugh. The rant I deleted was against YA. The comment I left in its place probably sounded like a rant against Kizzie and/or everyone who commented about Young A–…

    Reading about that woman has many times caused a visceral reaction in me. I do not know why, but I think it’s because she sounds like the people who regularly bullied me in my childhood.

    I have never met her, but I hate her as much as I hate the people who tormented me for years and years.

    But every one of you has freedom of choice of what you talk about and where. I am not silencing you, but I’m silencing myself until my hatred for that evil woman abates. She’s an abuser, and my quietly taking the past bullying, like Kizzie is taking YA’s abuses, without baring my fangs and fighting back, did nothing to end the story that still plays in my mind past the half-century of my life mark.

    I can’t stand every time I have to relive it.

    The raw, unvarnished truth, folks.

    Don’t anyone contact me while I’m away. I will survive the childhood memories — I always have — so don’t worry about me. I will simply be off somewhere else for a while, breathing and living and whatever else God will have for me to do.

    Good night.

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