Our Daily Thread 7-13-20

Good Morning!

Today is NancyJill’s birthday!


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Today’s header is from Janice.

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Anyone have a QoD?

51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-13-20

  1. Happy birthday, Nancy Jill. Very pretty, Janice. I’ve got some of those I’ve photographed from above, since I love the perfect stars of their centers. (Who knew humans didn’t invent the five-pointed star?)

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  2. Good morning. Those are Mesa Yellow Blanket flowers or Galardias. There are more and more thus the name Blanket because they are covering the space where they were planted last year beside the small front porch I showed when we did Zoom.

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  3. ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿจ๐ŸŽˆ ยกFeliz cumpleaรฑos, NancyJill! ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿจ๐ŸŽˆ We celebrate birthdays with cake, ice cream and balloons, so here are some for you.

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  4. Happy Birthday, Nancyjillโ™ก
    May today you receive fill
    Choice coffee without a spill
    Sweet biscotti dips until
    You hear Happy Birthday songs
    The Wanderers sing-a-longs!
    Happy Birthday to you!

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  5. Off to move rocks for two hours. This will complete, I think, my help getting our youth director moved into her new home! I’m going early before it gets too hot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last night, my husband and I, along with two Adorables, went to a recording studio where the three of them joined others to produce a radio script I wrote.

    I was prepared to autograph their scripts, but none of my friends or relatives wanted me to do that! LOL

    Instead, I spent a lovely evening in a gorgeous yard chatting with people I love (who were all voicing characters–four of them) whom I haven’t been able to talk with in a long time–socially distant, of course. What a blessed evening.

    And my husband, who played the part of Moses, told me this morning about how he loved the script.

    He didn’t want my autograph.

    I’ll post the audio story–which is likened to five short Adventures in Odyssey–here when it’s done. It will be finished in time for VBS next week.

    Now, off to do manual labor and sweat!

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  6. Sweat is good! And I’d love an autographed copy, Michelle.

    I just had a wonderful Happy Birthday chat with Wesley. I hope he gets cards today that we mailed. Yesterday Art got some info from Wesley to finish up his tax return so I guess that is part of his present this year. Also we will give him his cap and gown for his August graduation. He was unsure about owning it, but since he will need to use it to attend the future graduations of students if he continues to teach then it makes sense to own it, assuming he watches his weight and does not get chunky like Art and I. Of course Art got on the track to overweight from his hypothyroidism. Hopefully Wesley won’t get that.

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  7. Morning! We are home from our relaxing weekend getaway to St Elmo…lots of atv enthusiasts in that ghosttown but we had a lovely time nonetheless.
    I share the day with Wesley and Biddy…I am in good company for a birthday! Thanks for your kind greetings my friends โค๏ธ

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  8. Bonne Anniversaire to Nancy Jill.

    Recovering from a weekend of work. I was so tired by the end of yesterday, I was having a hard time thinking clearly. The health problems I have been having are making work a greater challenge. Another specialist appointment in August. So far, two specialist appointments have been turned into phone calls. The healthcare system is having trouble returning to ‘normal’, as it really is not normal anymore. The personal protective equipment like masks and gloves alone are still a challenge, although it is better than at first. With a new study finding that antibodies to the virus are disappearing after 3 months, working with routine screening and protective gear is going to be the new normal. On the weekends, it is my responsibility to phone patients booked the next day to screen them for symptoms or exposure. It is obvious that the regular clients are getting a bit tired of those screening phonecalls.

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  9. Kizzie, on the physical resemblance between sisters, when we were young, someone once said that there could not be any four siblings who looked less like each other. It was true. We even had a hard time seeing the resemblance. Two of us had dark brown hair, two had blond, and only one had curls. One had brown eyes, two had dark blue eyes, one had light grey/blue eyes. Our noses, mouths and faces were all different shapes. I was short and stocky (still short, though no longer stocky) while Second was tall and gangly (tall and willowy now) with the other two of average height and build. In our teen years, people in the resort centre where we three younger ones worked mistook Second and Youngest for twins, which made no sense, since the only thing they had in common was a similar dark blond hair colour, although even that was different shades. I, on the other hand, was told by old friend of my father’s when she met the three of us that I bore no resemblance at all to the other two, as they had a look of my father’s family while I look almost entirely like my mother’s side. Now we are all adults, however, I see more resemblance between us. We all have high cheekbones, and we three older ones have a similar squared jawline, but even more so, the resemblance lies in our tone of voice and facial expression, as we learned to communicate in the same household.

    The most difference is between myself and Youngest. She is the only one without the squared jawline, while I have the most definite squared jawline; she has the straightest and lightest coloured hair, I have the darkest and curliest hair; her nose points up, while mine hooks down; her eyes, eye lashes, and eyebrows are light, while mine are dark. As children and teens, hers was always the most outgoing and friendliest personality, while mine was always the quietest and shyest personality; yet she has married, had five children, and become a stay at home mother, while I have earned a professional degree l, and travelled to and lived in many places. Our third music teacher, for violin and piano, used to describe us, not only in regards to our musical style (Youngest’s playing was energetic and forceful, while my playing was gentle and expressive) but also in our personality and appearance, as night and day.

    My mother always says we four are all pretty, but we all say she is biased. Objectively, none of us are fashion model are film star material. But my siblings all have an inner beauty, that shines through their features, to make them truly beautiful. They were all lovely brides.

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  10. I’m back to the tedious task of going through all of the city of la listings for places that received small biz loans to isolate the ones with the Zip codes that matter to us. This will be the 2nd day pretty much devoted to this; in the meantime, I’m not writing anything.

    I have to pick up Cowboy’s meds today at some point and my knee Xray disc (that’s easier, it’s local). We’re all having group meetings via google this week on how to go forward in covering covid and systemic racism issues, that will take about 2 hours out of either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have 2 PT appts and the appointment with the ortho doctor this week as well.

    Back to my zip codes.

    Happy birthday NancyJill!

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  11. And looks like they’re going to put us all on weekend rotations going forward. One reporter refused, saying since we’re all making less than we did 10 years ago he’s not giving up his weekend unless there’s a raise being offered.

    And that won’t happen.

    We just don’t have the staff to do all they want us to do. Sigh.

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  12. Good story material, DJ. Art never received a business loan. We think his business was too small, not employing enough people to make it worthwhile to save it. But since he never had to quit working like others did . . . and taxes are an evergreen source of need for the general public, the work continues.


  13. Not quite as hot today. I went out and walked four miles, makes it easy when you are living on a one mile loop. This evening I have the honor of meeting with the elders of my church. They like to meet with each missionary when they are home. It is quite timely for me as I could use some advice going forward.

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  14. Have yourself a very happy birthday today, NancyJill, and a wonderful year through and through!

    Off to have some lunch and then get ready for today’s piano lessons. One of my five Monday students isn’t able to make it today, but her two brothers can, so the boys’ lessons will expand to 45 minutes for today to fill the family’s 1 1/2 hour time slot.

    Another student today will be deciding on his audition piece for the fall honors recital. He couldn’t make up his mind between two pieces I offered him a few weeks ago, so he’s been practicing both. It’s taking too much lesson time, though, to work on both of the (challenge) pieces and his core materials besides, so today is the day to narrow it down to one challenge piece for the audition.

    My last student of the day is the 14-year-old who started last week. She did a very nice job, and her mom wrote me that her daughter has been practicing her music a lot this week and is really looking forward to our lesson today. That makes me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  15. I trust none of the political parties in my country, but I also respect the government as an authority set up by God, and recognize the need to pray for all in authority that we can live a quiet and peaceable life. The political system always is so corrupting that it seldom attracts decdnt people, but every once in a while, someone decent comes along, that you think, it would be nice if they got elected. This is one of the candidates standing for leadership of the Conservative party (the party leader becomes Prime Minister if their party wins a majority of seats). What do you think, if you had a vote, would you vote for her? https://www.macleans.ca/politics/leslyn-lewis-social-conservative-party-leadership-2020/

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  16. We are enjoying a brief break from what has been an unusually hot and humid July – normally, it is August that produces this kind of weather. But the weather was so hot last week, particularly Thursday and Friday, that by the end of Friday I felt very unwell, and I had not even gone outside or done anything much at all. One of the blogs I follow shared this quote from G. K. Chesterton, and I thought it sums up how I feel about hot weather (cultural note: the use of Apollo is a reference to the sun)

    โ€œThe hot weather, which has been almost coincident with the new reign, might serve, perhaps as another omen, if I were one who likes omensโ€”or like hot weather. Unfortunately, I am one of those heretics who tend (during a strong summer) to the somewhat hasty opinion of certain early Christians, that Apollo is a devil. Or if he is a beneficent deity, he is one of a highly searching and even ruthless sort; a flaming fact, picking out andย emphasing other facts; making the world all too realistic. The chief gift of hot weather to me is the somewhat unpopular benefit called a conviction of sin. All the rest of the year I am untidy, lazy, awkward, and futile. But in hot weather I โ€œfeelโ€ untidy, lazy, awkward, and futile. Sitting in a garden-chair in a fresh breeze under a brisk grey and silver sky, I feel a frightfully strenuous fellow: sitting on the same garden-chair in strong sunshine, it begins slowly to dawn on me that I am doing nothing. In neither case, of course, do I get out of the chair. But I resent that noontide glare of photographic detail by the ruthless light of which I can quite clearly see myself sitting in the chair. I prefer a more grey and gracious haze, something more in the Celtic-twilight style, through which I can only faintly trace my own contours, vast but vague in the dusk and distance.โ€

    ~G.K. Chesterton: โ€œIllustrated London News,โ€ June 11, 1910.
    (Link: https://wp.me/p7ln3w-2u1)

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  17. Iโ€™m thinking CO is headed in the same direction Dj. There are protesters downtown CO Springs today protesting the mandate of all having to wear masks or risk fine or jail time. Seriously they are going to jail people for not wearing a mask. Whether one is for or against this is beyond overreach by โ€œthose in chargeโ€ in my estimation. ๐Ÿ˜ท


  18. So thankful for humor.

    One day recently, as I was praying, I interrupted one train of thought-&-prayer for another somewhat related subject that popped into my mind, and I told God that I was interrupting myself to go to that other subject briefly. Then in the middle of that, something else popped into my mind that I went to. So then I told God that I was interrupting my interruption, and I chuckled at that, and then thanked Him for humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  19. Chesterton doesn’t define “hot”. It is 90 degrees in Greensboro and we sat outside on the deck under a shady tree fro about an hour.
    It was pleasant.
    Average NC summer day.

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  20. Roscuro – There is a woman I used to know at church who is biracial and she married a white man. Their son, although only one quarter Black, looks so much like his Black grandfather, only lighter, with the “kinky” hair typical of Black folks. But their daughter is “white”, with fairly straight blond hair and blue eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. Speaking of biracial people, Boy’s friend Gabby, whom I’ve mentioned before, is biracial, but with her skin tone and hair, one would not realize that she is part white unless you knew her mom. Gabby merely looks like a lighter-skinned Black girl.

    Sadly, she hates being Black at all. Part of that can be because her white grandparents are racist, although they love her very much and are good to her. Even so, their attitudes must come out in some way that she can perceive. (The grandfather wanted to force her mom, who was a teenager at the time, to abort because she was pregnant by a black man.) And she does not have any contact with her father or his family, because he was abusive to her and lost his rights to see her.

    A very sad situation. Now I am trying to think of how I can encourage her in some way, like making a point to compliment her hair when it is cute or something like that. I do think she is a pretty and cute little girl.

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  22. Also, her mom thinks that Gabby has experienced some prejudice from a teacher last year, due to the teacher’s treatment of her.


  23. Kizzie, that is extremely sad. It is horrible the way the world has been divided into what one looks like. Being in West Africa, Skin colour and hair texture as a gradation, from Mandinka, Wolof, and Serer to Tuareg and Naar (Berber/Mauritanian) to Arab to Tubaab (European). Within each group, there were lighter and darker people, taller and shorter, fatter and thinner, plain and pretty, nice and nasty. It was meaningless to speak of black and white. The Fula, whose tribe are herdsmen, have few words for colours like blue, red, etc., but they have many words for shades of brown, because they distinguish their cattle that way. Aji suun, who learned a little of their language – like the Serer and Mandinka, the Fula speak their own language, while also using the trade language of Wolof – said that she could barely distinguish the difference between the shades of brown the Fula could recognize. Our English words are completely inadequate and inaccurate (I have very little pigment in my skin, but I am still darker than snow) for the varied skin shades humans have, and it is a shame we ever started misnaming the variety of skin tones by using just two words to divide people into groups. My father always used to cite the case of these twins to demonstrate the total unreality of there being different races based on skin colour: https://www.itv.com/news/central/2015-03-02/the-black-and-white-twins-born-to-mixed-race-parents/

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  24. The fellow student I went to Nunavut with has some First Nations in her ancestry, but from several generations back. But the Inuit thought she must be Inuit, because of the way she looked, even though her family had been ‘white’ for several generations and her sister was blond. Such an unexpected cropping up of genetic characteristics happens all the time. We often think of Celtic people from Ireland and Scotland as being red haired, but that is actually from later Scandinavian Norse invaders. The real Celtic influence is seen in the black haired and dusky skinned Irish and Scottish, and also the Welsh, as the original inhabitants of the British Isles were quite dark in colouring.

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  25. Oh Kizzie that is sad for Gabby! You could encourage her by reminding her the Creator has made us uniquely beautiful and He has known her since before she was born. I shall be praying the perfect opportunity will be made known to you โค๏ธ

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  26. In a way, my family has experienced, within itself, racial prejudice. I mentioned I looked most like my mother’s family. Specifically, I look like my mother’s maternal family. My thick, dark curls come from my maternal grandmother’s family, and when I see pictures of my maternal grandmother’s mother, my great grandmother, I think she looks like me. My maternal grandmother was never like by her mother in law, who came from the upper crust in England and who thought her daughter in law was of inferior stock. When my grandmother’s second child and first son was born, he was born with black curls and the wide mouth with thick lips and the nose that “looked like it was put on hot and ran” (a family description) that characterise my maternal grandmother’s family, her mother in law said they must have Gypsy blood, and she was not being complementary. Now, the British definition of Black is historically wider than the American classification. Americans classified those of African ancestry as Black, but the British tended to call Black any group with dark skin and thick black hair, including darker skinned people from India, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and, of course, the Gypsies in England. So my great grandmother was essentially racially discriminating against her own grandchildren. When my mother, who also had the thick lips of her mother’s family, went to school in the 1950s and 60s, other children would make fun of her ‘liver lips’, a taunt she still vividly remembers. We do not know if we really have Gypsy (Romani) blood or not, although the surname of my maternal grandmother’s was used among the Romani, but it was the simple fact of our appearance that made one of our great grandmothers decide that we did.

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  27. Just got a news update that the governor has closed all restaurants and churches in the state. This should be interesting. Maybe Dj knows more

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  28. So, if you go to jail because you didn’t wear a mask–do you have to wear a mask in jail? It’s all so confusing.

    Our VBS is supposed to start next week–small groups of children, no more than 10. I wonder if this knocks out VBS, too?

    Mr. Covid will tell me when he returns from the eye doctor.

    DJ, was that information in an Excel spreadsheet? If so, can you sort it by numbers and narrow the search?

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  29. According to CBS News, it’s just indoor church; we’ll see what happens outdoors.

    LA County Schools will not be open in the fall. Understandable, but what a nightmare for the families and educating the children.

    One of my engineer pals says his engineer colleagues with children are hiring tutors so the parents can work.

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  30. Various municipalities have made masks mandatory in indoor public spaces. No penalties for individuals wearing masks, especially as there are medical exemptions, but businesses can be fined for not complying. Toronto’s fine for businesses is up to $1000.


  31. Michelle (5:45), thanks, going to double check that

    Busy writing up the story w/reaction.

    I’d love it if our church now could find an outdoor space to meet

    The mask wars are adding to the overall stress, I’m afraid.

    So here we are.

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  32. Haha — a whole league dedicated to the cause? My.

    Michelle, you’re correct; from CNS: An hour later, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a rollback of business reopenings due to surging positivity rates and hospitalization numbers across the state. Newsom ordered a halt to all indoor operations at gyms, places of worship, hair salons and personal-care services such as nail salons, massage businesses and tattoo parlors. The new order also bars indoor activity at malls and prevents indoor political protests.


  33. My father thought he might have a UTI this morning. This evening he has a high fever and is very drowsy. Hopefully it is just a UTI, but we are sending him to the ER.

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  34. I just received a forwarded e-mail saying that the May and August graduates of Baylor will have a virtual graduation commencement on Aug.15. It had been planned for the stadium but with the August heat I was not so sure we could deal with that. Interesting timing (on his birthday) to receive this news.

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  35. Those twins remind me of my friends Art and Elaine, both very fair-skinned, whose equally fair-skinned daughter married a very dark-skinned Latin American. Their first child, a girl, had her father’s complexion. Their next, a boy, was even fairer than his mother, blond-haired, blue-eyed, and little skin pigment, so they said he resembled his grandfather Art more than anyone. You would never guess they were brother and sister.

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  36. I know of one young woman who was sure she was being discriminated against because of her racial make-up. I was astonished when I heard it, because I had no idea she was a mixture of minority races. She looked just like most of my family. We have several family members that might be a minority, if you go by looks.

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  37. I looked at the list of counties closed down in California and our county is not on the list. I believe that we are still planning on worshiping together.


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