53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-3-20

  1. Good focus on that moth’s face, Janice, to see its eyes and its antennae! Do you know its species? (I have a moth book, so I might be able to find it if you want me to.)

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  2. Good morning! Another busy night. I interspersed lab reports in there also. The boys go home today and Trey is going with them to celebrate 2 birthdays and the 4th. Not sure if Connor’s dad is coming to get him or not. His mom is on a fire. the Covid is starting to pop here. What about your neck of the woods?

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  3. My county is in the “red zone” for highest risk. We have the beaches and everyone wants to be there for the holiday. We are under mandatory mask wearing. It’s a crazy time in which we live. People’s nerves are getting frayed.
    I went in to the ofice yesterday. It was also the “Problem”‘s birthday so the staff went out to lunch to celebrate along with some of her cronies. Obviously I wasn’t included. Later in the afternoon she needed to speak with her boss/my office mate and rather than come over and talk to him she called him on his cell phone. It made me laugh. I haven’t had the opportunity to speak to the person I need to speak with regarding her. While I adore my office mate he isn’t very good at personnel management. He is too kind and wants to see the best in everyone.

    What is everyone doing this weekend–considering we are still pretty much on lock down?

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  4. Good morning! That moth was at eye level beside my door when I went outside. It was plastered to the brick, and I almost passed it by, but then took a closer look and decided to get a photo or two. I would love to know what it is, Cheryl. It has a very unique design.

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  5. I went to Publix a little after seven this morning. When I got home, Art was leaving fof work before I had a chance to make his eggs. I felt badly that I took too long. I looked at cards to send Wesley. I found two for graduation. I still need to find some for his birthday. I try to go early to avoid people. I know with it being so close to the tax deadline that Art felt he had to go ahead and leave.

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  6. As it turned out, Wesley has been accepted for a Post Doc position at Baylor, praise God. I think that means he can not do the adjunct position. In this he will have benefits for a year and be teaching something along with doing research. They had three slots open for this type continuing of education position.

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  7. KIM’s QoD
    Just like other days.
    But I’m beginning to think that is true for most people.
    I am constrained by age and circumstances. And I have already passed the mark.
    But I wonder how sane people can tolerate it.

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  8. Morning. They say our Covid numbers are up but I have yet to hear of anyone I know who has had it and I know quite a few people in this area. Bars and nightclubs have been shut down as well as Santa’s North Pole but just about every other business is allowed to operate. Polis is one of the worst Governors I have ever seen. Mandatory masks is on the horizon. Rioters can gather in the streets destroying property and attacking citizens, shutting down the interstates with no repercussions but small business owners taking extreme precautions are mandated to lose their businesses. 😒
    We are staying home this weekend with the exception of going to church Sunday evening. Husband invited the two boys over for lunch on Sunday and I am a bit irked…they have been invited two other times and once they didn’t show up saying they forgot and the other we were called that morning saying one had a headache…after preparing food and cleaning I am just about done but husband wants to have them over….I guess I need an attitude adjustment or something but it seems to me it isn’t very important to them being invited…..and I am doing all the work!

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  9. QoD: I’m working at the cave tomorrow, then going to a BBQ at a friend’s house. Afterwards, we might watch fireworks. Sunday is church and ?. If it’s not too hot or rainy, Mrs L and I might go for a short hike.


  10. Good morning. What a great shot of that moth, Janice. I showed 6th Arrow, my daughter who enjoys exploring and photographing what she sees in nature, and she remarked, “Oooh!” πŸ™‚

    I am missing Karen this morning. For years — decades — we met for Bible study at 8:30 on Friday mornings, usually the first and third weeks of the month. Today would have been one of our meeting days.

    I think I need to sit down and dig deeply into the last chapter of Colossians, which we didn’t get completely through before she died. I’ve been trying to distract myself by doing the household projects I’d planned for the summer, but sometimes I’m just plain weary and lack motivation. I’m starting to realize that some of the emptiness I’m feeling is because I miss being part of a Bible study where we delve deeply into the Word. Karen and I would do word studies that took us all over scripture, examining certain Greek words that would appear in Colossians and elsewhere, to see other contexts in which the word was used. I learned a lot in her studies. This Colossians study, which was written by a dearly-deceased older mutual friend of ours, is one Karen and I started on August 3, 2018. So you can see that we did a lot more than just read the four chapters of the book and discuss them a little.

    QoD: no weekend plans that I know of. I will probably finish the kitchen project and move on to another area, which I haven’t decided yet. Next week I’ll hit the ground running, starting piano lessons back up again, and adding Thursdays to my Monday and Tuesday teaching days, what with my new students starting.

    But first, I think I simply need to spend some extended quiet time with the Lord this weekend, and maybe sit for a bit and have a good cry. It’s been a while since I’ve allowed myself to do that; I’ve been trying to push through the pain and emptiness. I’m not sure that “success” in that endeavor is actually a good thing.

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  11. What am I doing this weekend? I hope to stay well. I must not take that for granted. I did buy a giant watermelon this morning. I would like to be outside but the weather has gone extreme and is not pleasant. I will read and do a book review and maybe listen to an audiobook while doing some cleaning. The yard is full of blooming clover. I want to mow but probably won’t in this heat. I will do church and prayer calls online. And Wesley wants us to do a Zoom call.

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  12. Tomorrow nothing, then cooking burgers, then eating then more nothing.

    And probably more of the nothing on Sunday, plus church, then more nothing.

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  13. QoD: Nothing planned. Then, the weekends I have off, I generally have nothing planned. All public fireworks displays and gatherings were cancelled for Canada Day, but we hardly noticed because we never usually did anything for the day. The only time I went to a Canada Day parade was for the 125th, and the only time I went to see a public fireworks display was for the 150th. One big celebration every 25 years is sufficient.

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  14. No plans for us. I don’t think we have a lot of Covid around us. However, I heard of one case of someone who had returned from Texas. My BIL was in contact with the brother of this man. I do wonder how many other cases are around and we just don’t hear about them.

    It is a time that calls for a lot of wisdom. At least we only make decisions for two adults. When several children are involved (and some immune compromised) I can only imagine.

    I will be reading, sewing (microwave bowls) and working on a 1,000 + piece puzzle the grown children sent their dad for Father’s Day. It has many different size pictures of all the grandchildren. We both have enjoyed finding mouths, eyes and parts of each of the grands, as well as savory the memories.

    We could have fled from the heat by being closer to Lake Superior, but the beaches and parks will be crawling with tourists. In reality, however, I don’t like going anywhere we have to stop to use a rest room and that means staying quite close to home. At least we have great scenery out our windows to enjoy. I am so sorry (especially children) for those who live in the cities and cannot get out and about.

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  15. My cousin who had COVID, and whose wife and two children also had it, only told those of the family he was closest to. We have other cousins who have called it a conspiracy who are not aware that their cousin was dangerously ill with it and whose whole family had it. Ironically, one uncle, older brother of my mother, who is the father of our three most skeptical cousins, had a neighbour who died of it. His children may know about that one, but what they probably do not know is that neighbour, just before the shutdown, attended a seniors dinner at the church where my aunt, eldest sister of my mother, attends, and several other seniors were also infected (my aunt did not got to the dinner). The pastor cousin, son of my eldest aunt, who is dealing with the long term care outbreak connected to his church, also has not told all family members. So, those of us in the family who do know about cases watch those of the family who do not know spout off their skepticism of FB, and think, “if only they knew.”

    The cousin who had COVID talked to Second the other day. His lungs are still not back to normal.

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  16. In Toronto, they have made mask wearing mandatory, with exceptions made for health conditions, in indoor public spaces. A good provision, as indoor public spaces will be air conditioned, which means that the risks of overheating with a mask would not be a problem. But it also reduces a danger that some of us had foreseen with air conditioning, that the way air is cooled and recirculated by air conditioning units could help spread the virus.

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  17. Very disappointed in our public library, again. Twelve year old brought home her stack of books, asked if she could show them to me, and started off by saying “I don’t think this is a book for me but it was in with all the others.” I took a look. A comic version but loaded with profanities, obscenities, naked bodies, sex scenes, lesbian, etc. I don’t think I exaggerate to say there were twenty of those objectionable items in the first ten pages. I can report it and complain, and the very nice librarian will say, we can’t limit what comes in. But then, where are Huck Finn and Tom and a host of other deemed objectionable books.

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  18. I’ll finish the edit of the biography today, print it out and read it this weekend.

    I’d invited the Adorables for a sleepover tonight to give their parents an actual evening alone for the first time in four months.

    But one family wants to visit other grandparents for the first time in five months next weekend, and those wonderful grandparents asked for 2 weeks of quarantine from the cousins first.

    So, first group of Adorables coming for dinner tonight–so their parents can celebrate their anniversary. I asked the other son when his kids wanted to come–tomorrow night?

    “That’s the fourth of July,” he replied.

    I countered with, “Oh, is it July?”


    Off to make macaroni and cheese, mousse and we’ll also serve hot dogs. Girls can hunt for green beans and strawberries in the garden to complete the menu.


  19. QoD: Not much (this weekend). I hope to do some light gardening, watering mostly (poor Charlie Brown!), all depending on the knee. It’s better than normal today, but last night was painful at a couple points, I think probably due to a fairly rigorous PT session earlier in the day. He uses his elbow to press down on areas of swelling, which does not make me very happy. Then they added several more exercises.

    I also may dash to a smallish grocery store to stock up.

    LA County is seeing a significant spike in cases; and deaths again are going up so we’re under strict orders to behave, stay away from other people. And that, of course, has brought the usual complaints, anti-mask rants and conspiracy theories out on social media once again.

    Meanwhile, after some of the younger ‘woke’ journalists in our company submitted a letter of demands, we are now about to go through a series of diversity training webinars and working groups on style changes and how to grow our diversity awareness in coverage. The email came out late yesterday.

    I know. We can’t miss this cultural bandwagon, right? The irony, also, is that we are so short handed now that I don’t know who’s going to be writing stories while all the woke lessons and training are underway. I’m just hanging on at this point, and will need to formulate an exit strategy soon I believe.

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  20. Yesterday (I think it was) on the prayer thread, I mentioned that Nightingale has been having a very tough week at work, and getting home late each day. One of the difficulties has been a psychotic patient who should have been sent out to the hospital (for the psych ward, I assume), but the APRN who makes those decisions dismissed what Nightingale had to say, merely upping the lady’s meds a couple times, which made no difference. So that one patient was taking much more time from Nightingale and the CNAs, as they had to keep a constant eye on her. Nightingale would come home exhausted.

    Finally this morning, due to a physical matter, the patient has been sent out to a hospital.

    Nightingale was so frustrated with the attitude of the APRN, who breezily dismissed her concerns and then kind of sashayed away down the hall in an arrogant manner. She’s one of those who feels superior to the nurses. Nightingale is thankful for the doctor who comes in periodically, as he trusts the nurses’ assessments, and will act and write orders accordingly.

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  21. Do any of you have Dunkin’ stores (formerly Dunkin’ Donuts, which I still call it) in your area? A Facebook friend from Georgia (but not our beloved Janice) shared a photo of a coffee cup from them with the name printed sideways, with only the consonants (“DNKN’ “), and someone had written in the U and the I with a sharpie. I commented:

    “The u and the i must have gone somewhere. Probably into a French word. The French love their vowels.”

    The general New England area is the only area where there are more Dunkins than Starbucks.

    I’m in the mood for donuts.

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  22. Well now I am, too. πŸ™‚

    I was able to get the emptied trash bins (2 of mine, 3 of the neighbors’) hauled up and in off the street, so that feels good.

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  23. I just got home from the grocery and Kizzie mentions donuts!! I knew I forgot something while in town 🍩
    There are two Dunkins in the Springs that I know of. We have a local donut shoppe in Monument that makes the freshest tastiest melt in your mouth glazed donuts! I just may have to make a run into town in the morning…they are closed for the day or else I’d be in the car right now 😊

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  24. Ah, healthcare politics. That is one thing I do like about my job. The management can be unreasonable, but there is a minimum of politics. Working alone with patients makes you dependent on your distant colleagues, thankful for the support they render through phone calls and emails. Most of the nurses I work with chose community partly because they could not endure the politics of the hospital.

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  25. Husband brought in a box of donuts and two flats of muffins. I have managed to stay out of them. I decided I had to stop eating all of the things he brings in. So far so good. It has been about four weeks now.

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  26. I just put in my grocery delivery order, no donuts. πŸ™‚

    I am feeling tempted to grab a takeout hamburger, though, one thing I’ve not had much of at all on this lockdown is meat.

    My real weakness is tortilla chips.

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  27. PT had a full weekend planned, his mom was coming down from Northern California and they were going out to dinner today (I joked they’d have to sit on the curb to eat since all our indoor dining is kaput again, but maybe their restaurant will have outdoor tables). Then they were chartering a boat to go up to Malibu where he’d probably do some surfing, big swells this weekend apparently.

    He asked what i’d be doing – hahah. Not any of that. Getting the trash bins in and out, trying to get groceries back in the house, watering, feeding the animals.

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  28. Nightingale filled me in on what happened today with the psychotic patient. (This is the same one, a Puerto Rican lady, who would praise her for her attempts at speaking some Spanish.)

    The lady (I’ll just call her Lady) had been up all night, refusing to take her meds, and yelling a lot. Nightingale has a good rapport with her, so she tried to get her to take the meds this morning when she got to work. Lady yelled, “Jesus say no! Jesus say no medicine!”

    So Nightingale firmed but kindly told her (approximately), “That is not Jesus. That is the devil! The devil doesn’t want you to take your medicine. Jesus wants you to take it.”

    And so Lady took her meds.

    (Unfortunately, she had a medical emergency later and had to be taken to the hospital. But the nurses and CNAs are relieved.)

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  29. And I went ahead and RSVP’d for the 9:30 a.m./masks mandatory church service for the first time. Time to try to get back even though I feel we opened back up a tad early to begin with.

    They’ve added a monthly evening service for those in high-risk categories (who haven’t had the benefit of communion for some time now), but I don’t consider myself necessarily in that group, other than maybe by age but only by a couple years.

    The later morning service at 11 a.m. is “masks optional,” though, which I definitely would not feel comfortable doing at this point, especially with the new surge we’re seeing locally. Someone said there was very little social distancing at that service either, I guess it’s for the freedom-fighters and deniers.

    Our elders were very evenly spit on all of this, so this was a way to try to include everyone I suppose. Still, I’m disappointed they decided to do a “masks optional” service at all.

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  30. Good for Nightingale.

    Yes, I’ve experienced some of those kinds of incidents just in visiting Carol through the years at various places where she lands temporarily. Just recently on her weeklong hospital visit there was a man who was yelling pretty much constantly in the background when we’d talk on the phone — she was in a room with 6 beds. They did finally move him out.

    The current convalescent home she’s in (for 2-4 weeks, they’re saying at this point) doesn’t show up on the county’s list for Covid positive cases so that’s good to know. She has one roommate whom I think Carol said was from Russia, but may speak some English.

    Carol likes the food and says all the nurses are very nice, so she’s comfortable for now. They’re treating some stubborn sores on the bottoms of her feet, which was the main issue that prompted her assisted living place to send her back out for further treatment and convalescence.

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  31. Nightingale is working this weekend, so I will be doing the usual. Boy will be having his weekend visit with his dad and grandparents tomorrow for four hours, so that will be nice.

    Although this lockdown stuff has not affected my life in the extreme way it has affected so many others, there is one area where I realize it does affect me, even if it is quite minor compared to what others have gone through.

    With their formerly busy life, Nightingale and Boy were often out of the house a couple to a few evenings a week with sports and Cub Scouts. And they would often go places on her weekend days off (she works alternating weekends). When they are out of the house, I feel that I am more fully relaxed and feel more alone (in a positive way) than when they are home.

    Even though they live upstairs, they are often down here quite a bit, in and out, even after the evening’s dinner is finished. My kitchen is the one that is in use, and my bathroom is the only one working right now, and it is right off the living room, so they have to walk through and past me to get to it. I don’t generally mind any of this, as it is merely “family life”, and I am grateful to have them to share my home and life with.

    Even so, I will admit that I like some alone time that is guaranteed to actually be alone time. That is what I have missed. Now that Boy is once again having his visits with his other family, I can look forward to that time tomorrow.

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  32. Mumsee, your 12:16: a book much like what you describe (could well have been the same one) made it into the library of the small town where we used to live. Several people actually quit over that book (including a member of my extended family). They said it might be cartoons, but it’s also child porn, and thus it should actually be considered illegal and is certainly immoral and against community standards. they were overruled, and so several of the “prudes” quit.


  33. Good for them, Cheryl.

    It can be helpful to be on the board that helps decide what goes into the library, too. When they buy this book, they cannot buy that one even though that one may be far superior and more useful to more children.


  34. No Dunkin’ stores here. My husband just finished off the last two doughnut holes I made. King Arthur Flour had a very good recipe. They are baked.

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  35. DJ – July 12 will be when I can go back to in-person church. We will have to register online due to limiting the number of attendees. Family groups will be able to sit together, but otherwise we will be social distancing. Masks are optional.

    I need to get in touch with the lady who picks me up for church to see if she would rather not do so for a while. She is my age (59) but her husband just turned 74 and is on oxygen for COPD. I am thinking of asking Nightingale to drop me off and pick me up.

    For now, Connecticut is doing pretty well, with less than 1% testing positive. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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  36. Kathaleena – That reminds me that Nightingale has a pan for making baked donuts. They are pretty good, but sometimes the kind you have to go to a donut store for are the only ones that will do. πŸ™‚

    Hubby did not like Dunkin’ Donuts much, but had found a couple independent donut shops that made excellent donuts. He would bring some home every now and then as a treat.

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  37. Janice, your moth: nearly positive it’s a geometer moth of some sort. There are quite a few similar ones, though, and within a species they can even vary quite a bit, so I can’t be more specific than that. Two of several possibilities: oak beauty or pale-winged gray. There are websites where you can submit a photo of an insect and likely have it IDd, for instance BugGuide.net –I haven’t used it, but I’ve seen others who love it. It is really a lovely and good quality photo, anyway.


  38. Yes, Kizzie, if her husband is in his seventies, has COPD, and is on oxygen, she should not be picking other people up. And your living with Nightingale means you do have a chance of exposure, and she definitely shouldn’t be driving someone from your household. As a wife of someone who is vulnerable (less so than her husband, but enough), I would appreciate the friend I’d been driving in that situation telling me she realizes I can’t drive her right now and she’s finding another way to church, but she knows I would if I could. The person recruiting Sunday school teachers for next year didn’t even ask me if I wanted to teach my class again next year, and she told me she realized it wouldn’t be a good thing for me. I didn’t feel insulted at all, I felt like she understood. If she had asked me if I wanted to, I would have said no, but it was actually less awkward for her not to ask. (Of course, had I really, really wanted to teach it, I would have contacted her and told her “Make sure you have me down for next year.”)

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  39. I put up the separate LED strands of red, white and blue lights, twisted around separate pillars on my front porch, tonight. Looks very cute, and not “too much.” But the battery LEDs are so bright you only need a strand — and they’re cheap, though the batteries aren’t necessarily as they do use 3 double As for each strand.

    But it just seemed like a good year to show a bit of patriotism. I’m not normally a flag waver, but sort of felt like doing that this year, you know ?

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  40. And texting tonight with my former colleague now in Arizona — nonbeliever (though I sense a real yearning), CS background, fairly liberal outlook socially and politically — and finding a few ways “in” to share a bit of the faith.

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