Our Daily Thread 6-10-20

Good Morning!

Today is Wednesday. πŸ™‚

And sources tell me it’s Michelle’s birthday!


Anyone have a QoD?

40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-10-20

  1. Morning! Happy Birthday Michelle!! ❀️
    And I am thankful Elvera had breakfast! 😊
    It is 35 degrees out there and the furnace kicked on this morning but by afternoon we may turn on the air conditioner…. 😊

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  2. Scything is a good relaxing exercise. Even just a short time. But I can not imagine doing all the scything that others gone before have done.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    And good breakfast news from Chas & Elvera

    The good news on my end is that my PT appointment was moved up to this Friday, they had a cancellation. That helps. Original appt wasn’t until the 17th, a week away.

    And I see on the referral form that my doctor has classified my problem as a “Medial Knee Injury”

    My neighbor picked up milk and OJ for me yesterday. I’m still waiting on getting my pain medication refilled, I need that at night.

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  4. It’s uncomfortably warm here, it hit almost 90 yesterday where I am (much hotter in the inland areas). It’s supposed to start getting cooler on Thursday.

    Still working but the pain sometimes makes it hard. I’m part of a media call today with the county homeless agency to go over homeless count numbers that will be released Friday (so the info on the call will be embargoed for publication until then).

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  5. Happy birthday, Michelle! And a belated happy anniversary to our favourite couple, Chas & Elvera.

    It was so nice to turn up the thermostat this morning because it was slightly cool in the house (normally I wouldn’t but it’s so novel right now to not have to run down and make a fire)

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  6. I did the ladies’ Bible study on the phone earlier. We are In Revelation. Chapter 14 is about reaping the Earth’s harvest. It talks about using a sickle. I saw Mumsee’s post about the skyth and had to look up the difference. This is what I found:

    Look familiar, Mumsee?

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  7. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    dotted. with peanut M & Ms
    peanut butter chocolate swirl
    cakelayer cakelayer cakelayer
    Melted Reece’s Cups Mixed With Whipped Cream Filling
    peanut butter chocolate swirl
    cakelayer cakelayer cakelayer

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  8. Just returned from a β€œquick walk” 90 minutes after I left.

    I met my next door neighbor for the first time!

    Now I’ll be at the computer writing VBS skits, three, on: Grumbling in the Desert; Moses Brings the Law; the Tabernacle.

    About 1700 words, limited cast, for elementary school kids with questions.

    I already wrote up Baby in the Bulrushes and The Plagues.

    Currently being examined and refined.

    I’ve never done this beforeβ€”script writing.

    β€œFortunately,” Mr. Cheerleader said, β€œ you’re a good storyteller.”

    He may be drafted to voice a part . . .

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  9. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    As I think you know, today is my Chickadee’s birthday. She’s a little younger than you, though. πŸ™‚

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  10. Happy Birthday to your Chickadee Kizzie!
    I purchased a Boston fern today. It was just so full and green…and cheap….I hope I can keep it alive for at least this summer. Sorry about your plant Dj..Fern may join yours someday soon 😳

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  11. Happy Birthday, Michelle! And to Chickadee as well.

    Hey that rhymes! πŸ™‚

    Janice, I have a question for you or anyone else who can answer/advise:

    First some background: We took our income tax documents to the tax office on March 31, and still have not heard back from our preparer that she has finished the work and filed our taxes. There have been no deposits into our account (we normally get refunds from both state and federal).

    We have called the tax office (no one answers — there are four preparers, but apparently not a receptionist anymore, and voice mail has been disabled), stopped in (doors are locked and signs in the window say the best way to contact them with questions is by email), emailed our preparer (a month ago), and emailed through the office website’s contact form (two days ago), and have heard not one word about the status of our return.

    They canceled the in-office tax appointment we had scheduled in March, due to COVID, and told us what information to put on our tax documents when dropping them off in their outside drop box. I wrote down all the instructions they gave, followed them exactly, left them where indicated, and now … what? We have no clue.

    My question is this: To whom do we go to report this? Do we file a complaint with the IRS? With local police?

    I found a document online a little bit ago, Tax Return Preparer Ethical Issues, in which it says under the heading “Client Communication”:

    Advisers must communicate clearly with the client and delineate specifically what the client should expect in connection with the tax return preparer’s professional activities. Thus, an adviser should determine the client’s expected purpose for and use of any advice provided by the professional.

    The professional should also possess a clear understanding with the client regarding the form and scope of any professional service to be rendered. In short, the tax return preparer should understand what the client expects and indicate clearly what the professional will deliver.

    This lack of communication has gotten out of hand. We didn’t get too concerned early on, since it wasn’t long after we dropped off our papers that the filing date got moved from April to July 15, but once it got about a week into May, it seemed like it was taking longer than it should. They’d told us, when they called to cancel our appointment, that returns would be worked on in the order received. I dropped off our stuff about four days later, when I was next in the city, where I teach piano once a week.

    Now two full months and 10 days have gone by, and still no communication! We don’t know if we should request duplicate W-2s at this point and get someone else to do our taxes. We can’t really run the risk of having our taxes filed twice, though, if the first preparer sends our returns to the IRS and doesn’t tell us she did so. There would be a lag time between filing and the refunds showing up in our bank records, so we can’t simply check through online banking and assume that no refund yet means taxes haven’t been filed yet.

    By the way, I have checked the local paper’s website to make sure her name isn’t in the obits! As far as I can tell, she’s still alive and presumably working — at her slow pace, which she warned clients about, but still. She cut way back this year, to about 1/3 of her previous client list, but it seems apparent even that was too much.

    Anyway, sorry about the rant included with the background and question. If anyone has advice, my husband and I would like to hear it. We don’t want to be on the hook with the IRS on this slow-moving train wreck.

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  12. I don’t think my taxes have been filed either. I received the “stuff” back with his bill, I’ve paid the bill. The original agreement (I got in to see him right before this whole covid thing hit, so very early May) was he’d file the state taxes first to get my refund to me and then would wait until April 15 to file the federal as I owed money there.

    Then the world turned upside down.

    I believe when i called once he indicated he wouldn’t file my taxes until July 15, but I assumed (wrongly) that was just the feds as I owed there; the state would go in sooner for that refund? I kept checking my refund status on the state site but it never appeared as having been filed so I gave up. i guess everything will go in on July 15? I don’t know.

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  13. Ok, I trimmed a bunch of branches off that potted flower plant and heavily watered it (soil was totally dry but I’d watered it on Monday evening). Maybe it’ll survive.

    The summer scorching has begun!

    I’ll maybe buy some cacti …

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  14. I try to buy the low-water plants. But I guess I’ll have to start watering these ones every day, I picked them up in late spring so summer just may not be their favorite time of year


  15. Long day. We hiked 3+ miles in rugged wet terrain to a waterfall (actually a series of small falls dropping over 100 feet). The trail has turned into a small creek, but there are enough rocks to step on. Well worth it.

    Got back to my brother’s empty house so had lunch and drove over an hour to a small cave in So. MO. Ended up walking in water for half the tour as the cave is flooded, but there is a board walk, so just wet feet but not muddy. The cave has lots of low ceilings so I had to duck a lot.

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  16. I have watched both my dad and my husband use a scythe. (I think I also tried it years ago) I am glad we don’t have to use one all the time. The riding lawnmower is much better. In certain conditions, though, a scythe is a blessing to have. I am sure it is much better exercise. πŸ™‚

    I wrote a very brief skit for a VBS class about grumbling about eating manna. It had them complaining for peanut butter and jelly, I believe, or some such. Too long ago to remember.


  17. taxes, I talked to my cpa when we all ate lunch together. She turned them in, but they will not take my money until July 15 now instead of April 15. So, when I look at my bank balance I have to remember that that extra amount is still coming out.


  18. I am supposed to return my van to Seattle in a month. Last time we met at the airport. I think we will meet somewhere else and I will get my son to take me to Portland to fly home instead.


  19. Belated birthday greetings from me to Michelle and Chickadee. I have begun classes for the summer and they are going to be quite a challenge with all of my other responsibilities.

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