41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-9-20

  1. Thanx AJ. When I rousted Elvera out, I reminded her that she has had me 63 years now.
    It didn’t register.

    I’ve told this before, but:
    In 1957, June 9 was on a Sunday. Elvera and I got married right after the eleven o’clock service. (We didn’t attend. We were LOCKED in the pastor’s study>) After the service, Dr. Ellis said there would be a wedding immediately after the service. They were welcome to stay.
    Hundred did. (Almost everyone)
    The organist played “Here Comes the Bride). We walked down together. Dr. Ellis said the magic words. We kissed.
    That was it. They say that both fathers cried.

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  2. That picture wasn’t up there when I entered the above.
    We are at a park in Greensboro. LindaS took us there.
    Just a couple of old folks trying to get along.
    I’ve never looked any better than this.
    Elvera was quite pretty. Not beautiful, but pretty enough to capture me the first time I saw her.

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  3. Happy Anniversary to Chas and Elvera.

    Inquiring minds want to know why you were locked in the study. Was it the custom to conceal the couple until their moment of presentation before the church?

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  4. Morning and a most blessed Anniversary Chas and Elvera. That is a most precious photo of you two! 💕
    We turned on the furnace this morning. I sit with coffee in hand looking out at the falling snow. Seems like I should be putting up the Christmas tree or something 🎄 ⛄️

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  5. Phos.
    We wondered at the time. Was it to keep us in or others out?
    We never knew.
    We just sat there until someone came and got us. We waited in the foyer until the closing prayer and announcement.
    Almost immediately, the organist started “Here Comes the Bride”.
    Hardly anyone left.
    We went out with Dr. Ellis and shook hands. And said an appropriate “Thank You” when someone said something nice.


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  6. The sound of chain saws roars from down the street. And there is another motor sound that is continuous, perhaps their mulcher.

    Enjoy that snow, Nanyjill. We are having near 90 with plenty of humidity.

    My brother attended a funeral and visitation yesterday. Most wore masks, but he got to shake a few hands and hug a few people. Social distancing was not observed by all. Next week is the family reunion which he has the responsibility of leading. That is the day before Art goes for his outpatient procedure. I told my brother we won’t see him until two weeks after the family reunion to give Art recovery time. I am taking the attitude that my brother is enjoying doing what makes him happy. Hopefully he won’t get the virus. If he does then he will be isolated more than ever. I have been cured of feeling any responsibility for him as my parents always made me feel. God is in control and sovereign. Praise God!

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  7. Happy Anniversary, Chas and Elvera!

    It’s raining, it’s pouring, but so far no water in the living room. The next ten days look to be dry, so maybe we can finally get the outside work done.

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  8. In keeping you in his study, I assume the pastor was doing it for ease in transition between church and the wedding. You two would not have noticed any who chose to leave and not stay, etc.


  9. Well. I saw that photo and immediately thought, “Oh, no! Chas is in trouble! There is a picture of Burt Lancaster out strolling with the sweetest woman in the world. ” But then I read and realized it was Chas with the sweetest woman in the world and life is good. Carry on.

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  10. Happy Anniversary. Your marriage has been a blessing to more than you know. I chose for Mr P and I to get married on a Sunday at 2pm because of your story when you first told it before your 50th anniversary.

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  11. Janice, I’m glad you can step away from feeling responsibility for him. My younger sister has often made decisions I wouldn’t have made (like going without a car and a phone when she wasn’t living in the best neighborhood), and I had to accept that she was an adult and free to make her own choices. There are times it seems to matter more than others (e.g., the one who still is officially the guardian of her children if she dies is a pastor of a church she left about three churches ago, whom she now considers to be a very proud and abusive man; she assumes that a judge would give custody to her 19-year-old son instead of the one whom she has named in writing, and I did speak up enough to say it doesn’t usually work that way if a parent has stated her wishes in writing).

    But people do make their own decisions. Normally I would be at my own family reunion this week–all six of my siblings and a bunch of my nieces and nephews are there. But we aren’t at all convinced it’s a safe time to gather dozens of people from all over the country, including some who haven’t made much if any effort at “social distancing” since they believe this virus is less serious than the flu. So we made our own decision, and we aren’t going.

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  12. Happy anniversary to Chas and Elvera!

    Catching up from yesterday: We enjoyed Hogan’s Heroes and still use some quotes from that.

    MacGyver had some grandparents with a place on a lake just down one of my daughter’s friends, so he could be seen around here once in awhile. I knew one woman who actually followed him in her car (he was in a jeep) to get his autograph. I thought that was way over the top myself.

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  13. What fun to read the comments and greetings on here this morning. We really are a family.Thanks for being our head in many ways, Chas. We appreciate your example of faithfulness each new day. You cherish your bride.

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  14. When we were preparing to marry, our wedding coordinator asked what we wanted to do while guests were leaving to walk to the reception before we went back into the sanctuary for a few photos, and one of the options was that we could have a few minutes alone in the room that had been the bridal dressing room. We chose that option. We’d never been alone behind closed doors, and we chose to wait on deep kisses till after our wedding.

    We finally were alone for a few minutes . . . and then the door opened, and a teenage girl looked in and, embarrassed, ducked back out. (The room was also used as the youth room and the coffee room.) A minute or two later it happened again, and at that point we looked at the door, saw it had a lock, and locked the door. 🙂 So we were locked in a room in the church not before our wedding but after it.

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  15. Cheryl reminded me. The one thing I regret about the wedding is that I didn’t hire a professional photographer. I didn’t have much money, but I should have done that. My sister’s husband made some pictures. But you could tell he wasn’t a pro.

    She didn’t eat a bite of her dinner.
    I am worried. You would think the stomach would send a signal.


  16. Janice thank you for sharing that article. My maternal grandfather was a smoker and he was a farmer. He also worked at Wagner Ware in Sidney OH…where they made cast iron cookware and aluminum cookware. I wonder if being exposed to those metals not as a child but later one in life contributes to his ALS? He died in his 60’s….
    Chas I am praying that Elvera will remember to eat…is she drinking any liquids at all? God bless you and may He give you the strength you need and desire….

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  17. thanx NancyJ. She doesn’t eat, she doesn’t drink.
    I offer her a piece of cookie or candy. She takes a bite and no more.
    I don’t know how long this can last.
    She usually eats half a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. But doesn’t drink her coffee.

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  18. Chas, loss of appetite can be a symptom of a UTI (urinary tract infection). It’s worth checking with her doctor, whatever the situation. Even if it is something like forgetting how to eat, there might be something that can be done.

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  19. We have heat!!! The furnace install is complete and when the furnace runs, we have hot air coming out of every register!! Imagine that!

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