39 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-2-20

  1. And this is the guy who will be prosecuting?


    “Ellison: Rioting Is Okay If It’s Directed At The Police”

    “As Minneapolis continues to be burned, looted and generally destroyed by “protesters” who are filling the streets, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison issued a note of caution to the rioters yesterday. He wanted everyone to show some kindness to the National Guard units and other military personnel who they may encounter. That was rather thoughtful of him, assuming anyone actually listens. It’s the sort of message one might hope the AG would be sending.

    Sadly, he didn’t stop there. In order to ensure the rioters knew what he meant, Ellison went on to draw a distinction between the National Guard and the police. You see, it’s okay to direct your anger (and presumably your violence) against the cops. But it’s not the National Guard’s fault. (Free Beacon)

    Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison (D.) told Minneapolis residents protesting the death of George Floyd to direct their ire at local police, rather than the National Guard that has been called into the city to help restore order…

    “I’d like everyone to recognize the fact that the National Guard just a week ago was administering COVID-19 tests to help people,” Ellison said. “The presence you see on the street, don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group. They have different leadership, different authority, and their job is to try to bring peace and calm back again. Please remember that this is not the group that you associate with unfair conduct.”

    If Ellison had even managed to stop there, you might find room to forgive his poor wording. He’s just drawing a distinction between civilian and military law enforcement. I mean, it’s not as if he’s actually excusing the rioting, arson and violence, right?

    Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s exactly what he’s doing. He went on to quote MLK, saying a riot is how “the unheard get heard.””

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  2. Hand wringing solves nothing.


    “Standing Down

    Progressive politicians watch as Minneapolis burns.”


    “The protests that followed were, initially, peaceful. Thousands packed the streets on Wednesday with signs and calls for Chauvin’s arrest. By that night, however, things turned ugly. “The most shocking thing to me when I was on the ground is realizing just how quickly the emphasis of justice for George Floyd was lost,” observed a reporter for The Daily Caller. “As the evening wore on into the early morning hours, the original crowd of people that was there holding protest signs, doing chants, quickly deteriorated.”

    Cars sped around wildly, knowing the police wouldn’t respond. People drank alcohol and smoked marijuana in the streets.

    Then the rioters began looting and burning buildings, starting in south Minneapolis but quickly moving to the more-upscale Uptown neighborhood. Rows of businesses and shops on Uptown’s Lake Street were looted and torched. Emergency call logs recorded dozens of “fire events,” and responders were attacked with rocks and other projectiles. A $30 million affordable-housing project was burnt, as was a Cub Foods grocery store. A man looting a pawn shop was shot by the store owner, who was quickly arrested.

    Thursday night was even worse. The looting continued in Uptown, where thugs broke into the Apple Store. In a plea to be left alone, store owners posted signs saying that the store was minority-owned. Windows were smashed and stores looted in the Downtown business district. Looting and rioting spread to St. Paul; between Minneapolis and St. Paul, well over 170 stores and shops were looted and destroyed. There were also reports of looting or attempted looting at malls across the Twin Cities.

    Most shockingly, rioters took over the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct building and set it ablaze. The police—under orders—retreated from their own headquarters, turning it over to the mob, which attempted to blow it up and burn down the neighborhood. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said that the official inaction was motivated by concern for the safety of his officers, the looters, and the protesters. After the night of mayhem, a woman was also found dead in a car near the riot areas, with signs of trauma—the second person to die as the result of the rioting and looting as of Friday morning.

    After making initial comments Wednesday, before the looting started, Governor Tim Walz hid from the press for almost a day, refusing even to issue a statement. He said that he had mobilized the National Guard but didn’t formulate a plan until after the second night of looting had begun. In a press conference Friday morning, where Walz announced that he had taken control from local officials, it became apparent that he didn’t even give the order for the National Guard to act until Friday.

    Walz blamed his inaction on Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey. Frey—a Democrat who let left-wing rioters run amok when President Trump came to town—shrugged off responsibility and minimized the damage. Clearly the source of the police stand-down order that allowed his own city to burn, Frey kept repeating that the destruction was “just brick and mortar.” After Frey was informed that Walz’s office was taking over, a reporter asked “What’s the plan here? What are we doing?” Frey responded, looking dazed: “With regard to?”

    For what it’s worth, every public official responsible for the mayhem is a Democrat—the governor, the mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and even Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, who finally had Chauvin arrested on Friday. And it was current Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar, the former county attorney, who failed to prosecute Chauvin for misdeeds in the past. Democrats collectively run a state that has one of the widest racial disparities in the country in terms of education and income.

    Of course, the looters and arsonists aren’t indicative of Democrats, or black Americans, or young people, or any other group. They are a small minority of radicals seemingly licensed to terrorize the rest of us. In the affected communities, both white and black Americans took to the street the next morning to clean up.

    Aside from the looters, the people who look the worst are Frey, Walz, and their progressive supporters. At the end of the day, they don’t have any skin in the game. Residents of the neighborhoods being wrecked cowered in fear, with no police in sight. Apartment windows were smashed, and people worried that their homes would be burned. Yet Walz and Frey could afford not to act, because it wasn’t politically convenient and because it wasn’t their businesses, homes, and neighborhoods getting torched. The same goes for many of those from elsewhere who took to Facebook, Twitter, MSNBC, CNN, and the blogosphere to defend or justify the looting. They would think differently if their neighborhoods and livelihoods were on the line.”

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    “The rioting that’s taking place in cities all over America provides a glimpse of the kind of people police officers confront every day. I don’t deny Antifa’s involvement in the current chaos, but that group lacks the foot soldiers needed to carry out the widespread arson, looting, and vandalism our cities are experiencing.

    The foot soldiers are local thugs. Police officers deal with them as a matter of course on a daily basis. As the prison population decreases, the police must deal with a growing number of them.

    How many such interactions occur every day, nationwide? Hundreds, surely. Maybe thousands.

    With that many interactions, it’s inevitable that some will end in violence. It’s inevitable that, on occasion, police officers will use too much violence. It’s inevitable that, on rare occasion, that violence will produce a wrongful death. Zero tolerance does not mean zero incidence.

    This doesn’t excuse the individual officers who behave too brutality. Some level of drunk driving is inevitable. So is some level of rape. We don’t excuse drunk drivers and rapists, we punish them (or should). So too with police officers who brutalize those with whom they interact, including the thugs.

    But the high volume of interactions between police officers and the kind of people who these days are rioting is relevant to assessing the overall performance of the police. It’s relevant to assessing claims that the police is out of control and that African-Americans “can’t breathe” because of police oppression.”

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  4. A little history….


    “Comparing The Floyd Riots To The Boston Tea Party Insults Actual Patriots

    The Boston Tea Party patriots who protested British oppression have nothing in common with rioters who ravage American cities for personal gain.”

    “One of the most galling and misleading arguments tossed around following the death of George Floyd is an attempt to draw a parallel between the carnage sweeping the nation and the Boston Tea Party.

    In this clumsy effort, “riot” has become just the latest word twisted for political purposes. Merriam-Webster defines “riot” as:

    A violent public disorder; specifically: a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent.

    It takes an impressive level of historical illiteracy to describe the Boston Tea Party as a “riot.” And while the spread of bad history is always lamentable, when agitators warp events like the original Tea Party to justify setting fire to American cities the deception becomes dangerous.

    True Defenders of Liberty
    On December 16, 1773, some 30 to 130 members of the patriot group known as the Sons of Liberty—some dressed as Mohawk warriors—boarded three British shipping vessels docked at Griffin’s Wharf and dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor.

    Though many witnessed the event’s aftermath, it was a moonlit, covert act completed in three hours. No harm came to the ships and crews of the Beaver, Dartmouth, and Eleanor. No violence or confrontations of any kind took place between the British soldiers, colonial patriots, or Tory loyalists that night.

    The justifiable motives of the event were, namely, the oppressive Townshend Acts and the Tea Act of 1773. More broadly, it was part of the growing frustration of American colonists being taxed without representation.

    The colonials were under the correct impression that the 1689 English Bill of Rights recognized certain fundamental rights granted to all Englishmen. In response to the denial of these rights, the colonists struck back at the government responsible.”

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  5. I’m afraid to comment on this rioting thing because I might say something that will be misunderstood.
    Or it might be understood. And that would be worse.

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  6. In search of the elusive white nationalist? Can’t find any?

    Then just make one up. That’s what Dem politicians do.



    “Minnesota House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler holds a position of great power and perfectly represents the DFL brand in state politics. From the minute a tanker truck driver landed among “protesters” walking north on the bridge through downtown Minneapolis on Highway 35W last night, Winkler couldn’t wait to declare that he had finally found the elusive white nationalist sought in the maelstrom of destruction that hit us last week. The truck driver has been charged with assault, though “it is still…unclear whether the event was intentional or accidental” and the driver himself was pulled from the truck and assaulted when the truck came to a stop. The local CBS affiliate reports the story here.

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  7. Gaslighting…..


    “Blaming White Supremacists For The Riots Is Nonsensical Gaslighting”

    “I can’t believe they even tried it. On Saturday morning Minnesota officials came out with an audacious and absurd explanation for the looting and arson that struck Minneapolis this week. Apparently it was white supremacists from out of state who pretended to be actual protestors in an attempt to discredit the protest. The evidence? A vague claim and a lie. It turns out that most of those arrested were actually Minnesota residents.

    The hypocritical mental gymnastics from the liberal media in the past 72 hours were amazing enough to earn a perfect 10 from the stingiest East German judge. First, we watched tens of thousands of people hold mass gatherings across the country, which just last week we were told would kill everyone, and the media suddenly didn’t care. It’s like the Chinese virus just went away by magic.

    Next we were informed that the looting and arson we witnessed from the protesters was simply the language of the oppressed and how could we even comment about it when another black man was killed by the police. Celebrities posted bail for the heroes of Minneapolis. And yes, the brutal killing of George Floyd is an occasion for outrage.

    Now, and this is subject to change by the time this paragraph is over, these horrible acts of looting and arson were mainly done by Right-wing white supremacist interlopers. That’s right. Some shadowy organization of neo-Nazis apparently sent false flag psyop operations all over the country to foment a race war. Or something.

    The good news for the racists is that famous Hollywood celebrities bailed them out of jail apparently. It is absolutely the most wrongheaded, astounding, ridiculous lie the media has latched onto during the Trump administration. And that’s a hell of a competitive category.

    The tweets from pundits at CNN, MSNBC, and The Washington Post came flooding in. Why hadn’t Attorney General William Barr mentioned the white supremacists they insist are the real people to blame here? He didn’t do it because it’s a flaming garbage pile of lies. President Trump made clear exactly who the outside agitators are. It’s Antifa. It’s obviously Antifa, it has been Antifa for over two decades.

    So why would Democrats and their lackeys in the big time press not want to say it’s Antifa? Because for years they have insisted that Antifa is a basically harmless group that conservatives have turned into a boogeyman. Remember when Chris Cuomo compared them to Allied forces storming Normandy?

    No. Some other narrative had to be established. Somehow, some way, this had to be the fault of racist Trump supporters, because everything is the fault of racist Trump supporters. But how? Easy. Just lie about most of the people arrested being from out of state and claim some had ties to white supremacist groups. Is it an obvious lie that a three-year-old could see through? Yeah.”

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  8. There is scattered evidence to suggest white supremacists are trying to stoke the fire. A few videos of middle aged white men starting fires or breaking windows has appeared. But most of their presence is of the keyboard warrior variety. And there’s no doubt they see civil unrest as an opportunity.




  9. Rioting is what white people do when the Celtics win (or the Vancouver Canucks lose). Rebellion is what people do when they oppose state sanctioned violence.

    I saw a video of a group of black men kneeling with one man giving an impassioned speech to the police on the need for reconciliation, communication, and peace. Three police officers came from behind the line of police, surrounded the man, dragged him behind the line and threw him to the ground arresting him. Actually, I should say kidnap him.

    I saw a video of people trapped between a wall and the police line who were teargassed for no reason.

    A young woman asked a police man what will happen after 8 p.m. He replied; After 8, we will beat the f@#@ out of you.

    Its quite clear the police are a military occupation force. In cities where health care workers have to improvise PPE, the local police have APVs and enough body armor for the entire force. Although Ellison mangled his comments, he does allude to an essential point; the National Guard are probably a better force to restore order than the police. In video I can tell them apart — the National Guard has a less military look to it. They are more diverse and more community oriented. Send the police home without pay, or even better disband them, and let the National Guard with community leaders restore order.


  10. HRW,

    No, there isn’t. There are white, college age, clad in black Antifa folks the left keeps misidentifying intentionally who are trying to stoke the fires, as the first post shows.

    Nice try though. At least you didn’t blame the cops this time.


    Surprised are ya’s?

    The internet is their organizing tool, they have chapters in every major city in the US (look no further than your local college), but no, no organization, so nothing to worry about, right?

    Well except for the burning, looting, destruction of property, rioting, assaults…..

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  11. AJ in you comments to Cheryl — you claim George Floyd was under the influence of meth. However, the Hennepin autopsy only says “potential intoxicants”. And its obvious that autopsy was specifically designed to support a third degree murder charge — ie the fix is in. Any autopsy does a tox screen as a matter of course and if there were intoxicants they would have named it. A later private autopsy doesn’t mention any “potential intoxicants”

    Cheryl also made a very good point — people with authority have extra responsibility and when they don’t exercise it, its especially heinous. Authority figures are given rights and discretion that others do not have. Police have been entrusted with state sanctioned force. This gives them rights and discretion; what the US Supreme Court term qualified immunity, hence why it takes so long to charge a police officer. Given these extra rights, they have extra responsibilities to behave appropriately. When they abuse these rights, individuals and society suffer.

    The man in Dallas is still alive, how is being alive more heinous than being killed? Are some situations in life worse than death?


  12. “In video I can tell them apart — the National Guard has a less military look to it. They are more diverse and more community oriented. Send the police home without pay, or even better disband them, and let the National Guard with community leaders restore order.”

    Now you’re just spouting Antifa talking points.

    Yeah, let’s disband the only thing holding it all together, the law. Let’s have anarchy, right?

    Trust me, you don’t want that. You lefties are under armed and unprepared for such a lawless scenario. You should be careful what you wish for.


  13. “However, the Hennepin autopsy only says “potential intoxicants””

    Wrong again.


    The Hennepin County autopsy said so.

    “The county said that fentanyl and methamphetamine use were among “significant conditions,””



    Even the family’s autopsy admits this.

    “and listed fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use. ”


    Fentanyl intoxication means he was under the influence of it when he died. It’s why he couldn’t stand in some parts of the video.

    You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.


  14. From the ABC link….

    “The complaint provided no details about intoxicants. In the 911 call that drew police, the caller described the man suspected of paying with counterfeit money as “awfully drunk and he’s not in control of himself.”

    Fentanyl and heroin addicts are often mistaken for drunks.


  15. The Salt Lake City man who brandished a hunting bow yelled All Lives Matter and later told reporters he was attacked by two black men. Other video showed white skateboarders beating him up.

    Another video I saw showed a middle age man with what looks to be his son — not dressed in black, lighting fires stating he wanted to start a revolution/civil war — a boogaloo.

    I’m not sure who’s handing out the bricks. Any self respecting anarchists would throw his own bricks. And as the lady quickly aptly pointed out, giving a black person a brick would get them killed, something not on any anarchist’s agenda but definitely on a white supremacists’ agenda. Its not beyond the realm of possibility for a white supremacist to dress in black and stoke a police riot. I’ve seen and read some things I would never imagined in the last few days, so I’m not jumping to conclusions on who is handing out bricks from their car. And any self respecting anarchist wouldn’t own a car.

    Looking at the twitter article you can see its quite easy to impersonate antifa — they have no organization. Antifa is an ideological movement which focuses on opposing fascism. Hence pacifists, marxists, socialist, anarchists etc all call themselves antifa but not all endorse the same strategy nor belong to the same organization. Blaming antifa for the current unrest is similar to blaming outsiders — its attempt to marginalize the protesters as an outside element not expressing popular sentiment of the community. If you want the local people to own the violence (80% in Minneapolis) than antifa is not the culprit here. The unrest stems from long standing police problems.


  16. Thanks. I wasn’t’ aware the full autopsy had been released. The initial report said “potential intoxicants” — they should have waited until the full report, saying “potential intoxicants” makes the local coroner look like he’s looking for excuses.

    In watching the arrest videos, you see a man walking fairly coherently towards the police car led by the officers. In a few seconds he’s laying on the pavement held down by four cops. Chavin then applied a choke hold using his knee for over 7 minutes. And the police initially refused to allow EMS assistance. You don’t have to be on meth to die of strangulation under a choke hold for seven minutes. Its still murder and still akin to proclaiming a car crash victim dead by Cornoviurs just because it was in his system. And the police still have the extra responsibility to use state sanctioned force properly.

    I said, it would take some time but the discrediting of Floyd and the excuse making would happen and become part of the narrative — and here it is.


  17. I have to disagree Chas.

    Humans. That’s who’s responsible. Not just those in the media, or TV, but humans in general.We are the cause of the world’s problems. Every one of them.


  18. Fail.



  19. Like

  20. ———-


  21. “giving a black person a brick would get them killed, something not on any anarchist’s agenda but definitely on a white supremacists’ agenda. Its not beyond the realm of possibility for a white supremacist to dress in black and stoke a police riot”

    dude, please, I mean c’mon

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  22. Here’s both an example of white privilege and a white guy trying to start something.


    Curious how the commentator knew the political allegiance of the people lined up to buy guns and knowledge of the rationale behind the purchase. They could be conservatives. They could be radicals or supremacists wanting to shoot the police so the police will retaliate. There’s all sorts of reasons Americans buy guns — all bizarre to me but the last few days have been surreal to me too.


  23. Yesterday’s photo op was a disaster. The DC national guard not only tear gassed a peaceful protest they also tear gassed priests and force the bishop and other religious personnel to leave the church. In addition to tear gassing priests they also attacked an Australian news crew. The Australian embassy is demanding a full investigation. The whole exercise from Trump’s speech to holding the Bible in front of the church was surreal. Some have suggested Trump was upset for being mocked on Twitter and he wanted to march on the church as a show of strength. I’m not a religious person but I think people should respect the beliefs of others — this was not respect.




  24. Finally, I rarely listen to my PM. Trudeau has the ability to say everything and nothing at the same time. However, this video clip is interesting because he was speechless for 22 seconds when asked about Trump and the US. I’ve never seen him at loss of words. He finally recovered and was his usual pontificating self.


  25. I was encouraged to see the President walk to the church. He seemed to be reclaiming the freedom that rioters have stolen from law abiding citizens over the past week. And that freedom is all the more precious since most citizens have been stressed by the enforced lock downs over the past months. Protesters who refused to move out of the way, were moved by the appropriate authorities.

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  26. So peaceful protest is no longer allowed???……I’ve read constantly in the last week how its okay to peacefully protest but not riot, here the only riot was the police or DC guard. It was state sanctioned violence. Even the priest and bishop of that church were moved out by tear gas and threats of violence. How do you reclaim freedom by moving the priest of the church out of the way? That’s not reclaiming freedom that’s brute force to deny a church the right to property.


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