Our Daily Thread 5-26-20

Good Morning!

Today is Tuesday.

The header photo is from Kizzie’s Mother’s Day meal. 🙂


Anyone have a QoD?

44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-26-20

  1. Barber shops, like everything else, has been closed.
    Things, including barbers, are open now.
    So? I need a haircut.
    I called the barber for an appointment
    Saturday afternoon at 3:30.
    My hair may be long by then.

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  2. No such luck here Chas. We’re still a red county, so no haircuts yet. 😦

    Which is making my wife and daughter very unhappy, and hot. They’re long overdue, as am I.

    But the Santa beard is staying until I can get a haircut.

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  3. Morning! Snow is gone and our temps shall be in the 70’s today…it is soooo green in this forest and we are loving it…as are the deer who are hanging out quite a bit munching on the sweet green grasses.
    Some of our restaurants are opening this week. I am sure it will be awkward learning the new social distancing curve but I am looking forward to coffee meetups once again!

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  4. Good morning! Nice to see another header from the lovely Mother’s Day.

    Art chose to watch part of the mini series on Grant last night. I did not know much about him. He is a fascinating character. Is anyone else watching it?

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  5. Good morning. Miguel and I are at th track watching the ponies work out. They had races yesterday without any spectators. Sort of surreal.

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  6. My parents didn’t like Grant because of the aftereffects of reconstruction.
    They called him Useless S. grant. The after effects of reconstruction affected the south until WW II.
    The north didn’t like it because knitting mills were moving south because of cheap labor. .

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  7. I saw the picture and immediately that “Nightingale”.
    My husband insists on showing me videos of “Karen” and “white privilege”. I am beginning to understand why certain populations are over it. As far as I can remember I have only been afraid of one African-American person. It was my senior year of high school and I had to ride the bus for a week. She didn’t want the smelly boy from the trailer park sitting by her (she was the only person on her and there were already two of us on our seat). I spoke up. She told me to shut up and showed me a knife. I told her I would shut up because I wanted to.
    As far as I can remember I have never been rude to people of other descents. I thank anyone who does anything for me, including the blood drawer in the hospital after she had stabbed me 3 times and I asked her please not to stick me again. She said OK and I said thank you.

    This is the one:


    Sometimes I think these things must be staged to show the outrage.

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  8. I had no idea that Grant’s father signed him up to go to West Point without him even knowing it or wanting to be there. He tried to get out of his acceptance because his dad had put down his middle initial incorrectly as an S, but they said he was in and that was his name. He got ribbed as United States Grant and Uncle Sam Grant.

    Chas, you would probably like all this early part of his life story.


  9. If my mind worked, I wouldn’t get any exercise.
    I sped much of my time running around looking for my glasses.
    But how can I find them if I need my glasses to see them?
    But they seem to show up every time at the place I left them.
    If I could only remember that, I could save lots of steps.
    And I wouldn’t get any exercise at all.

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  10. We are off to the doctor for the post-surgery follow up. I have been instructed not to talk too much and tell the doctor what all someone has been up to. I told him I wasn’t going so much to tattle on him as to hear what the doctor said so he couldn’t argue with me about what he is and isn’t supposed to do.

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  11. Yeah, that woman (9:21) does seem to have problems. It reminds me a little bit of the time I was at the dog park with Misten, and a man was there with his big white wold, which wasn’t an unfriendly animal. A woman came in, unleashed her dog, and immediately walked to a different part of the park to talk with someone, and totally ignored her dog (completely against dog park rules–you’re supposed to watch your dog so you can stem aggression, pick up after it, etc.). For the next ten minutes or so, her little dog went from one dog to another, jumping at each dog’s throat (yes, including Misten’s) four or five times before moving to the next dog.

    Then it got to the wolf, and started jumping at its throat–only this time it didn’t quit. By the time it had jumped a dozen times or more, I realized the wolf could get tired of it, kill the dog in one bite . . . and be a gruesome spectacle and one that might need the (innocent) wolf to be put down. So I walked over to the lady, kept my voice as calm as I could (which wasn’t easy) and said, “You might want to know that the dog your dog is jumping at is actually a wolf.” She went over, collected her dog (which was still jumping at the perfectly composed wolf) . . . and then she moved over to me and asked me what I had “meant” by what I had said. She probably had caught in my voice that I wasn’t all that pleased with her dog, or with her. So I told her that her dog had been jumping at the throat of every dog nonstop (literally) since they had arrived, and wouldn’t let up on the wolf, and I didn’t want to see her dog get killed or see the wolf become a killer, so I alerted her. I think she then left with her dog–which would have been the appropriate thing to do when she first saw that her dog wasn’t willing to play nicely!

    I’ve actually never had the courage to ask people with unleashed dogs to leash them, though I always want to. But I think I always expect to get a bit of a tirade like this, because the person probably already knows her dog is supposed to be on leash. My telling her isn’t giving her new information, it’s just challenging her to obey what she already knows (and what she has already refused to do), and that doesn’t necessarily lead to good results, as seen here.

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  12. The furnace people are here!! They’ll be doing measurements for ducting, etc. today and then installing once supplies are here. Living so far from town makes for necessary planning ahead 🙂

    In other news, our province only has 81 active COVID cases and only 2 new ones today.

    We’re still progressing like there will be camp this summer.

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  13. The Mother’s Day spread looks like a fun event.

    This morning my husband and I went to a local lake we keep hearing about as a good place for wildlife, and it really was. Especially if you like Canada geese, because there were a good number of them. But moving past the geese, we also saw a mother wood duck with nine or ten ducklings (a really long way away, so no good photos–I wouldn’t have even seen them without the camera happening to be on its fullest zoom), a great blue heron fishing and catching fish, a few mallards, a pileated woodpecker and several smaller birds. The logs near us when we were watching the heron ended up hosting several bullfrogs, including one telling the whole swamp of his virility–and then jumping into the pond to grab the female. We saw a small toad, and then a really tiny toad, as well as a turtle. A gray squirrel was in the tree grooming itself, and a chipmunk was moving around at my feet and on the log beside me–I unintentionally spooked it when my husband told me it was right beside me (I’d already seen it quite close) and I looked down–and he told me it was only a foot away from me. Fish were jumping quite noisily all over the place, so we asked a fisherman what was spawning and he said carp. Found a few nice willdflowers, too, and the whole scene was beautiful with the green trees reflecting in the water. The trail was a bit muddy, but we anticipated that.

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  14. Don’t get me started on off-leash dogs in the city.

    Most dog parks have large/small dog sections so the two don’t mix.

    I’m back “at” work today, and hoping to hear from the doctor about my knee X-ray; Real Estate Guy also is coming over to get the ceiling fan put back together, but it’s usable now and I ran it all night last night.

    And I slept 10 hours last night.

    It’ll only be a 3-day week for me, I put in for a vacation day on Friday since my hours were “capping” out (which means you quit accruing any more vacation time, something we all like to avoid).

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  15. Our neighbour’s dogs run out and try to attack ours when husband is out walking. Neighbour was horrified when he saw it once and came by with a light horse whip and told husband to feel free to use it on the dogs as they should not behave that way. The neighbour dogs are ‘defending’ their yard, but should stop at the road.

    Our dogs sometimes run out barking at our other neighbour as she’s out walking but she just stops and says hello and pets them. I think they just want some petting. 🙂

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  16. Having an interesting two days at work. Items of interest included starting an IV at midnight in the next oddest location I have given care (after the time I assisted with a delivery of a baby on the back of a horse cart). This location was also connected with transportation, and no, it wasn’t in a car.

    Read this amazing article about one of the last people in an iron lung: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/may/26/last-iron-lung-paul-alexander-polio-coronavirus

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  17. This photo is from when Nightingale and I were doing our facials and pedicures earlier in the day. The pink liquid in the crystal wine glasses is Sweet Rose Champagne. I only like wines, or other alcoholic drinks, that are on the sweet side, so this was right up my alley. 🙂

    Nightingale set out different tea cups, and made different teas for this time and our tea later in the day.

    Last fall, at a Mexican-American restaurant with Nightingale and Chickadee, I had my first Margarita. Since then, Nightingale has made Margaritas two or three times when making fajitas or other Mexican-type of food. So I recently ordered a set of Margarita glasses to add to the ambiance and our enjoyment. 🙂

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  18. Every morning at 9:40 we have a staff call with everyone from our ‘coastal’ news sites (us and the LB & local weekly folks), just to catch up on what people are working on for the day and to see if the editor wants us to be doing something else as well.

    This morning, just as the call started, the gardeners arrived next door with some very loud equipment — which prompted my dogs to bark even more loudly. I was on mute, but decided to flee to the backyard to try to escape all the racket, which was only partly successful.

    I have to check in to see if another reporter needs help on a homeless story and monitor the LB city council meeting at 3.


    Was chatting online earlier with an editor about how everyone now is relying on their own “partisan” news sources, even when it comes to coronavirus. There are no more facts, only beliefs and agendas. His take: “Countries don’t survive this stuff.”

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  19. Janice — posted by a FB friend (copy editor and US history buff) today:

    ~ Babbling in isolation: I don’t get that channel, but given the U.S. Grant program running this week, I have to wonder what “Grant, the Musical” would be like on Broadway with full choreography. Maybe it’s already been done. ~


  20. I just got back from my walk. I went earlier in the day, which was too hot already. I got invited to a picnic with my family last night so didn’t walk then. I should have walked even earlier today.

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  21. Let’s see…this morning I did the following exercise–Go Sleeveless in 14 Days Program. Fit and Fabulous Over 40, Reset Your Spine in 14 Days, then I walked 5,333 steps for 1.75 miles. Then I got ready to go to the doctor with MrP.
    I am sure you will be SHOCKED to know it is my fault that he didn’t ask all the questions he had about recovery. I sat there quiet as a mouse until the woman who programs the stimulator asked me if I knew (one of my agents) and told me she had had a baby shower this past weekend. What was I supposed to do? Say yes and not ask about the shower? I didn’t start the conversation. Men! They just don’t understand how Southern Women communicate.

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  22. Well, Real Estate Guy was on fire today, launched into one of his far-right rants after he said the Covid numbers are “being cooked, cooked!” and I said “But how do you *know* that?” Off and running. Back to comparing it to the flu, then he goes off on illegal aliens — I had to motion for him to lower his voice at that point (we were outside on my patio and the neighbors’ extended family and friends’ status isn’t fully clear but I know they’re sensitive about that issue). Real Estate Guy goes “I don’t care;”

    I said, “Well I care, I live here.”

    “Well I don’t,” he said.

    Sheesh. I ushered him inside when he began going off on “the media.”

    Little surprise that we weren’t able to get the glass globe and wiggly chains and other pieces back onto the ceiling fan as we tried working together after that. He left. I was fine with that.

    I’m just really tired of all the extremist arguments, back and forth they go.

    I’m so tired of the extremes right now.


    And yes, it’s true, men and women often just DO NOT COMMUNICATE even when men yell.

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  23. When my dr’s office finally called, the assistant just took me through all these wellness questions for their heavy-duty annual files (I think I just went through this with them less than 6 months ago).

    I mentioned I was still waiting for my knee X-ray results. “Oh, OK,” she said — she’d pass that along to the doctor.

    Next question: “Do you exercise?” No, because of the knee.

    “Do you have any pain in your body?” Yes, my knee.

    On and on we went …

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  24. Husband took dog to Pike’s Peak this morning the back way. They left at 4 therefore I have been awake since then. I got much accomplished early…laundry, floors, beat the braided rugs, changed the bird cage, dusted, treated the leather on the living room chairs, ran a load of dishes in the dishwater…all before 9 am. Then I thought perhaps I would run over to Home Depot to check out their plants…the line of waiting customers outside looked to be a half mile long…I drove on over to Walmart instead and picked up a couple petunia hanging pots and a knock out rose bush. 😊

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  25. My flowers (that still need planting) all have bees buzzing around them. I remember noticing one on one of the flowers as I put it in the basket at Home Depot the other day.

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  26. I put down the straw this morning, early. It’s currently 93 degrees and I’m wilting. (Straw was in by 10).

    I survived the dentist, though I’ll be returning for a small cavity filling on Monday. I do not remember the last time I had a cavity–I know it was in the last century.

    Anyway, the hygenist explained everything. She was wearing her hygenist coat under PPE, an N-95 with another mask on top, those amazing glasses with magnifying glasses, all under a shield.

    She and the dentist went through four pairs of gloves between them in my hour-long appointment. No worries for me.

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  27. I took a walk with my husband this morning, and we went early to avoid the heat. We mostly walked in shade, and in mud, and it wasn’t really a long walk as walks go. (We turned back at one point that was too muddy, and a good part of our time was standing and watching a heron.)

    This afternoon while he napped, I took another walk by myself. But I kept it to 90 minutes since it was well over 80 degrees. I think I saw 87. That’s pretty warm for May in the Midwest, but with my Phoenician childhood, I just have a hard time taking stuff really seriously unless it’s at least 95. But I know I’m not in Phoenix anymore, not as used to it, it’s more humid here, and I’m older, so I did stay in the shade when I could. (We always did that in Phoenix too, though visits back as an adult reminded me just how little shade there was in some spots, and how much a difference it made!)


  28. We met an interesting lady today. She and family just moved back to the area from the remote lands: Boise. She has a PhD in teaching teachers how to deal with challenged children and has five adopted. Used to be the superintendent down Boise way. Believers. Good to meet. She came by to get some chicks and rhubarb.

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  29. Sounds like a good resource, mumsee (as you are for her as well).

    Real Estate Guy returned, we managed to get the glass globe and chains all put together within about 2 minutes. No political arguments.

    He needs to find a used Toyota to take to Belize when he moves. That’s apparently all they know how to fix over there, are Toyotas.

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  30. We had our small group zoom meeting tonight…I really don’t like zoom as everyone is awkwardly quiet, and if one does decide to speak it seems two others decided to speak as well so there are people talking over one another. Anyway it should be our last zoom as we will meet in person next week without sharing a meal together as we always have done. And this Sunday we will have church! We can no longer meet at the school so we will meet at our main church building on the other side of town on Sunday evening for an hour…there will be no singing 😊


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