71 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-23+24-20

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  2. Yes! A good story.
    Elvera and I will have 63 on 9 June.
    She will not be aware of it. She just wants to go home.

    I am amazed every time I think of her agreeing to marry someone like me in 1957. I had no discernible future to offer her.
    It turned out well, but she had no idea at the time.

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  3. Good morning. The weather report said it will be a scorcher today. I need to get out there and fill another container. I did the worst of it yesterday as there were lots of briar vines, Smilax vines, in the piles. I had to be very careful with those. So many times I used sticks to punch down what I put in the bins. Later as I got down to the sweet gum tree branches, it looked like I was making a tossed salad in the bin.

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  4. Well the 2 days of rain have ended. Tomorrow is one of our state’s Fish for Free days, and I’d planned on going with my neighbor who I haven’t hung out with in months. Wearing masks and socially distanced, of course. The latter’s easy when fishing, since you need room to cast. But now it looks like we may have to head to the river for catfish, since bass season doesn’t open until June 1st, or drive all the way to the newly filled and stocked lake, which might be more crowded. Our original plan was trout in the local stream. But if the looks of that swollen and muddy mess don’t improve substantially by tomorrow, the river it is.

    Either way it’s OK, NJ’s Fish for Free day is June 6th, so hopefully the weather is better.

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  5. Mr. Shopper— what a scary concept— is running errrands today and will stop at the feed store to buy me a bale of STRAW. Hoping to get straw NOT hay to spread under my strawberries.

    Can I trust him? My QOD

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  6. We just had a delivery from our personal shopper. We always ask for two bunches of bananas. They take a couple of days to ripen and then we eat them fast and go without for a few days. (He shops for us every other week.) We still have kiwis and apples from the last trip (kiwis take several days to ripen), but now we also have strawberries (I’m allergic, but my husband will eat them), cherries (he doesn’t like them, but I love them), black grapes, and a few peaches. And a bunch of asparagus to supplement the frozen veggies.

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  7. Over here in Genesis 16, Is this comment about the Abram/Sarai/Hagar situation.

    v. It is much better to receive God’s help than to try and help Him with our own wisdom and even unbelief.

    “Those who are truly zealous for God frequently reach for fruit without first dying. Unfortunately much Christian work is done in this way, and while there is conception, the child that is born can never be the heir.

    Christian work that is done merely through the zeal of human effort without counting the body as dead, and Sarai as good as dead, may produce great revival campaigns with but a few genuinely saved, large church memberships with many tares among the wheat” (Barnhouse).

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  8. For my evening Bible study, we are studying Esther for the next two weeks. Each of us are assigned verses to give our thoughts on. We are also talking about how to peacefully respond to the government. I have read Esther many times and have taught it to my kinder class. But I have never really contemplated Vashti. God was doing a mighty work and I believe that He moved Vashti to refuse the King. She and many around her suffered the consequences. The advisors were very concerned about the example she would be to all the women in the kingdom. Two things that we need to consider also.

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  9. But what about “God helps those who help themselves “?
    I showed property yesterday and am showing property today.
    Last night it became apparent it is time to starting bring Grandma Black’s wooden spoon the the table.
    We had Drip Beef and potato salad.
    Google Pioneer Woman Drip Beef and make your own version of potato salad.

    Tonight? Something salad – I have a bunch of veggies. I have chicken tenders thawed so that will be our protein. I made bran muffins again this morning. Now he is calling me Stepford MiMi. 😂😂😂

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  10. Is it really Saturday? I worked until after 7 last night, went to bed exhausted and, despite the knee pain flareup, slept well. The knee feels better again today, but felt like it was having a setback last night.

    Little Sisters of the Poor have long been a presence in our community, they moved here from Boyle Heights closer to downtown LA probably nearly 50 years ago. After many decades, they are looking for a new provider for their home; that unwelcome news broke last year. Their numbers are dwindling and aging and they are looking to focus on fewer homes throughout the world in their primary ministry. So they’re paring down the number of homes they run, this will be one of several being handed off to new operators in the U.S.

    My former GP, now in the process of retiring due to Parkinson’s though his name remains on the masthead of the current group that is taking over (and I’m going to now), is still the physician on call for the home. My dental hygienist, now retired, was among the large group of volunteers and supporters for the home where they’d hold large Christmas bazaars and auctions every year to raise money. The home’s reputation was/is such that it seemed like everyone in town wanted to be poor enough to live there when they became old and the waiting list was a long one.

    My favorite story from Little Sisters as a reporter over the years was on Mother Marguerite whom I met one day probably 5-8 years ago at the dog park. She strode in, wearing her full-length habit, with a couple border collies bouncing at her side. We met and talked & I later did a story on how she used her dogs at the residence, along with other visiting dogs, for therapeutic visits when requested by residents. She’s still there heading up the facility.

    But the sisters’ presence in town has been a long and familiar one and they will be missed.

    The county is planning now to make arrangements to take it over. But of course that will nix any religious affiliations, from what I understand. The Sisters’ attorney who is handling the handing off of several of the homes suggested to me that their preference was to continue the religious administering of the facility.

    Our home, with about 100 residence and located about 1/2 mile from the ocean cliffs in buildings that once housed a Catholic boys high school, has been spared from a heavy impact by the virus, thankfully; they early on had someone test positive, possibly 2 total, but no more cases have turned up there to date according to the county’s daily list on which they’re included.

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  11. Stepford MiMi, that’s funny 🙂

    Back to Little Sisters, I remember when the standoff began between the Obama administration and the order — some commentator said as soon as you’re going up against a group called the Little Sisters of the Poor, you’ve already lost that battle. lol Just give it up already.

    Early on the virus spread, residents also pitched in to deliver many supplies to the home when they heard it was in need of groceries and other things. Typically, they have “begging” nuns who go to the stores (with whom they have standing agreements) to gather up set-aside produce and other goods. But with the lockdown affecting both the home’s ability to send the elderly sisters out and the stores suddenly being so impacted, there was an early scare about keeping their pantries filled.

    Everyone began organizing drives to bring goods to leave at the home, it went of for a few weeks and it sounds as if they’ve had enough from then on.

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  12. I need to go to Home Depot today (which will probably mean waiting in a long line just to get inside the store) to return the old motion light bulbs I bought there that weren’t sufficient once the new fixture was installed and to buy new bulbs for the bedroom ceiling lamp/fan fixture; will also pick up a couple plants I like, the plan is to do at least some light gardening/planting on this long weekend. The weather is mild and pleasant, in the 70s, not too hot.

    But speaking of the ceiling fan repair, I noticed Real Estate Guy at one point was coughing as he worked in there yesterday, prompting me to think, hmmm, we probably should have been wearing masks, but … too late now.

    Just to be safe (and he coughs from time to time normally, but just the idea these days, as we all know — droplets and all that) I sanitized some of the surfaces in there after he left and re-washed all the bedding. I had a plastic sheet over the bed, which he would sit on, just mainly to protect from any debris that might fall from the ceiling during the work, but I still felt better about throwing everything in the laundry anyway. I ran the floor fan in there with the open window for a few hours, too, just for good measure. 🙂

    Am I now both a tp hoarder and becoming paranoid?

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  13. I gotta watch out for DJ lest she grab my last two rolls for her stash.

    While working on the pile by the street, a lady from my Bible study went by walking her big dog named Spot. She walks greater distances than I could walk, but I could probably walk the short distance from my home to where she turns around. She is probably in her 30’s and has a lot more energy than I have.

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  14. AJ, half-mast flags have gone the way of standing ovations and the word “awesome.” All have been overused to the point of being meaningless.

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  15. My dad lived practically next door to Little Sisters of the Poor–he was in that condo on the corner with 19th. He had no use for the Catholic Church but was always polite to nuns.

    This event, however, nearly did him in:


    Meanwhile in gardening news, my husband arrived at Western Farms Feed and Supply to purchase straw.

    “The line was around the block. I stood there briefly, then a woman came out and asked, ‘Is anyone here just for feed?’ I raised my hand, ‘I’m here for straw.’ She was back in just a minute and tossed a bale in the car.

    “Good luck. There’s straw all over your car You might want to vacuum it out . . . ”


    I’ve got work to do. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to be in the 80’s today, so I may wait until dusk. The strawberry bed first needs to be thinned, cleaned out of sickly looking plants and all the berries before I fertilize and put down the straw,


    “Go upstairs,” he said. “You’re doing a good work for the Kingdom of God. You need to write your book.”

    So glad I already made dinner. 🙂

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  16. Janice, was the dog walker wearing a mask? Got into a strange FB discussion with a former reporter who was outraged that people in his neighborhood weren’t wearing masks when they walked their dogs. They were all selfish, he said.

    I replied that the LA order included the point that if one is engaging in a solitary, outdoor activity (walking your dog, unless your residential neighborhood streets are teeming with people, struck me as certainly something falling within that category) gave some leeway in that; if one could easily social distance should someone else be coming along, that would also be a much more effective tool than wearing a mask anyway.

    Well, it then wound into this whole political screed (and yes, I’m still apparently “selfish” and even being defiant).


    I don’t get it, why are people losing their heads? On both sides? Can’t we behave with some reasonableness?

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  17. Is there no middle ground between wanting to live in a dictatorship so authorities can crack a few mask-less heads and organizing a wild ‘coronavirus’ beach party just to throw all caution to the wind?

    Why are people being so weird about this? Again, on both sides?

    What happened to common sense? The ability to discuss things calmly?

    And why do I feel like the crazy one?

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  18. DJ, she was not wearing a mask. Most don’t when walking on the street. I have no problem with that. She was on her phone so we spoke only briefly. She is from South America and has a heavy accent. I love this group of potluck ladies of all ages and colors but all dedicated to God. The dog is black and white, looks purebred but I don’t know what. It looks muscular perhaps like a boxer or bulldog or mix of those two.


  19. Oh no



    Massive fire erupts at San Francisco’s iconic Fisherman’s Wharf
    MAY 23, 2020 / 10:57 AM / CBS NEWS

    A four alarm fire erupted on San Francisco’s iconic Fisherman’s Wharf early Saturday morning, CBS San Francisco reports. The blaze started at a warehouse that contained a large fish processing operation on Pier 45.

    More than 100 firefighters responded to towering flames around 4 a.m. local time. Flames began to spread underneath the pier, and the structure began to collapse. Firefighters took a defensive approach, shutting down streets around the waterfront neighborhood. …


  20. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Fire-burning-at-Pier-45-warehouse-in-San-Francisco-15290755.php

    A friend of mine’s father spent the last years of his retirement helping to rebuild the SS Pampenito–it’s a WW2 submarine which hopefully means it didn’t sustain much if any, damage.

    We received our first Nixile about fire yesterday morning–this one in Napa County next door. It’s supposed to be in the 100s this week; we’re not looking forward to fire season. 😦


  21. Oh, yes! The heat has returned. I am upstairs and sweating. I need to set up the fans.

    Art has TP at work so he will bring a few rolls to last until I can get to the store.

    Oh, I think I just heard thunder. Rain will cool things down but make humidity higher. Such a tradeoff to bear.

    I need the house to cool down so I can bake cookies for our church food giveaway, BBQ, chips, and cookies, on Monday.

    Art has clients scheduled for Monday at the office. I have seen very little of him this year except from about 9 p.m. to 12 midnight and for a short time in the a.m. it is a bit depressing for me but it could be worse. It’s the non-ending tax season. His kidney stone blasting is scheduled for the 15th so he will have to take off for that. I am so thankful that we have not caught Covid so far (as far as I know). For whatever reason, the virus has hit the black community harder than the white community. As whites, we are the minority in this county. Art’s office is in another county which includes the airport. His clientele are about 50% black or other than white. That county is not in the top 5 for Covid. Our county of residence is #2 in the state. I just want it to go away! Like everyone else except some Dems who don’t mind taking down the nation to get at Trump.

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  22. Yes, that is the same flower as before from a different angle. They were taken at the same time, but I liked the other better because of the setting sun in the background. I used the flash for this one.

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  23. DJ @3:06- Can’t we behave with some reasonableness?

    Mumsee @ 5:36 – DJ, 3:06, no.

    Is the 5:36 an answer to the last question in DJ’s post? Mumsee’s answer is unfortunately correct in modern society, especially on social media. BTW- I love that word “screed”. So descriptive.

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  24. We had a 2 mile walk down to the mailboxes and back. I had to put a sweater over my sweater as it is a tad bit chilly out there! We noticed a very pregnant doe relaxing in a thicket on a neighbor’s property….baby deer will be roaming about soon!

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  25. I picked up light bulbs for the ceiling fan & a few flower plants for the backyard at Home Depot this afternoon; they were packed with people buying things and apparently their business had gone through the roof during this lockdown.

    After that I stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on a few things — their TP and paper towel aisle was completely stripped, a long line of empty shelves.

    Then I did something I haven’t done since the lockdown began nearly three months (?) ago — I treated myself with a visit to the McDonald’s drive-through.

    A cheese burger and fries never tasted so good.

    My neighbors had their first real reunion with the kids and grandkids last night; they ordered a cake that acknowledged all the birthdays, graduations and anniversaries that have been missed during this period. So good to hear the shrieks and laughter.

    Seems like things are getting back to normal, people are out and about, reconnecting with friends and family amid still some caution. We’ll see how it all goes, hopefully no increases in the virus stats.

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  26. It’s been so cold here. I’m envying the hot temps some of you are having. However, I hope there is more green around before it gets hot and fire season starts.

    I think my watermelons got too cold last night despite covering them. Oh well.

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  27. I did my five mile walk. The first time I did this walk it wiped me out. This time I found myself walking faster, it just felt right. I may actually be getting in shape.

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  28. I also scored a tri tip sandwich at the grocery store. In fact, they had just been marked to half price so I bought two! This is a local store that makes everything right there.

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  29. Morning! And a very Happy Birthday to you Peter!! 🎂 🎉
    The owls are hooting and “something” was under the porch this morning when I opened the front door. It sounded to be bigger than a mouse but Lu didn’t seem alarmed. I didn’t go down to investigate

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  30. Happy Birthday Peter!
    Assuming AJ is correct. But I haven’t known him to be wrong yet.

    This is the longest period in 70 years that I haven’t been in a church.
    I didn’t join a church until I was baptized at FBC Columbia, SC in 1953, but I always attended base chapel when it was convenient.
    Even in Arabia. In Arabia, we didn [t have a chapel, we held services in the base theater. Doors were guarded lest a Muslim would stray in.
    Chaplains did not wear a cross on his lapel in Arabia. The cross was anathema.

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  31. DJ, in masked wearing, the anti-maskers are pretty virulent too. One of my friends who has been skeptical this whole time has taken to share memes and screed about how mask wearing makes you a ‘sheep’, a sign of ‘submission’, and means that you are capitulating to the whole new world order (masks as the Mark of the Beast?!?). The hilarious thing is, this friend ‘liked’ my profile picture, in which, as you know, I am wearing a mask. The maddening thing is, long before this occurred, those with certain environmental allergies (we have friend from church who has seizures from scents) and those on chemotherapy or who are otherwise immunocompromised have worn masks to further protect themselves in public, so this new judgement for wearing a mask is really mean spirited: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/23/north-dakota-governor-doug-burgum-tears-coronavirus-mask-shaming

    ‘Speaking to reporters at the state capitol in Bismarck on Friday, Bergum said he “would really love to see in North Dakota that we could just skip this thing that other parts of the nation are going through, that they’re creating a divide. Either it’s ideological or political or something around mask versus no mask.

    ‘“This is I would say a senseless dividing line and I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy and your understanding. If someone is wearing a mask, they’re not doing it to represent what political party they’re in or what candidates they support.”

    ‘As he continued, Burgum struggled not to break down in tears.

    ‘“They might be doing it because they’ve got a five-year-old who’s been going through cancer treatments,” he said.

    ‘“They might have vulnerable adults in their life who currently have Covid-19 and are fighting.

    ‘“So again, I would just love to see our state, as part of being ‘North Dakota smart’, also be ‘North Dakota kind’, ‘North Dakota empathetic’, ‘North Dakota understanding’, to do this thing. Because if somebody wants to wear a mask, there should be no mask shaming.”’

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  32. Happy birthday, Peter.

    We were a much better nation when we were encouraged to be humble. Vanity was recognized and discouraged at one time. Nothing wrong with healthy self-esteem or recognizing one’s strength while still seeing one’s proneness to sin and pride. A little humility would solve a lot of social media disagreements.

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  33. Kathaleena, a few years ago I saw that the seven deadly sins had all been turned into virtues, and I think that’s true. Pride certainly has.

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  34. Anti-maskers are over the top as well, roscuro, I agree — which is exactly why I asked what has happened to the reasonable middle in all of these topics?

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  35. Happy Birthday, Peter!
    And Happy Anniversary, too!

    Chocolate Candy Footballs
    ~Crunchy Pig Skin Frosting~
    Chocolate Marble Layer Cake
    ~Crunchy Pig Skin Frosting~
    Chocolate Marble Layer Cake

    I am in baking mode since I have to bake cookies for the church. Trying out my new frosting idea. Sweet and salty!

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  36. I heard on the news this morning that those who speak loudly are spreading the Corona virus. That means the introverts have a valid reason to rise up against extroverts. Finally! And we all know who speaks loudly are of a particular political persuasion, lol or not.

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  37. I would send some of our afternoon warmth to you, Kare, if I could. Art said it is TIME to turn on the AC. It’s rough when he has AC all day at the office and when he walks into our home it feels stifling. Miss Bosley has little to do with me when it is so warm.

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  38. I couldn’t get to sleep last night until after 2 a.m. I overslept for virtual church so will have to catch up with it later, belatedly. I heard the last part of the sermon (on Ps. 16) only.

    I’m grateful still for this 3-day break from work, although I say that anticipating there likely could be bad news coming this next week for us.

    One part of the sermon I did hear reminded us that God has sovereignly ordained this period. But in our fallen human nature, we still kick against our circumstances, especially when they become difficult.

    As Kathaleena noted also, “social media” gives too-loud a voice to our venting which makes things worse, of course. Everyone has now become experts in viral infection research, constitutional law and the media.

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  39. Similar problem, DJ. I listened to Enduring Word sermons when I can’t sleep–so when I fall asleep it’s to the Word of God. Made it through two of them before I was out.

    I’m putting on a mask to attend my Adorable’s 8th birthday party at her cousin’s house. We’ll social distance but see each other and eat ice cream and cake. We’ve all been locked in the houses–except the one son who works with six others in a large factory far apart–we’ve had about enough.

    Have to admit, though, I’m glad the EMT won’t be there . . . Shhhh

    Many happy returns on your day, Peter!

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  40. I am not sure that extroverts speak louder than introverts. I would consider myself an introvert, but I was brought up in a family of shouters. I usually quite loud. Although, my husband wouldn’t know it lately with his hearing. Not that he has a hearing problem if you ask him. 😉

    Our church is going to meet in a park next week. They will still record for an online service. We may or may not go. We can sit in our car, but I am not sure how much people will really social distance. We shall see.

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  41. DJ, the friend lives in Canada, but the memes, etc. shared are clearly targeted to an American political perspective. As my father would say, some people cannot see further than the nose on their face. It is as if, for those manufacturing these memes and the narrative of a deeply laid political plot, there is only one country in the pandemic is happening. As if people are not getting sick and dying in the rest of the world, as if northern Italy’s massive tragedy, which triggered the other Western countries to shut down too, never took place. Italy has lost over 32,000 people to this since they first identified an outbreak in February. They began their lockdown in late February, just three months ago. Italy was the canary in the coalmine. Since then, the UK, has lost over 36,000, with nearly 300,000 confirmed cases. Spain has lost over 28,000, with 230,000 cases. 22,000 are confirmed to have died from COVID-19 in Brazil, a country with a weak healthcare system for vast numbers of impoverished people and the outbreak is only getting worse there, with confirmed cases numbering over 340,000. Worldwide, there has been 5.3 million cumulative confirmed cases so far, with over 340,000 deaths, less than half a year into this pandemic. In no country, has the virus been eradicated, and every Western country reports the same devastation in long term care. The virus has no borders and no politics.

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  42. I am usually quite soft spoken – although, like my mother, I get louder when I am excited. My quiet voice has always made wearing a mask challenging since I trained in the OR, and can really present a barrier to those of my clients are hard of hearing, since they cannot even read my lips. It must be really difficult right now for the deaf.

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  43. Today’s email updates from WaPo:


    Crowds of densely packed, barefaced, droplet-swapping Americans are forming on beaches, bar patios and pool decks over the Memorial Day weekend, fulfilling the fears of health experts who warned the nationwide relaxation of restrictions would help the coronavirus spread.

    The most dramatic images came from Missouri — still in the midst of a local epidemic — where vacationers flocked to the Lake of Ozarks. “In one picture shared by news station KSDK, dozens of people could be seen crammed on an outdoor patio underneath a sign reading, ‘Please practice social distancing,’ ” The Post wrote. A nearby bar and grill advertised a pool party for hundreds of people called “Zero Ducks Given.”

    Thick crowds were also spotted at beaches along the East Coast, on a weekend when American flags flew at half-staff in memory of the country’s nearly 100,000 confirmed victims of the virus. In Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) said a recent high school swim party contributed to the state’s “second peak” of infections but still encouraged residents to venture out. “We take the virus very seriously, the governor told Fox News. “It’s a risk, it causes death, but you can’t cloister yourself at home, that is just contrary to the American spirit.”

    Meanwhile, grocery stores have been accused of suppressing information about outbreaks among their employees. The Post interviewed dozens of current and former employees at more than 30 supermarkets who alleged that cases of infected or dead workers were covered up and managers retaliated against employees who raised concerns. More than 100 infected workers were discovered at two Walmarts in Massachusetts last month — only after local health officials investigated and tested the entire staff.

    Roving bands of unusually aggressive rats have prompted a warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Like many other animals, rats have adapted their behavior in the absence of humans. In this case, a lack of edible street trash has made them desperate with hunger — driving some rats to cannibalism. …

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  44. It was noted in our corporate prayer this morning that “it’s not a stretch” to see that God is stirring the world — and if the world, then also our nation; and if the nation, then also our church; and if the church, then also each of us as individuals.

    We’ve designated next Saturday as a day of fasting and prayer

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  45. Happy Birthday Peter
    A friend was at our beaches yesterday and said the photos showing crowds are from the camera angles. People were practicing social distancing.

    I have a friend who honestly thinks we have taken our right to free speech too far. After all, you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. I didn’t respond.

    Dinner? Orange Glazed Pork Chops, fruited rice, and roasted cabbage with brownies for dessert. My husband first asked what happened to his wife, then asked if the doctors told me he was dying and I am just being nice. NO. I’m trying to keep you FROM dying.

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  46. It is 34 degrees and snowflakes are falling ever so lightly. It has been raining since early afternoon but now with the colder temps….I don’t think we will get accumulation on the ground. But if we do I will send a photo of my snowman ⛄️

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  47. Thank you for your birthday wishes. I spent the day giving cave tours. I walked 4 miles today and 3 yesterday.

    I got home to a zoom meeting with 3 of my children and the grandchildren tonight, then Mrs L and I had supper (I had my favorite: pork chops, rice and beans).

    Last night I watched a WWI movie called Flyboys. Has anyone else seen it? It’s about American volunteers in the French army who are trained for air combat. It was a good movie. Lots of dogfights, some military honor, and a clean love story (it’s rated PG-13, mainly for the gore of war). Michelle would enjoy it, I think.

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