64 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-18-20

  1. Good morning wanderers
    It’s a bit late to be first. It’s Monday.
    *I also said, “so get to it”> But I have nothing to get to and you may not either, so I deleted it.
    Have a nice day.

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  2. Morning Chas, AJ and all. I stopped in earlier but no one was around so I kept drinking my coffee! I have been up since 4 when husband left. He is climbing Pikes Peak today therefore an early start for him! I am running errands today and will attempt to clean up some of the flower beds. These pine needles sure do make a mess around here ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. Turned turkey eggs, did Bible time, and waiting for baby. That is my weekday. Somewhere in there, I will need to educate a couple of children and mow the lawns and attack the gardens.

    Last night we saw probably the most brilliant double rainbow we have ever seen. Complete. It is amazing what God has done.

    A couple of days ago, husband and I were sitting on the porch watching the grass and weeds grow. I heard a hustle and bustle and looked down by the willows to see a harrier hawk busily trying to dive bomb something. A bunch of blackbirds appeared to be attacking it. Then I realized the harrier was mad because somebody had stolen its prey when I noticed a much larger bird, a golden eagle, shredding some poor unfortunate into manageable chunks to be devoured. God continues to amaze and delight.

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  4. Good Morning.

    I’m off for a long day at the school- 10 hours. It’s the day all the students come back to turn in any work or books they have, as well as clean out their lockers. Each grade level gets two hours, plus two hours for those who couldn’t come at their assigned times. We have to be in our rooms in case a student needs to turn something in. I’ll have plenty of time to get my room ready for summer.

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  5. Yesterday, on BBC, I was reading that a child in India goes missing every eight minutes. Seventy four thousand a year. That is a lot of human beings. Mostly into slavery of one sort or another. God is watching.

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  6. Good morning. The rain poured last night. I hope it cleared some of the ligustrum pollen. I am ready to be done with it this year.

    I am enjoying a cup of green tea. I like to mix it up a bit and not do coffee every day. At one time, maybe fifteen years ago, I stopped drinking coffee and drank only green tea. I lost around five pounds. I should try that again.

    Is anyone making plans for a summer vacation? If we get to go, we will celebrate Wesley’s graduation in Texas in August.

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  7. Sometimes when we cannot get away we dig out the old photos, smiling and laughing at the memories of precious moments. Itโ€™s almost as good as being there again ๐Ÿ˜Š
    The only trip me might take is this summer to a wedding in KY. It is undecided if such an event will be allowed even then. Our sonโ€™s step daughter is to be married and we have been invited. If we go it will be by car as we are in no mood to be in an airport nor in an airplane. A couple days in the car across the country could be enjoyable if I can get husband to take his time! Most trips with him involve continuous hours of driving and if one must use the restroom youโ€™d better get in there while he fills the car with gas because there will be no more stopping along the way!

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  8. We were planning to be in Colorado earlier this month, to plant trees with son and his wife, but that did not happen. Next plan is to go camping in July with daughter and family. We will see how or if that happens.

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  9. No vacation here, but my workplace announced that everyone has to take 72 hrs pto in June and July. Trying to make the books balance with little income due to COVID.

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  10. I am working at the track today. Watching the ponies run and learning to load into the gates.

    I had a flat on the way to work this morning. No fun changing a tire in the dark on a hill. I am very thankful it happened where it did rather than going 80 down the hiway.

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  11. Good Morning. Last week I was talking to my friend M. https://littlecoastalkitchen.com/
    about Mr. P’s surgery and what the doctor said about losing weight. She took off like a rocket and suddenly had a menu for this week of healthy food, snacks, etc. She even sent a shopping list. She met me at the store yesterday and we did the grocery shopping, came home and made soup, bran muffins, put together the oatmeal, chocolate chip, dried cherry, and coconut cookies. (I have to bake them by myself today). She prepped healthy snacks (hummus, celery sticks, red pepper sticks and carrot sticks. He has apples to eat with peanut butter. Today I will make the chicken salad for sandwiches, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
    Mr. P asked me if she could move in!!! Last night as I was cleaning the kitchen, he kissed me on the cheek and told me he appreciated me.
    I have a whole week’s worth of food choices for him. He is going to have to say goodbye to Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Cookies, and some of the other junk/garbage he eats. I live in amazement he doesn’t have diabetes–I make him show me his “numbers” when he goes for blood work.
    Anyway, go check out Little Coastal Kitchen and keep an eye on it. More is coming.

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  12. NancyJ.
    From what you say, I would recommend flying.
    Son & DIL made a trip Jacksonville, Fl. from Greensboro.
    You can’t depend on the rest areas, and to get food, you go to drive throughs. no rest rooms. I would not make the trip you just described under present conditions.

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  13. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Nightingale is not much for saying “I love you” too often.

    Looking at the beautiful dozen roses she bought me for our belated Mothers Day, I can see her unspoken “I love you.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. Well, I do have to return this rental car in Seattle in July. Hoping there is somewhere to stay along the way. What I am really hoping is that I can go partway along the coast. I want to sit by the ocean for a bit.

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  15. It’s raining here — they’re also getting some “light” snow in the mountains, very late in the year for this but we’ll take any moisture we can get.

    I sent my editor an email last night saying I’d be out sick today for this knee. But I’m somewhat amazed at how much better it feels, I really didn’t expect that. It’s not back to normal yet, still hurts, I still walk with a limp to favor it, but after some serious time with a heating pad, pain relief topical salves and a nighttime Aleve behind it all, I slept for 12 hours and the pain is much, much better. Honestly, I couldn’t do anything without wincing in pain from Saturday afternoon on.

    I still need to rest and treat it — but I no longer feel it’s an emergency to get in to the doctor today; I’ll see if she answers my email, but am not planning necessarily to call today unless the pain kicks up again later today. I think it’s probably still advisable to get an X-ray sometime this week, though. It’s still achy even when I’m just sitting, and straightening it out while sitting still brings a bit of sharp pain, but nothing like it was 24 hours ago.

    Yeah, summer “vacation” trips will be complicated this year, I can imagine. Memorial Day is coming up, then the 4th of July. It will be very strange. Someone said camping is the best bet.

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  16. So I’m going to get 2 new tires out of this mishap. The cost of those 2 along with a front end allignment is almost the same as what it cost for 1 tire in Roswell last year.

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  17. Mumsee, your post about the children reminded me of my friend, Vickie, who recently died. She was a SexualAssaultNurseExaminer. She always had her antenna up to recognize those who might be being trafficked or were at risk.

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  18. Thanks rk!

    I’m hoping this is healing w/home care (though I still would like it looked at). My neighbor said her knee will dislocate but then re-locate (?) on its own. Who knew stuff moved around so much. But that’s what it feels like has happened, based on my vast google medical knowledge.

    It still hurts quite a bit when I stand up from sitting. But then it seems to get better as I move a little bit (carefully).

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  19. We’ve been perplexed by a washing machine mystery. I tossed everything in, came back and the clothes were COVERED in link. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Neither one could figure out what it was–the inside of a stuffed animal? I picked through everything, tossed in the dryer and hope that would get it. I wiped down the interior of the washer and then VACUUMED OUT the junk.

    I then stood around my interminable puzzle–putting in pieces–and every 5 minutes stopped the dryer, emptied the packed link screen, and VACUUMED IT OUT–the screen and into the chute!

    Never saw the culprit that caused all that lint.

    I cleaned the screen of lint 12 times.

    When it seemed to be slowing down, I pulled all the clothes out of the dryer, shook them, and put them back in the washing to rinse again.

    Curiously, the thick cotton socks had no lint on them at all.

    Headed down now to review and dry once again.

    So very curious!

    But! At least we had a mystery today. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  20. I like my end of real estate. Much easier. I decided to refinance today. THAT’s a hassle.
    Although I do think real estate agents out to go through the hassle every not and again to make them ore sympathetic.

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  21. Hmmm. But it was only 12 rolls, not the 20 they said it would be.

    Bad Santa.

    I’ve logged a complaint with the seller on the Amazon site.

    Have a phone consult with my doctor at 3.

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  22. I raked some pine needles. It is 81 degrees out there and hot! I will bag them up later this evening after the sun goes down! We have a mystery with our refrigeratorโ€™s freezer. Our no frost bottom drawer freezer has frost in iit and the light bulb is out. Iโ€™m thinking someone didnโ€™t close the freezer all the way thus causing frost build up and the bulb simply burned out after 10 years. We shall see. I really do not want a problem with this thing again. The motor was replaced before it was a year old and five years in the circuit board for the fridge part had to be replaced. Motor was under warranty , circuit board cost us over 500 dollars ๐Ÿ˜ž

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  23. So Carol received her stimulus (paper) check but the facility wants her to sign it over to them. I asked her if they explained why (again, she doesn’t ask questions) and she said no, but she hasn’t signed it over to them. I asked if she owed them money, she said no (but she is overdrawn at her bank so wants and needs to put it into her own account).

    It’s her check, I can’t see any reason for them to ask her to sign it over to the administrator — I keep telling her to ask the question “why?” but I guess she hasn’t yet.

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  24. … Unless they’re putting all the checks through their account and then reimbursing residents for some accounting or bookkeeping or tax reasons?

    Either way, they need to plainly explain that to people and then they would still have the right to not sign over the check, I would think.


  25. Thanks for anyone who prayed. Dad just picked up grands. 3 1/2 year old boy had a total meltdown when mom tried to leave. She was very loving and understanding and finally had to leave. I made sure he couldn’t get out the door and then did something with little sister and he got interested. A children’s Bible app on my ipad. Later I told him that Mom is in charge and she told him to stay here. I one point he was trying to bite me. We did lots of things and he had a great time. The root cause of all this is that he wants to be in charge and not let anyone tell him what to do. Sound familiar??

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  26. I too thought “link” was “ink” at first…

    Cheryl, catching up on the weekend thread, I apologize for the blink photo. I felt bad about it, but it was actually the best of three shots I took. In one of the others someone had their tongue out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe next time we can pose and say “Cheese!”

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  27. Well that is disturbing that the facility is telling residents to sign their check over to them. They receive monthly payments for their stay do they? I wouldnโ€™t think they should have any involvement with residentโ€™s banking/money unless for some reason a resident gave them access. (Ok I am a very non trusting person ๐Ÿ˜Š)
    So I was thinking about your TP Dj…was it one of the packs that says 12 big rolls = 20 regular rolls? I truly dislike standing in Sams trying to calculate if their assertions are true! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  28. Kizzie,

    I grabbed the pic you suggested, and a couple of others……

    Which may or may not involve cucumbers…. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Don’t worry, I didn’t. But I really liked the food spread with the desserts and the “juice” and cheese pics, so I grabbed them too. Good shots! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look for them later this week.

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  29. Nancyjill, re the TP, I thought the same thing, but I keep looking both on the original amazon listing from my order and on the package and can’t see anything that says “= 20 rolls”

    Re Carol, I think some of her govt money does get put into the facility’s account each month for “most” of her rent, then she has to pay the remaining amount from 2 smallish-pension checks she also receives every month.

    But this does sound fishy to me, too. I told her if it is something where they say there’s some legitimate reason they have to put it through their account to later divvy it out to her (and there must be other residents getting these checks around now), then they need to really explain that in fine detail AND there needs to be a signed agreement to that effect that she can keep.

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  30. Today I baked off the oatmeal, chocolate chip, coconut, and dried cherry cookies that we mixed up yesterday… They are pretty tasty. Now someone won’t need to buy Little Debbie’s.
    Mr. P went to the store today. He had been gone about 25 minutes when it hit me! He’s going to bring a bunch of that garbage back in the house. I sent him a text telling him not to bring a lot home -we don’t have room for it. He brought home cereal, fruit, cheddar cheese, and a few other things including parchment paper—it’s really important in baking, I recently found out.

    I did tell you when we were dating he said he wanted to meet a southern woman who could cook. I make pork roast, baked sweet potatos, peas, butterbeans, and okra cooked together, turnip greens, and cornbread. I couldn’t have run him off with a baseball bat after that.

    I’m just not much of a baker and I spent years with a picky eater so I didn’t cook.
    I can cook. I just don’t like the meal planning.

    Oh and if you want something really good to have on pork or chicken, find a small bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and a jar of blackberry jam and mix them together. All of each jar. It will store well in the refrigerator.

    I promise you will thank me. We had it on our pork tenderloin sliders for lunch.

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  31. Kevin, maybe everyone should just blink and stick their tongues out all at the same time for the next shot.

    My video phone conference w/dr went well, she’s ordering an x-ray, some medication to help with nighttime pain if needed, and says after that the thought is some PT to further examine what may be causing the pain before going into an MRI. But it remains unclear when PT services will be fully up and running, she said. Hopefully soon.

    I also need my measles shot, which she said they can give me when I’m in for the x-ray; and a shingles shot which she gave me a prescription for last time I was in but I’ve not gotten it yet, seems like the whole lockdown started around that time and everything was put on hold.

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  32. Maybe that’s the only way she can deposit the check and the facility is trying to get ahead of complaints?

    For those of you in need of an appliance, here’s some information:


    I hope I don’t need anything new. I washed the clothes three times and they’re now clean and the linT finally went away.

    I may give up on the day and take a walk.


  33. In other news, the 20-month-old challenged his 12-year-old brother to a lightsaber duel during a family Zoom meeting.

    His mother observed that was a relief; he spends most of his day dismantling the house and getting into trouble.

    We were all laughing, but I’m sure it is challenging trying to keep him safe. He apparently tried to jump down three stairs the other day . . .

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  34. Michelle, yes, maybe. She normally has a staffer physically deposit her personal pension checks in the ATM for her account which works, they take a photo of the check. But maybe she could do that online? Not sure.

    Anyway, there may be a legitimate explanation for handling these stimulus checks in this way but they need to make that clear to the residents so they have assurance that the funds are wholly “theirs,” even if there will be maybe a lag time?


  35. DJ, it’s not impossible that what they said was actually “clear,” or was a casual offer (we can cash that for you if you want), but it’s her understanding that’s the issue. (Or she may owe them money.) Seems like this might be one of those times for you to call them and then explain it to her.


  36. This weekend has been busy (and today is a holiday). I’ve finished the floor for the laundry room and we will be able to move the washer into there this coming weekend which is good as the furnace guy is coming next week.

    I’ve also, somehow, managed to get the spaghetti squash, watermelon, tomato, sweet pepper, salsa pepper, celery and cucumber plants into the garden. It sort of looks like a drunken person put them in because I have no string nor stakes to make straight lines. They were on the shopping list but somehow were missed. We still have the corn and cabbages to put in – hopefully tonight once husband gets home from work. Oh, and all the direct seeded things like carrots, lettuce, beans and peas, etc. Those could take a while and I definitely need some stakes and string to sow those.

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  37. Cheryl, entirely possible. She doesn’t ask questions but she also doesn’t relay conversations very clearly. I told her to hang on and wait until the staff was out of their meeting, perhaps they’d have a better explanation for her. If not, I can email Lucy, the administrator and ask — or just call her cell.


  38. Carol said they just gave her check back to her and she’s putting it into her account now, so all’s well. Now the hourly countdown for how long it lasts ๐Ÿ™‚ She has plans …

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  39. Meanwhile, heard the kid next door asking the mail carrier if there was anything with dinero for him today … ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe everyone’s waiting for the late stimulus checks; mine won’t be getting deposited until Wednesday.

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  40. I’m wondering if they were offering residents the option to ‘hold’ their checks for them as something of a savings account. It would have not been a bad thing for Carol, she often goes over her balances and sometimes has to pay the facility some money belatedly. But It would be the residents’ choice to do something like that or not. Maybe that was what they were “offering.”

    Who knows.


  41. Janice, we’ll start to harvest the peas and beans mid-July to early August. Cucumber, zucchini, celery, lettuce will be grazed upon all summer and then the tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon etc will be picked at the end of August to mid-September but we usually have to cover them at night as the nights start to get cold mid-August. Any forecast of 4C or lower and we’re out there with sheets and crop covers in the evening, trying to keep things ripening and not freezing. Tomatoes generally are picked green and ripened in the dark basement.


  42. Michelle, I took a walk for you. I just changed into dry clothes and am working on getting warm. The deer were surprised to see me walking the golf course in the rain. I could hear rumblings so decided that nine holes would be enough. As I approached the clubhouse I saw a beautiful rainbow.

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  43. Anyone else watching the “Waco” limited-series on Netflix?

    Our pastor mentioned it in SS remarks last week, it really is a stunning reminder of how that all played out (and I’d also watched the Ruby Ridge film before that).


  44. Written by an FBI agent involved at the time, also by a former Branch Dividian who survived the event. I remember watching the Branch Dividian event unfold on live TV from our old newsroom, even then everyone was shocked at how it seemed to be getting (mis-) handled.

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  45. We can’t end with the same number two days in a row, so I must post. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I loaded all of my winter clothes that stay here into my van yesterday. Now to call my friend who stores them for me and see about taking them to her home. If she opens and closes the door, I should be able to take them into the closet.
    I also weighed my trunk that is part of my return luggage. It is now at the very back of a closet here, where it won’t be in anyone’s way. I thought and thought about taking it to wherever I go next or leaving it here. No one else has room for it so I will leave it out of the way here.


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