8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-16-20

  1. 🙂 34K words; with a 55K goal, the end (and chapters) are in sight. Amazing.

    🙂 Fun birthday celebration–three times–yesterday, great weather, lovely family, fun friends. Life is good.

    🙂 Mr Everything is in charge of dinner tonight and will bring home takeout–after he buys new BLACK jogging shoes from a local store.

    All he wanted was black, he didn’t care about brand. They’re having he come in wearing a mask, will sit him down in a chair on the sidewalk and closely examine, measure, and calculate the best BLACK shoes for him.

    I think he’s looking forward to the “treatment.” LOL

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  2. okay, I’m depressed. Got a call from the other missionaries from our church who get the house after me. They are here early. She was very nice and I know her. But then she told me what they are doing. They are going to friends everyday in another town and he is helping to renovate a bathroom, he is a contractor. She does computer work in the morning and then in the afternoon is learning to quilt and is making a quilt for her daughter who just graduated from college. And then just got a call from someone asking if she would work for four days a week at the pro life thrift store that is reopening – just for four weeks.
    Meanwhile, I am doing nothing. Except for eating healthy and taking lots of walks to get in shape.

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  3. Remember I mentioned a while back that an account of Hubby’s was hacked, resulting in charges for Google Play being put on our joint bank account (which I haven’t yet shut down)? After locking down a couple accounts that were involved, I contacted my bank. (Google Play claimed that they couldn’t be sure that I didn’t know the person.)

    I filled out and returned the affidavit the bank sent.

    🙂 A couple days ago I got an email from the bank telling me that they had reimbursed me for the charges. Had I mentioned how much they tallied up to? $497 ! What a relief to have that money back.

    (The bank is also taking this up with Google Play, so if they reverse their decision and reimburse me, the bank will take their money back, which is of course reasonable.)

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  4. It’s hard when there’s little or nothing to do, Jo. The dry seasons can feel quite lonely. Praying for you as God brings you through the present and into the future He plans for you.

    Glad you got your money back from those charges, Kizzie. That must be such a relief!

    🙂 Like Michelle, we celebrated birthdays, too. 1st Arrow is home — first time in three months — so we celebrated three of the four spring birthdays today, his being one of them.

    🙂 A successful nest of baby robins. All four “left home” this week. 6th Arrow did a great job watching out for them by keeping the cat away from the lean-to as the birds grew. As they got bigger and could be seen above the top of the nest, she’d sit on the seat of the tractor, parked in the driveway, and photograph them from that distance. She enjoyed researching detailed information on robins, too. A wonderful blessing of the Lord that we got to see a nest and family of birds up close for the past several weeks, and right during the unit on birds we were doing in the kids’ science book.

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  5. usually, I would just be entering SS class now.
    Instead, I am here, messing around on the computer.
    I got five (5) “final alert” messages from the same people in the same e-mail opening this morning.

    It has come to the point where words don’t mean anything anymore.
    I am always intrigued by a commercial that says: “Buy one, get one free. Just pay a separate fee.” I have wondered what that fee might be. If it were just shipping and handling, I think they would say so.
    Fortunately, there is nothing I need. Except for strength, wisdom and patience to get Elvera through another day.

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