45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-8-20

  1. It is, indeed, Friday.
    Good morning everyone.
    I started a comment about the posts yesterday about a governor closing down certain churches for a year.
    But it got too complicated and I didn’t post.
    Suffice it to say: We need to be terribly fearful when someone from a non-elected legislative body can rule by decree.
    Your freedom is at stake.
    CONSTITUTION you say?
    But I have declared a national emergency.
    We need to be careful here.

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  2. RKessler, I am so sorry to hear that about your friend Vickie. May God comfort you and your friends as you comfort one another.

    Did she have a family?

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  3. She has a son in college and an ex-husband. She had a heart for people, specially those who were at risk. Some used to make fun of her caring nature, but she would just say “I was that kid, I know how it feels.” Her parents took off when she was 4 and left her with her 65 year old grandmother who raised her.

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  4. So sorry to hear about that, rkessler. The world needs her compassionate soul, and it is very tragic for her son. I am glad you had her for a friend while you did. And glad you know the sure hope of heaven.


  5. Tomorrow we are suppose to have the coldest May day since 16 years ago. I continue to be thankful for cooler weather since I am doing all the yard work now.

    My brother told me yesterday that he got a face mask. I guess he thought that big news would float my boat, fly my kite, and make the cow jump over the moon. Thankful for small things. It was a rite of passage into the over 65 group. Now he can join the masquerade party.

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  6. QOD’ Serious question
    If everything is locked down and nobody is going anywhere.
    Why are people still getting sick from this virus?
    I thought isolation was the cure.

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  7. QOD: Isolation was simply to buy time, not eliminate the virus. Try to stretch it out so a vaccine could be found and treatment. People still go to the grocery store, essential workers still work. People are out and about and some will catch it and some will pass it on.

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  8. Idaho, a generally mask free area in some estimations, is up to sixty six deaths attributed to covid. When husband goes for essentials, he rarely sees a mask and not a lot of social distancing. But that may just be in the smaller towns.

    As a side note, we seem to be having a significant (for us) hit in one family in the Neperce tribe. Nobody is hospitalized but quite a few are sick.


  9. 1. I have been missing. I have been busy.
    2. I am saddened that you lost a friend rkessler. I wasn’t here to know or pray.
    3. Mr. P is having surgery Monday. This will be to fix the stimulator in his back that isn’t working properly. He will have to go Sunday for a Covid test. I will be allowed in the surgical waiting room but was told to bring a jacket they are keeping it cold. I should be able to bring him home afterwards but should he have to stay for any reason, I will not be allowed in any other areas of the hospital.
    4. I had a strange dream about my exhusband last night. So detailed that it is still with me. His wife came to my house to tell me something, she wanted me to hear it from her. Then it turns out his mother had already told me. I called him earlier to see if he was OK and he sent me to voicemail…
    5. I have a dear friend, but recently I have noticed she is a know it all. She asked a question the other night and today I found out the information she would need. When I called to tell her, she told me I misunderstood and she didn’t want to do that. Well, OK. If you already knew how to solve your problem then why did you ask me and allow me to say, I had someone I could call who can tell you what steps to take?

    Alright, back to work.

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  10. rkessler, I’m so sorry for that news, she sounds like she was a good person to know.

    It’s beginning to hit me that this will be our life for the rest of this year, more or less? A doctor on CNN yesterday thought 36 months was “optimistic” for a usable vaccine to be in place.

    LA County deaths hit another spike yesterday. Many are feeling wary about the partial openings, but my guess is that not many folks will be “shopping” for new clothes or whatever it is they’re allowing to open up.

    I spoke with one of our small business owners yesterday who 10 years ago opened a yoga and dance studio in one of our town’s historic downtown buildings (which she also purchased and I would guess still pays a mortgage on). She danced on Broadway as a child so this was a personal “dream” type of business – and she thought it would be a good fit for town getting ready to see what was a promised renaissance as the waterfront and other plans got underway.

    She adapted whenever she saw a need or opportunity to take the business in a different direction to better match consumer niche groups — she started offering exercise classes, many geared for middle-age and older folks; she put together WWII-era entertainment groups of singers and dancers, complete with period dress, who performed at all the Fleet Weeks, 4th of Julys and other patriotic events held in town.

    She rented out mobile stages and other performance equipment for a fee to earn some other biz money on the side.

    She always struggled with the business but managed to stay afloat and still seemed to be having fun with it all. Now, she’ll probably have to just pack everything up, I have no idea how much money she’s lost. She sounded so depressed. She said the small biz loan money hasn’t come through (which is true for most around here).

    She was glad she *finally* saw her $1,200 stimulus money yesterday arrive in her bank account. But that’s of little help, really. Her type of business is likely well into a later “Phase 4” opening with no date in sight — no “entertainment” or group type activities are expected to be be allowed probably for many months.


  11. Kim, good to see you. You have a lot on your plate. Praying the surgery is successful and problem-free, the recovery quick and home-based.

    How’s Amos?

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  12. From NYT inbox news summary for California:

    ~ It’s Friday and the reopening of California has officially begun.

    But you may not notice much of a difference.

    There won’t be masses of people pouring into bars and restaurants, which are still supposed to be closed except for takeout. In-person church services are still off … ~


  13. And also from a NYT email blurb:


    The U.S. unemployment rate hit 14.7 percent and 20.5 million jobs were lost in April — devastation not seen since the Great Depression.

    Today’s employment report is more illuminating than previously released data, offering details on who has lost work and who hasn’t. Those specifics might reveal how quickly the economy could rebound once pandemic-related shutdowns are lifted. ~


  14. Morning! I am saddened to hear of your loss rkessler…losing a friend is never easy and it seems she was a dear. Praying for you during this difficult time of loss 😞


  15. It’s a gloomy looking day here. I was outside working some when a rain shower started. I was under a leaf canopy so got a little wet. There was no thunder so that was not a concern. The activity was something different and using the imagination could make it seem a little like a ride at an amusement park where you get splashed on. Oh, the things we do for fun these days. I am getting to know my yard better than I ever have before. I’m starting to grow on it.

    The governor said yesterday that we now have many test kits and everyone can get tested. Now to consider where.

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  16. Kim, I am so sorry to hear all you are dealing with. A lot of weighty stuff there.

    DJ, sorry to hear of that small business owner’s situation. Art had applied for the first small business loan and went to the bank early, before they could submit. They said they’d call him when the time came to get in his paperwork. They never called. The next thing he knew the money was all gone. Now he has applied since they opened up a new round but he’s not hopeful. He thinks although it is not suppose to be this way that they are favoring small businesses that have more employees, I guess for greater overall impact. His business is down substantially for income but of course most of the costs such as rent continue the same. He said it takes much longer to do a return when it is a dropoff so he still works long hours.

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  17. At least our heat wave has broken, it was a short but intense one, and not unusual for May. I heard moisture dripping off the roof and down the drain spout this morning, which is always a good sign — the marine layer is back.

    Today is Friday, May 8.

    This is my new daily exercise, sorting out exactly what month and day it *really* is.

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  18. Made a photo assignment for photographer to tag along with LAPD today as they delivered surprise Mother’s Day flowers to 200 residents.

    Photographer, female just texted me: ~ The officer they sent me with was sooooo good looking I’m going to commit a crime so he can arrest me ~

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  19. So many different situations we are all in, my goodness. Wycliffe has asked that everyone who is in the states not leave before July 31st. Then today I got an email that my school is delaying the start of the new year from July 22nd until at least August 12th.

    Let’s see. I have this house until the end of June. I need to return my rental van on July 8th. Will have to do some shuffling.

    I have had fun looking online at cars for sale. I would like to wait another year to buy, but we will see. The only thing that is certain is that it is all uncertain.

    I have joined Chas with nothing to do, no even anyone to care for. I have already gone out to walk over a mile!

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  20. D1 and family are coming over tomorrow for the day. We figure it’s a Mother’s Day visit. So I put up the new swings in the backyard that arrived today. They weren’t supposed to be here until next week, but Amazon has been surprising us lately. At least it’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, though it will be cool and cloudy. The children won’t mind.

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  21. From Miami Herald:


    ~ Sixty-eight percent of Americans worry their state governments are lifting COVID-19 restrictions too quickly, according to a poll by Pew Research Center. Pew polled nearly 11,000 U.S. adults in their survey, with the results showing a 2% increase in worried Americans from a poll it conducted in early April.

    The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.4 percentage points.

    The findings are similar to a poll conducted by Navigator Research, which polled 10,000 people this week. Its findings show 60% of Americans say they worry social distancing will end too soon, “endangering the economy and putting American lives at risk.”

    A third of Americans said they are concerned that “social distancing will go on too long and cause unnecessary damage to the economy and Americans’ livelihoods,” according to that same poll. Eight percent were not sure which concerns them more. … ~

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  22. It is a balmy 41 degrees here 😊 we had to bring all the flowers and plants in last night due to the frost overnight….and we will get another round of it tonight. Eh…Spring!!
    Janice my friend applied within the first hour for the small business loan and the bank put her on the low end of the requests…she only had 5 employees. She was told they make more money (commission) if they give the loans out to “small businesses” with more employees! 😢

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  23. NancyJill, my plants are all staying inside for the next few days – I brought up our grow lights since it’s so dim in here with the heavy clouds and snowfall.

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  24. Survived driving to JoAnn’s to pick up seven sewing machine needles. While out, I dropped off a UPS return and got some cash. Gorgeous day, but it felt odd. Home in time to start writing.

    Oh, ding, JoAnn’s just sent me a text thanking me for picking up my package. Ridiculous; that makes three texts and three emails. Maybe they’re all bored, too?

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  25. NancyJill – You wrote, “She was told they make more money (commission) if they give the loans out to “small businesses” with more employees!”

    I guess that’s why HRW, on the news thread, was puzzled about why the checks are being sent through banks rather than straight through the government, as is done in other countries.

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  26. Kizzie…yes. From my friend’s understanding and what she was told, the banks make money on loaning out taxpayers money to businesses. And the more employees the small business has, the more money the bank gets to keep. That just seems like a lot of nonsense to me but sadly it doesn’t surprise me with a government program 😞

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  27. Speaking of banks, as I did above, I have been working on straightening out that situation in which several charges were made on our old bank account (that is still in partial use, but I intend to close soon) by someone using the Google Play Store to buy “things” for their online video games. You may remember I mentioned that this happened in early April, all on one day. There are a few different things I did, and I was often confused with problems I encountered, so I am not now sure of all I did or in what order I did them.

    Anyway, it became apparent that someone had hacked into Hubby’s PayPal account, which had Google Play Store listed, and also into the old email account connected with Google Play. A password or two had been changed, so I had to do what I could to change them again. I also received a couple security codes from Google in my email, which I had not requested, indicating someone was trying to change a password or something.

    So, the email account has been deactivated, the PayPal account has been cancelled, and I put in a report to Google Play of fraudulent charges. It took Google Play a couple weeks or more to get back to me, and when they did, they said they couldn’t tell that a relative or friend had used the account, so they refused to reimburse me.

    That was greatly disappointing, so my next move was to contact my bank. I really had hoped that this could have been dealt with via their secure email system, but they insist on a phone call. As I mentioned recently, I think, these kinds of phone calls make me nervous because I often can’t understand the other person very well, so I was very nervous about that, but knew I had to go through with it. It turned out fine, though, with only a couple times of not hearing well enough.

    The lady sent an email with a link to print off the paperwork I needed to fill out. We were out of printer ink at the time, but it finally came in yesterday, so I printed off the pages right away. And then I noticed that there was a time limit on when to get the paperwork in, based on when I called – only a couple days away!

    We didn’t want to trust the mail to get it there in time. A small store/restaurant has a fax machine, so Nightingale took the papers down there on her way to the dump, and got them faxxed off. What a relief!

    Now I wait to see if this affidavit will be successful for me. (Please say a prayer to that effect. Thanks.)

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  28. Between yesterday and today, I accidentally came into contact (via comments on a local friend’s Facebook post) with a distant cousin of Hubby’s!

    It started off with her mentioning her grandfather being from Caribou, Maine (related to a post about something in Maine). I mentioned that my father-in-law (who died several years before I met Hubby) was also from Caribou. My friend’s friend, Cynthia, said that her maiden name is the same as my married name.

    We started sharing some information (switching to private messages for privacy). Her daughter had been looking up their family on Ancestor.com. I mentioned as many names as I could remember, which weren’t many, and we got a match! Hubby’s paternal aunt’s name came up.

    So far, I don’t yet know her connection to Ida, but this is neat! Oh, how I wish Hubby were here for me to share this with him!

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  29. That is really exciting, Kizzie! So glad you were able to figure that out.

    I was on my weekly Friday afternoon prayer call with ladies from church when a call came in from Karen. I considered merging her into the prayer call. That would have been a big surprise for her.

    Kim, that pool picture looks like a lot of fun for a little one! At first I scrolled quickly through the comments and my glimpse of it made me think it was a pretty Easter basket. It would make a cute giant Easter basket, too.

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