59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-7-20

  1. Good morning. Porcupines. They hum, like Winnie the Pooh. And they are cute. But they are hard on animals and on trees and not welcome.

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  2. The Covid number is between 30K and 31K now. It is hard to think on other things. All I want to do is stay in God’s word or work outside until I am too tired to think.

    My church Direction team got together by Zoom and has a plan for staggered reopening beginning mid June. It is a very detailed written plan. Many are still encouraged to participate virtually only at that time.

    Yesterday Wesley set up a practice Zoom meeting and was able to get me on video with audio through my phone. I am progressing!

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  3. Hedgehogs are tiny and roll-up.

    Porcupines look painful just standing there.

    Porcupines climb trees. The first one I ever saw was at the London Zoo. The second was in a friend’s apple tree in U.P Michigan.

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  4. Hedgehogs are cute, ‘pines, not so much.

    And there is no relationship with porcupines. ‘Pines are rodents, hedgehogs are not.


    “A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae, in the eulipotyphlan family Erinaceidae. There are seventeen species of hedgehog in five genera found through parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, and in New Zealand by introduction. There are no hedgehogs native to Australia and no living species native to the Americas (the extinct genus Amphechinus was once present in North America).

    Hedgehogs share distant ancestry with shrews (family Soricidae), with gymnures possibly being the intermediate link, and they have changed little over the last 15 million years.[2] Like many of the first mammals, they have adapted to a nocturnal way of life.[3] Their spiny protection resembles that of the unrelated porcupines, which are rodents, and echidnas, a type of monotreme.”

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  5. People keep hedgehogs as pets, Not usually porcupines.

    Actually, porcupines are very soft if you pet them in the right direction.

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  6. If you see a tall pine with the bark almost all gone, there has probably been a porcupine who has had some good meals.

    We mostly see them dead. We have at least one woman around here that will gather needles from those, if possible. She uses them as the Native Americans did to make beautiful items.

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  7. We have a rather large pine close to our driveway. A couple years ago we noticed lots of pine chips on the ground underneath. But the tree seemed to be ok. Now we are noticing that tree may not be ok and it is going to be a royal pain to take down….thanks porcupine 😞

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  8. Thanks for the header, Janice. It is so cheerful!
    Trying to decide where to go to walk five miles today. I will not be walking in the middle of the day.

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  9. I’ve pulled quite a few quills from dog noses in my day. Not fun for the dog or for me. If it’s only a few quills we’ll do it ourselves but if the dog looks like a porcupine it’s off to the vet for sedation. It’s tricky though as the little ones work their way in and disappear, if you don’t find and get them out it can be a sad outcome for the dog.

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  10. Yesterday, DJ mentioned being surprised by the “lock ’em up” attitude of a friend who is supposed to be libertarian. My own libertarian friends are in favor of the social isolating and such, but have differing views on how those who refuse should be treated.

    What has been interesting to me to see is that my more conservative friends, who would usually be in the category of supporting “law and order”, are the ones who seem most concerned about all of this, and some would even go so far as to rebel against the various decrees. They are the ones raising a hue and cry about what is happening.

    And then the liberals, who used to rail against “the man” (way back in the day), seem to be the ones most supportive of the various decrees.

    Of course, there are a lot of us who can echo DJ’s concern about all of this setting a dangerous precedent. That is pretty much what I see in my handful of libertarian friends – agreeing with being cautious as suggested, but also uncomfortable with what state governments are doing.

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  11. This that I shared on Facebook a little earlier goes along with my comment above:

    “I have almost no doubt that this was taking place due to very well-intentioned people, but there’s a reason why that raises a sense of alarm in all kinds of people–and not just the conspiracy theory propagating people who are complaining about having to wear masks in the grocery store.

    …I think governments, even when they’re well-intentioned, have to think through what are the implications going to be, ‘how can somebody use this policy I’m putting into place in another time and for another reason, and how am I communicating it?’ ” ~ Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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  12. Karen
    The fact that a woman was imprisoned for violating a decree posted by no duly elected legislative body should be a great concern by anybody who loves the land of the previously free. .

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  13. I have said it before: I believe President Trump sincerely cares about the people and the nation. He is working toward freeing the economy. He believes people should be free to make a living at whatever level they want to work toward. It has probably entered his mind, if he loses the election while we are still in lockdown, the new president might not have the same desire. Best to get us back on track before the election.

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  14. Without seeing the leaves or stem, one might think it is daisy fleabane, with edible leaves, though they are furry so you would want to cook them.

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  15. We had to pull a couple of quills out of a horse a few years ago. Had to take Jake to the vet for the same porcupine. Jake was not as cautious as the horse was.

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  16. I read that smokers are not as prone to get Covid19. Maybe all the tar in the lungs is not conducive to support the germs. Art stopped smoking over six years ago but I suspect his lungs are still not clear from about fifty years of smoking. But this could be one benefit from all that otherwise wasted money and damage. I wonder if smokers are carriers.


  17. Neat video, Janice (7:14). 🙂 I like that song, and a cappella singing of it sounded really cool.

    Nice header, too. Those southern blooms look so rich, especially while greenery is still fairly sparse here, though it thickens every day.

    Our rose-breasted grosbeaks and Eastern towhees have arrived now in the past week — another harbinger of spring for us.

    Porcupines — never seen one, nor any animals that had had an apparent run-in with one. That experience sounds awful.

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  18. Today all of us here at home Zoomed with 2nd Arrow and GD. The little one was completely oblivious to all the people on camera. She was too busy with toys and the dog and waving to the guy outside mowing the lawn.

    She walks along the couch and crawls all over. She thinks the baby monitor is her personal phone. 🙂

    She says Dada and hey!

    Nine months old already. Time certainly flies!

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  19. Oops, GD should read DG — Dear Granddaughter. I suppose GD could simply stand for GrandDaughter, but I do want to get the Dear in there. 🙂

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  20. Porcupines and skunks probably have long lives, unless they live where there are busy urban highways.

    Karen, has Russell Moore written anything of length on all of this? My friend liked to say her political “leanings” test came out libertarian, but I also think libertarianism can mask a number of far left and far right views. She was raised in a conservative family and outwardly seemed more conservative (she was a Republican for many years until she left the party over the abortion issue — which can also be a cross-over position for libertarianism). She’s in her 50s now but we’ve had a number of conversations through the years, I’ve tried to share the gospel but she won’t really engage in that topic. She had the usual liberal college education (in Washington state) but I think she never moved beyond some of those views as she came home and entered full adulthood.

    But I think she likes to see herself as moderate at some level.

    Anyway, interesting times we’re in and I certainly hope some of these conflicts and issues over civil liberties and the common good will be discussed soberly and seriously by our society — that may not be likely until we’re out of the heat of the crisis.

    We’ll be seeing a big beach weekend coming up out here with these high temperatures we’re getting. But we’re also supposedly stabilizing w/regard to covid so there is a cautious inching-forward on openings as we get into May.

    I was up reading in the wee morning hours and then got up later than I should have, convinced it was Friday. I read through World Magazine (April’s), haven’t received my May copy yet. Also read a couple good pieces in our denominational magazine.

    I now have it in my head that this is Thursday.

    Happy Siete de Mayo.


  21. One college class done, one more to go. I turned in grades for the Tuesday night class. The Monday/Wednesday class ends next week. Then the high school on May 21. We’re supposed to be in our classrooms when the students come back to clean out their lockers and return books. 2 hours each morning and 2 Mon & Tues evening that week. I’ll have 5 hours between times. I don’t know if I want to make the 90 mile round trip twice a day for two days. We’ll see. The superintendent says I need to be there, so I guess I’ll use that 10 hours to clean my classroom and get a head start on next year. Or get a Netflix free trial and binge watch on the Smartboard (interactive white board) screen. It’s basically a computer touch screen the size of a very large TV.

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  22. 6 – that sounds so fun – I hope it helps 6th arrow.

    In other news, the first 6 boards of ship lap went up this morning. And our new propane tank is being installed as I type. Things are progressing 🙂

    We will not be able to pull out the old furnace until next week because we’ll be having lows of -7C this weekend – ugh. That’s 19F. Double ugh.

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  23. I did my five miles. Several of the local trails connect, and I’ve wanted someday to walk two of them back to back–but the one nearest my home was mostly closed all last year. (The mile near my home was open–Michelle has walked it with me–but the part that connected it to another trail was closed until just recently.) I finally got to walk them today. I had my husband drop me off at the first trail and then I walked home. Beautiful weather. No wildflowers in bloom that I haven’t seen already (late May will be another batch of new ones), but the weather was lovely and I got some decent birds. I’m supposed to be editing a book due in a week, but the authors are late, so I’ve taken a couple of days to do other things before moving to a different book. Since I wander on and off the trail looking for wildflowers or getting closer to a butterfly or bird, the actual trail mileage might not be a good indicator of how far I walked, but the official mileage would have been a bit under 4.5 and so I’m sure I managed to get it over five. And yeah, a few hundred photos (400+).

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  24. I broke SIX sewing machine needles making masks. I’ve no clue what the problem is (it’s a machine, remember?). I have 2 more Star Wars masks to make and I’m done.

    My daughter-in-law gave me two needles the other day; I managed to lose both before I drove home.

    So, I figured a needled doesn’t weigh much, I’ll order a couple online.

    They were sold out online for most needles, but the ones I could buy were $4.99 and $8 shipping.

    Or, there was more selection at my local store where I could order and pick up for free.

    I guess I’ll take a drive tomorrow. 🙂 It will be my farthest trip west (7 miles) in several months!

    Maybe I’ll invite my husband to come along for the excitement value of seeing new sights!

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  25. Mumsee, I have a small crop of that daisy fleabane. If I cook it up, how do I season it? What benefit is it for a body? I think I have seen somewhere that dandelion is a detox for the liver.


  26. This should disturb all US citizens, not just Cali residents.

    Pay attention to what he says starting at the 6:10 mark….

    ” We will remove people from their homes to other facilities. “


  27. I met up with a gal in the Costco parking lot to purchase a couple masks she made. She was selling them out of the back of her car. 15 dollars donated to her. I got home and the masks do not fit. They are very small and the ends flip out when the ties are pulled…ugh. One well she made some money today 😊 I did make a couple of masks yesterday out of an old tshirt and they don’t look too shabby if I do say so myself 😷
    Aj that video sent chills up my spine!

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  28. Janice, I do not know if that is what it is. I just noticed the flower head looked like a flower I had just seen on a foraging site. You would want to make sure. If it is, just the leaves are edible and are cooked due to the furriness. Just like you would with other cooked greens.

    But if you are sure of what it is and want to try some, just a tiny nibble for starters in case you personally are somewhat allergic to it. Then wait an hour or two before trying more.

    Dandelions are considered a spring tonic, good for the internals. Quite bitter so mix them with other things like plantain, mallow, hollyhock. Mild tasting and maybe some peppergrass to spice it up. Plantain the weed not the banana.

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  29. DJ – This is where I got that quote. It is a podcast, I guess, but I got the quote from the written intro. If you scroll down, there is also quite a bit of text from the podcast, which I haven’t read yet. Quite frankly, I didn’t realize it was there until I went back to find this for you. After the written intro, it goes into italics with this stuff. . .

    “What is Quick to Listen? Read more

    Rate Quick to Listen on Apple Podcasts

    Follow the podcast on Twitter . . .

    . . .and a few more lines of that kind of thing, which made it look like it was the end, as that stuff usually appears at the end of an article. But I happened to scroll further this time and noticed the rest. I’m not into listening to podcasts or watching long videos. Much prefer a transcript to read.



  30. That is creepy, AJ. Are box cars involved? Darkly kidding (I hope!).

    The rationale seems to be that someone exposed would have to have their own bathroom; if they live with others and there isn’t a way to do that, then they’d have to go elsewhere. A hotel? A cabin in Idaho?

    The contact tracing is ramping up, we did a story on it today also.

    I heard something yesterday or the day before, either at a virtual news conference or meeting I was covering, about the idea also of moving people out of long-term care facilities into “alternative” housing facilities. Again, if there’s not enough room to “distance” and quarantine from others in the household or facility …

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  31. Kare, yes, it did seem to help 6th some to “see” her eldest sister and niece on camera today. Also, 3rd and 4th Arrows both had the day off, so she’s got a lot of extra sister time today. 🙂

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  32. Peter, that’ll spark some serious criticism I’d say. It will force churches to go to some kind of alternative arrangement (beyond virtual worship), drive-up options or?

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  33. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but some people call it “the People’s Republic of Illinois”.

    As for our little church, the family with small children don’t want the risk, since the children are in day care, and the man and woman work at a sleep lab, possibly exposed to the virus. So, we’ll go to our 2nd church (the one nearby where we go Wednesday nights).

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