57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-6-20

  1. Wow, that was jarring. I just read DJ’s comment from last night on the beautiful photo and had in mind Chas and TSWITW walking in the park, not the picture that came up! Pretty, but unexpected.

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  2. Good morning all. After taking care of baby until late afternoon, I will need to get more trees planted. The friends that were clearing out the parent’s yard for them brought around thirty five douglas fir trees. I love fir trees and Douglas Fir was what we always found for Christmas, growing up. I realize they are not full and all that but it was what we enjoyed so I am delighted to have a try at growing some. Some of these trees are small and easy planting, some are close to eight feet tall. No idea how many will survive but we have big holes to dig today as we planted all of the little guys.

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  3. I remember visiting Huntington Beach a few years ago and being shocked at the oil rigs in the ocean. You don’t see anything like that along the east coast.


  4. No, waiting for a phonecall. I was supposed to see a specialist today, but the in office appointment has been cancelled of course, so I am supposed to talk to her over the phone. This is for the health condition that is sapping my energy reserves. The last imaging tests I had done showed something of concern to my doctor, so she referred me to a specialist. Last week the specialist’s office phoned and said the appointment would be over the phone.

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  5. I was at Publix at 7 a.m. for senior hour. Traffic along the way was light. Hardly anyone was in the store. Art stayed home while I went so I could get eggs for our breakfast. I am very thankful for this option. I really like to walk through and think about sale items and what I might put together with them. I know I probably should order and get delivery but it seems complicated with having to decide on substitutions, etc., without being in the store. I guess you could think of my style as being a hands on shopper.

    Now I am preparing for my ladies Bible study at 10:00. We keep growing.

    The header is beautiful. Love that happy blue sky.


  6. I’m up and have been reading the Bible, praying and visiting other sites.

    I’m watching LMS (Learning Management System) sites for the two colleges to see if students are taking the tests as they’re supposed to do. In one way, I like the in-class testing, so that I can see what they are doing and answer any questions (sometimes the wording of instructions confuses them). In another way, I like giving them online, as I can go about my life instead of sitting in a classroom, waiting for that last student to finish. There always seems to be one who wants to go over everything with a fine tooth comb, so it takes a half-hour or so longer than the other students.

    We were told to post the exams and allot a 24-36 hour slot for them to take at their convenience. They have one attempt but only a set amount of time to take it, so once they start, they have to finish before the test closes. One of my students returned to Germany in March, rather than staying in a dorm room by himself for 8 weeks. I had to reschedule our night class to morning to accommodate him, as he would have to be up at 1:00 AM to be “in class” on Zoom.

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  7. Peter, my middle GD got a master’s from Duke, (in nursing, she graduated from USC-Columbia). She only visited the campus twice.
    Her husband now has been accepted for a Master’s at Ga. Tech. in computer science. He does computer work, whatever that is. They seem to be doing well.
    Point is: I think a lot is lost by not being on campus You miss a college experience that is different from book learning.

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  8. Morning all. Today is the end of the year sharing day for BSF, always a special day. Since the church ladies told me yesterday that PGE is turning off the power today, I am going to my friends home to use the internet and participate in the zoom sharing.

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  9. The reporter would know if this is true, but for those who are interested in Rick Warren, I think that is Saddleback Mountain–as in the name of his church. FYI.

    I’ll be leaving soon for a long walk. Cleaners are coming! They would like us to restrict ourselves to one room while they clean in booties, hair coverings, gloves and masks–using our vacuum cleaner.

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  10. For those who want to know what was for breakfast this morning: after sauteing some ONION and garlic, I added a nice mix of mallow, hosta, peppergrass, purslane, clover, chickweed, rose leaves, and kale. To that I added some pineapple tidbits for the blood pressure. Very delicious! (I know, certain people could not get past the onion, therefore I highlighted it so they would know not to read)

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  11. We shopped for groceries as well. Went to one store and then to Aldi’s. Forgot they only open early on Tues. and Thurs. so we had to wait a half hour with ice cream in our trunk. It was in a cold bag, but still. There were more people in the stores than the last couple of times we went, which were on a Tuesday. Glad we can still get food. It is a beautiful day here.

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  12. Mumsee, rather than frying your weeds with onion, wouldn’t it be easier just to pull them and throw them away? Or is that the more sure way to know they’re dead?

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  13. Oh yay, Mumsee’s starting a Christmas tree farm!

    The view is from my neighborhood looking east, down onto the Port of LA inside the breakwater — I was driving out one day and spotted the fog blanked (it hung around much later in the day than usual). So I stopped the car, got out and took this shot with the phone camera.

    We’d heard the concert of fog horns that morning, which happens when the fog rolls in this heavy. The shipping cranes peek out over the fog layer in this photo — the harbor is to the east, this shows the main shipping channel were all the cargo comes in and goes out along with occasional fishing boats and cruise ships when there’s no pandemic going on (and yes, that’s the Saddleback Mountain range just beyond that) so this isn’t the open ocean; that’s to the south and west of us.

    And very good, Michelle — yep, 9th Street.

    At night, it’s all lit up, of course (providing another really pretty view), as work at the port to unload and load ships goes on 24 hours a day. It remains the busiest port in the nation but times are getting hard now and there’s a serious drop in imports.

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  14. Last night I checked in on a former co-worker who is in Arizona helping out her mom (and has since become somewhat “stuck” there due to various circumstances, both with her mom but also now with the virus — friend doesn’t drive due to diabetes/eyesight problems and air travel, which she’s used before for quick trips home, is now out).

    We got into a rather long text discussion about the folks “breaking” quarantine by going to the beach which was interesting.

    She seemed upset over it all. Interesting because she told me once that she took one of those political temperament tests and came out a libertarian. Let’s just say she doesn’t sound like a libertarian anymore 🙂 Last night, she sounded more like a lock-em-up gal.

    I know this situation i so frustrating and I personally think caution in venturing out (our virus #s in LA are still too high for comfort) is the wisest course. But I also think some of the beach issues we saw out here last weekend was partly a reaction and a show of open resistance to the earlier “closing” of many beaches which many felt simply went too far.

    This whole thing will be debated in time (as it should be, important issues all around coming out of this experience); but the question of how much force we want to allow police or government to wield over us in these situations, how heavy-handed we are willing to allow authorities to be, is a very serious one for a democracy. It’s easy in China. But we’re not China (thankfully), we’re different, and this all has raised conflicts over our guarantee of personal freedoms and how much government can or should be able to do to crack down on those not following the “rules” in a case like this.

    Persuasion is always best, but when or if that doesn’t work, then what? I don’t know but I’m uncomfortable with a lot of heavy-handedness.

    Anyway, friend seems agitated over all the ‘law-breakers,’ pointing to anecdotal cases of confederate flags waving, saying more patrol and action on the part of police is warranted. I tend to move away from that position because I think it can set a dangerous precedent.

    So many issues growing out of all this.

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  15. Our house cleaners have come and gone and my house is so clean I think I should remain outside! 🙂

    I use an agency so I don’t have to worry about taxes and immigration issues. I wrote the check for today’s cleaning and then handed the team head (2 or 3 women clean) the same amount of money in case for last month. “I didn’t know how to get it to you.”

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” with tears in her eyes.

    I way overtipped yesterday at our favorite burrito restaurant (Lepes, if you’re ever in town). Same reason. Many thanks.

    Best Buy would not let me tip. No worries.

    When I picked lemons at my son’s house (after dropping off Star Wars masks for the kids), my granddaughter sat on the steps and told me how much she missed coming to my house for dinner. “We’ll have to have a big green meal when this is all done.”

    “Why green I asked?”

    “Because the virus is green.”

    “But it also means go,” I laughed.

    It’s hard not to hug them. I’ve got a bag of lemons, though!

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  16. Our county of 500K stats: Maybe 500 people have gotten the virus; 3-4 deaths (the young police officer lived in Napa County next door. She was 43. The other three deaths were of folks over 65).

    3 people currently in the ICU.

    We’re a skewed liberal town with a large retired percentage (the only people who can really afford to live here). While low riders are turning wheelies in our church parking lot and people are getting their tires slashed and cars keyed, the police do nothing.

    While the homeless are given a free pass to live anywhere they like and do anything they like (use the creeks, for example, for sewage), police are routinely ticketing people driving more than 100 mph on our relatively empty freeways. (Lots of income there at $2500 a ticket; there may be felonies involved here, too).

    Unless you can physically walk to the park, you cannot use it. But, you can drive to the golf course to play golf as of two days ago.

    If you ride your bike alone, no mask. If you ride with friends you either must stay 40 feet apart or wear a mask.

    People are tired of being cooped up inside on these beautiful spring days. Scofflaw is the word of the day because the natives are restless.

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  17. My nephew–I come from a family of Scofflaws–visited his apartment in San Francisco the other day. He described an apocalyptic scene of empty streets, shuttered stores and restaurants, and didn’t spot many homeless. He then visited his office and hunted up the girlfriend he hadn’t seen in two months for a joyous reunion.

    Interesting times.

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  18. My comment from earlier: there’s a serious drop in imports.

    Most of our exports now consist of empty containers 😦 going back to China for a refill.

    How sad is that?

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  19. I keep returning here to see home again. When I look at that photo, I’m ten again and sitting in the back of the station wagon riding down the hill on that big bump! Thank you.

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  20. From the port this morning: “As we move deeper into the remainder of the second quarter, we’re forecasting significantly lower (cargo) volumes, particularly on the import side. There are at least 28 voided vessel sailings. Retailer orders are soft as consumer purchasing and confidence has dropped precipitously.”

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  21. This is the windiest day I have seen. I expect trees are down somewhere. The cold front has been roaring and making the small trees whip and slap the house. I heard something hit the roof. Here comes another strong blast. I am wondering if I should go downstairs.

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  22. I got the mail a few minutes ago and found a World magazine with a small book by John Piper inside the plastic wrap. It will be a few days before I open it. That is a nice gift for print subscribers. My question is why did it take longer for me to receive it given that Georgia borders with North Carolina or is it printed and mailed from a place closer to Mumsee?


  23. Hey all. Nice California shot up there!
    It is cooler and very windy today. I had to run to Walmart to pick up some more allergy meds. It is bad enough when the winds are calm but once they kick up I just forget the walk outside..sneezing, watering eyes, scratchy throat later after walk…I’ll do the elliptical today 😞
    Today is our firstborn’s 44th birthday…I got on the phone with fedex and shared a piece of my mind with them because his package that was to be there Saturday is still not delivered and there are no updates when I track it. Son is a manager at Wayfair and he said by far fedex is the most difficult to deal with at his company…never again….
    While I was shopping at Walmart I went to the meat cases and sure enough…not much there. I heard there was going to be a “run on meat”…must be true. I did notice they now have directional arrows and “do not enter” signs at the ends of aisles…and some people cannot read such signs 😂 As I entered the store a masked older lady said to me “you may enter IF you can maintain 6 ft away from you and others”!! I wanted to salute but refrained from doing so…I just replied “Yes Ma’am”!!! (I could have said “aye aye captain”!!


  24. DJ- I wondered why there were mountains in the background. I thought- Those look like the mountains near San Bernadino. If that’s Catalina Island, where did it get such tall mountains?

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  25. A little history about Saddleback Mt, courtesy Wikipedia


    Saddleback, sometimes called Old Saddleback or Saddleback Mountain,[1] is the landmark formed by the two highest peaks in the Santa Ana Mountains and the ridge between them. Resembling a saddle as viewed from most of Orange County, California, this formation dominates the county’s eastern skyline. On the clearest days, Saddleback is visible from most of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

    Santiago Peak is the highest peak in the range and the highest point in the county at 5,689 ft (1,734 m).[2] Modjeska Peak is the second highest at 5,496 ft (1,675 m). The two peaks form part of the border between Orange and Riverside counties.

    The hilly land in south Orange County is known colloquially as Saddleback Valley, and hence many institutions are named after Saddleback, including Saddleback Church, Saddleback College, and the Saddleback Valley Unified School District.

    The presence of volcanic rocks in Silverado Canyon indicates that Saddleback Mountain was formed prior to the development of the San Andreas Fault, back when a subduction zone occurred where the Pacific Plate went under California.


  26. I enjoyed the zoom sharing. Then I decided to go for a walk with my friend. She remembered a prayer meeting, so turned back for that. She gave me a new route which turned out to be about five miles. All the roads around the outside of the golf course. Note to self, do not take long walks at noon. I’m tired.

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  27. Homeschooling: According to the homeschooling magazines my mother received in the 90s, homeschooling was under imminent attack then. Over a quarter of a century later, it is still perfectly legal. In my early years, we had yearly inspections from a school board member. I remember the first one well, an elderly gentleman who took tea, read my mother’s yearly report, and wrote us each a letter afterward. There were two younger gentleman who came after he retired, and finally a woman came just as we started using the ATI curriculum. My mother had been a bit apprehensive of the reception, but the woman, who had multiple letters after her name, seemed to find the idea intriguing, a wrote a glowing report of my mother’s educational plane. That was the last year an inspector came. I think, as a conservative provincial government cut funding to services, checking up on homeschoolers was not a priority to the cash strapped local school board.


  28. Nancy Jill, my husband and I are not at all fans of FedEx. He had a package due last week that was in the next county over and due to be delivered, but it ended up going by way of Illinois and being delivered the next day. UPS delivers to our front door without being told; FedEx, despite numerous requests, still delivers to our back door. (Our back door is what would be a garage on most units–about a quarter of the units, including ours, has a family room instead of a garage. Well, the biggest problem with delivering at the back door is that it faces a fairly major street, and packages left out there are visible to the sidewalk and the street. So we’ve requested that packages be left by our front door, as UPS does, but both FedEx and the post office simply do it their own way. For the post office, at least, most packages fit in a locked mailbox.)

    In Nashville I had a fence around part of my backyard, and I started locking it because otherwise it didn’t stay shut. FedEx tossed a package over it–it was six feet high–and I called and complained, and they said I could put a note on the fence but they couldn’t put a note on my address. The next week, another package was tossed over the fence. I’ve seen video of a box with a computer being tossed over the fence by FedEx. On Valentine’s Day in our previous house, we were getting ready to go out to lunch, but we saw we couldn’t get out of our driveway since a FedEx driver had gotten enough off the driveway that he got stuck in the mud. It was 90 minutes before he left. My brother who was driving for UPS said they’d get written up if they went off a customer’s driveway and left ruts in their yard. But we pretty much never get a package sent FedEx that doesn’t get something wrong with the delivery. How they stay in business, I don’t know. Probably just that there’s too much business for UPS and the post office alone to handle, and no other company has gotten enough momentum to topple them.

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  29. Janice, I received that magazine and book a few days ago. Maybe Saturday? Waaaaaay up here. 😀


  30. I really enjoyed that video, Roscuro. Thanks!

    There were two other videos I saw today that I loved, too. Two of my four students from the studio where I teach decided to participate in the virtual recital the studio is planning. Their parents uploaded videos to YouTube this week of the children playing the pieces they selected, and I found their pages and got to see their videos before they’ll be compiled with the other videos of participating students.

    One of my students played Bingo and the other, Mary Had a Little Lamb. 🙂 So charming! 3rd Arrow got a kick out of seeing those little boys that she’d heard about, but hasn’t ever met, sitting and playing their pianos at home, in their first ever performances.

    Both played beautifully, and you could see the concentration on their faces as they performed. One of them smiled spontaneously, briefly, in the middle of his performance — I wondered what thought had crossed his mind just then 😉 — and the other, who is very animated in his lessons, looked ultra-serious through his performance. So interesting to see his change of character for it! But I know he’s really excited about it, too, as his mom told me on the phone today that he LOVES piano lessons!

    That always makes me smile, to hear about children loving their music lessons, whichever instrument or with whatever teacher they may be studying.

    Carrying on the tradition into the next generation — I love it. 🙂

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  31. We saw a porcupine ambling across the road ahead of us on our walk today. I couldn’t get a good picture as it was quite away of the road by the time we got up to it.

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  32. Kathaleena, I’ve never seen a porcupine! Cool sighting! (I’ve seen several animals I’ve never photographed, including opossum and skunk.)

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  33. Oh Cheryl we have plenty of porcupine around here unfortunately. Fly was quilled once on her nose and several of our neighbor’s dogs have been severely quilled requiring emergency surgeries. Then there is the thing they do ringing the pines from the tops which kills them. Pesky things they are.


  34. Yes, and hard on fruit trees. Nothing like having calves with quills every morning for a couple of weeks. Means putting them in the chute and pulling each one. Our dog has been slapped several times and it is an adventure to remove the quills

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