34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-27-20

  1. Good morning everyone.
    I did something dumb this morning. Something I’ve never done before and I can’t imagine doing.
    I got up an hour early.
    I got up to go to the bathroom. Glanced at the clock and thought it said 6:30. But it was only 5:30. It was only when I woke Elvera for breakfast that I noticed that I was an hour ahead. I put her back to bed and came in here.
    Everything is back to whatever is normal now.

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  2. I finished my morning devotions and the coffee is still hot.
    Sun is coming up.
    And another week is starting.
    For whatever that means now.
    Not much around here.

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  3. Another week here, as well. Daughter is off to work so I am here with baby. Husband is taking the truck to Lewiston for its regular work they do of whatever. Eighteen and thirteen will go along for the ride. He will do a little this and that and they will stay in the car. The work is expected to be four hours. So they will be sitting in the truck for about six and a half hours. I cannot imagine that is fun. But they enjoy it.

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  4. A beautiful spring day here. Low clouds, humid (but not what most of you would consider humidity), warm in the low fifties….I love this time of year!

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  5. Singing birds, bright sunlight, and the street cleaner just went by.

    The sameness of my day is lightened because the story I’m writing is different.

    That’s what I loved about the newspaper job back in the last century, and really, life raising children.

    Garden is in and it was so pretty yesterday with warm weather, a glorious blue sky, blossoming flowers and singing birds, that we ate two meals in the backyard

    I’m content.


  6. Good morning.

    I set up an optional Zoom meeting with my high school students for tomorrow. We’ll see if any are interested. I know of one or two that are. How many of their friends can they convince to join in? I invited the parents as well in case they have concerns/questions.

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  7. Chas, I have done that more than once.

    Sometimes just going somewhere different is fun, but I would need a book with me, mumsee, to do all that waiting.

    Content is a blessing, Michelle. I am content, as well.


  8. I hope your mask sewing is successful, NancyJill. That ones I made are very simple. I did the folded ones with elastic. They are reversible. I did learn that ironing a fold in the center (long way) and then opening it up and folding each side to the middle; ironing those folds makes for a much easier way to set the folds with no pins needed. The folds are ironed and then sewn in when you sew around the edges. We are not even going to the PO, so haven’t even made for our children. I did leave some at the clinic when I had to go anyway.

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  9. Well that’s how I feel πŸ™‚ so there.

    And I had to email the tax guy again with a couple question, the state still isn’t showing my return as having been filed but I think he was filing that before or certainly by April 15. Maybe he filed close to or on the deadline so it’s just not showing up in their online receipt records yet.

    This is just a strange year & I’m still having trouble communicating w/this new guy. I need something in plain English — “I did this, you still have to do that, step 1-2-3, blah-blah-blah.”

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  10. God is spirit. I do not know what that means. When He created us, He created us with a sense of taste. And hearing. And sight. And touch. That seems extraordinarily astute of Him. As spirit. Continually amazed.

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  11. okay, today is the day. This morning I wondered why I should even get dressed. I spoke to a friend and she said that she is still in her bathrobe. Oh, it is not just me. But I am dressed and am looking into medicare, about which I know nothing. Oh, I guess I know something as I am enrolled in Part A. So next year I enroll in Part B, see I’m learning. Then I decide what to do about the rest. But I am so healthy that I probably just need an advantage plan. I don’t have any prescriptions. Mumsee got me on turmeric and I take fish oil and vitamin D, nothing that requires a prescription. Health is a blessing.

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  12. Medicare is a maze. I used a broker as did most of my friends. I found it really confusing and did not have the time working full time still to deal with it.

    I feel a lot better when I get dressed, even if it’s the usual T-shirt, jeans and sandals or sneakers.

    The cat is trying to knock the income tax folder off the table. She will not be ignored.

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  13. I went to the P O and got a photo of a lovely iris along the way home. I had stopped for a photo of a snowball bush and then saw the more striking iris. I think I need to dig and separate my iris plants since they are not blooming.

    Power tools are buzzing next door. No idea what that is about. It still seems so odd in my neighborhood that we all live close together but no one is friends much. Growing up not far from here was so different. We were good friends with most of the neighbors. I miss that especially right now. My friend, Karen, has been out of touch a good bit lately and I am not conversing as frequently with my brother. When I was too busy then everyone wanted to talk to me all day long. I am not really lonely, but just feel like things are quite odd right now. Of course I have regular contact with church friends three times a week for up to three hours at a time.

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  14. I’m procrastinating for the third day. I’m on the hinge chapter of the book; it’s complicated, and yet it is where everything changes. I found a book on the writing of Streams in the Desert, written about 20 years ago by an intellectual Christian feminist semi-progressive writer. I’m arguing with her the whole way through and will not be seeking an endorsement from her! LOL

    But, she’s forcing me to look at the story a little differently–which is fine, that’s the point of reading the book. I’ve been taking walks and working on the puzzle, letting my mind “float,” even as I’m praying that I will take what is useful from her book and jettison the rest.

    It’s an interesting dance.

    My strength as a biographer is telling the story and getting the facts into place and allowing them to explain the subject. I am NOT a literary analyst like this other author. Her work valuable for lazy me because now I don’t have to go look up all the quoted writers in Streams in the Desert. But I don’t agree with her conclusions.

    It’s interesting, too, I suspect–when I swap on the hat I wear when working at a literary agency–that she set out to write a different book, got swamped in the middle, altered the focus, didn’t find exactly what she sought and wrote a literary analysis based on an obscure woman to poke at Streams in the Desert.

    I can only tolerate one or two chapters a day and have 60 pages left to go. Yesterday morning, I lay in bed praying and thinking and then rose to write a 900-word argument against her book. I’m now going to review yesterday’s writing, probably make some structural changes in the biography as written so far, and then dip into the hinge chapter.

    It’s the work I need to do. I’d just rather be lazy! LOL

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  15. And since my daughter-in-law has volunteered to share some of the stew she is cooking for dinner–we just have to pick up–I don’t even have cooking dinner to excuse my lack of enthusiasm! Such a tricky God . . .

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  16. I used some distillery made hand sanitizer to clean the groceries that husband brought home. It worked really well with paper towels, but next time I’ll use a thin rag, saving the wipes for use in vehicles.

    Chicken stir fry tonight. Yay.

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  17. DJ – Yes, discombobulated is a word. It’s discombobulates people when they first hear it. Interestingly, there is no way to be combobulated.

    Michelle- It’s an informal meeting so they can ask questions about the work I’ve given them. Or just to chat. I doubt many of them have kept up with it, and most don’t want to speak it, they just want the credit. Sad.

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  18. After procrastinating for over two years, earlier this year I finally contacted my life insurance company to get the automatic payment switched from Hubby’s old account to my account, as well as naming Nightingale and Chickadee as co-beneficiaries in place of Hubby. It took some emailing, filling out some paperwork, and getting my neighbor to witness my signature. I was so relieved when it was all done, and I saw the next withdrawal come from the correct account.

    As of this month, my bank was taken over by the bank which had bought it. And wouldn’t ya know, they changed my bank account number. So I need to get back to the person at the insurance company who helped me change it from Hubby’s to mine, to change it again. 😦

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  19. Peter – One of Nightingale’s patients is Hispanic, and is teaching her some simple phrases, as well as the higher numbers so she can tell her her blood pressure in Spanish. When she does, the lady says, encouragingly, “Very good Spanish!” πŸ™‚


  20. Yesterday, I had an agenda of what I wanted and needed to do, much of it online. At lunchtime, I usually watch a TV show I’ve recorded, but decided to save time by not doing so.

    When I finally got around to getting myself a late lunch, Boy then needed me to help him with something. (And yes, it needed to be done then.) Then, looking for an email (related to Boy’s request), I found that Google had sent me a security code that I had not asked for, and that it was related to an email account that is actually Chickadee’s (but Hubby had used for an account that he thought she would use – long story), so I got in contact with her, to alert her to that. (She said she had already deactivated the account, which had been hacked last month.)

    I forget what else happened, but by the time I finished lunch and got back to what I was doing, two hours had elapsed. So much for saving time by not watching a TV show.

    So I dove back into what I was doing. After a bit, seeing that Nightingale was quite late, and I didn’t have anything prepared to make for dinner, I texted her and suggested that she pick up something for dinner. But she had some chicken thawed out that she wanted to cook up. (I hadn’t noticed it in the fridge.)

    Being overtired and just happy to be home and see her family, she didn’t think of preheating the oven until after she took her shower, and then almost forgot to put the chicken in the oven. So we ate quite late for us (I think it was after 7:00), but the chicken was delicious!

    During the time from after her shower to about an hour after dinner, Nightingale was in a very talkative mood, with that kind of fake energy that we can have when overtired, so I hung out with her for that time, and it was quite enjoyable. Of course, I realized that my plans to get some things taken care of had flown out the window, but my grown daughter wanted to spend time talking my ears off, which is actually pretty special, so I didn’t let myself be bothered by it. I just kind of sighed inside and told myself, “I’ll get to that stuff tomorrow. This is good.” πŸ™‚

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  21. I just finished reading a very small book by Timothy Keller, The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness. It is a wonderful little book. I think it would especially be good for young people to read since they can apply it’s message for many years.

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  22. Well, I made it through another Monday.

    Two stories, a news conference to listen to, not too bad of a day. Gardener was here & Real Estate Guy came by to fiddle some more with the direction of the motion lights. And my cousin in LB called with a fun story or photo idea, a member of the Philharmonic lives across the street and every Monday he and another musician or two put on an impromptu concert from his front porch; neighbors set up lawn chairs (6 feet apart) to enjoy the evening music. I could hear it in the background when he called a little while ago. They live in a little enclave area populated by some beautiful historic homes, the streets are all circular (easy to get lost in there) from the old horse and carriage days.

    It’s staying light so late now, kind of nice.

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  23. Did my five miles today. I’m tired. Well the good/bad news is that the golf course is opening up on Friday. I have so enjoyed my walks out there.

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  24. oh, I have a blister on my foot. I have lost a couple of pounds. Then I decided to give myself extra credit for the couple of pounds that I have not gained!!!

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