48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-16-20

  1. Good morning AJ, et al.
    Winter has returned to Greensboro.
    It’s clear but cold., 37 degrees. But it’s supposed to get up to 57 today.
    Have a good day, everyone.

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  2. Yup, I slept in. It’s 7:45 already and I have to be at work in 15 minutes. But since work is on the other side of the room, I mostly just have to turn my chair around and move the monitor. I probably should get dressed too instead of staying in my bathrobe.

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  3. Good morning. Of course, I slept in. I was up late last night, we had company. Well, eighteen’s worker was finally able to come by since we were done with two week quarantine from husband and daughter’s travels up from Boise. Anyway, she stayed late into the evening. Maybe until eight thirty. So I got up about five fifteen. Sleep matters and I am rather good at it.

    Big brother, thank you for that helpful piece at the end of yesterday. It helped to clear up a lot of misconceptions.

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  4. The daily update from the nursing association reported that yesterday this province had 769 patients currently hospitalized with COVID-19; 255 in ICU; and 199 in ICU on a ventilator. My mother’s eldest brother phoned her yesterday – his neighbour is one of those in ICU on a ventilator. This uncle is among the more vulnerable, with a heart condition and a slow moving type of leukemia, but he still goes out grocery shopping everyday, because that is what he has always done.

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  5. Good Morning. We have had Little Miss for 3 days. I was up early working on some continuing educations, you know, since I have the time and all. Then we had breakfast and she got a manicure from Papa. I have photographic evidence of him painting fingernails with Tinkerbell Nail Polish that she got for her birthday. Maybe,since he has experience now, I can get a pedicure. 🙂

    It is cool here this morning. Currently 56 degrees. You all know how I feel about cold weather.
    Michelle has been posting photos of her walks and the weather and flowers look gorgeous.
    My 6th grade boyfriend (still holds the record for giving me the largest box of Valentine’s candy) lives in Pasadena. He and his mother bought a small house they have redesigned for her and he is building a “small house” on the back. He has been doing lots of yard work and sending us the photos (us would be my “best friend” from 3rd grade and the boy who broke my heart in 11th grade). We have had a conversation going in FB Messenger since it started.
    G’s career has been as a make-up artist so what he has done with the house and the landscaping has been beautiful. I asked if he looked at it as “making up the face of the house”. He said exactly. B (11th grade heartbreak) is a construction manager at a high dollar area of South Carolina, so he sends photos of the remodels he is doing. It is nice to see all the pictures.
    R (3rd grade friend) is an associate professor in Virginia and keeps us up culturally.
    G’s Mother was among some of the last to have Polio. She has post-Polio syndrome and is immuno-compromised so he has to be very careful with her. His stepfather was a survivor of the Holocaust and had hemophilia and died of complications in 2015. G promised his stepfather that he would move in and take care of his mother. He has been a good son and only complains to us. I have always told him to do whatever he had to do so that when it is all over he will have not regrets. I am glad to know he is listening to me. It is also fun to watch Mr. Single in LA turn into Mr. Domesticity.
    I, on the other hand, tell them about potty training a 2 year old. The excitement on her face is worth it.

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  6. My uncle has five sons, four of whom live fairly near him, and two have shared conspiracy theories regarding this virus on FB. Conversely, my mother’s eldest sister, whose husband is quite vulnerable, has her youngest son, who takes this all quite seriously, quite near – her two older sons are a missionary currently on furlough and a pastor – and either he or his eldest daughter delivers her groceries so she does not have to go out.

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  7. Pertinent to nothing here. Just an observation.
    It seems that someone beside us reads this blog.
    How do I know? It has been a puzzle to me on how they hve me pegged, but they do.
    And I can only trace it to here.

    I keep getting renewal notices for the Republican party. I have never belonged to the RP, “But I started getting notices that my membership is expiring.
    Send money.
    I never renewed, but I keep getting reminders.
    Even from Donald Trump Jr.

    I do contribute, occasionally, to what I think is a worthy cause.
    But I don’t get involved in party politics.
    Though I always vote conservative.

    Does anyone else experience this?a

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  8. Chas, no. Not even on the email address I use for this account do I get related spam. If the emails are legitimately from the Republican party, they might have got your name and email from something else entirely – some businesses which collect emails and phone numbers do sell the lists to other businesses.


  9. I ordered stamps on-line so I wouldn’t have to go out and wait in line with people. It was simple, easy, they deliver them to your house with your mail, and it only costs $1.30 more than getting them at the local post office.

    But in the process, I think I figured out why the postal service is so badly in debt.

    Rather than have my local PO put them in an envelope and send them to me, they came from Kansas City, Missouri. And they were in a huge priority mail envelope, along with a card board insert. So at some point they flew, then went on a truck, were delivered to the regional center in Allentown first (where all mail goes locally and then is distributed from), and then to my local PO, and finally were delivered 5 days later.

    Talk about an inefficient system.

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  10. I don’t know if this is still the case, but when we lived on a rural route, all we had to do was put a note with a check in the mailbox and the postal carrier would either have the stamps in the car and leave them, or deliver them with the mail the next day.

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  11. A former missionary shared the above video of missionaries singing It is Well With My Soul in each of their languages.

    The temp started at 42° this a.m. it really seems like Dog Park Cold after all that time we were up near 90°.

    The header is of course an up close photo of the center of a clematis. I thought it looked somewhat like a spider. And I would never want to meet a spider with that many legs. I hope it did not scare anyone.

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  12. Thanks so much for that video, Janice. I love hearing familiar hymns sung in different languages, and am glad for different supplementary resources like that for our foreign languages and cultures homeschool studies.


  13. They are giving out the last three BSF lessons this morning. You just have to come to the church parking lot. I will just walk over as I can see them over there.
    Only three more weeks!! These Bible studies are what order my day.

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  14. Tiny is asking a lot of questions about life and death, God, good and evil. She is only three, going on four, but her linguistic capabilities are very advanced. We have to be careful how much we discuss the pandemic in front of her. Sixth is happily oblivious, living each day with the same zest and enthusiasm as the day before.

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  15. It is Thursday! Husband and I got out and hiked 6 miles in 22 degree temps with a north wind a blowing! We were in the trees for the most part which helped break the winds off our faces but boy when we were in the open I thought my face was going to freeze off! It was so pretty though because of the frosty fog moving along the land. We arrived home just before the big fat flakes stared to fall…we have a couple inches on the ground now and it continues to fall….😊

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  16. I took a walk with a friend this morning–six feet apart through hills and dales–after she stopped by to pick up masks for herself and her husband.

    Another friend is coming at 3 for the same reason–but we’re going to walk the flats. They’ll have matching couple masks: Star Wars for him; flowers for hers.

    I’m celebrating by eating a brownie and a Reese’s peanut butter cup; after all, that’s two walks in one day! 🙂

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  17. Before I catch up and then forget what I was gonna say. . .

    On Facebook, Make-It-Man posted a photo of a book he had as a child, which led to his love of making things (in particular with wood, such as wood-turning). Its title is “McCall’s Giant Golden Make-It Book”, so I asked him if that is how he chose his pseudonym for the blog, and I mentioned that he is missed here.

    He replied:

    “Yes, it is. Well thanks. Please tell them I’m doing well and miss them too.. I just don’t have much time for all the forums and blogs I used to frequent.”

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  18. Thursday.

    Board of Harbor Commissioners met today, an hours-long presentation, via ZOOM, on the 2020-21 budget and immediate future plans for some of the big summer waterfront events (4th of july, fleet week) that may not happen. Not so much a matter of financial constraints (though that could develop, depending) — but more a matter of trying to figure out when large gatherings will be allowed. The mayor has said not for the rest of this year, so …

    OK, back to my story. At least I’m busier today than I was yesterday.

    I would have liked the walk, Nancyjill.

    Oh, and the paper towels are coming early, they’re “6 stops away,” says Amazon. Just in time, I used the last scrap this morning.

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  19. Someone at the meeting, I can’t find it in my voluminous notes however, said how amazing it was that things have turned so quickly, in just a matter of weeks, really.


  20. Peter, I used to have Drill’s e-mail address, but alas that e-mail account thought I wasn’t using it anymore, and though I managed to rescue the account, it dumped every e-mail in it.

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  21. We just had a gender revel on Zoom with D1 and the rest of the family. The other grandchildren were eating cookies iced with a color in a shade between red and white.

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  22. Congratulations on the little en-route pink bundle, Peter. 🙂 How many girl and boy grandbabies is that now?


  23. There is a Santa Claus.

    Humongous, double-decker box of 16 rolls of Bounty, “The quicker picker-upper,” landed on my front porch at mid-day.

    I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight.

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  24. Kim – I was very grateful that God gave me daughters. But I have to say that I am also grateful that God gave me a grandson, so I could see that little boys can be as sweet and lovable as little girls, and I get to experience the different kind of fun that little boys bring.

    Having said that, I would love a granddaughter someday. I see photos of your Little Miss, EYG’s two adorable granddaughters, and Kathaleena’s two little granddaughters (Designer Girl’s two youngest), and I think I would love being Mimi to a little girl.

    But if that never happens, I am still grateful for the experience of raising two girls, and the experience of helping raise a boy. (I often think of that saying, that KBells would mention. Something like, “With boys, you pay up front. With girls, you pay later.” So far, that seems to be true. 🙂 ) (Boys can be gross!)

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  25. I told my husband I’ve been inside the house too long and I’m beginning to hallucinate. While he was napping, I saw a unicorn go by the window, with rainbow-colored tail and mane. Then I showed him the photo I took of it.

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  26. Right now it’s 3 and 3. D1 has 2 girls and 3 boys, so she’ll have equal numbers of each. D2 has a 3 month old girl and is glad her daughter will have a same gender cousin close in age.

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  27. Kathaleena – I just re-read my comment and I feel bad because I meant to include the word “adorable” for your granddaughters, too, not only for EYG’s.

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  28. Kim – Your nickname of “Little Miss” for her reminds me that my Aunt Gert (my mom’s older sister) often called me “Missy” when I was younger. 🙂


  29. Kizzie, the photo probably isn’t worth sharing to the blog. But some person in a costume made of a material that reminded me of a little kid’s plastic boat for the wading pool, with a minder walking alongside. I don’t know if they were going to some kids’ house for a party or just walking around town to see how many children they could amuse, or what. But the average age in here is closer to 80 than to 10, so who knows what they were doing.

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  30. From our editions today:

    Need an alternative to toilet paper? Try these plants that you can grow in your yard

    A number of species that grow well in Southern California are well suited to the purpose.


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