47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-6-20

  1. Good morning AJ, et. al.
    I hadn’t expected this to be up so early.
    So? I need go go back and catch up.
    Have a nice day.
    I see my picture is showing up again when I enter my address.

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  2. Good morning! That is Formosa azalea. I had seen the plantings in the neighborhood and chose one for our yard. Some of our azaleas were potlucks bought on sale, deep discounted because it was fall clearance and any indication of flower color was long gone. But this one I chose purposefully. The blossoms are giant compared to others.

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  3. I was up late and up early.

    I hardly got together a bag of garbage to carry to the street. In America, a week with no garbage means things have really gotten sparse. I hear the neighbor bringing their can back. It’s the most exciting thing to do for today!

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  4. How about the excitement of going over 200 posts?
    I don’t think we have ever done that before. Because I never knew that we got a new page for post #201.
    I hope that is the most exciting thing to happen today.
    I think I said this before.
    When you reach 80-85, all change is bad.

    I don’t know if you guys had to do it; but in the AF, after you make sgt (three stripes), you had to take your turn at COQ (charge of quarters). i.e. You were in charge of the unit, you handled all the minor problems on after hours and weekends.
    We had a saying, “Nothing good happens after midnight”.

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  5. Good morning and a good morning it is. The sky is brightening, the roosters crowing, the husband snoring. School today, of course, and maybe get out to the gardens if baby cooperates and it is not raining or snowing.

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  6. Chas, You are right about nothing good happens after midnight. That’s what mothers tell their daughters.
    Several years ago I reconnected with a friend from school. In our catching up he admitted he had a drug problem for a number of years. He said nothing good happens after midnight….you are at the ATM getting money to go meet your dealer. While the subject matter was grim, that made me laugh. On a side note, he gave up drugs. He said he woke up one morning and decided he didn’t want to do that any more. I asked him if he went to meetings. He went a couple of time but said it was just a bunch of people talking about drugs and that made him want the drug so he quit going and quit the drug.

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  7. Janice and Cheryl,
    That is the old fashioned azalea. The leaves are different and they bloom one time then turn into a giant green bush. They are spectacular when they bloom but it doesn’t last long enough. So growers developed the Encore Azalea that blooms constantly. They aren’t as flashy and hardly as pretty, but you get them almost all year. There is always a trade off.

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  8. True, Kim they bloom just once a year, but I have others blooming along so that is not an issue for me. The Encore would be nice if we added more. I may look into them after we take care of other things. If I get the one last pine tree cut down then I would have more light to expand plantings. Do you have Encore?


  9. It’s a dark, chilly, rainy morning in Southern California. Are we sure this is spring and Easter is just days away?

    Someone posted a military supply place that sells stretchy, one-piece masks for $7, ear holes already cut out, so I ordered one of those (would have ordered a couple but they’re limiting quantities). They look comfortable and easy.

    Back to work today and I need to squeeze in time to get to the vet’s for a med pickup + get to the credit union, a must for both errands either today or tomorrow.

    Weekend editors forgot to post a story I did on a sea lion release Saturday, I’ll have to get that taken care of this morning. It was the one non-virus story we had, you’d think they’d be eager to use it to break the virus monotony.

    When it comes to work with this non-stop virus coverage … I feel like a wind-up toy that’s about to stop. I do have vacation days I can take, so I may dip into a couple of those just to get a break.

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  10. Is that your Snoopy impression? 🙂

    “It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon! While millions of people were starving, the king lived in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was growing up.”

    ― Charles M. Schulz, It Was a Dark and Stormy Night, Snoopy

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  11. Because we’re taking the car to the Honda dealership today for work on the electrical system (I guess), I got into a panic yesterday and decided I had to make masks for us.

    While I sewed a lot in the past (countless curtains, quilts, even a down jacket), because of the arthritis in my thumbs, I’ve rarely sewn in the last ten years.

    But, I knew had whatever would be needed, so I went through my sewing chest (which doubles as seating in the living room) and decided to clear it out.

    It was hard to throw away patterns for clothing I made and loved but, am I likely to sew a ball gown again? Or one of those jumpers? But the skirts . . . Okay, I kept a pattern for a wrap -around skirt. I loved wearing those in the 1980s . . .

    Had all the pieces, just had to choose what material. I watched a video by Joann’s Fabrics on Youtube, read through the directions and, after a bit of drama, made the first one.

    Elastic was way too wide, it wouldn’t stay on the ears.

    So, I modified and now have far more elastic than I expected–since I cut it all in half, length wise!

    I watched Monk episodes and sewed until 11 o’clock, finishing with one floral mask and four Star Wars material masks. I’ll finish up with all my supplies over the next few nights, I might as well use up the supplies.

    These are designed as “spit” masks. They have pseudo-protection, but my county is leaning toward requiring them. I feel a little better about having them to go to Honda, though whether or not Mr. Covid-Task Force Manager will wear one remains to be seen.

    Struggling not to get spooked. I’m fine if I stay away from social media.

    But, if I read to much, my heart races and I need Jesus!

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  12. My EMT is reporting they expect the surge in LA this week. Half her ER-worker friends are sick; they’re just trying to keep the medical personnel capable and semi-healthy.

    I woke up this morning wondering what would happen if she got sick. Her one remaining aunt and uncle in town can’t/won’t take her in. She shares a house with a self-centered bassoonist and a composer. I think the composer will take care of her, but do I like that? She has to order them to take out the trash–and they’re home all day.

    Rather than get worked up, I decided to leave it in God’s hands. I can’t really get to her to help and I am leaning toward the agoraphobic these days, anyway.

    Strange times. Maybe I should have put this on the prayer page!

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  13. Donna has my yesterday and today I am seeing sunshine with a few clouds. So nice after heavy rain all weekend.
    Janice that looks like the azaleas in my yard in Ukarumpa.

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  14. Some liberals on Facebook have pointed out something, and I think they have at least somewhat of a point. They have posted that minimum wage workers have been considered “low man on the totem pole*” for years, and told that if they want a living wage, they should get a better job. But now we are relying on minimum wage (or near to it) workers to keep our stores stocked and our fast food places going during this crisis, putting themselves potentially at risk. So maybe these jobs that are passed off as not important enough to garner more than minimum wage are more important than we have previously thought.

    I am conflicted about the whole minimum wage issue. There are many small businesses that would go out of business if they had to pay their employees much more than they already do, in which the owners are maybe just getting by themselves. But then there is the fact that the idea behind the original minimum wage legislation was to give every worker a living wage.

    Somewhere along the line, inflation outpaced minimum wage raises, and we began to think of minimum wage jobs as for teenagers and moms who want to supplement their husband’s income, but not anything that someone should expect to live on. I’ll admit that this thought is ingrained in my own thinking, which is part of why I am conflicted about the issue.

    (* I read a few years ago that with real totem poles, the low man is actually the most important, and the one at the top is the least.)

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  15. Chas- We went over 200 twice in the past that I remember. Once was on the old WMB when we played a version of Scrabble. That one went over 2,000 before it died. And the “Secret Room” started in December 2014 and may still be going on. The last I saw it was approaching 7,000 posts. Maybe the ladies who ave kept it going can verify it..

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  16. Morning! Sun is shining, temps are warming and I am lazy! That is a beautiful azalea, one of which I have never seen before! I do miss the azaleas of the south 😊
    I guess I need to make a coupe masks but I am certain they will look and feel silly. Husband has some work masks in the garage but they are dusty looking. I put a ruffled scarf around my face this morning and I think it to be quite classy. That is what I will wear while at the grocery next week…it probably isn’t effective but it is pretty 😳

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  17. A guy sent me a rendition of “Amazing Grace”. I tried to copy, but couldn’t.
    But it reminds me that more things have been done to that song than any other I can think of. But let me tell you about the most impressive one I have ever encountered.
    (I likely wouldn’t to this if I didn’t have so much time on my hands.)

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  18. When I wass a student at USCarolina, I became active in Spiritual things and serving the Lord. Another story that will have to wait.
    However, I attended a SS class taught by Emory D. Harper. (another story here). Emory was zealous for the Lord and had a bunch of his students: ) Me, Al, Slim, Leroy and a couple of others. We went on witnessing events.
    One Sunday afternoon, we went out to the Richland County chain gang to hold a service.
    All black men on the chain gang. We led them (briefly, they took over) sin some singing.
    Their unaccompanied rendition of Amazing Grace is still the best one I have ever heard.

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  19. I’ll take that as good news. Medical friends are pointing to the anti-malaria drugs and my EMT has a stash leftover from Nicaragua trips.

    In more good news, the problem with our car was a defective battery and since it was still under warranty, free!

    And my headache has finally cleared.

    I drove home over Fountaingrove–scene of the terrible fires where houses are finally being rebuilt–and so much enjoyed the dramatic black grey and white clouds against the green hillsides. I live in a beautiful part of the world.

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  20. Nightingale had worked several extra shifts in March, including working Fridays, which are usually one of her days off. I was glad to see that although she is scheduled to work the first and fourth Fridays of April, at least she has the next two Fridays off. And then she called to tell me that she picked up first shift for this Friday. 😦 That makes another six days in a row, with a double thrown in for good (bad?) measure.

    She had also accidentally scheduled herself to work two doubles back-to-back, the last Friday and Saturday of the month. She decided to keep those shifts.

    I know that it is good for her bank account to be working extra shifts, and the nursing home needs to fill those shifts. But it does take a toll on her son, and on me, but also on her when she ends up exhausted. She may not admit this, but I think her motivation in working as much as she is is fear and anxiety. Part of that is perhaps wisdom – if she gets the coronavirus and has to be out of work for a couple weeks or more, she will have enough money in the bank to not fall behind. I wish she could trust in our Lord and have some peace in her heart.

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  21. Emory Harper owned a real estate business in Columbia, SC. He was a “sinner” within he limits of decency. He had a lot of influence in Richland County. Spent his Sunday afternoons playing golf.
    He attended the Billy Graham crusade when it was in Columbia. At the invitation, his wife went down. After a couple of more verses of “Just As I Am”, Emory went too.
    His transformation was sudden and eventful. He witnessed to everyone he met. He taught a SS class in FBC Columbia. That is the one Al and I attended. (This is also the reason I could not connect with Elvera from the time I saw hwe in February until October.)
    Slim, Al I and a couple of others would go onto the corner of Main and Hampton Streets and invite Fort Jackson soldiers who had come to town on leave. We took them to Emory’s class and he always had an evangelistic message. Many guys were affected and said they would trust Christ. (I don’t know how much of that lasted, but I’m sure the event stayed with them.)

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  22. Our editor told us this morning his big fear is that wild fires will break out next.

    We’re on early deadlines — they’re using only one printer for all 11 papers to save money now — and my obituary on our weekend probable-coronavirus death isn’t going to be ready in time, I’m still waiting for his best friend to call me back. Everyone’s still in shock, also, so it is hard to compile information in the first couple days of a death that is so unexpected.

    I may take this afternoon to dash to the vet for the dogs’ meds & to get my credit union $ and mail my property tax off. I’m working on other story but that can’t get done today, either. So today may be my best opportunity for the errand trips.

    I have a list of stories for the week, again, I really am going to need some time off soon. I just feel like I’ve hit the wall right now.

    Just heard from Real Estate Guy who had to have his Great Dane, Shaq, put down today — it was only a month ago he had to put down his 20-year-old cat. He’s more emotional than he lets on, this is tough.

    And I really find it hard to write obits for people I’ve known. I’ve done a lot of them in this job having been here for so long now.

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  23. We’ve had some wildfires. It helps some of the nonessential workers work. Especially in the tourism run town in which i work.


  24. A man who was a friend of Hubby’s post on Facebook about Texas’ governor declaring church services to be “essential”. I had replied something about loving one’s neighbor by not passing the virus around.

    In his reply to me, he said that all deaths are God’s will, and so the coronavirus deaths are God’s timing, not the virus’ timing. He is also concerned that we are giving up our freedoms to government control.

    Now, I realize that we believe that our times are in God’s hands, but at the same time, we take reasonable precautions. I pointed out that we teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street even while believing their lives are in God’s hands. We don’t test God by eating bad meat or driving too fast or drinking poison. Knowing how serious this virus is, it is testing God for these pastors to say that it was just God’s will for this person or that person to die from something we could have prevented. Even Jesus Himself would not test God when tempted to do so.

    But I also acknowledged that although I am indeed uncomfortable with these decrees coming down from the government, they are for all gatherings, not only for religious gatherings, so I don’t yet see it as a direct assault on religious freedom.

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  25. When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me that tempting God was a sin.
    i.e. Doing something stupid and dangerous so “God will have a chance to save you”.

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  26. Kizzie,

    The Gov’s order is being widely misinterpreted as well.

    His order is quite clear that gatherings are only to happen if for some reason it can’t be done remotely, like most churches everywhere are currently practicing. Only if it’s not possible to do so should in person services take place, and even then they must follow the President’s and CDC recommendations for social distancing.

    From his order…..


    “Thus, under the Governor’s Executive Order GA 14, houses of worship should conduct remote audio, video, or teleconference activities whenever possible,” according to the guidelines issued on Thursday.

    If that isn’t possible for financial or technological reasons, congregations should follow the guidelines issued by the White House:

    Instruct sick employees, volunteers and guests to stay home
    Practice social distancing by maintaining appropriate distance between people
    Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, using your elbow to cover coughs, and not touching your face
    Clean and disinfect work areas frequently

    However, in communities dealing with sustained person-to-person spread, like Austin and Travis County, the attorney general’s guidelines recommend congregations follow guidance from the CDC, which recommends that congregations cancel all in-person gatherings of any size.

    For smaller communities where there may be moderate to substantial spread, the CDC recommends smaller gatherings where people practice social distancing, canceling gatherings with 10 or more people attended by those who are 65 and older or have underlying conditions, and using creative ways to have services”

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  27. At supper, we were discussing the problem of the neighbour’s two very large dogs getting out habitually and messing in our garden. Tiny gravely suggested a solution, that we should put up a sign saying ‘No dogs allowed’. Her father, equally grave, inquired how the sign would work. Tiny replied that it would remind them that they were not supposed to go there. Her grandfather, ever the logician, then explained that dogs were illiterate, meaning they could not read or write. I think we were all delightedly wondering if Tiny would then suggest teaching them to read, but something else came up before she reached that solution. Whatever problem is being discussed by the adults, Tiny always tries to think of a way of solving it.

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  28. Chas, with God all things are possible (re wildfires in rain). Whatever accomplishes his purpose …

    I had an interesting talk with my veterinarian today — I’d picked up my dog meds and was driving out of the parking lot when he walked by and we chatted, me in the car still, him standing several feet back form the open car window.

    He’s a scientist — and his kids all went into medicine — so it was interesting to hear his take on all of this. Among his (non-scientific) comments: they almost had to close the office down because they were down to 2 rolls of toilet paper and couldn’t find any anywhere. Someone donated a dozen + rolls so they’ve been able to carry on.

    He thinks the virus will make rounds that’ll go, off and on, for about 2.5 years globally, then we’ll all have either gotten it or somehow otherwise survived it via medications newly available and that’ll be that.

    He thinks he had it in January, as did the rest of the office staff; he said all the symptoms were there and one of them was tested for flu and it came back negative. It spread like wildfire among them, he said, putting most of them out of commission for 3 weeks or so.

    And he said his daughter-in-law is doing malaria research in Africa — said the coronavirus is really spreading there, where it’s quite warm, so the idea that warm weather is a factor is questionable. But he said there’s a lot of progress being made in that research for medicines that’ll help, which is good.

    It’ll run its cycle, then we’ll carry on, he said. But it is very weird until then. … And we still have no toilet paper.

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  29. On the way home on the fwy, it was interesting to see all the digital fwy signs telling us “NO ACCESS TO NAVY SHIP”

    Big cruise ship in port, Norwegian Joy. No passengers of course. Just sitting there waiting further instructions, I suppose.

    One of our local cities is making cloth face masks mandatory — no mask, $1,000 fine.

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