43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-3-20

  1. I was finally able to get into the blog email and get some of the emails with pics folks sent. I’ll get them up….. eventually.

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  2. Dogwood. We used to have dogwood everywhere but some years ago a blight came through and killed them. That and people having lawn services that killed them with the weed eaters.


    One of the most unique of the old legends handed down in the South is the story of the Dogwood Tree. I still remember the story of the Dogwood tree from when I was a child. Every Easter I stop and think of the story but I had forgotten some of the details in the many years since the first hearing of it. The internet has jogged the memory and I do hope you enjoy the tale as much as I still do. The story is just for fun but we hope you will enjoy and share with your family and friends. ……..

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  3. Good morning everyone.
    Just checking in for now.
    The first Friday of the month used to mean a lunch with my SS class.
    Obviously not this month.

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  4. Thank you for posting the photo, AJ, and the story, Kim.

    The photo is of dogwood trees at the back of the small parking lot at Art’s church in our neighborhood. By car it’s about five minutes from here. Wesley’s Scout (Eagle) project is just across the way from that spot. He made a wooden platform, much like a deck and put up wooden walls around that with a gate. The structure is used for housing the church garbage cans. He also did landscaping around it and put in paving stones down beside the street on which to put the garbage cans for garbage pickup day.

    Art said he has to work all night. He has to get much work accomplished so his small business accounting clients can get what info they need to file for their small business loans, and that includes us.

    I have much to occupy me. A Zoom call this morning with some writer friends, a webinar at four and then later a spring women’s conference begins and goes until 10 p.m. How can life be so busy? I had to say no to doing a prayer call this a.m., too. Part of tomorrow will be with the ladies’ conference, too.

    Yesterday an urgent request for prayer came for an upscale retirement home where several of our older church members live because they have four cases of COVID-19 there. The Georgia National Guard has been called in to help.

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  5. Good morning. My dogwoods do not look like that but I like them. They bring lots of birds.

    This morning I was reading in Job 19:25.26

    As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, And at the last He will take His stand on the earth. Even after my skin is destroyed, yet from my flesh I shall see God.

    May God be glorified.

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  6. Morning! We awakened to 4 or 5 inches of snow blanketing the forest floor and the pines have a fresh layering upon their branches. Makes me want to dig out the Christmas tree and start all over again! 🎄 I might just ask Alexa to play Christmas music this morning!

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  7. Cute legend. The only problem I have is that I don’t think God would punish the tree when it wasn’t the one who decided to be the cross.

    At any rate, the flowering dogwood (is there a non-flowering version?) is the official state tree in Missouri. We have them along rural roads and they are indeed beautiful. Sometimes you can see the flowers before the leaves of other trees are big enough to notice.

    We also have the red bud tree in profusion. I transplanted one from our pastor’s farm to our old house. It grew fast, but they never get real tall. Now I have another transplant in the front yard of this house. It’s only about 2 ft. tall at this point, so it won’t have the flowers for another year or two. I planted it where there is the remnant of the stump of another tree.

    Anyway, It is Friday, not that that means anything when one is at home all week. But here are your Friday funnies for the week. Most of them are about COVID-19, so if you’re tired of hearing about that, don’t click the link.

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  8. Thanks Peter.
    A benefit from this could happen if our industry could move out of China.
    They are not our friends.
    Our economy will revive when this is over. But it won’t be the same. It will never be the same again. Some things won’t survive.
    And the government has printed too much money.

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  9. I remember when I first heard that legend on a tour of TN.

    I was talking to our daughter who lives in TN yesterday and she mentioned the daffodils. I commented if I were down there I could keep telling my grandson to notice how beautiful they are. He couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed them She laughed because the grandson, still living at home, mentioned this very thing to her a few days earlier. I have them planted here, but they do not grow wild in the woods.

    One thing to remember about the lay-offs is that it is not only the worries over bills that will bother those involved. There is the loss of being with co-workers, identify and value/worth issues. It can be a very tough time. God can make it a time of learning and growth for his people. It gives everyone opportunity to be charitable and to pray for others.

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  10. I have two dogwood trees out by the mailbox. They are beautiful, . But I didn’t notice until now. I don’t go out front now, except to get the mail.
    We are losing springtime in NC.

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  11. Our dogwoods flower but the flowers are tiny. But that is true of the “flowering dogwood” too, I believe. Tiny flowers with large white bracts.

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  12. I have dogs but no dogwood.

    I think I’ll do some gardening this weekend, I may be risky and go to Lowe’s, where I still have a $50 gift card from Christmas, and buy a few starter plants. The one little poinsettia sprig I tried to plant in the back didn’t survive, but I still have a potted poinsettia plant on the front porch that I can try. I’ve never had much luck trying to replant poinsettias into the ground, though.

    We’re supposed to get rain Sunday through the end of the next week; I suspect that’s an off and on rain, maybe lots of ‘off’ periods, They’ll be able to forecast it more accurately by tomorrow, maybe. We’re maybe making up for all that rain we missed in January/February.

    Someone on FB is going on and on about “President” Cuomo. He was somewhat impressive in the beginning but, honestly, when I watched hm the other day he just went on and on and on and on, like he loved hearing himself talk. Typical politician, I suppose. Anyway, I finally turned it off. Too much. He’s sounding a bit full of himself. But, again, typical politician.

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  13. I’m feeling weary, work is too hectic, all about the virus still. We’re all dragging through it now. I will cap out on vacation time soon, so I’ll have to take some days off in the next month or so.

    Hmm, a staycation amid a stay-work-a-thon. Will I notice much difference?

    Actually, it would be nice not to have to get up to a conference call every morning and trying to do 2-3 stories in a day.

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  14. Beautiful dogwoods! I recognized them right away because my Oma had a dogwood pattern on her china. I would love to see a tree in bloom one day.

    Our dogwoods are probably very similar to Mumsee’s. We discovered a whole bunch of red osier dogwood on the north side of our property last year. We want to transplant them into and around our yard area so we can enjoy their red branches year round.

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  15. Yes, Mumsee, technically only the small parts in the center are flowers (and they are very pretty when they bloom, though people don’t tend to notice them), but in real life we do refer to the whole piece, white or pink bracts and all, as a “flower.”


  16. As I was wheeling the trash cans down my driveway for this morning’s pickup late yesterday, a woman (wearing a protective face mask) was walking by with her little sweatered dog. We both said hi and she added, “I’m smiling behind this, really I am.”

    I laughed because it had just crossed my mind that I can’t tell if she’s smiling or not (but I assumed she was).

    It’s very odd not being able to see people’s facial expressions. Even more ‘social distancing’ of a different kind.


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  17. I got so busy working from home (preparing work for next week at “school”) that I missed my usual lunch time. And I missed Jeopardy! I hope my principal recognizes my dedication!

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  18. I just went out for a mini walk of about 10 minutes. I had to call 911 because an older man was lying on the sidewalk, his cell phone a few feet from where he lay. He was alive (I saw him moving around a bit) but made no attempt to get up. Maybe drunk, maybe sick. In ordinary times I’d have gone over and sat on a curb near him and see if I could help him in any way, but these aren’t ordinary times. I called 911 and there are men working on the creek right across the street, so I would imagine someone else will call if someone doesn’t show up soon. But it feels so horrid just to make a call and walk away. He’s someone’s son, probably someone’s father and grandfather, maybe someone’s husband.


  19. QOD: Is there some sort of “law” that the battery in the smoke detector only dies in the middle of the night?

    Asking for someone who did not get back to sleep until after 3 am . . .

    #Rescuedbyanengineer who can apparently #fixthingsinhissleep.

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  20. Smoke detectors:
    I have never had the experience. I have a policy/tradition to change batteries in my smoke detectors, and air filters, BTW, twice a year. It is a ritual I go through every time I change the clocks.

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  21. Chas, I asked the man a couple of times if he was OK and got no response. I got an answer from 911, and I gave them the address and a description. Men were working quite near, close enough to see him, and one man (probably one of the workers) came over and I told him I’d called 911. He kept saying “Wake up” to the man, but he didn’t respond to either of us. (He did move around a bit, enough for us to see he was alive.) Homeless people sometimes panhandle in that general area, a couple blocks away, so it’s possible he was drunk, but I didn’t really know what to think. At any rate, the other man was still standing there (and the employees close enough to see him) when I left and came home. My guess is more people would have called 911 soon, because people walk along that sidewalk pretty regularly–but I did keep hoping someone would respond soon.


  22. Two days this week I have walked four to six miles, the other days less. I have also knelt and squatted and bent over to get photos of wildflowers. My thighs are saying very unflattering things about me today.

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  23. I’m tired. I have done over 4 miles. My friend and I walked half of the golf course, something that I have always wanted to do. It was lovely out. and whenever we met someone we would go off the path to maintain distance.

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  24. The tree guys finished up today. I got a call from him this morning saying he needed to work somewhere else, would I please come check it out and see what else needed to be done. I sent my friends who were much closer. Then I went down as soon as I could get ready. Turns out that my renters wanted most of the wood. I have a very steep driveway and am tired from walking up and down it several times. I took lots of pictures. After my friends left I went to the nearby store as I wanted to buy the tree guys some ice cream bars. I even found the broccoli/kale bagged salad that I wanted. They were very grateful for the treat. Then I stood around watching them finish up for well over an hour. These guys got all the leaves and sticks and did leaf blowing. I don’t think my property has ever looked so good. I waited and waited expecting the owner to come back so that I could pay him. He never did, so I did not need to wait so long. Over six thousand dollars worth of work, but well worth it.

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  25. Long day, long week. Did a story on how the waterfront development project will probably be delayed, a copy block on a female sea lion pup rescued by CHP while trying to cross the freeway (and who will be set free tomorrow, we’ll have a photographer to shoot that — at last, some happy news!), and a story on holy week being live-streamed. That story actually was partially done by another reporter from an inland area, focusing entirely on Catholic church, so I added in a Lutheran church at the top and bottom of the story as editor requested. It’s Michelle’s former church. The pastor was kind enough to send me a quick photo and we posted that baby in record time late today.

    I’m making a shopping list for groceries, think I’ll venture out this weekend. My face mask will have to be one of my long winter scarves wrapped around me head and face. 🙂

    thanks for calling 911, cheryl. Always such a concern seeing people who need that kind of help on the street. the Good Samaritan

    Is the work week really over?

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  26. Preparations going on here for the surge. Case managements office cleared as well as MedSurg and ICU manager offices ready to be converted to patient rooms. It seem surreal to see all of the changes and new protocols in place. I wear a surgical mask all of the time while at work. I have take to wearing a cap or head covering of some sort to keep the cooties off of my hair. Employees have to enter in one specific entrance and having temps taken and screening questions answered. Our state is at 495 cases, 10 deaths, and around 30 currently hospitalized. Still no positive cases in our county. If you have any respiratory symptoms we go into full PPE.


  27. I liked that article, Donna and appreciated what Mrs. Hoff had to say on The Trinity Lutheran Church FB page about Holy Week. I may spend the week “home.”

    Our church, however, is busy along the same lines.

    I laugh every time I see Mrs. Hoff— whom I knew as an infant. Her grandparents lived near my husband’s parents and led my mother-in-law to the Lord. Her uncle was my husband’s close friend in childhood.

    Her father was our youth leader in high school and I remember her mother staying up all night to pray about whether or not to accept her father’s proposal— the only person I know, still, who ever did that!

    Pastor Hoff’s parents met playing volleyball with my husband and I nearly 50 years ago. The world is very small!

    And Pastor Hoff himself met me once when I stopped by after an emotional visit to a dying Navy wife friend. He was very kind and pastoral to me, a stranger, and we prayed together.

    How blessed we are in the family of believers!

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  28. yes, I am. But it is time to get some rest. Rather late where you are, Janice. I will pray that you can sleep.


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