10 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-31-20

  1. Breaking news: It’s Tuesday! I still have a job that I can do from home. I still have an income.

    The virus spreading throughout the land is one day closer to peaking and then dropping. We are one day closer to someone finding a good vaccine and treatments that will all be approved and available. For the next time it appears. Or the time after that. We will all have paper towels and toilet paper and find stocked grocery store shelves where we will not have to wear gloves. 🙂 Yes, we are spoiled.

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  2. I see the drug cartels are struggling due to lack of shipments from China. But I suspect drug deaths will increase as people improvise.


  3. It wasn’t just that he supports Trump. It was his other message as well that they found so offensive.



  4. See…..


  5. Bizarre. I have no problem with prayer or religion at a gov’t gathering. It happens frequently in Canada. I do think in context however this was simply bizarre. Taking time during a epidemic briefing to have a non-government person give a speech basically praising Trump and God (not sure who he praised the most) is simply bizarre.

    In a time when most gov’ts are stressing social isolation, we have an unnecessary person at a press conference. The president and others are using the same podium. The epidemic may not be as prevalent in Washington but gov’t officials need to be role models. They need to practice social isolation.

    Other parts of his press conferences are more disturbing — accusing health care workers of taking masks out the backdoor for hoarding or worse. And then he tweets how high his press conferences ratings are…people are dying and they tune into these conferences for advice and hope and he brags about the ratings? This will not give people confidence or hope.


  6. Worry about your own house HRW,

    Those people were there for a legit reason. To share with the US how their companies are retooling to help fight this. They should be highlighted, acknowledged, and praised for their efforts.

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