30 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-21-20

  1. I have a spam filter. I just went over th check and empty it.
    I have had sixty *60( posts since about noon yesterday. Almost all of them want me to send money.
    I can’t imagine what it would be like if I did send some to one of them. I suspect I would get on their list and have double that amount.
    But then, it may be that everyone already has me.
    I have missed an opportunity to have dinner with Trump.]
    I never opened the link to see what it was about. Just an invitation to dinner.

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  2. 😦 A time of great uncertainty and upheaval.

    🙂 It didn’t come during the winter months. May warm weather help put an end to it, but also make it easier to endure the times of isolation and all the rest of it.

    🙂 My husband and I are both reasonably well for more or less the first time all year.

    🙂 Someone from church bought some groceries for us this week, so now we’re “good to go” for the next while.

    🙂 😦 Our daughter has only been a nurse for a month, and is still working in the same nursing home where she was an aide . . . so talk about jumping in at the deep end! (She had at least one shift where she was the only nurse at the facility, though the nursing supervisor is available by phone.)

    😦 Our other daughter works at a company that was hit by “drunk arson” as probably the best way to describe it (a foolish young man playing with firecrackers on July 4 launched one into the building from the outside) two and a half years ago, and has been rebuilding and remodeling ever since . . . and was scheduled to have its open-house re-opening last weekend.

    🙂 Since my husband may be the only person I see face to face for a good long time, it’s very good we get along well.

    😦 No telling when we will next see our children or our granddaughter.

    🙂 It’s a blessing to be already working from home.

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  3. 😦 People who use parentheses in every other sentence in a post when a comma-separated phrase or sentence prefix would serve the same purpose. I’m just venting so please don’t get mad at me. It’s what “rants” are for. I just think it is very distracting and find myself skipping those posts.

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  4. 😦 Our county (which is huge) just had its first corona virus case (which does not make me happy) or anyone else (I imagine).

    😀 Sorry, Linda. Just couldn’t resist.

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  5. In retrospect (I was thinking about this while listening to the President’s briefing), I realized it was not very charitable of me to respond in such a flagrant [though amusing (at least, to me)} manner. We must all learn (myself included) to respect other folk’s idiosyncracies (oddities, concerns, challenges) and move forward in a spirit of helpfulness.

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  6. After teaching kindergarten for fifteen years overseas with children from lots of different countries who are always getting sick, and then not getting sick myself, yes, I do tend to feel invincible.
    But I know it is only the grace of God and I will follow the rules.

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  7. It is funny that I finally realized that I only have baby wipes and not disinfecting wipes. So… I went to the store yesterday and used baby wipes to be safe, which would do little to nothing to help with germs.


  8. 🙂 I was educated at the U. of South Carolina back in the days when Southern people spoke Southern.
    One of the bad things TV has done is destroyed the accents.
    And some women on TV talk faster than I can listen.


  9. Linda – I tend to use parentheses a lot. Am I included in your rant? No offense will be taken if so.

    I almost put that last sentence in parentheses. Then I almost added this one in parentheses. :-0


  10. Linda, as someone who watches for errors in other people’s writing, my biggest pet peeve is when they forget to close the parentheses–which is so easy to do.

    I explain to authors sometimes that there are basically three ways to make a parenthetical comment, and which you use depends on how much you want to separate the thought from the rest of the sentence. But whichever form you use, if you can remove it without harm to the sentence, it’s a parenthetical phrase and needs punctuation at both ends. (Occasionally a period can serve as the “close” in the case of em dashes or commas, but parentheses themselves must always have open and close parentheses.)

    Parentheses is the most visible, and the strongest separation: “My husband and I went to the store (actually, he stayed in the car) just yesterday.”

    Then there are em dashes, which a lot of people overuse: “Numbers of cases are expected to climb over the next few days–by orders of magnitude–especially if people don’t take the risk seriously.”

    And the comma is the mildest choice, but also the one where people often forget to put the second comma in a parenthetical phrase: “The grass has been growing again, and bulbs blooming, since the beginning of last week.” Obviously this instance could drop the commas altogether and be OK–it depends on your emphasis. But if you use one comma in this usage, you need to use the second one too.

    Some writers use way too many parenthetical phrases. I’m guilty myself, though when I’m editing myself or editing someone else, I remove a lot of them.

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  11. This device is made in my town. I know this is true.

    From the Washington Post

    The Food and Drug Administration late Friday approved the first coronavirus test that can be conducted entirely at the point of care for a patient — and deliver results in 45 minutes.

    �The FDA granted “emergency use authorization” to Cepheid, a California company that makes a rapid molecular test for the coronavirus. Getting results in 45 minutes would be far quicker than the current situation in which tests typically are sent to central reference labs that can take days to deliver results.

    �The FDA authorization covers “patient care settings,” including doctors’ offices, but initially will be used primarily by hospitals and emergency departments, the company said.

    �The specimen can be collected either by a nasal swab or by a saline wash using a small catheter. Neither is particularly comfortable, but the advantage of the wash is that it doesn’t require swabs, which are in short supply.

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  12. a person who has spent his entire life going to church on Sunday mornings has nothing to do with the time he isn’t in church now.
    Maybe harass someone on the blog?

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  13. Cheryl, et. al.
    My church has a website that tells us that the worship service ill be broadcast.
    But I couldn’t open it this morning. I clicked around and about 11:15, my cursor froze in place. I went “ctl, alt del” and got out.
    When I left the site, I went to my e-mail. I had a msg that said FABC is broadcasting the morning worship service. It had three links, one of which had the words of a song, but no audio.
    I backed out and went about my business.

    It you want people to see it, shouldn’t be hard to get to .


  14. Cheryl. I just went back and checked the website. It says “Join us on Facebook …..i”
    I don’t know that I have facebook. If I don’t, it doesn’t matter. I have gone this long without it, I won’t get it now.


  15. Chas, Facebook is just a website, and you don’t necessarily need an account in order to view stuff on it. Someone with an account, like your church, can make content available only to certain people, or only to “friends”, or to everyone who connects to it. So if they gave you a link to join on Facebook, you should feel safe clicking it. It won’t make you identify yourself or use a Facebook account of your own.


  16. 😦 I’m guilty of not closing off parentheses sometimes. (hangs head)

    🙂 Church is on, even in the midst of the lockdown. Not the same as actually going and seeing and talking to people; but I’m grateful for the technology that brings the gospel message and songs and corporate prayers (though no communion 😦 ) to us nevertheless. (Chas, it may be your computer that needs updating or replacing if it’s beyond 10+ years or so.)


  17. Michelle, I went back and checked.
    The Hendersonville you posted is Hendersonville, Tenn.
    It is just south of Nashville, and Hank Snow’s son, Jimmy R. Snow is/used to be pastor..
    Some of the Opry stars attended there and, as I hear t, two were rescued from destruction and trusted Christ under his ministry.
    I’m racking my brain to think of their names. One is a famous singer and the other appeared on Hee Haw.
    (By “rescued from destruction, I hear that at least one was suicidal.)

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  18. DJ, when I said my pet peeve was not closing parentheses, which is easy to do . . . I meant it’s easy to forget to close it. But I realized later it could have been read either way, as my saying it’s so easy to close them! And by “pet peeve,” I pretty much meant something I’m picky about when editing, looking for the close parenthesis or the close quote. (Forgetting to close quotation marks is surprisingly common, too.)


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