80 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-16-20

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I will be going in to the office this morning. I will also be on the phone with the Florida Realtors Legal Hotline to see how this will effect some contracts.
    I had this from one of my lenders overnight.
    HE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER: We must keep calm in order to keep our clients/customers calm. They will be looking to us.

    Good evening. If you are receiving this message it is because you are whom I would consider a business partner. I wanted to shed some light on a couple of things regarding The Fed Rate cut this evening. It wascrucial to our current banking environment. The reason for the cut was multi layered but the main reasons that affect our business is 1)the normal bank liquidity had seized up and the fed cut will allow the banks to be able lend amongst themselves in order to meet expected demands of money ( people out of work tapping into their reserves)! 2) because of the Dodd- frank Act mortgage companies and banks were required to have a 10% reserve fund for a “Rainy day”! Due to the recent runoff of their portfolio ( think refinance) many large banks and investors had determined their liquidity was dwindling. Therefore the historic low rates seen 2 weeks ago jumped last week equally as high as they had fallen in previous weeks. This was mostly to allow for the mortgage industry as a whole to evaluate their business (# of loans in the pipeline, ability to process and underwrite those loans, and ability to fund them). The fed will begin buying Mortgage Backed Securities to ease the burden from the market. Additionally the Fed will temporarily remove the reserve requirement. This is all to help keep the housing market moving- even if at a slower pace, it will keep moving. Last, i would like to mention that we (mortgage lenders) are monitoring our pipelines daily and we care about our clients. How ever what we do not do is tell anyone what the rates will be in the future. If we knew what the rates were going to do we wouldn’t be working. In this volatile market NO One knows what tomorrow will bring in the mortgage rate world. I can only ask that you request for your clients to reach out to their lender for rates. Yes one lender rate may be better at that moment than another, but can they close the deal? Please refrain from quoting rates in this current environment. If you have a client inquiring about a rate please feel free to 3way call me with your client on the other line and we can have a discussion about the rate(s) and how all the different variables affect the rate (there are about 15 variables by the way)! Please let me know if I can assist you during what appears to be a trying time in our near future. Though it will be short lived -I believe- it’s gonna happen. It takes a village. Let’s partner to help our clients along this journey.

    Then this from the National Association of Realtors

    The monetary policy change is the same one applied a decade ago during the Great Recesssion- the lowest rates combined with quantitative easing. This is an all-out measure to prevent a recession and fight the fear that is blanketing the country. It is the right policy, since the policy can easily be reversed should a vaccine be discovered or the virus goes aways.

    During the last recession, real estate was on wobbly ground with loose lending and too much supply. Today, there is no subprime lending and too little supply. The real estate market will hold on much better.

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  2. We’ve had a bug, low fever, cough, sinus issues, but I doubt it’s coronavirus, for the last couple of weeks. The girls missed 2 weeks of church over it.

    Liz had it bad, Mom had it for a few days, and now it’s my turn. Started with a low fever last night. I went to bed at 9, took a fever reducer, and slept for 10 hours. I feel a little better, and in need of a shower. 🙂

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  3. This morning as I was driving in I decided to listen to 50’s on 5 (Sirius Radio) and Jimmie Dickens was singing Waltzing Matilda. I grew up listening to the Burl Ives version so I decided to go to Spotify and find that version to listen, instead I heard some songs I had never heard sung by Burl Ives including, It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels. I know it used to be common for record labels to have people sing other people’s songs so they could sell an album to their “record clubs”. It just doesn’t work in his voice.

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  4. We are struggling with that here, the real. Baby had it when they got back from Boise, where one year old had it and presumably had gotten it from two and three year olds. We have wondered if it was the virus but with so many things running around, one does not know. Son is taking his every four hour breathing treatments trying to keep out of the ER.

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  5. This morning, as I was reading in Esther, I came to the last verse in the book:

    For Mordecai the Jew was second only to King Ahasuerus, and great among the Jews and in favor with his many kinsmen, one who sought the good of his people and one who spoke for the welfare of his whole nation.

    And that brought me to praying for Vice President Pence and his family.

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  6. Cheryl, indeed. I have always prayed that Pres Trump would be surrounded by believers and I believe God has answered that with people like VP Pence.

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  7. I don’t know Trump’s Spiritual status. But I believe Pence has influenced him. It is evident in some of his talk & actions.
    I know lots of people don’t like Trump. His mouth seems to go ahead of his brain at times. But I pray that God delivers us from all the alternative we presently have.

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  8. I am a member of O.M.I.F (open-mouth, insert-foot) around here, so in some ways I can relate to President Trump. But I would think he would know not to press the post button on Twitter without first thinking over what he’s writing.

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  9. Same here Peter. I have second thoughts and delete lots of posts here.
    Some things might me misunderstood.

    But this isn’t. That is a good rendition of “Walk the Line”.

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  10. I am our congregational secretary and last fall, council asked me to propose an inclement weather policy. This was somewhat complicated because the church sits almost on the line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, drawing members from both, with multiple school districts involved. Then I had to consider that Sunday worship can’t follow school closings and some weekday events start as early as 6:45 am (Ladies’ Bible Study) while others start as late as 7:30 pm (choir practice).
    Instead of a “policy” I proposed implementing a service called One Call. To support 100 phone numbers, it costs us something like $400 a year and it is wonderful. It is easy to set up – you can establish groups with one or more designated “messengers” who can initiate calls to the group. So, for example, I’ve set up groups for all members, choir, council, confirmation, youth, elders, and ladies’ Bible study. If our director needs to cancel choir practice one week, he calls the main number from his cell phone, records a two-minute message, enters his group number (5), and we all get a phone call with the message. It can also be sent as a text. The people, their phone number, and the groups they are in can be maintained in a spreadsheet and easily imported. The application has robust reporting so for a call, you can listen to the message, see how many messages went out, how many were answered, not answered, or went to their “machine.” Also how long the call lasted.
    This served us wonderfully last week, because instead of the elders calling everyone with the simple message “church is cancelled,” our Pastor was able to broadcast a very nice message similar to the e-mail message you all posted that your Pastor sent. Our Pastor also sent out an e-mail but some of our older members don’t use e-mail and some who do don’t check it often.
    This is NOT a solicitation; however, if you are interested in this service, you can visit onecallnow.com and, should you decide to implement it, please let them know you were referred by Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in Parkton, Maryland, as we get an incentive for recommending new customers.

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  11. Did Trump tweet something this morning?

    I’m just catching up, I have a couple work assignments already. The status of the cruise ships in port, restaurants frantically switching to takeout overnight, the mysterious closure and tenting, after a visit by hazmat, of our local urgent care in recent days …

    Hoping the young neighbor doesn’t lose it and decide everyone needs to flee with him to the mountains or down to Mexico to camp out for the duration.

    Someone pointed out also that this new 8-week shutdown of large gatherings (can’t remember, is this just for California perhaps?) will take in Easter, Passover and Ramadan.

    Feel better AJ and family and Mumsee and family. Everyone stay safe and healthy.

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  12. Distancing works.


    But only because a large portion of the population doesn’t heed good advice.


  13. And the number of people the CDC now recommends meetings be held under is down to 50.


    “CDC: How About We Limit Gatherings To 50 For The Next Eight Weeks Or So?”

    “Want to get together with a few friends? No problem, the CDC said last night, as long as everyone observes proper pandemic hygiene and minds their other contacts for risk of exposure. Anything more than that should probably be postponed, the CDC recommended, putting an upper limit of 50 people at a time for gatherings anywhere. That calls into question when restaurants and bars might see a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, and whether sports leagues might have a longer hiatus than they first thought:”


  14. Of course, with the exception of twenty three daughter, everybody is either thirteen and under or fifty and over. Lots of grandparents watching grands (and us old people with young children) so we have that dynamic.

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  15. Also, just for you Nancyjill, we have snow. It is beginning to melt, but is still beautiful. After a completely dry February, this is wonderful.

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  16. I sent the header photo to AJ because in the background you can see the color of our new roof which is Cobblestone. With all the 22″ rainfall we have had since the start of this year, it seems a miracle we were able to find a few dry days to have it installed. That streaked area has all been cleared up.

    I have been dealing with getting info about our new prayer hotline this a.m. It is live now but not well advertised. I have only seen it appear on Instagram so far. I gave the info to my friend Karen who was our first call in and a good test. Still figuring it all out since it is through the Google Voice App. That is the app to use if anyone ever has reason to need an anonymous telephone number.

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  17. As of this morning in Georgia we have 99 cases of the virus. It may be more now as more testing is available. Most everything is shut down except for tax prep offices. I told Art he would zip into work without any traffic this morning. My eye doc’s office called to cancel my appointment.


  18. So disappointed.

    Remember I have mentioned in the past about a Christian lady who was a good friend of Nightingale’s? “Mom-of-5” and her family used to go to my church, then went somewhere else. She and I became friendly, and would enjoy talking with each other when she was here visiting for those After-Easter brunches we’ve held for a couple years, as well as being friendly online. I was so happy that Nightingale had a good, close Christian friend.

    But for almost a year now, Mom-of-5 has been posting post after post on Facebook against vaccines. (Before she started that, she rarely posted anything.) Now, I don’t say this to mean that it is bad for people to post about their concerns about vaccines, but the stuff she has been posting has been over-the-top. I recognize at least a couple of her sources as ones known as “bad sources”, and the others I’m unfamiliar with. She claims that the CDC and the media are in the pocket of “Big Pharma”, and are lying and covering up the truth – that supposedly, vaccines are very, very dangerous and do more harm than good, and in fact do not do any good at all. Any article or source or study that refutes that is automatically considered to be lying or fake, so there is no debating the issue.

    Now she is sharing things claiming that the coronavirus is bioterrorism, intentionally leaked to bring on “medical martial law” and a “global government”.

    Nightingale has already distanced herself from Mom-of-5, having lost some respect for her over those over-the-top posts (and she hasn’t even seen the latest ones on the virus). It makes me sad that this devout Christian friend has gone off the deep end and lost Nightingale’s respect and friendship.

    At least Nightingale’s best friend Stephanie is a believer, but she is not married to the father of her daughter. They have lived together for many years, and seem committed to staying together, but are not married. (They have been talking off and on of marrying in a few years.) And the boyfriend is an unbeliever. I often pray for Stephanie to mature in her faith and grow in her knowledge and understanding of God’s word.

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  19. That’s very helpful, Linda, thank you. I sent it to our church secretary.

    I’m now off to call all my Bible study ladies–all of whom are over 65–and cancel for the duration.


  20. Kizzie, there is a couple that go to the city church who befriended me and have always been very keen me. When I left the city, they both friended me on FB. All their feeds are are memes and reshares. The wife especially shares anti-vaxx posts. Well, they both are sharing memes and videos of claims that this whole thing is a plot. One of their memes they shares was a rant about how the whole thing was cooked up by the media to shut down America. It was with the greatest difficulty that I refrained from replying that this is Canada, not America. But I also know there is no arguing with them – they see the world through a lense distorted by years of consuming conspiracy theories with pseudo Christian origins (the kind that talk about one world order and AntiChrist and the Mark of the Beast), and everything, past, present, and future, gets interpreted through that lense.

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  21. It was 50, now it’s 10 for gathering limitations.

    Reminds me of Chas’s favorite passage — are there not 10 good men left?

    Did I hear that Trump said it may go on until July? Good grief.

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  22. Roscuro, I’ve seen similar comments by a (very) few on social media. A plot, a conspriacy, a government or media-concocted virus. But my young neighbor also sees some of that, though the villains in his world view are conservatives.


  23. Linda— I forwarded your information to our church office manager.

    Here was here reply:

    LOL! Staff is just sitting here brainstorming this exact topic! I will pass on to those who will be making the decisions regarding this ….

    Stay healthy!

    Thanks, again. 🙂


  24. My phone is not letting me like comments.

    We plan to take chairs to a park and do Bible study there. If needed we can use the covered shelter.

    I feel like my isolation last year was a primer for this.

    I had already signed up for an online Bible conference. I need to look back to see those dates. Something to look forward to.

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  25. The header photo shows the gray gloom we have experienced this winter with the rainy season. It has been up in the 80s lately but is cooler today.

    I put the two bird’s nests back in the shrubbery but not sure they will be secure enough where I placed them.

    Someone just called to see if we wanted to sell our home. I said no. He wanted to put me on an email list but I kindly declined.

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  26. I have not seen any vaccine comments. We live so close to CDC that people may be afraid of posting anything like that in our vicinity. Since Wesley had asthma I always made sure we got flu vaccines. I did not get one for a few years but decided I would get one this year. Thankful I did.

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  27. The ‘establishment’ politicians on both sides (not to mention the “global” “fake” media) are LIARS and CRIMINALS, one man in our community railed in a lengthy screed on social media this morning.

    ~ “I believe this to be an orchestrated event regardless of how really bad this virus turns out to be or not and whether it just naturally occurred or not.” ~

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  28. I have heard of the name “Penny”, but I don’t remember where..
    This cannot be a staged event. It is too disconnected and benefits no one, even potential enemies. It is a big pocket of NOTHING. That is the problem. No body can get a handle on it. There are no handles. Everything is out of control.
    Bottom line?
    Go to bed and stay there for two weeks. If every one would do this, the virus would disappear.
    So would everyone else.
    In all my 89.5 years, I have never seen anything like this.

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  29. DJ. We are in a new kind of market shift. This is changing the face of real estate. There is an agent in Hermisa Beach named Alex Smith. If you do any kind of story on that you may want to ask him some questions.

    My office is now closed until April 20th

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  30. In my life I’ve known two thin women named Penny.

    Both were married to thin men named Les.

    When you put them together, it also described their financial state.


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  31. 121 cases this afternoon in GA.

    I just got to talk to my neighbor for a minute at the mailbox and share some library picture books. I told her she can hang them on my door or drop them in the library box. Then I looked online and saw all the library boxes are closed. Oh, the many things we have taken for granted. So glad I took all the DVDs back before this happened.

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  32. Husband was calling baby girl Penny (her name is Aspen) and his sister said, “not in my house, that is a dog’s name,” It actually was quite common in the fifties through 80’s and then again a couple of years ago. The mom was for it.

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  33. Chas, you are about 12 years too young. By all accounts the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic was all this and worse. Dr. Paul Brand, a medical pioneer in the treatment of leprosy, spent his early years with his missionary parents in the Kolli Malai region of India, gives a short account of what it was like:

    “Then, in 1918-29, an epidemic of Spanish influenza broke out worldwide, reaching even unto the Kollis, where it killed with such ferocity that it shattered any sense of community. Rather than nursing a sick member back to health, terrified neighbours and family fled into the woods. My father determined that, thus deserted, many of the influenza customs were dying from malnourishment and dehydration, not the disease itself. He mixed a batch of rise gruel in an enormous black cauldron outside our home and for many days kept the soup replenished. He and Mother went out into the villages on horseback, spooning soup and purified water into the mouths of forsaken residents.’

    An American author, Sterling North, in his memoir of his childhood, ‘Rascal’, begins his account of living through the same epidemic:
    “Late in October, Spanish influenza, which had swept Europe and the eastern states, hit Brailsford Junction, killing more of our citizens than did the war.”

    North himself had the illness, but survived.

    Epidemiologists had long been warning that, in the cycle of things, the world was likely to have another massive epidemic. It has been 101 years since the last.

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  34. Well, Penny beats calling her the first part of her name. Penny is rather old fashioned now, but those names are popular again.

    I just filled out our census information. We are SOOOOO boring. We are cis gender, married to people of the opposite sex and of Scotch-Irish-English descent.

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  35. I can think of one human Penny I have known personally, one well-known actress named Penny, and one dog named Penny (a littermate of our Teddy).


  36. 53 cases of Covid in Michigan as of last night. Restaurants, gyms, theaters, etc were ordered to close this afternoon. Take-out / drive-thru is okay. “Per the order, restaurants may allow five people inside at a time to pick up orders, as long as they stay six feet apart from each other.”


  37. Mumsee my baby sister’s name is Penny. My Uncle Don always called her “nickel”. My Daddy said he wanted her to have that name so that he would never be broke…he would always have a Penny. 😊

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  38. Daughter stopped at the library on the way home. The customer can walk in and check out books but not stay and chat. The regular librarian was at a conference in Seattle two weeks ago, is sick, getting tested. Librarian said to stock up, they will probably be closing.

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  39. Yep, our library closed on Saturday. Fortunately, I have a dozen books checked out and three enormous “to be read” piles and all my research.

    The news is so horrifying, it’s easy to stay off social media and get work done.

    I may actually have my proposal finished by the end of March, which was always the goal.

    Indeed, this has been a lovely and productive day. Now I need to call the Bible study ladies to confirm we’re canceled for tomorrow.

    In family news, Ellie and her family have the flu. My EMT needs to stay and work in LA and will have to do her taxes without her father’s oversight. Stargazer did not go to Seattle to demonstrate he can work from anywhere and will now do so from his apartment.

    Other than the sick children, I’m satisfied with all this, though disappointed to miss the kids, of course.

    Got it, Linda. I’ll pass the information along to Devi and Leah in our office. Thanks.

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  40. I have worked with one Penny. I do not remember others except wasn’t there an actress on the sitcom Laverne and Shirley with that name? I have never known a dog named Penny. Is Penny short for Penelope?

    Baylor is shutting down and sending students home to do online classes. The graduation ceremony is postponed until August. Not sure what it all means for us. Not a good time to be looking for employment to say the least. The tax office, however, has plenty of work for right now.

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  41. Penny is short for Penelope but my sister’s given name is Penny. Paul’s nephew’s daughter, who is 7, is Penelope and they call her Penny. 😊
    Daughter has two interviews this week…one is an admin position for a Medical supplier, the other is a big insurance company….those might be good prospects. Kroger is looking to hire workers around here too…good time for grocery companies I suppose.

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  42. 🥓 bacon,popovers, and orange juice for dinner.
    Mr. Prepper went shopping again today. We now have 3 boxes of Kleenex, more diapers, Bubba Burgers and enough rice to feed all of you.

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  43. This is when I’m glad I work from home. We stocked up several weeks ago, and last week I told my husband I’d like to limit shopping to weekly or less (he’s used to going to the store every day or two), and so last Tuesday I bought a bunch and a half of bananas (he never wants to run out of bananas, but of course they don’t “keep”). More than one friend from church has offered to shop for us, and my husband accepted an offer to shop Wednesday or Thursday. We’ll have the man get extra eggs and a few other things, and then I think we should be “good to go” for two weeks–or longer if we accept just not having fresh stuff as we run out. Frozen veggies are one thing I bought last week, since nutritionally they’re about as good as fresh and it’s good to have some on hand.

    My husband suggested we can work on a puzzle (he hasn’t yet got his strength back for much), so I pulled out four of them and let him have his choice. We’re doing a 1,000 piece puzzle of the animals collecting to enter the ark. It isn’t the stereotypical image of all the animals in pairs and a straight line, but the animals have a fairly small part of the scene and some of them are in shadow and hard to see. But we got 80 or 90 pieces together including a decent percentage of the edge, so a good start. We’ve been married 8 1/2 years and have never worked on a puzzle together. I told him a couple of days ago that I’m glad he is easy to live with, and he told me he’s glad we both are. I’ve been out of the condo some, to go on walks, though I’m staying 10 feet or so away from anyone I encounter. We aren’t really engaging with anyone other than each other except by telephone, so it’s a blessing we get along well.

    I’ve talked to two of my brothers, neither of whom seems to think the virus amounts to anything. My younger brother talked about going to church yesterday (in Dallas), and he did say after this it’s cancelled, but he made a point to tell me about all the late 80s and early 90s people who were present, and how happy he was that they were there. I wanted to say, “Do you understand that if someone in your church passed along the virus and several of those 90-somethings got sick, and several people went to the hospital at once, that those people would die?” He said that once it’s over we’ll probably find it only killed about one in a thousand people. My husband asked did he mean one in a thousand of the population, or one in a thousand of those who get it, and I said I thought the latter, but wasn’t sure. The second would be completely unrealistic, not matching at all what we’re seeing, and I think even the first of those options is probably “better” than we can expect to see by the time this is over. But sometimes it takes “5 people dead in my church of 250 people” for people to take stuff seriously–and by the time it gets to that point, it’s too late for “taking it seriously” to do much good.

    This afternoon I walked through the parking lot of a restaurant that is usually full for lunch and supper, and it had only a few cars, obviously those of employees. Seeing that busy restaurant closed was sobering–but better that restaurant closed than that two people die this week because they stayed open. (It isn’t in our county yet, as far as we know. But this just isn’t a time to wait until it’s known to be in your county.)

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  44. We may end up in lockdown tomorrow. I took a walk today in the beautiful sunshine. As long as we stay six feet apart (or next to each other if living together), we can walk outside. Odd times.

    A little concerned about my one son’s job who works for a small company. Everyone else seems well employed at the moment.

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  45. We are considering, if the country goes on lockdown, it is best for husband to be in Boise to help with the five grandchildren and me to be here with the other family members so we will probably just keep the status quo at this time. I have met somebody on my walk only once in the past twenty plus years here. I don’t think that will be changing soon so I can walk freely.

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  46. I was inside the house and working all day long, had to help compile the story on all the school districts in our area closing and do yet something else on our “lost” cruise ships bobbing in the harbor. Someone on Fox, Hannity?, suggested they turn them into hospital space.

    My neighbor is concerned (and I don’t blame her) about her 75-year-old husband who works full time at the hospital down the street (electrical maintenance crew). They said the only way they can be off is to take their own vacation time. He also has emphysema, but is hard-headed about working (although I suspect if they paid him to go home and stay home he’d take it).

    Another friend works full time at the Post Office (and she’s over 65). The problem is most or at least many folks in their 60s, me included, are still employed and somewhat relying on a paycheck. So telling them to just “stay home” is of little use, frankly. I’m fortunate in that I actually can work from home.

    But it’s going to get boring very fast. I still want to keep walking my dogs, and I heard that being outside is actually safer than being indoors with other people.

    It helps to think of the shutdown as a “strategy” — a way scientists have concluded is a way to catch these things as early as possible. Certainly is not very pleasant. And we’re all still trying to get our heads around it all.

    Meanwhile, I need prescription foods for both Cowboy and Annie and I order those from Chewy.com, which typically delivers in 1-2 days. Well, now it’s taking a week or more as they’re backed up and I’m on my last can of food for Cowboy. So I’m trying to find a local vet other source where I can pick up just a few cans to get me though; so far no luck with that and I don’t even have time to go out to pick anything up with work being so intense right now. I literally sat at my computer from about 8:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. with no real break.

    And I threw my back out somehow this morning while racing around in the kitchen to get all the animals fed. So now I’m hobbling around. Sad shape.

    Penny is a name often used for redheads, no?

    The puzzle sounds fun, Cheryl, I’ve had a framed print of Edward Hicks’ Noah’s Ark on my living room wall for a lot of years now.


    The indoor painting consultant from Sherwin Williams who came by a year ago for a paid consultation zeroed in on that, asking me which colors I liked in the painting. All of them, it turned out 🙂 She said because I gravitate toward the warm tones — and my house really is filled with warm tones, including many wood pieces, leather furniture, lots of amber lamps and warm lighting — that she’d suggest going into the paler, cool tones to set all that off. Made sense.

    Someday I’ll paint this room. …

    This period is so exhausting work-wise, I hope things kind of settle down but it’s such a strange period we’re in. It’s usually predictable, what we cover day to day and week to week. No more.

    Heard from my neighbor also (though her husband) that they’re planning to construct a tent structure outside the hospital.

    Very strange times, indeed.

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  47. Our restaurants close tomorrow except for drive through and carry out. We were notified that we will be having online church for the next two weeks at least. My neighbor and I took a lovely walk in the sunshine today. It is so good to breathe in that fresh pine scented air! 😊


  48. Ok, off to hobble along on a dog walk with this lower back strain

    It’s been raining but I think it may have stopped now. It’ll be a shorter-than-usual walk, but we need something, all of us.

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  49. If the nation goes on a lock down, who’s going to enforce it? And would that mean we have to stay indoors? The outside fresh air would be much healthier.

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  50. I’ll have to go check on my daughters coffee shop tomorrow after I go to the doctor. I had made an appointment a couple of weeks ago. They called and gave me the option of a video appointment, but I said that I would rather come in. Later my Colorado daughter said that I should not have done that. I have been healthy so long that it is hard to know. Tonight a friend who is a doctor said I might have immunity after being around so many children. I am also the age that they are saying should self isolate. But I don’t feel that age.

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