35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-9-20

  1. In a not unexpected turn of events, daughter’s trip to Boise was not uneventful. She blew a tire about an hour and a half from home. But, she knows how to change one and has had experience doing so. And a nice older couple saw the baby car seat and stopped to help. The gentleman helped daughter while the lady helped with baby. Even changed her messy diaper. The tire was somewhat welded to the wheel well but daughter remembered from her work with farm machinery that dropping the car could pop the tire loose. They did that and problem solved. It is nice to know that God has things.

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  2. That is great Mumsee!
    Changing a tire is quiet a feat for a female.
    After you get the car jacked up, and the old tire off. You have to life the new tire.
    It takes some muscle to lift the new tire and get it onto the wheel. That would be the hard part for a female.
    Sounds like it worked out well.
    The older couple is likely still talking about this.

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  3. Daughter is amazingly strong. But just having people stop to help was huge. It did work out well. And, hopefully, all were blessed through the exchange.

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  4. I wish I’d learned more about do-it-yourself car maintenance.

    Oh well.

    It appears the world is crashing down around us this morning (along with the stock market). Better go stock up on toilet paper.

    I’m debating whether to cover what’s supposed to be what will probably be an overflow-crowded hearing in person or via live stream this morning.

    And 😦 it’s still (mostly) dark at nearly 7 a.m. ??

    I was grateful for that hot water heater at shower time and a heater that works.

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  5. I see I’m sentence-stuttering, Biden-like, this morning. Mondays, blah.

    At least I got my taxes dropped off this weekend, kind of early for me. One thing off the plate; property tax also will get paid this week along with homeowners insurance & car registration, I hope. All due in April.

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  6. I worked the weekend, all by myself. It was a weird weekend, and the time change didn’t improve things.

    One patient wished me a Happy Woman’s Day. I never pay attention to any of these international days, but I thought it was interesting that a man noticed the day enough to say something.

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  7. It is an irony that a few weeks ago we accidently bought a huge package of toilet paper from Sam’s Club. I say accidently, because I would not have bought it if I had known I still had one of those I hadn’t even opened yet. It was not in the usual spot. My husband does not have an organizing cell in his body and he will sometimes put things in places I would not. The irony is that now we are in a good position should the hoarders be at work at our Sam’s. 🙂

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  8. Oh deer! Good Morning!! 🦌
    We awakened to snow and fog! After a 60 degree day yesterday this was totally unexpected. Most of this will melt I suppose when our temps reach 57 today.

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  9. Yes, I thought poor Michelle. Michelle, it’s the white-footed deer mouse that’s the real problem. The deer don’t like the ticks any more than we do.

    I got outside for a bit this morning, though I drove the 2/3 mile to the trail and only stayed out an hour. Still, it’s spring (cardinals chasing each other everywhere, two to four males just everywhere) and I had to get out at least for a little while. I thought I might see some turtles (it’s above 50 degrees) and didn’t, but fresh buds on the plants and lots of birdsong is still a cheery way to start the week after a week of being sick.

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  10. I was invited to dessert last night by a young missionary couple that I support. They invited me in person and then sent two emails. The dessert was at his parents home whom I know well, as they are my age. I pulled all the way up into the driveway, not knowing how many were coming. It was just me!! What an honor. We had a sweet time of just sitting around the table talking about the two places where we serve. They know a lot of PNG folks from their training and had seen many pictures. They are serving in Senegal. What a difference from my remote location to their large, crowded city of Senegal. The traffic is quite a problem for them while I just drive around the potholes.

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  11. It is amazing how God keeps ahead of His people all over the world. And arranges for surprise meetings periodically, and the meetings of old friends. May God be glorified.

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  12. Kathaleen: My husband doesn’t have an organization cell in his body either, but it’s something we laugh about. On Saturday he needed to go to Home Depot for a few things. I decided to tag along. Halfway up our road, he started slapping all his pockets, realizing he’d forgotten his list. Back at the house, it seemed like it was taking a bit long for him to simply grab a piece of paper. When he got back in the truck, he said, “I couldn’t find it; I looked in all the rooms and finally found it in the bathroom. And it’s a good thing I went back because I saw that I’d also left my wallet.” We laughed and I told him that it’s “part of the charm.”

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  13. I used to think my husband was incredibly disorganized, spending a great deal of time locating wallet, phone, keys, glasses, etc. But I realize he managed to manage the Olympics three times, and twenty plus years organizing military folk and equipment and then this family. He is organized, just not in a way I recognize. And if I just leave his stuff and piles alone, it all gets done. Since I am rather disorganized myself, though I can find what I am looking for, I am fine with that.

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  14. I am very disorganized.

    And this meeting (which I’m live-streaming) is going on forever and ever and ever. Three hours and counting, they took a 10 minute break 20 minutes ago. I think every person in the auditorium handed in a speaker card. Even at just 1-minute each, it took forever to get through those long lines of citizens who spanned the “Save the Planet” advocates to longshore workers urging that the added caro fees to go zero-emission won’t simply divert more cargo traffic to other ports that have lower environmental standards (but are cheaper for shipping).

    Adding in the writing of the story, this will be an all-day-er assignment. Glad I didn’t go down there, though, no other media there that I can see so maybe we’re all live-streaming this one.

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  15. I’ve had a fun day. I went with a. Hurch friend down to Art’s office to get her tax done. She really enjoyed her time there. The front desk person was not there today so I was booking appointments as the phone kept ringing. I felt badly leaving when my friend was finished because that meant that the preparers would be having to answer the phone while seeing clients. And it is our anniversary today . . . so that made me feel doubly bad about not staying to help. I also stopped by the church office and saw the church secretary whose name is Janice. She is divorced but said this is her anniversary date. Rather strange to have the same name and anniversary date. I thought maybe I should take her out for dinner since Art will be too late to go out, LOL.

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  16. We had a good lunch at the Dwarf House/Chick-fil-A. Mac and cheese, fried okra, cole slaw and two muffins first filled my plate and then filled my tummy. I don’t get to eat out much these days so it is a much appreciated treat to get a meal like that.

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  17. Did I ever tell you that I changed Elvera’s tire once?
    I told you that I wrote her name in my Bible on that February night. But could never make connection. We had separate SS classes and I didn’t attend assembly; so we never got close to each other.
    But one Wednesday night, after prayer meeting, (I thin kit was summertime.) I was walking out to the parking lot with my friends. There was Elvera. She had a flat tire. I changed the tire for her and she got into the car and drove off with a soldier from Fort Jackson.
    She was going with him when we met. A really nice guy. But I got her.

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  18. Third son won over his father in law to be by changing her car’s oil and washing her car. As if his daughter’s adoration was not enough. And that he opened doors for her.

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  19. Michelle, what was that solar usb charger that you said you got for Christmas? I am thinking that something like that would be good to have. And I don’t trust what keeps showing up in my news feed on Facebook.


  20. Certainly hubby isn’t a bozo and is very smart and accomplished in his field. But his disorganization actually frustrates him quite bit.

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  21. We decided to join Costco today. The place was chaotic and I am certain the last bundle of tp was gone by the time we left. Cashier stated it was worse than Black Friday sales. I did manage to purchase coffee pods, broccoli and a pair of jeans. And husband purchased a battery for his truck 😊

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  22. Do you think we should ration out squares of toilet paper at the office? Just a thought. And it is making me remember a pastor’s son who said his dad was so cheap that if someone rolled their yard that their dad made them gather it all, roll it up, and use it.

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  23. My Hubby was disorganized at home, but fairly organized in his work, because he had to be. But, like mentioned above about other husbands, his disorganization at home really bothered him. There were other things that he did that he disliked as well.


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