13 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-9-20

  1. First up, yikes. That’s gotta be a little scary.



  2. Tapper the hack gets educated.


    “Tapper Gets SCHOOLED By Surgeon General on White House Virus Response”

    “Despite multiple attempts by CNN host Jake Tapper to seemingly embarrass the Trump administration with their response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) during Sunday’s State of the Union, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams schooled him on the facts. Tapper even questioned if President Trump was even listening to the advice of medical professionals, only to be told the multiple doctors in the room were not being suppressed.

    At one point, Tapper tried to stoke public fear by suggesting Trump was willing to sacrifice Americans on a cruise ship as so not to increase the number of people infected by COVID-19. “Is the President’s desire to artificially keep the numbers low by keeping Americans who are off the coast out of the United States; is that desire impacting health decisions to help save these Americans who have coronavirus or who could possibly have it?” he demanded to know.

    After pointing out that Tapper wanted him to make things political, Adams talked about how the safety of the people on board cruise ships with the virus were a priority (click “expand”):

    When the President comes in, he makes it clear that he wants the best advice from his health experts. As far as the cruise ships are concerned, our priorities are, number one, making sure people who are on those cruise ships and who need medical attention can get it. And we’ve flown people off the ships, we’ve flown CDC teams into the ships to help.

    Tapper wouldn’t let his narrative go and amped up his claims by insisting the President was making purely “public relations decision[s]” and not medical ones.

    “Well, what I can say to you is, based on my experience on the task force for about a week and a half and being in that Situation Room every day that the medical input is taken,” Adams countered. “You have multiple doctors in the room and our voices are in no way, shape, or form suppressed. As a matter of fact, the Vice President usually starts and ends by saying, ‘Doctors, is there anything I need to hear that I’m not hearing?’”

    The conversation got a little combative as Tapper demanded to know how many Americans had been tested for COVID-19. He repeatedly interrupted the Surgeon General while he attempted to explain the number was always changing and he didn’t want to give false information.


    But Tapper on the other hand sure has no problem spreading false info, because he’s a hack.


  3. Meanwhile, a Dem Gov. comes to Trump’s defense.


    “Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee Goes to Bat for the Trump Administration’s Handling of the Coronavirus”

    “President Donald Trump has come under fire for his so-called “lack of response” to the coronavirus epidemic. Democrats have repeatedly attempted to knock the president for failing to take the epidemic seriously, even though the Trump administration put a halt on flights to and from China at the beginning of February. They also placed travel warnings on certain parts of Italy and South Korea. And anyone who traveled to Iran in the last 14 days is barred from entering the United States.

    Washington State has been the epicenter of most of the cases in the United States, where 17 out of the 20 deaths have taken place.

    Despite Democrats’ attempt at placing blame on Trump, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee – a Democrat himself – praised the White House’s efforts in the Evergreen State.

    “Right now, I believe the agencies of the federal government are being very diligent in helping our state,” Inslee explained on “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “They are restocking our stockpile of protective equipment and medical supplies. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of new pieces of supplies that have come in in the last couple of days. That has been very helpful.”


    “Even though Inslee and Trump are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, the governor said his primary focus is on the health of Washingtonians.

    “We’re focusing on people’s health, not on political gamesmanship right now,” Inslee said.”


    What a concept! More Dems should try it.


  4. Trump was right again, the press, not so much. Again.




    Hacks, pretty much the whole lot of ’em…..


  5. It’s time to have a family conversation about putting Grandpa in a home…..


    Again, not trying to diagnose the guy, but there’s obviously a problem.


    “Joe Biden is becoming a sad figure to watch

    “MAGA/Sanders twitter” is coordinating Biden “cognitive decline” campaign says Politico Chief DC Correspondent, but we have our own eyes and ears, and it’s becoming a sad spectacle.”

    “With each passing day, more and more videos capture Joe Biden on the campaign trail making what are more than the gaffes for which he is famous. Biden forgets or struggles to remember names, events and people as he speaks, and jumbles words.

    Biden should not be laughed at for this. My overwhelming feeling for Joe is one of sadness, that he was pushed into something for which he is not prepared. And it’s only going to get worse.”


  6. So who funds Bernie?

    Like in all communist countries, those who seek to be our ruling elites.


    “Bernie’s Revolution Funded by Techies, Hipsters, and Champagne Socialists

    “There are no poor socialists in what was dubbed as ‘the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco’.””

    “The staunchest supporters of Bernie Sanders are young, wealthy, and incapable of governing themselves.

    After Sanders boasted of the high number of individual donations, Daniel Greenfield researched the geographic distribution of the Senator’s donor base, and came up with the answer both sad and unsurprising. The socialist from Vermont who never held a job in his life does not collect money from miners in Pennsylvania or hardworking immigrants in Arizona, the working class he purports to champion. His most devoted followers are the techies, hipsters, and champagne socialist trustafarians from gentrified neighborhoods:

    Geographically, Bernie’s top dollar zip code is 94110 in San Francisco. The average household income in this part of the Mission District, specifically the Inner Mission, the Bernal Heights area, is $166,302. The median home value is around $1.5 million and the median rent is almost $5,000 a month.

    There are no poor socialists in what was dubbed as “the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco.”

    Not incidentally, the Facebook overlord Mark Zuckerberg has a 10 million dollar mansion in The Mission, though I’m not sure it’s in 94110.”

    “Continues Greenfield:

    This was the area that Salon founder David Talbot blasted as the “hottest zip code in the country” overrun by “Silicon Valley movers and shakers” in “new-model Teslas, BMWs and Uber limousines”. It’s only fitting that it should also be the spigot through which so much of Bernie’s tech bros dollars flow.

    The second top dollar Bernie zip code in San Francisco, 94117 or Haight-Ashbury, seems like a better fit for Bernie. But the Summer of Love has long since given way to the Winter of Trust Fund Hipsters in the Haight where the average income is $201,503 and average home values top $1.6 million.

    . . . . The Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles is a hipster haven which boasts the most expensive pizza in the city where the median price for housing is $813,000, and rents can hit $6,700 a month. Like Park Slope and Haight-Ashbury, Echo Park is full of wealthy hipsters.

    That’s Bernie’s core demographic.

    San Franciscans living in these areas tend to be under 50, childless, and unmarried. White. Slightly more likely to be male than female.

    In recent years, San Francisco became notorious for its dystopian facade — open air drug use, homeless encampments blocking sidewalks, human waste, and the like. In the metro that prides itself on its protest culture, visible political activity remains limited to children marching for the environment, and the local Charter of the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA, agitating for their candidates. Corruption of local Democrat officials is just not the kind of sexy issue that causes the local opinion makers to come out on naked bicycle demonstrations.

    The hipster Marxists most fond of Bernie don’t live in the Tenderloin containment area where the worst of the city’s human wasteland lies, nor do they have to worry about their families being negatively affected. “


  7. This is actually very amusing. 🙂

    Bloomberg Staffers Brag About Ripping Off His Campaign, Covertly Canvassing For Sanders


    “Staffers for former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign say they went rogue and canvassed for Sen. Bernie Sanders after the Nevada debate debacle, The Nation reported Friday, citing anonymous sources.

    People who worked with the team knew the campaign was over after Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasted Bloomberg during the Feb. 19 debate in Nevada, the report noted. They also said they were met with hostility from voters on the campaign trail, according to The Nation’s Ken Klippenstein.

    “Most people knew this was a grift,” one campaign official noted, according to Klippenstein’s report. “At our first office meeting, my [director] said, ‘We don’t need to canvass. We can just make calls, right guys?’ And everyone was like, ‘Yeah, that’s sensible.’” The staffers could not go on record because they signed a non-disclosure agreement with the campaign, the report notes.

    The staffers spoke anonymously out of concern for professional reprisal and due to a non-disclosure agreement. Klippenstein obtained a leaked copy of the NDA in February — a representative with the campaign confirmed the copy was indeed from the campaign.

    Several staffers said they actively tried to undermine Bloomberg’s campaign, even canvassed for Sanders.

    “I would actively canvass for Bernie when I was supposed to be canvassing for Mike. I know of at least one team of ‘volunteers’ that was entirely fabricated by the organizers who had to hit their goals,” one staffer said, according to Klippenstein’s report.

    The person added: “It was easy enough to fudge the data to make it look like real people put in real volunteer work, when in reality Mike was getting nothing out of it.””


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