8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-7-20

  1. I routinely clean out my spam filter.
    This morning, I had 43 wanting money. Some of them were duplicates.
    it seems that I can make reservations for two for dinner with Trump.
    And I can belong to something, maybe the Republican party.
    I don’t know all about this because I don’t open any of the links.
    There’s no telling what I would get if I sent some money to any of them.

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  2. 🙂 Thanking God for a body that is working fairly well this morning.

    😦 We were called by our ‘grandson’ this week who was in an accident, but okay, though far from home and he needed our monetary help since his horrible mother (our daughter) would not help the poor dear. My husband actually asked if he had called his mom and the reply was that she wouldn’t help. That was when my husband hung up. I answered the phone in the other room, not knowing this. The same scammer was on the line. I asked for more information knowing it was false from the first syllable. Then I told the scammer what he was doing was shameful and that I hoped he would come to know the Lord and stop doing such an evil thing. He hung up for some reason. There were so many reasons none of what the scammer said was possible, but that is not always the case. Way too many well meaning grandparents are scammed.

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  3. 😦 A week with the flu for both of us.

    🙂 I didn’t have the achiness that I associate as a synonym for flu, so while super tired and with no appetite, it has hardly been a miserable week for me.

    🙂 When I was young, when I got sick in any way I always lost my appetite–and always forced myself to eat three meals a day, because I was underweight and couldn’t afford not to. I’m not underweight anymore, so with this one I’m eating here and there but with no stress or urgency involved.

    🙂 Because I haven’t felt well and I’m “ahead” on my editing, I’ve simply taken the week “off” and reading this week has been voluntary.

    🙂 Crocuses are blooming and shrubs are starting to bud. We had a hard frost this morning, but I think winter is over.

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  4. oops. Turns out daughter was out responding to emergencies on the highways yesterday. Thankful for prayer and that she made it home safely last night. She’ll be out there again today and it hasn’t stopped snowing.

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  5. My membership in NRSC has expired.
    I didn’t know that I was ever a member. I do know they want me to send some money.


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