17 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-2-20

  1. Sorry, no fishing. 🙂




    As Scott noted this post, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled yesterday that that Article III of the Constitution forbids federal courts from resolving the dispute between the House of Representatives and the executive branch over whether former White House Counsel Don McGahn must comply with a subpoena to testify before the House. The decision is, of course, a victory for President Trump. It means the House subpoena will not be enforced.

    The vote was 2-1. Judge Thomas Griffith wrote the opinion for the court. Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson wrote a concurring opinion. Judge Judith Rogers dissented.

    Judge Henderson’s opinion is less sweeping than Judge Griffith’s. Her opinion rejects the view that Article III of the Constitution precludes standing whenever the Congress, or a chamber thereof, asserts institutional injury in a dispute with the executive. It also rejects McGahn’s assertion of absolute testimonial immunity against compelled congressional process.

    I listened to the oral argument of this case, and wrote about it here. My abiding impression is the brilliant job Hashim Mooppan, the Department of Justice lawyer, did in arguing the case.”


    “UPDATE: I should add that liberals have a clear majority on the D.C. Circuit. Thus, if the House files a petition for rehearing of the McGahn case, as I expect it will, there’s a fairly good chance the panel’s ruling will be overturned.”


    Which means we’re right back to where we started. Now you know why Schifty rushed his case. e didn’t have time to let all this play out. He has an election to interfere with.


  2. Worth a read.

    “Preparing for Coronavirus to Strike the U.S.

    Getting ready for the possibility of major disruptions is not only smart; it’s also our civic duty”


    “As the new human coronavirus spreads around the world, individuals and families should prepare—but are we? The Centers for Disease Control has already said that it expects community transmission in the United States, and asked families to be ready for the possibility of a “significant disruption to our lives.”

    Be ready? But how? It seems to me that some people may be holding back from preparing because of their understandable dislike of associating such preparation with doomsday or “prepper” subcultures. Another possibility is that people may have learned that for many people the disease is mild, which is certainly true, so they don’t think it’s a big risk to them. Also, many doomsday scenarios advise extensive preparation for increasingly outlandish scenarios, and this may seem daunting and pointless (and it is). Others may not feel like contributing to a panic or appearing to be selfish.

    Forget all that. Preparing for the almost inevitable global spread of this virus, now dubbed COVID-19, is one of the most pro-social, altruistic things you can do in response to potential disruptions of this kind.

    We should prepare, not because we may feel personally at risk, but so that we can help lessen the risk for everyone. We should prepare not because we are facing a doomsday scenario out of our control, but because we can alter every aspect of this risk we face as a society.

    That’s right, you should prepare because your neighbors need you to prepare—especially your elderly neighbors, your neighbors who work at hospitals, your neighbors with chronic illnesses, and your neighbors who may not have the means or the time to prepare because of lack of resources or time.”


    “But here’s the thing. Such epidemiological numbers are not fixed or immutable. They are not constants that exist independent of our actions. Where they land depends on the characteristics of the pathogen but also our response. By preparing now, we can alter both of those key numbers and save many lives.

    The infectiousness of a virus, for example, depends on how much we encounter one another; how well we quarantine individuals who are ill; how often we wash our hands; whether those treating the ill have proper protective equipment; how healthy we are to begin with—and such factors are all under our control. After active measures were implemented, the R0 for the 2003 SARS epidemic, for example, went from around three, meaning each person infected three others, to 0.04. It was our response to SARS in 2003 that made sure the disease died out from earth, with less than a thousand victims globally.

    Similarly, how many people die of seasonal influenza (or COVID-19) depends on the kind of health care they receive. In China, death rates are much higher in the overwhelmed Hubei province than the rest of the country exactly because of the quality of the care. Hospitals only have so many beds, especially in their intensive care units, and those who have a severe case of COVID-19 often need mechanical ventilation and other intensive care procedures. When they are out of beds, people end up languishing at home and suffering and dying in much larger numbers.

    All this means that if we can slow the transmission of the disease—flatten its curve—there will be many lives saved even if the same number of people eventually get sick, because everyone won’t show up at the hospital all at once. Plus, if we can flatten that curve, there is more time to develop a vaccine or find antivirals that help.”


  3. Take the House. 🙂

    It’s the only way this scam gets totally exposed. The current Dems in the House won’t do it, they’re complicit in it. It’s up to voters to ensure justice gets done.


    “Nunes warns GOP has subpoenas ready for FBI, DOJ figures if they win House”

    “Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., warned Friday that Republicans have subpoenas “ready to go” if they take back the majority of the House of Representatives in November, saying they plan to continue investigating and interviewing top FBI and Justice Department (DOJ) officials involved in the Russia investigation.

    In an interview with Fox News on the sidelines of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said it was difficult for people to “trust the FBI and DOJ” after the bureau’s initial Russia probe and former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly two-year-long investigation.

    That probe led to no evidence of a conspiracy or coordination between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.

    “You can be sure of this, if we take the House in November, we have subpoenas ready to go that will continue going after these dirty cops,” Nunes told Fox News.

    Nunes went on to bash Democrats, specifically Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for not taking action to make “reforms” to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process.

    “What they’re trying to do is a cover-up — they’re trying to cover up the fact that their party was involved in the biggest political scandal in modern U.S. history, where they fed disinformation, likely Russian disinformation from a campaign into the FBI and opened an investigation on the other campaign,” Nunes said.

    “They’re doing everything they can to not make reforms and that’s not going to be sufficient,” he said.”

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  4. Europe has a problem.


    “Greece: Police Struggle to Push Back Migrant Wave

    Greece faces “organised, mass and illegal attempt to violate its borders,” says government.”

    “Police in Greece fought back on Saturday to repel thousands of illegal immigrants along the Turkish border. The push back comes as tens of thousands of migrants are beginning to amass along the Turkish-Greek border. Angry migrants pelted stones at Greek guards and attempted to cut through border fences, news reports said. The Greek police fired tear gas in response.

    Government officials in Athens described the latest breach of country’s borders as a migrant ‘onslaught.’ “Greece yesterday faced an organised, mass and illegal attempt to violate its borders and it withstood this attempt,” Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said on Saturday. “We averted more than 4,000 attempts of illegal entrance to our land borders.”

    The statement came as Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that thousands of migrants has began forcing their way from Turkey into Europe. “Approximately 18,000 have forced their way through the gates but today it could reach 25 to 30,000. And we will not close these doors from now on, and this will continue,” Erdogan said on Saturday.

    The migrant influx began after Turkey opened border crossings and encouraged migrants to cross into Europe. Turkey triggered the migrant wave a day after an airstrike by Russia-backed Syrian Forces killed 33 Turkish soldiers in northern Syria.

    Reuters news agency reported the clashes on the Greece borders:

    Greek police fired teargas to push back hundreds of stone-throwing migrants trying to cross the border from Turkey on Saturday, as a crisis over Syria shifted onto the European Union’s doorstep.

    Greece, which has tense relations with Turkey, accused Ankara of sending the migrants to the border post in an organized “onslaught” and said it would keep them out.

    Turkey said on Thursday it would stop keeping hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in its territory after an air strike on Idlib in neighboring Syria killed 33 Turkish soldiers.

    Convoys of people appeared heading toward the land and sea borders of Greece, which was a gateway for hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers into Europe in 2015 and 2016.

    “They (the migrants) didn’t come here on their own. They are being sent away and being used by (our) neighbor, Turkey,” Greek Public Order Minister Michalis Chrysohoidis told reporters near the northern Greek border town of Kastanies.

    “Greece… faced an organized, mass and illegal attempt to violate its borders and it withstood this attempt,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas said, adding that by Saturday morning authorities had prevented more than 4,000 people from entering Greece.

    While Greece faces the biggest migrant wave since 2015, the European Union is in a denial mode.

    “EU assumed Turkey would continue to uphold its end of the deal,” German state broadcaster DW News reported Saturday. “The European Commission in Brussels expressed relief at the Turkish statement,” the broadcaster added, referring to Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement that Ankara was abiding by the EU-Turkey migrant deal brokered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel five years ago. The EU has already paid 6 billion euros to Turkey in the hope that it will hold its part of the bargain. In recent months, Turkey had renewed its demand for more money and visa-free travel for 80 million Turks into Europe.

    While the EU fails to come to the aid of Greece, a country weakened by the monetary crisis of 2008, some member states are ramping up their borders defenses in anticipation of a new migrant wave of the magnitude witnessed in 2015 when millions of migrants forced their way into Europe. Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz suggested on Saturday that his country will close the borders if the migrant wave headed their way.”


    More here….


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  5. Which is why this needs to be squashed.


    “U.S. officials are warning that dangerous criminals are hiding in illegal alien caravans that are making their way to the United States, as Fox News reports.

    According to the report, “gang members from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras” have hidden themselves among the caravans that travel to the United States, often in the thousands, to hide themselves among illegal aliens that don’t commit other crimes besides illegal immigration. Some of the criminals in question even commit crimes in the various countries they pass through along the way.

    The assertion was made by Gissell Artiga, a spokeswoman for the Joint Border Intelligence Group, an international immigration control group that includes the United States. Artiga said that “it has been possible to identify these people at the border, they camouflage themselves among the victims of human trafficking, the migrants, for they can continue committing crime in the United States and now in Mexico.” Artiga also confirmed that among the criminals in question are members of the notorious gang MS-13.”

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  6. Ouch. 🙂

    An alternative to muting his ads. 🙂



    “With Democratic presidential candidates blitzing states set to vote on “Super Tuesday” this week, a handful of congregants at a historic black church in Selma, Ala., delivered a stunning rebuke of Mike Bloomberg on Sunday.

    Ten minutes into his remarks about voter suppression and the civil rights movement, about a dozen churchgoers stood up and turned their backs to the candidate, where they silently stayed in place for the duration of the speech.

    It was the 55th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when state troopers viciously attacked black civil rights activists who marched over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

    Gathered at the Brown Chapel AME Church just blocks away from the bridge, the anti-Bloomberg churchgoers seemed to evoke the legacy of nonviolent protest immortalized on March 7, 1965.

    While they didn’t utter a word, the signal they sent was loud and clear: They don’t want the ex-mayor who once championed stop-and-frisk for president.”

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  7. Uhhhh……


    “Scientist: Genetic Analysis Suggests Coronavirus Has Been Spreading In Washington State For Weeks”

    “Not a surprise given the news yesterday that one person there has died of the disease and two more, a teenager and a woman in her 50s, are presumptive positives. A fourth man from Washington was diagnosed with COVID-19 in January after traveling in China near Wuhan; he’s now completely recovered, but God only knows how many people he may have infected at the Seattle airport or elsewhere in the community before he was diagnosed.

    Flu researchers in Seattle sequenced the genome of the strain of coronavirus in the man who died and compared it to the strain in the man who was diagnosed in January. Were they distinct? Or were they related, which would be circumstantial evidence that the strain had spread through the community via patient one en route to patient two?

    They’re related, per a local scientist:”

    “His best guess is that there are “a few hundred current infections” locally. Another researcher who models disease told the Times that he’d expect anywhere from 150 to 1,500 people to “have either been infected and recovered or currently are infected now.” One thing I’m keen to know but haven’t seen in any of the reporting about this today is whether there’s been an uptick in hospitalizations lately in Seattle and/or Snohomish County for respiratory illness. Are people coming in with COVID-19 and being mistakenly diagnosed with the flu or pneumonia?

    And if there *isn’t* an uptick (yet), what conclusion should we draw from that? Note what the researcher said, that some Washingtonians may have been infected and recovered already, all on their own without medical assistance. An ER doctor in Massachusetts made the case in Slate yesterday that undetected community spread of coronavirus contains a major silver lining: It suggests that many cases of the disease just aren’t serious enough to warrant a doctor’s care, which means the death rate may be a lot lower than we think.”


  8. And….


  9. Amy, Pete to endorse Biden.

    Looks like the party apparatus & leaders are moving to consolidate behind Joe (now that he’s found new legitimacy from his healthy South Carolina win) to fend off the Sanders’ threat.


  10. Biden will be lucky to just survive until the nomination.

    If he can remember where he’s going to receive it that is….

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  11. Bloomberg is awful, the most unlikeable guy to run for president in a very long time. Trying to “buy” the election doesn’t help his image at all. He and Steyer both need to ride off into the sunset in their limos.


    At any rate, it looks like it’ll be a very interesting convention this summer as it all (perhaps) gets hashed out and fought over on live TV.


  12. Bloomberg’s advantage in the Democratic Convention is that all of his opponents are so repulsive, you almost have to like him.
    I don’t. But if you hate Trump, what are you going to do?
    I think it will be Trump/Bloomberg in the election.
    Hope I’m wrong.


  13. Stargazer is supposed to spend two weeks working remotely in Seattle. He said this morning that trip is looking dicier by the day. Staying home just seems like a good plan to most.


  14. Working from home is becoming even more popular now.

    I dunno, Chas, Bloomberg rubs almost all my friends (really) wrong. Who likes him? I don’t think he has much of a chance at all.


  15. But I guess I shouldn’t complain. He’s got paid ads splattered all over our website.

    Keeps the payroll solvent a little while longer.


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