9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-29-20

  1. 😦 Using scare tactics to score political points. A school superintendent recently wrote about the mom who was scared to send her child to school because of the corona virus. Shame on those who do this.

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  2. She didn’t recognize me as being “Charlie” last night.
    But I did learn that she thinks Charlie can do anything. She completely trusts and depends on Charlie.
    But she had no problem going to bed with me.
    It is better this morning.
    But I have to run every tine she calls “Charlie”.
    It’s usually trivial, but I can’t not respond because I never know if it’s serious.

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  3. 🙂 I was excited yesterday, convinced I could type a rave that I had slept well for the entire week!

    😦 Then there was last night.

    Well . . . prayed for a bunch of you, finished reading one book and listened to three Enduring Word podcasts on 1 Peter. I then prayed some more and gave up; I ultimately slept for about 2.5 hours.

    🙂 I can’t go outside this weekend–which is a shame because the garden is calling–so I can nap and read some more . . .

    😦 Arizona trip next week has been canceled. My husband’s conference had too many people bailing out because of coronavirus so they canceled it.

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  4. 😦 Have not heard from Hillary about her situation vis a vis traveling on Thursday.

    😦 Our business trip to Scottsdale, AZ with a side trip to see an old single friend in Tucson, has now been canceled. My husband’s company is asking people to not take any unnecessary travel. The conference organizers received so many concerned calls about where conferees were coming from that they canceled the entire conference.

    My in-laws left this morning to fly to the south Caribbean for a cruise followed by a week in Cancun. They nervously joked last night they weren’t sure if they’d be allowed to come home. But they’re retired and Cancun is a lovely beach and diving community . . .

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  5. Had a lovely dinner and visit with folks last night. We were talking and he mentioned who else had lived in that house. I stopped him as I realized that I had been in that home for a Bible study, and skipped dessert, on Feb 6, 1981, I could tell that I was going into labor so we went on to the hospital and my son was born at 3am.

    Now, what to wear to a funeral today???

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  6. Huge annual trade conference in LB — bringing several thousands of people from around the world — was abruptly canceled just a day before it was to open. Virus concerns. Port spokesman texted me tonight with the tip which I passed on to our editor.

    😦 Competitor paper beat us on the story. Our poor, frazzled editor is working through the weekend just trying to keep up. I would have offered to help but had company today and tonight, of course, and I don’t work on Sundays.

    🙂 Sweet visit with my friend, but now I’m wide awake and it’s after 2 a.m. (She left around 1.)

    🙂 We may get a little bit of rain on Sunday.

    😦 Or not.


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