18 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-29-20

  1. Nothing interesting in the news todayl.
    I don’t think Republicans should participate in the SC Democratic primary.
    That is a form of cheating if you vote for someone you intend to vote against in the general election.


  2. I just started noticing it. But it appears that Trump has this campaign trick in that he holds a rally just as the Democrats are having a big decision event in that state.
    He always has a larger crowd than the Democrats do.


  3. That strategy has been used for decades, Chas. I well remember the Dems using it here. I know those who ran simply as spoilers, too. Amateurs in politics are unaware of many of these strategies. Getting on the committees is so important for getting what you want. It is only with all the 24/7 coverage that a lot of went on since the Founding of the country is exposed. I do not say it is ethical, but it won’t be easily stopped and the stopping would have its own ramifications.


  4. Next couple months will be interesting to watch — this could wind up being a very interesting Democratic convention this time, though the party may find a way to stop Bernie before then. But time is short and he’s on a roll. Either way, there will be splits in the party.

    In my state, only the Dems allow non-partisan voters to request one of their party’s primary ballots. The Republicans (rightly so, I think) keep their’s closed so you cannot request at Republican ballot.

    But I’m wondering — now that nonpartisan registration is rising somewhat significantly — whether both parties will begin allowing non-party “members” to participate. While I think party nominees should be chosen by party members, I also realize many of us who may lean strongly toward one side or the other have gone to the more neutral non-partisan registration status. At least for now. What a crazy political time we are seeing.

    Should be interesting to see what happens in South Carolina today. Biden’s last stand?


  5. This is MN’s first primary at this stage. Before there were only caucuses. We will have to pick which party and the information that we picked up whatever ballot will be given to that party. Many are upset with this information being given out and there is legislation being introduced to stop it. Short time to do that. I don’t like the information being given out. There is a reason for a secret ballot. We still had caucuses, but this was added for Super Tuesday.


  6. If Obama signed a peace treaty with the Taliban, fox would be accusing him of defeatism and caving into terrorists. One of the few positives of the war on terror was the removal of the Taliban regime. Unfortunately, they are part of the political scene in Afghanistan and eventually NATO had to leave. The agreement does call for the release of 1000s of prisoners….probably not a good idea in the long term but not many options if the US and NATO want to leave. The Taliban will definitely play this up as victory for domestic propaganda


  7. And more fake news….



    Keep exploiting it Dems.


  8. Thank goodness they have the left to help spread that propaganda, right HRW?…..

    I don’t care why we leave, just that we do. Post haste.

    Leave the barbarians to themselves, after removing any and all equipment and arms in theater. Carpet bomb anything you must leave behind.


  9. Watching the primary process from the outside is fascinating. No other nation has this type of process — the parties determine leader and in some parliamentary style gov’ts, the elected members of the party determine the leader. South Carolina will be Biden’s as will other southern states. However, Sanders will win Texas and California.

    More interesting, in Trump vs Sanders polls, the RCP average puts Sanders ahead by 1% in Wisconsin and Trump ahead by only 2% in Texas. I do think Trump will still win in Texas but they will have to spend more time, money and resources there then they may want to.

    The coronavirus may have some political effect — the stock market collapsed. In reality, the stock market matters little for the working person but the optics is bad. According to some of my conservative economist friends, the stock market is a mirage inflated by cheap money, the panic associated with coronavirus is popping the bubble. Not sure I buy it but the market did collapse. More importantly, the need for a gov’t response to a health emergency buttresses Sanders campaign for universal health care.


  10. I think we agree that the real mistake was staying after al-queda was chased out. Bush and then Obama thought leaving would make them look weak. Trump has the advantage of a core supporter base who wouldn’t accuse him of weakness even if he was weak. As I said the release of prisoners would not go over well if Obama and even Bush did it.


  11. Yeah…..


  12. So I’m forced to ask the obvious question here…..

    Is this a joke?


    “Former Vice President Joe Biden locked down a much needed win in South Carolina Saturday night as his campaign continues to struggle heading into Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders has taken second place and Pete Buttigieg third. Notably, Biden has run for president three times and this is his first primary or caucus victory. “


  13. Matthews.gets outed….


    MSDNC has safe-housed Chris Matthews for the time being…… for his own safety. 🙂


    “Chris Matthews absent from MSNBC’s primary coverage after sexism allegations, on-air slip-ups”


    “Bassett said she decided to write the op-ed because of a “sexist” interview Matthews did with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after the last debate in which he pressed her about her accusation that former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has once told a woman at his company to “kill” her unborn baby. Bloomberg denies he said it.

    A feminist group has called for Matthews’ firing over the interview.

    Bassett said she wrote a similar op-ed in 2017 without naming Matthews because she was afraid to publicly accuse him at the time, but wrote many women reached out to her saying they knew who she was talking about.

    She said while she didn’t think Matthews’ behavior rose to the level of criminal sexual harassment, it undermined her ability to do her job.

    In 2017, it was reported that NBC paid $40,000 to a producer on Matthews’ show who claimed he sexually harassed her.

    MSNBC has not confirmed the amount paid to the woman, nor has the network said whether the payment was made to settle a harassment claim.

    An MSNBC spokesperson said at the time that executives were told that Matthews made inappropriate jokes and comments about the woman in front of others, that the matter was reviewed and it was determined the comments were inappropriate and made in poor taste but were never meant as propositions.”


  14. It appears the Afghan gov’t is refusing to play along. The US Taliban treaty requires the Afghan gov’t to release about 4000 prisoners. But no one asked them, so the peace deal is essentially dead. Next time the Trump admin might want to consult the actual gov’t in charge of the country.

    Interesting that the Corona survey still reports that 4% will stop drinking Corona. It may not be 38% but still is 4% too many. Another 14% won’t order Corona in public….

    Not surprised about Matthews — he’s almost old enough to be part of the “Mad Men”. However, if someone reports on Joe Scarborough I’ll be even less surprised. He has a tendency to talk over female guests and hosts (including Mikka his wife) or rephrase their ideas as his own. Probably the worst example of “mansplaining” on the air


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