Prayer Requests 2-28-20

It’s Friday, so please remember to pray for Mumsee, Mike, and the Nestlings.

Anyone else?

Psalm 26

Of David.

Vindicate me, Lord,
    for I have led a blameless life;
   I have trusted in the Lord
    and have not faltered.
Test me, Lord, and try me,
    examine my heart and my mind;
for I have always been mindful of your unfailing love
    and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.

I do not sit with the deceitful,
    nor do I associate with hypocrites.
I abhor the assembly of evildoers
    and refuse to sit with the wicked.
I wash my hands in innocence,
    and go about your altar, Lord,
proclaiming aloud your praise
    and telling of all your wonderful deeds.

Lord, I love the house where you live,
    the place where your glory dwells.
Do not take away my soul along with sinners,
    my life with those who are bloodthirsty,
10 in whose hands are wicked schemes,
    whose right hands are full of bribes.
11 I lead a blameless life;
    deliver me and be merciful to me.

12 My feet stand on level ground;
    in the great congregation I will praise the Lord.

8 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 2-28-20

  1. Italy is now on the list of countries to watch in regards to the virus. Hillary is due here from Sicily next week on a 2-month furlough. We’ve warned her, but not sure what that means in terms of her ability to come.

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  2. One of the attorney’s who shares an office on our floor was saying she had been set to leave for Italy this past week and was told to stay home because of all the quarantines spreading so quickly. There are probably worse places to be stuck, but still …

    Praying for a fast discovery of a vaccine on this one.

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  3. Catching up from last night:

    Mumsee – You mentioned boundaries yesterday. Even as I was typing all that, I figured someone would bring that up. 🙂

    Usually, I do set some boundaries, but since she has been particularly stressed for the past few weeks, I have backed off, to not add to her stress. I am sure that things will get back to normal (whatever that is) eventually. But if she continues like this too long, I will have a gentle talk with her.

    Even before this current period of time, I was loose with the boundaries I set, because she has so much on her plate to deal with. I let some things go that I can deal with okay, or that are really not as big a deal as I have made of them in my mind. But there are areas where I draw a line.

    Part of my having loose boundaries (open borders? 😀 ) with her is to keep myself from becoming too persnickety. It certainly is a balancing act. (Hey, that’s funny coming from someone with bad balance! 😀 )

    Those who mentioned joining a Bible study or other outside activity – I will look into that. I’m not sure what is going on in my area, but there is a dear friend from church who only works part-time (my other friends work full-time) who has suggested going out for coffee or something. I guess I should get around to taking her up on that, and see where that goes.

    I know this isn’t the same as getting out-and-about, but when I take Boy up the lane to the school bus stop, my two neighbors and I spend some time chatting, both in the morning and in the afternoon. But yes, time with another Christian lady would be lovely.

    6 Arrows – So happy that your husband asked for your input on when to visit your granddaughter! (If I weren’t behind on things, I wouldn’t have seen that update on yesterday’s thread. Glad I did!)

    Cheryl – The other day you said that I should consider taking care of Janie as part of my job, and I replied that I agree, and try to do that. Later, I remembered that I also pay some of our bills from the part of the life insurance that I “pay” myself each month. Often, I forget that I am contributing some financially, too. (To be clear, I’m not arguing with you, since I did agree with you. Just mentioning that I contribute some in that way, too, which I am glad I can do.)

    Thank you all for your prayers. God bless you all.

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