8 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-22-20

  1. I don’t know if I told you when it happened. I think not.
    But Elvera fell out of the bed Wednesday. I could not get her up. It was 5 a.m. and there was no one stirring in the community to ask for help. She lay there until I called Check at 6:30 and he came over the help.
    She was on her feet then. No harm done.
    Thursday I attended a (the first) session at the church conducted by a guy who’s late wife had this mental problem. I mentioned the event to him.
    He said that he had a bed railing that he no longer needs. It’s mine if I want it.
    So? I went yesterday to get a bed railing for Elvera.
    It worked well last night.
    Only problem is. She now sleeps a few inches lower in the bed than before.
    I hold her most of the time we are in bed and this makes for awkward situation.
    No. If I slip down, my feet are off the bottom, And I don’t want that.


  2. How frustrating, Chas. It is no surprise you could not get her up. My husband and I together had trouble getting my mom up. So glad you have family near by.

    😦 Sinus issues. Finally realized I had to go to the doctor. Meds seem to be helping, although there are always side effects. I am always concerned with allergy issues the most. So blessed to be able to get the medical help when I need it.

    😦 While attending my aunt’s funeral it was sad to see my brothers (who have always been close) sitting apart and not talking. It is sad to see how my family has been fragmented since my dad died. I realized I have been in grief over not only my dad, but this whole disintegration.

    🙂 You always learn new things at funerals. My aunt had sung in my wedding. I had not realized she started singing in weddings and funerals when she was fourteen. She lost her first husband in an industrial accident when pregnant with her third son. She was a single mom with three boys under four. She remarried when they were all near or in their teens. She outlived two husbands, three stepsons and her middle son who died in a vehicle accident at 19. She helped so many people; taking them into her home while still working herself. One was a step son who had AIDs. She went and got him from California, as he was quite despondent. She nursed him to the end of his life. She had a good legacy.

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  3. Chas – When my mom was in her 60s, she got involved with the local senior center. One time they had someone talking to the seniors about various health matters, and one of those was how to get off the floor without help. Here’s an article and video with instructions that seem like what Mom was told.

    Perhaps you could learn this (or have the instructions written/printed out for reference) and talk her through it if she has another fall – or knowing this may be helpful if you have a fall.


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  4. Thanx for the video Karen.
    The situation for one person is different from the one we had.
    If I were to fall, I wouldn’t have trouble doing that.
    Elvera would always need help. Her mind doesn’t work logically.

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  5. Chas – I realize that Elvera wouldn’t be able to remember what to do, but since you or someone else is always with her, I thought maybe you could talk her through it step-by-step. Of course, I also realize that she may be (or someday will be) unable to follow instructions even if given simply and one at a time.

    She is so blessed to have you in this difficult part of your life together.

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  6. She can follow instructions to do what she is doing.
    But she would never remember anything I tell her.
    i.e. While we were getting her dressed for church this morning. She knew why she was getting dressed.
    But when she was dressed, and I left to get dressed, she didn’t know why she was dressed.
    i.e. She is aware of what may be happening, but she has no idea of why she did what she did.

    Speaking of that: She wore an Alfred Dunner outfit this morning. It took me about five minutes to figure how to get that blouse on properly. Part of it goes on over the head, but part doesn’t.
    But she looked good in it. A man wouldn’t put up with such stuff, regardless of how it looks.

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