38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-21-20

  1. Good morning! Trying to keep my head above water with all of my stuff. We too, have cold and ice. I would rather have the cold now, than in March and April.

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  2. It is cold where I am but the stove has started and should warm up before long. We will be headed to Moscow to wish my dad a happy ninetieth birthday.

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  3. Morning! 19 degrees with a high of 47 today…yippee!! Snow and cold tomorrow night and all day Sunday…yippee!! πŸ™ƒ
    Coffee with a precious friend this morning, hair cut after that, then errands…busy day….

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  4. We had a lovely “second annual” trip to Florida this week with our bicycles. Last year they were working on the park in Inverness and this year, it is complete and lovely. We rode from there three days and since it is somewhat in the middle of the 46-mile long Withlacochee trail, we rode south two days and north the other day for some different scenery. The temperature was in the low 80s. We drove home yesterday because the weather was going downhill and arrived home to 30 degrees and strong winds.

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  5. Good morning, everybody. Today is a rare day with no place I need to go and no piano lessons to teach. I did sign up for a one-hour webinar through MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) that airs at 11:00 Central Time today. On “Practicing with Presence.” I’m hoping to glean some useful tips both for myself and to pass along to students. Their webinars are usually pretty helpful.

    The rest of the day: lots of time with the youngest two, doing our usual studies and some extra snuggling-in time under a big warm blanket as we delve further into ancient Egypt. Ah, warmth on this brisk 11Β° morning. πŸ™‚

    Have a good one, all.

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  6. It is cold here, too. Brrr. . . gotta dress for the LA dog park if I go out today.

    I posted a link at the end of yesterday’s thread to our neighborhood excitement/tragedy yesterday. Police shot and killed a man who came out of a house with a gun and would not put it down when asked to do so. I finally found out he was a 75 year old resident at the home. This happened across the street from the elementary school which is beside Art’s church. It’s a five minute drive from us. I guess the school children got their eyes full because I think it happened around 3;30 in the front yard. Maybe most of the children were already gone but probably not all. Maybe because it was so close to the school and the officers did not know who he was that was why they acted with such force. Hopefully I will know more details later.

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  7. Friday at last. One last busy day and then some rest (I hope).

    I baited a ‘rat zapper’ trap last night, nothing caught yet. I did see the (rather large) critter earlier in the evening, though, motoring silently in front of the fire place screen (which is where the trap is placed now). But it can only be activated when I can keep the (documented) animals of the household away from it, these things give off enough of a jolt to kill something smaller for what is hopefully a quick and more humanitarian demise. I’ve used these traps in the past with good (and quick) results. I really do hate killing anything, if there were a way to just get him outside I’d love to do that, but I figure this is the kindest way out for him at this stage. He’s trapped inside here and has been stalked mercilessly for 3 days now. For whatever the reason, it’s just taking the cat forever and the situation needs a decisive resolution, already.

    Busy day again today. I have to cover, via live stream, some elected’s news conference at 9 a.m., something about fair hiring if I recall(?), but the details escape me, it was a late assignment from the editor yesterday. Then at 10 a.m., it’s off to meet up with union & affiliated guides for a ‘backgrounder’ tour (information designed to help with future stories only, nothing to write about today, thankfully) of 2 of the more automated port terminals. Hoping to be free of that by noon so I can write up the earlier news conference story.

    And, if all goes as planned, I think that should be a wrap for the day — and the week.

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  8. Sad, Janice.

    Many of you have the cold that left us. We are happy for a warm up. It will probably be a bit too warm for all the cross country skiers in the Birkebeiner race in WI.

    We got our computer backed and all the pics etc. saved. I do not enjoy the process of figuring out the new configurations and dealing with passwords etc. Ironically, it all seems to take up too much time. πŸ™‚ Computers are such a blessing for the most part. I cannot imagine the problems with dealing with a home with every appliance and then some hooked into the internet. 😦 I also wonder about the headaches coming to those growing older and confused. 😦 It always reminds of the statement in Revelation about the increase of knowledge. Adam and Eve didn’t know what all they were asking for!

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  9. Janice, that sounds horrible and sad.

    Chas, did you ever sort out what happened with the stolen walker? What were the circumstances? Was it stolen out of the car while it was parked somewhere?

    Police this week in our community stopped a man near the homeless encampment who had an entire collection of credit cards, debit cards, drivers’ licenses and other ID, none of them his of course. He also was holding a lot of drugs and drug paraphernalia, all in his car. He had two outstanding warrants. He was ushered into a jail cell shortly thereafter.

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  10. Kathaleena’s post just remind me, Home Depot had a new-fangled electronic rat trap that is Internet connected (so you’ll be alerted far away from home as soon as something is killed). How odd.

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  11. Good Morning Everyone. I know you have missed me the last several weeks.
    I have downloaded the free version of Spotify on my phone so if a song hits me and I want to hear it I can. I have shared the similarities of Mother-in-law by Ernie K. Doe and Lipstick on a Cigarette by Benny Spellman, so now I am back to Ernie with this catchy little song. It made me want to dance. Of course since I was in the car that wasn’t possible….
    Of course we all know the name of the girl Chas has been in love with a long, long time…

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  12. It’s a strange thing Donna.
    On Monday afternoon, I took Elvera from the Adult Center with her walker.
    I placed the walker in the back of the car and drove home.
    I did not take the car anywhere on Tuesday. So? It was sitting in the driveway all that time.
    Last Wednesday, I went to take Elvera to the Adult Center. Her walker wasn’t there.’
    that’s all I know.
    The only explanation I can think of is that someone took it from the car.
    The thing that puzzles me is. How did someone know the walker was in the car? They did not take my GPS system that is in the back seat. Just the walker.
    Linda (DIL) says somebody was walking by and took the walker. That’s all.

    Linda has a neighbor who has a spare walker that he/she gave Linda.
    So. She has a walker now.
    An aluminum walker is a strange thing to steal.

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  13. An aluminum shopping cart is a strange thing to steal, but in the city, stores had to keep them locked and I saw many a homeless person pushing a shopping cart full of their belongings. A walker with a basket could have a similar use. Also, a walker is a fairly expensive piece of medical equipment.

    En route to work, I pass through a village. Yesterday, I saw a police car parked on the side of the main street, with yellow crime scene tape around a dilapidated old store building, no longer a store. Later in day, a client mentioned the new of what happened there. There had been a targeted shooting resulting in murder the night before and the suspects had to be chased down. A bit chilling. It was while coming out of that village that I experienced the road rage incident I described a couple of weeks ago.


  14. so, our local weather source is predicting a totally dry February. Last year on this date the mountains had 10 feet of snow. This will be a first.
    Anyone want to go for a walk???

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  15. The only funny one was all the gang in red caps urging Bernie on.
    Democrats ought to nominate Bernie just to get him out of the way. He has as much chance as any of them.

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  16. Well, I don’t think any Democrat has a chance this year. That’s usually true for a president’s second term–we give the president a second term with extremely rare exceptions (at least in my lifetime). Ford didn’t get a second term–he wasn’t ever elected, and he pardoned Nixon. Cater didn’t get a second term–he ran against Reagan, and the economy was in the toilet. And Bush Sr. didn’t get a second term–but his term was in effect Reagan’s third term, and he wasn’t Reagan, and one term was enough.

    I think that many of those who dislike Trump really, really hate him, and they cannot even imagine that anyone would vote for him. So it’s rather a free-for-all, with many people wanting to be the one to get the nomination and bring down the enemy. But it almost certainly won’t work. I haven’t watched any election coverage at all, but what little I have happened to see looks rather like a brawl in a nursing home.

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  17. Cheryl, Bush was nor re-elected because Ross Perot ran and split the conservative vote. Hence Bill Clinton. Bush’s and Perot were adversaries in Texas.
    Perot knew he wouldn’t win. He just wanted Bush out.

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  18. We had bad news a week or two ago, because a small neighborhood store that we loved went out of business. My husband noticed we weren’t getting their ads, and he googled as to why, and found out they were going out of business, that was their very last day, and they were closing permanently in about an hour. So we didn’t even get any good deals out of it. Their prices were high, but their sale prices good and some good products, plus they were walking distance from us (for me, on the way home from my walks). We didn’t actually shop there very often, and definitely didn’t do our main shopping there, but we had figured if the day ever came that we couldn’t drive or wanted to limit our driving, or had a car in the shop, a grocery store half a mile away was a good thing. (He did clock it to our main grocery store, though, and told me that’s 1.6 miles. So that really is walkable, though you’d want a rolling cart if you had more than a few pounds of purchases.)

    Well, we got a Fresh Thyme coupon that amounted to a 20% discount ($7 off $35), including sale prices. And my husband is getting his 15-times extra bonus points on groceries, so that will be an additional 16% off in gift cards he can order.

    But honestly, I don’t know how grocery stores are going to survive the fallout of the new competition from ordering online and so forth. They seem almost desperate in trying to find their place, and having as few cashiers as possible–at the very same time that they have some employees actually walking the aisles and shopping for customers. I don’t like it, and I hope that they can adjust and have it work.

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  19. Kizzie, I just saw your post yesterday about Java. Unless you’re hurting for space I’d leave it there. It’s a utility that some other applications need. If you get rid of it, something else you’re running might have to download it again. And even if you don’t need it, it won’t hurt anything.

    I don’t know anything about the other item you mentioned, though.

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  20. Oh, you’ll have a downtown, but it will be a bunch of empty buildings a few government buildings. Perhaps some lunch-only restaurants to serve the few people who still work there.

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  21. Had a nice visit with my dad. Ninety years old,eighty of them as a Republican, is probably going to vote Democrat because he despises our President. My dad, the economic onservative. How does that even happen? I am thinking, blinded by satan?

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  22. Odd happening the other day. When we first moved to this house 2Β½ years ago, I was taking out some trash. I had a key ring in one hand with the trash bag, but dropped it when I let go of the bag. We looked all over for it, in the gravel, and even dumped the barrel out. Nothing. I gave up ever finding the two keys (for a car and a lock). So Wednesday when I came home from school, there was the key ring on the concrete carport, about ten feet from where I dropped it. Strange.

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  23. Quite a few businesses have closed down in the Springs downtown…..age old businesses. Bookstores, department stores, French pastry shoppe, ice cream shoppes, candy shoppes. So many drug addicts and β€œhomeless” people hanging around the town park….Sad,,,,
    Peter I’m thinking a squirrel found your key ring… 😊 🐿


  24. Discussions here regarding grocery stores center around the rapid increase of self-serve checkouts, which no one really likes. Not to mention the loss of jobs.

    I had an interesting 3-hour tour today of a couple terminals at the port, one an automated facility, the other trying to stay the course by using more longshore workers. Came away with a few good story ideas — did one quickly, about how factory closures in China (due to coronavirus) is really putting a serious dent in cargo numbers here. One cargo ship being unloaded while we were there would be the last from China for the next 9 days, we were told. Had some good time to talk to terminal operators + the longshore workers who were our hosts — 3 of us from various media outlets.

    Looming on the horizon is the ongoing issue of all the ambitious clean air standards and the push/mandate to for the ports to go full-on “zero-emissions” within the next 15-20 years. That comes with fees and higher costs for shippers, however, and some are busy now taking their business and cargo elsewhere, including ports on the gulf coast and east coast.

    Anyway, long day and I’m practically nodding off here at 7 p.m.

    We’re getting “some” rain tomorrow, but looks like they only have it at 40-50%. We had a light little ‘squall’ here a couple hours ago, enough to wet the pavement at least, but not much beyond that. 😦

    As for shopping centers and malls, they’re moving away from retail and more toward entertainment and dining. We’re about to redevelop our waterfront which in the 1960s-’80s thrived on little shops where people could buy all kinds of things, including imports.

    The new plan calls largely for dining — lots of dining, at all price and menu levels — with open recreation space. Presumable there will be *something* else, they were initially talking about an interactive “underwater” experience hub created by National Geographic, but I think that may have fallen by the wayside. A Ferris Wheel also was discussed, but haven’t seen that come up again lately.

    What will be included is 6,200-seat, open-air amphitheater managed by one of the leading concert booking operations.

    I think there’s a Nevada caucus this weekend?

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  25. And for old downtowns that have fallen by the wayside with too many vacancies and too few customers — we have one right on our waterfront that used to be “the” place to go for everything in the mid-1900s. Now, it’s known for its artist lofts and galleries but also is considered a little scary by many residents.

    The plan is to bring more residential developments into the immediate downtown, the idea being it will create a natural demand and need for shopping & service-oriented businesses (groceries, dry cleaners, dog groomers, etc.). It’s a theory that was pushed in the ’90s by the Urban Land Institute who sent a panel to to our town for a week to do a full-on study for ideas to revitalize.

    We have a few of the residential buildings already in town with several others in various stages of planning, construction and one getting ready to lease and open this spring. Lots of changes going on, some people love it, other hate it.

    I miss bookstores.

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  26. ‘Perry Mason and Daily Breeze” — Hollywood makeover reignites some old dreams for downtown San Pedro

    You can google it for a look at our historic downtown and what HBO did to it for their upcoming miniseries.

    In the film’s short video clip, as it pans to the right, you can also see the old newspaper location where Michelle and I worked back in the day, it’s a tall brick side facade with the faded newspaper sign still visible on it. The building, which dates back to the early 1900s, has been sold (again) and someone may build something on a vacant parcel next door to it, so I’m really hoping the sign doesn’t get covered up forever. I’ve taken a couple pictures of it and want to get one of them framed just to hang on my home office wall — it’ll be a good fit with some other newspaper and town memorabilia hanging in there (like the framed copy of the paper’s original AP membership certificate from the 1930s & a framed print of the Red Car given to me by the artist who did the painting).

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  27. We had a couple bookstores in the downtown back in the day, my favorite was “The Giant Bookstore,” a lunchtime haunt of mine as a new reporter; it was right around the corner from the newspaper office. I would walk over there just to browse — and no, it wasn’t giant at all, but it was chock full of used books and a fascinating place to hang out. I was sorry when it closed, like all bookstores did over time, of course.

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  28. We have a mall that Emory will soon have medical offices in and more restaurants will be there, too. Our closest mall parking lot is used for parking trailers and who knows what that is used during filming movies. Things are seeming disjointed in many ways.

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