69 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-15-20

  1. Good morning. We continue to have see-saw weather here. At least we get a few days break from the rain.

    I just saw a yucky article about a local restaurant which had cockroaches in its soap dispensers. I have never been there and won’t ever go there. I do not even know how that could happen. Maybe the soap smelled so sweet that it attracted the bugs?


  2. Speaking of taxes, which Jo was, husband plans to get that done while in Boise, His sister helps him with that. Hopefully, they get it done so I don’t have to hear how the computer is a piece of junk, along with turbo tax and all the rest.

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  3. My daughter-in-law, a teacher, said yesterday she thinks we’ll celebrate 2Adorable’s 10th birthday with a family party separate from her slumber party.

    “I’ll be directing science experiments all night. It will be better to have a party with the babies separate from that crazy night!”

    I love it. A science slumber party.

    Which reminded me of my daughter’s 10th birthday slumber party in the same house. She wanted to show the film, “The Great Escape!”

    I suggested “The Princess Bride,” instead. A better choice for that group of girls.

    Still, you raise your daughter with brothers or science and you never know what you’re going to get. 🙂

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  4. This is a confusing conversation this morning. Forest Lawn? Must be some holdover topics from last night? I’ll go check.

    It was hard to get up this morning but I did it. I’m off to visit Carol in a couple hours. Now I understand why she was hinting at half-off Valentine’s candy — problem, though, is that candy, especially chocolate, now has a horrific after-affect that the staff there won’t appreciate. For now, the plan is that I’ll buy her and her boyfriend sodas and snacks from the vending machines there.

    Her other suggested request was for me bring her a new Oasis Kindle, which costs over $300. Uh, no. So she’s saving up for that herself, but she also apparently owes money to several people there now.

    They’ve also continually had roach issues at that facility. When I visit, I’m careful never to put anything on the floor that I’ll be taking home with me (purse, etc.).

    I need to make a tax appt — it’ll be with the designated ‘new people’ this time in the aftermath of my longtime guy’s death last year. I’ll give them a try and decide after that whether to switch to someone else. But they supposedly are going to be in the same building he was and were the ones he designated to transfer client info to, so I’ll see how I like them. Sure won’t be the same as seeing the familiar face from the old neighborhood, though.

    I love the Great Escape, one of my all-time favorites. A girlfriend and I sat through at least 2 showings of that in a theater when we were teens. So many cute guys …

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  5. Ha! Mumsee your 10:43 made me laugh. That part of tax time is the worst for me. Husband mumbling loudly, yelling “where is the …..” , the knot in my stomach knowing I put the … somewhere in a box or a drawer but now it must be found! I truly need to be more organized but I say that every year…. 😳

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  6. Yes, the header photo is how I did the hearts-and-bubbles photo. I actually did it three different times, the last time with my new close-up lens (though that isn’t the photo I sent AJ). Last year Flickr had a bunch of oil and water shots, some of them really pretty, and I wanted to try it. The instructions were somewhat complicated, including a glass baking dish, a camera mounted on a bracket, special lighting . . . well, one of the groups has a requirement that everything you photograph has to be three inches or less, so I thought, “What if I go small?” Instead of a glass baking dish, I got out a set of votive holders. They are two inches across, outside edges, and thus inside is less–and by the time you crop them to get rid of the round corners, it’s an inch and a half or less! Instead of fancy lighting, I borrowed my husband’s flashlight and shone it on it. I balanced the dish in which I would put water and then oil on two other votive holders, and in the space under the dish with oil and water, I slipped the piece of scrapbook paper that I was using for a background. The extra votive holder to the right is probably not necessary, but I had it there in some shots, thinking it might help reflect light.

    Since the dish of water and oil was so tiny and I didn’t want so slosh it, I did my stirring with a toothpick. I had a paper towel off to the side to put the toothpick on between stirring, and it did get quite a lot of oil on it. No matter how you do it, it’s a little bit messy. And my eyes hurt from focusing on tiny, swirling bubbles for so long, and then looking at the pictures on the computer to choose ones I liked. My bubbles didn’t look as three-dimensional as some people’s did, with fancy set-ups. But my hearts had some interesting effects I didn’t see in anyone else’s photos, and to get that much detail in a tiny little area with just a flashlight for lighting (plus the room lights) and a bridge camera–it was satisfying. The resulting photos will probably become next year’s valentine.

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  7. Nancyjill, that’s what I say, too — next year I’ll be better organized …

    Oddly, I think I may have “everything” all together and in a little stack this time. Just one more thing I need to find and it *should* be in the file cabinet — but that also is now chock full of overstuffed work files. There are downsides to working from home — more paper to keep track of and more printer ink to buy at ridiculously high prices.

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  8. But our real/official (rental) office “space” offers even less, we have zero storage, just a small desk with a docking station (wires to plug in our laptops that hook into the desk top that stays there), a phone we never use. No file cabinet. Just a cardboard box under the desk.

    I’ll have to plan on working from there for the most part over the next two weeks, though, I’m filling in for another reporter and editor says it’ll be easier if I’m physically there more so he can have first-hand access to me as assignments come up to discuss.

    I asked him if we couldn’t just chain the reporter to her desk and not let her leave for 2 weeks on vacation. He said he was pretty sure that would be slavery.

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  9. Working at “the office” means a lot of lugging heavy stuff back and forth — computer, work bag with files, etc.

    I usually forget something I need, of course.

    And I left a pair of reading glasses at the office last time I was there; luckily they were one of two pair I have now (because I was always forgetting them when I only had 1 pair). Office pod mate says they’re still there on my desk, safe and sound.

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  10. Hubby used to buy our Valentine’s Day candy on sale the day after. I didn’t mind that, because it just meant I had to wait a day for my candy. 🙂

    Sometimes, I would wish that Hubby were more romantic, and bring me flowers now and then. But his show of love was simpler, yet no less loving. He would often bring home my favorite candy bar, or some other treat, “just because”. He called me at least a couple times each day just to chat for a minute or two. There were certain restaurants that he was familiar with from his bread routes, that he wanted to take me to. Sometimes we got around to it, but there were others we never made it to. It was rare for us to go out to dinner, but the fact that he wanted to take me to them “sometime” was nice.

    Early on in our marriage, I learned not to try to put on a fancy-ish romantic dinner. Hubby didn’t want his water or soda in a delicate wine glass, but in a regular glass. He didn’t want to sip his tea or coffee from a fancy tea cup, but from a good-size mug. So I adjusted, and we had our “romantic” dinners in a simpler, plainer way. However, every now and then, he liked to take me to a somewhat fancy restaurant.

    As I’ve said before, I miss “us” so much.

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  11. That is heart touching, Kizzie. I am glad that you have good memories to recall.

    DJ, I need a pair of reading glasses in every room. I bought a pair at CVS yesterday when I took Karen to fill her prescription. I found 3.25 strength which I have never seen anywhere else. So many things went well yesterday while out with Karen. She just called and thanked me again for my time with her yesterday.

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  12. Kizzie, I often think of things that I know I’d miss if I lost my husband. As I told my sister when she lost her husband, two become one flesh, and tearing that flesh in half has got to hurt. I can only imagine it, but I do imagine it.

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  13. I spent so much on home repairs this year it was difficult to figure out where each repair went on the form. My tax friend also takes depreciation on my house and some upgrades. So I leave it to her. She has a secure portal, but I forgot my password. I am hoping she won’t tell me to scan everything.

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  14. Unfortunately, I can’t use the drug store ‘readers’ as my prescription is too complicated (I’ve tried them on to no avail so I also asked my eye doctor — he confirmed, no, none of those will work for you). So I need prescription reading/computer glasses. They’re not nearly as expensive as the progressive lens pair I also have to buy, the single-vision glasses cost much less than those. But they’re not cheap, either.

    Still, I find when I’m working a full day I need those prescription reading/computer glasses (they’re also kind of a mid-range, they work great for both regular reading & computer work) to be more comfortable looking at a computer screen for that long.

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  15. Buying 2 pair of the prescription reading glasses just seemed to make sense — that way, one pair stays ALWAYS in my purse (except for when I forget them and leave them at work, of course – eye roll). The other pair remains always at home, now mostly staying in my home office/den.

    In the past, too often I’d get to work only to find I’d left my reading glasses at home — that meant 8+ hours of working on a computer screen (when it was too far to drive home from our old office) with the trickier multi-view progressive lenses.

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  16. Kizzie (12:49), that was a very touching post. Always thinking of how hard some of these times have been in the aftermath for you, sister.

    Valentine’s Day can be bittersweet for probably most of us in some ways, the older we get.

    How’s Nightingale?

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  17. Forest Lawn has several cemeteries around LA. My parents, and my father’s parents and uncle, are buried at the Hollywood Hills location. It’s a huge property on a rolling hillside with a beautiful view of the San Fernando Valley.

    I may have mentioned before that after my father’s parents (Mary and Andrew) divorced, Mary married Andrew’s brother Mike. Oddly, there were never hard feelings and they were always great friends. Andrew and Mike were both grandpas to me and my sibs.

    After Grandpa Andrew retired from Bethlehem Steel and joined the rest of us in California, he often spent long evenings playing cards with Grandpa Mike and Grandma at their house. Rather than let him drive home in the wee hours, they’d have him stay the night in their guest room. He died in his sleep in their home.

    When Grandpa Andrew died, Grandpa Mike and Grandma and my Dad bought three spaces side by side at Forest Lawn and buried Grandpa Andrew there. After Grandpa Mike died, Grandma said occasionally that she was happy to know that she’d be buried between them. She called it “moving into her condominium overlooking the Valley.”

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  18. I go by the one in the Hollywood Hills every time I visit Carol. There’s another one out near LaVerne(?) and Pomona which a friend and I pass when going to the Christmas craft fair every December.


  19. I was ambushed by the Girl Scouts standing in front of the grocery…thin mints. I resisted her offer of 5 for 20 dollars and only purchased two…giving her an extra 2 for the troop 😊
    Valentine chocolate 50%off…came home with two boxes of Ferraro Rocher confections…I will now survive the snow!! 😂

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  20. DJ – Nightingale worked today. After getting home a little before 5:00, she took a shower, and is now upstairs with Boy, so I don’t know how her mood is. It seemed okay.

    She just texted me that Boy put himself to bed. It is not even 6:00 yet, but he was up late last night, and then got up this morning before Nightingale left for work.

    Last night, instead of writing a little note, I sent her an email that grew into longer than a note. It included lots of affirmation and encouragement.

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  21. Kevin, you’re right, driving by the place I “thought” was Forest Lawn today on the way between Glendale & Hollywood to head home I was surprised to see the big fountain I thought was an entrance to Forest Lawn was “just” a park, but it’s near Los Feliz & Griffith Park which I thought also was where FL was? (and I thought I’d seen a sign for the cemetery right there once, didn’t spot any today, however); seems I’ve passed it frequently enough but now I can’t place it exactly.

    The visit went well, Carol and her boyfriend met me in the family room, then I bought them sodas and snacks from the vending machines upstairs. I learned something new about the boyfriend (who’s very quiet), he knows all kinds of old TV trivia, I’d mentioned that my parents were from Iowa and he said “a famous” actress was from Denison, IA. Who? I said. “Donna Reed.” Who knew? We also spent time trying to verify his theory that Patty & Paul Peterson on the show were brother and sister in real life. He’s African American and just seems odd that he is so into the whitest of white TV shows. He watches the vintage ‘rerun’ channel apparently.

    We also looked up Carol’s childhood apartment buildings and her original MS Lutheran Church in Brooklyn NY on Google Maps on my phone, they’re all still standing.


  22. We have been by the Hollywood Forever Cemetery a few times, where Judy Garland and so many of the long-ago stars are buried.

    Carol’s slowing down and is clearly having more trouble just getting up and down and around. It’s a struggle for her. While the visits now are easier for me without all the driving to a fro, I hate seeing her just shut into the building like this. And the place seems just so stale smelling to me, not bad smelling, just no fresh air (Carol has a large sliding window in the room she shares with another resident but she doesn’t really care for any kind of a breeze — it also is near a busy street so not exactly a peaceful outdoor atmosphere to bring inside; anyway, the window is never opened).

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  23. Have I mentioned that Nightingale made the decision for this year is to do things more simply and not spend as much money? She has tended to put on fairly elaborate meals for various celebrations throughout the year, including the After-Easter Brunch we have with some of her friends. And last year, she found herself indulging in spending more money on various things in general than she should have. So this year, she has determined – for her wallet and for her stress-level – to keep things simple when we entertain, and for our own family celebrations, and to abide by a personal moratorium on buying anything not necessary.

    One of the things we are indulging in, though, is that she buys a couple pizzas from the local supermarket (they have good pizza at a low price) on the weekends she works, to feed us through the weekend, and because her mother loves pizza. 🙂

    This was supposed to be that weekend. For some reason, I forgot all about it. Even when Nightingale mentioned having pizza at Stephanie’s Friday night, and then yesterday said that someone bought pizza for the nurses and CNAs at work yesterday, I didn’t remember that this is our pizza weekend (as I call it).

    But this morning I did! I texted her this:

    “Just realized that this is supposed to be our pizza weekend! You’ve has pizza and I haven’t!

    I should go on strike!” 😀

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  24. Make a sign!

    So the soap opera story was to run in the print edition today but not post online until 6 a.m. Monday (our analytics say that online stories vanish on Sundays, they just don’ts get the readership audiences on weekends that they do on weekdays; so if it’s not ‘breaking’ news, the rule is to hold features to post on the website on Monday).

    Anyway, I get a text from soap opera guy who’s trying to find a street copy early this morning but racks are mostly empty, he says. Honestly, the print edition is almost an afterthought for us anymore, and I didn’t know what to tell him (and I couldn’t access my e-edition online for some reason — that’s a special electronic version of the print paper) — so an editor I know well says he’ll email him the story this morning from that site. Whew.

    I never even see our print edition anymore — I work out of a sister paper’s office so I see that edition (but only sometimes) if I go into the office.

    When I first moved here, I can recall hearing the delivery cars coming down the street before the sun came up, the sounds of newspapers slapping onto porches and front lawns.

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  25. I also told him he could probably subscribe to e-edition and then cancel anytime. But he should get a copy now from editor and then maybe he can find an actual paper later in the day. Our office is in the city where he lives so he could probably order one there on Monday, too, although our offices aren’t really visitor friendly anymore, sadly.

    My idea of a local newspaper is a storefront on a main street that’s welcoming to folks who want to just come in. We used to be that way.

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  26. Used to, but now I can’t afford it 🙂

    Seriously, we (and all other papers for some reason) have jacked up the print edition prescription prices lately. I know a few people who rely on the “feel” of reading a “real” paper and still pay what now is a high price to get it on their front porch every day, but the vast majority of our readership is online — which now is where we’re trying to bolster paid subscriptions that are much lower than for print — unfortunately, people are so used to “getting it for free” they balk at paying for access now; all papers made the same mistake with the internet in the beginning, we were so thrilled with the massive boost in readership that we figured digital ad dollars would surely follow. Thanks to Google and FB, that didn’t happen. 😦

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  27. We do have complimentary subscriptions to our online site (normally people only get 5 free stories every 30 days); but I’ve had to break down and subscribe to other online publications in this new era it’s necessary to get revenue flows from sources other than ads.

    Sometimes when people grip about it on a story post on FB, one of our former reporters who now teaches journalism at a community college (and a couple other folks) will publicly shame them into not paying for local journalism and contributing to what is fast becoming a problem. She’s awesome and unafraid.

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  28. We argue about this every time our subscription expires. I ask for he, he counters, I pout, I get the paper

    But it is not worth the cost.

    I don’t read it, though, if I rely on the Internet— and then I miss the irritating and occasionally heart-warming local news.

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  29. My mother-in-law just stopped subscribing, I’m pretty sure. She is 83 and has gotten it all her life. She just thought the most recent price hike too much. She tried for a lower price, and when she couldn’t get it, she let it run out. My sister-in-law stopped some time back, and has gotten hers after she is finished, so basically they have said even for two households, that’s too much.

    Me, I’ve never subscribed simply for the clutter factor. I’m not as tidy as I should be, and I can’t trust myself with a newspaper subscription, though I read it when I see a copy (and in the old days I’d buy a copy on a big news day, like after an election or a tragedy).

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  30. Now I really know what Nightingale means about X’s Mom being an enabler (not that I doubted it). When she came to pick up Boy for the supervised visit with his dad today, we had a couple or so minutes to talk while Boy finished getting ready to go.

    She said that X had been in the hospital (she didn’t say it, but was referring to the psych unit, I’m sure) for 15 days since that stealing incident. She told me that she, her daughter, and I think a social worker, too, had written letters to the judge on his case, asking for leniency, and saying that the stealing incident was out of character and was due to some mental confusion he was going through. She was adamant that this was not something he would ordinarily do.

    After she and Boy left, I was thinking and praying a bit about that. You know that I have said before that X has gotten away with several brushes with the law, some of which were serious, such as two or three DUIs (I’m pretty sure it’s three) and his attack on Nightingale. So although I have compassion for his mom and even for him, with his mental condition, I am hoping that the judge will take a good hard look at his record and realize that this man has skated for years, and that it is time for him to pay a price for his actions.

    This does not come from a desire for vengeance, but for justice, and also because I think it might even be the best thing for him.

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  31. Haha! Nightingale replied to my earlier text about pizza, saying that she going to order Chinese. I replied to that, “Chinese pizza? Sounds interesting. 😀 “

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  32. Good afternoon! It was not suppose to rain, but it did. I went to the first service and left my umbrella there. That meant after my prayer group met I had to try to find my umbrella. At the end of the service my friend”s husband, also in the prayer group, was nice enough to go get my umbrella.

    We had another nice service and sermon continuing on the subject of the prodigal son. We also had a great prayer group this a.m. I hope we can expand by having more prayer groups and Bible study groups like I have been attending. They are true times of devotion and giving praise to God and not just gab and gossip. It is so refreshing to get in on the beginning of these group formations and to not be trying to fit into a long term pre-established groups.

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  33. Yesterday or the day before, I mentioned that Chickadee and I had had a nice, serious conversation (but not too serious or uncomfortable). One of the things that came up was that she didn’t remember that it was her idea for us to get together once a week, so now she understands why I felt like we weren’t getting together enough. (Well, I still feel that way, but am more understanding and accepting of the situation now.)

    Nightingale just texted me about the Chinese food she ordered. We usually get items to share, but this time she ordered individual dinners. Mine is Beef-and-Broccoli with fried rice and an egg roll. I replied:

    “That sounds great. Thank you. But won’t the egg roll roll off the pizza?” with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

    Oh, my. I am on a “roll” today!

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  34. Psalm 98 and the topic of worship for us this morning with a guest preacher in the pulpit.

    We’ve asked if the reason the print subscription costs have gone so high is that they’re actually trying to shut down print sooner rather than later.

    The death of print is an inevitability, but we still get enough print ad revenue that we can’t afford to ditch it altogether just yet. All 11 papers get something like 10 million views a month online, so the online readership numbers are way more than print ever was or could be; but there are still enough ads in the print version that we can’t end it just yet.

    Having both, however, really is a hassle on our end, having to send photos and stories to two different (digital) places to be processed. If there’s a fix that needs to be made before publication, there are 2 copies we need to fix (but correcting online versions is easy and pretty much instant even after it’s been posted). On our end, we’d rather not deal with print at all anymore.

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  35. DJ, yes, Forest Lawn is about a mile east of Universal City at the base of the hills, the back side from where Carol lives. Continue eastward from Forest Lawn and there’s a big Jewish cemetery, then you enter Griffith Park near Travel Town and continue alongside 134 to the LA Zoo.

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  36. “Soap Opera” said he managed to find 1 copy of today’s paper in a news stand outside the 7-Eleven this morning. 🙂 Saw him at church, he was very happy with the story (had to correct one photo credit however).

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  37. Church service and now home watching an old movie…my head aches for some reason…only one cup of coffee perhaps!?
    Chinese pizza…you might have something there Kizzie!!
    Dj my Mom still receives the daily newspaper and you know I most likely would still subscribe to the paper as well but husband says it is too expensive for what is in it! He prefers to read books and the bit of news he can stand online….and I prefer the hard copy to hold, feel and smell… 📚 🗞

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  38. I.Need.Pizza.
    I tried a steam bag of Publix Greenwise Quinoa and Kale and mixed in some cooked lentils. Good thing Art was at the office. It was fine for me but it would have tested his senses in a bad way. It was highly flavored with salt and garlic. I use a lot of herbs and seasonings that make things taste good in a more subtle way. Garlic salt is probably less costly and has a lot of punch for the money.

    At the grocery store yesterday, the clerk let a tomato I had paid for roll out on the floor. She apologized and stuck it back in the bag (there was a line waiting to checkout,). I am a bit leery of using a tomato that rolled around on the floor. I wish she’d kept it separate from the others.

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  39. Carol was staying in a place on Franklin and Gower, she is now is about 15 minutes northeast of there on Los Feliz in Glendale. Her Franklin Avenue place was a lot nicer, I think — smaller, fewer people, in a much prettier (tree-lined, more homey) neighborhood. It’s apparently been sold, I’m sure some savvy developer will build a nice development there. I go by there on the way to the 101 still when I visit Carol, it remains locked up and a “No Trespassing” sign on it.


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  40. Art found the movie A River Runs Through It on television last night. What a beautiful film it is, and Art and I were in the area where it was filmed for our first big trip after getting married (other than our weekend honeymoon at Hilton Head). My friend in CA lived in Bozeman where her husband was a professor at the State University. It is a beautiful area. The movie has a tragic ending that sticks with a person. So I have had mixed feelings carrying forward from watching it because it brought back good remembrances from the trip, but also bad feelings regarding the outcome on the movie’s story.

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  41. That is pretty, DJ. Are those trees in a courtyard or at the entrance or totally within the interior? It’s difficult for me to tell on my phone screen. I also saw mention of Bob Hope airport which I did not know of.


  42. That looks like a very nice place DJ…price upon request…it must be a doozy!!
    Janice our son in law is from Bozeman…he loves his home state…and he graduated from Montana State Univ.


  43. Yes, the trees were inside the front gate and there was a nice space out there for people to sit (and easy access, all level — where she is now it’s not level so she has to go up/down a concrete ramp which currently is too hard for her 😦 I’m going to broach the subject with the administrator about possibly finding a way w/a wheelchair to get her out for some fresh air at least a few times a week.

    Here are more photos of her old neighborhood:



    “A River Runs Through It” — good film it’s been a while since I saw it. Beautifully shot as I recall. I saw it listed on one of the cable channel lineups recently, I’ll have to watch it again.

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  44. But Carol’s place was for low-income folks — and I wouldn’t call it luxury by any stretch.

    Photo makes it probably look fancier than it was, but it was a nice looking building in a cool Hollywood neighborhood. It also was single story, decent and easily accessible for residents. There was a bus stop right out front which Carol was able to make use of as she was more mobile then and had a free bus pass.

    Her current place is 2-story, a concrete box on a very busy street with car dealerships and no trees. Weirdly, the elevator is teeny-tiny, especially considering so many of the residents need to use bulky walkers and wheelchairs. Have no idea how they’d evacuate in an emergency, but I try to not think about it …

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  45. I have never watched A River Runs Through It but I might someday. Sounds interesting. Same with A Hole in the Sky.
    The new Call of the Wild looks interesting too. Maybe someday.

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