63 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-12-20

  1. Happy Birthday Kare.
    I am working from home today to keep someone from bending over, or lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk. I don’t know what I will do about him tomorrow. I have to teach in the morning.
    So far my solution is to have Little Miss spend the night tonight so that Papa won’t have to get her out of the truck and I will be home in time tomorrow afternoon to get her up in her car seat. She is quite the little monkey who can climb up and down from the bed to get her diaper changed. So far this trial is working and I don’t want anything messing it up.

    I still don’t know what I am packing to go out of town. Mr P will have 5 days without Little Miss and me. Just him and the dogs.

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  2. I have Bible study this a.m. Now it’s time to cook Art’s eggs. I hope there is some runny yellow left over for Miss Bosley. We have our eggs on paper plates so she gets her morning treat of left over egg. I think a little egg is good in her diet.

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  3. Daughter, mother of the twins, was planning to come up this weekend if she could get babysitting arranged (which a group of church ladies Michelle is familiar with wants to adopt the family and provide childcare) to get one year old. Now, with twin girl being discharged, things are again in flux. Twin girl may have limitations on travel so husband may take one year old down if child care has been worked out. If not, he can stay here longer.
    The gaining military company has been very helpful toward getting things rolling for them. Things are looking very good for them as everything is coming together, as though there is a Master Planner.
    Twin boy continues to astound and confound. The doctors told daughter the other day how impressed they are with the army of support the family has. Apparently the little ones have had an extraordinary number of visitors and the visitors on Monday, who prayed over the babies, opened up the discussion on how many folk are praying for them. May God be glorified.

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  4. As to the discussion I tried to address yesterday, I was not offended either. When I begin reading what I consider a same old comment, I can scroll on by as well. And I do like reading all sides of a discussion because I know there are over seven billion people on the planet and we will not all think the same.

    As to Chan, yes, I did ask for information. But then it seemed to become something else. It is okay, I just stopped mentioning him and continue to watch for what I was warned of on here. And it encouraged me again to become more prayerful for him, for other leaders and entertainers, including President Trump.

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  5. Mumsee, the paper plates go in the trash as soon as Miss Bosley cleans them. She would never eat off of china. And she requires we make an effort to place the plate beside her. Even though she loves the egg she will not come to get it. She wants to be served. She really is a Queen B. It is like a ‘Serve Me’ game she plays every morning. This morning Art picked her up and placed her down near me so I could let her have the plate. I have to hold it so it won’t scute around while she licks it since it is so lightweight.


  6. Good morning!

    Happy birthday, Kare. This is also my father’s birthday.

    I am happy to hear the baby report from Mumsee and the Mr P report from Kim. So happy to know of the improvement and growth. Praising God that Janice can drive

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  7. I will make an effort to take things less personally. ♡ I love our nation and its Christians, as flawed as we all are, so I felt a bit defensive when I read that comment that appeared to be putting us down. But with my poor eyesight, I could have even misread what it said. I did not go back and read it again. And the it seemed an avalanche started when Cheryl felt defensive toward the comment I made. Unintentional conflicts. That’s the devil’s playground.

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  8. Morning! Well they have taken more snow out of the forecast for today..yippee!! I enjoy gazing upon those closeup shots of snowflakes Cheryl finds!! ❄️ Remember trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue when you were a child? It’s the simple things in life!
    And….Happy Birthday Kare!! We are blessed to celebrate our Lord’s beautiful gift of you this day!! 🎂 ❤️

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  9. Happy birthday, Kare!

    The header: when we had the two snowfalls, two days in a row, that were only a light dusting of snow but with temperatures in the twenties and thus very cold, the snowflakes were all six-sided crystals like this one. I had already ordered the lens with which I took this photo, but it hadn’t arrived yet, and I did wish I had it! But the truth is that it took several days of practicing this one before I could use it OK, and realistically it really should be used with a tripod. It works with my zoom lens at any length (zoomed a little or zoomed a lot), but if it is zoomed out only a little, there’s a black edging at the corners of the photo I have to crop out. If it’s zoomed out all the way, the depth of field (that’s the portion of the image that is in focus) is too narrow–it’s really hard even to find what portion is in focus, it’s so tiny, and the act of taking the photo takes it out of focus. So it’s impossible to use the lens with the zoom fully extended without a tripod. But I can use it partially extended and take a photo where less than an inch of subject fills the whole frame. I think I can get about half an inch to fill the frame before it’s zoomed too close to use without a tripod.

    This attached lens was about $60, which is dirt cheap for such an item. Someone from South Africa recommended it to me on Flickr, and I checked amazon and it got really good reviews, and people had posted dozens of photos they took with it.

    This particular snowfall was mostly “blades” of snow, not six-sided crystals. But this nice big six-sided crystal sat right on the edge of some snow collected on the car, and it felt like a special gift from God. I found a few other six-sided crystals, but none so large or so easy to access visually, and I didn’t get clear photos of any of the others. I mean, this isn’t microscope-quality clear as you might get with a professional camera made for taking such shots, but I was pleased.

    After taking this photo and some others close to our house, I came into the house to change into boots, change my camera battery and my photo card, and go back out for a walk. And it was on that walk I saw the hawk posted yesterday. And I got a close-up shot of waterdrops from melting snow that turned out to be surprisingly pretty. All in all, an incredible photo day.

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  10. Yes, what do you do when they dismantle your house. Little not yet two girl is an innocent child who just finds things. But 3 1/2 year old boy is bent on destruction. I gave him a time out in the park yesterday and that settled him down. I also put quite a few things away in this house. Even the children’s books. I will see how it goes. later I may tell him where to find the books if he wants a story.

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  11. Twelve and thirteen sure are learning a lot about little folk. And the house is definitely getting decluttered, a one year old will do that for you. Lots more space. Hopefully, we are teaching him about babies so life won’t be too challenging when he rejoins his family.

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  12. Our 18 month-old is quite efficient at opening cupboards and drawers because, glory! Grammy’s got handles in her kitchen.

    I try to confine him to a Tupperware . . . Try being the operative word.

    Prayers work! More glory to God with or without handles!

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  13. Happy Birthday Kare!

    Wednesday already, another week that’s just speeding by.

    I’m planning to re-populate the old dry sink in the dining area now that it’s all cleared off (it too often became a drop-spot for bills, etc. I did find a very cute pair of earrings I’d forgotten all about under the some of that paperwork last night.

    Looks like our weather will be in the low 60s and sunny, mostly, for days and days now. No rain … 😦

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  14. Janice, spoiled cat.

    Michelle, I sent that screen story to a couple of interested parties yesterday. It is definitely what I have seen. Though when daughter started using less screen time, she got pregnant so I don’t know.

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  15. Interesting observation about telling the difference between offering hospitality (First verses of Hebrews 13) to Christians and non-Christians staying in your home.

    ii. The Didache was an early church “ministry manual,” written perhaps somewhere between A.D. 90 and 110. It had this to say about how to tell if a false prophet abused the hospitality of those in the church:

    Let every apostle that comes to you be received as the Lord. But he shall not remain except one day; but if there be need, also the next; but if he remains three days, he is a false prophet. And when the apostle goes away, let him take nothing but bread… but if he asks for money, he is a false prophet. And every prophet that speaks in the Spirit you shall neither try nor judge; for every sin shall be forgiven, but this one sin shall not be forgiven. But not everyone that speaks in the Spirit is a prophet; but only if he holds the ways of the Lord. Therefore from their ways shall the false prophet and the true prophet be known. (From The Ante-Nicean Fathers, Volume 7, page 380)

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  16. My Proverbs Bible study yesterday discussed our relationship to the poor— which is a volatile topic in our community because of the many homeless.

    I acknowledged it was tricky and we tried hard to stay on the Scriptures, but it was clear all 14 of us are struggling over what to do and what not to do.

    The only answer we agreed on is to pray, listen for the Holy Spirit’s nudge and then act.

    There’s the issue, too of the “deserving poor,” and the “undeserving poor,” and, most important, what our attitude should be to reflect Christ. To all.

    If three years of fires weren’t challenging enough, the compassion fatigue is struggling because of the many flocking here and overwhelming services while demanding more without any accountability required for the “guests.”


  17. Three days and you are out on your ear 🙂 The Didache is a bit of an odd document. Most scholars think it is a composite document, with the ‘Two Ways’ at the beginning being written at a different time and place than the rest. It is certainly another interesting early Christian document and it is on record that it was used as an instruction manual for new converts, but not included in the canon of Scripture. A translation of the entire document may be read here: https://reformedforum.org/the-didache/

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  18. Hmm. “If he remains three days, he is a false prophet.”

    How does that square with Jesus’s instructions to the disciples when he sent them out to preach to the Jews in Matthew 10? “Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person there and stay at his house until you leave.” (vs 11) Is it assumed they would not stay in any town for three days?

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  19. Michelle, the first part of the Didache, the Two Ways, has a section on almsgiving. It has been suggested that the Two Ways is a Christian adaptation of a Jewish writing, and certainly, I see a stylistic resemblance between its pithy advice and the Apocryphal book of Wisdom when it comes to almsgiving:

    “Give to everyone who asks you, and do not demand it back, for the Father wants to give something to all from his own free gifts. Blessed is the one who gives according to this rule, for he is blameless. Woe to the one who receives! For if anyone who is in need receives, he is blameless, but the one who does not have need will stand trial {on the day of judgment} as to why and for what purpose he received. And being imprisoned, he will be examined concerning what he has done, and he will not get out until he has repaid every last cent.
    But also, concerning this, it has been said, “Let your alms sweat in your hands until you know to whom to give it.”

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  20. LOL. I’ve had sweating hands wondering who to give to . . .

    It struck me, of course, because of our heated Bible study discussion yesterday.

    Jesus didn’t say, “assess the person asking for help,” he just said give.

    It’s a struggle, as many of you know better than I do, to keep helping and not seeing any improvement in attitude or willingness to help yourself.

    That’s why I thought the Didache advice was interesting . . .


  21. Kevin, it certainly raises questions doesn’t it? But historians and scholars of the early church point out that it seems to be an attempt by a concerned church leader to limit the amount of imposition from itinerate prophets/preachers who may or may not be legitimate. The document goes on to say that if a man stays for a longer time then he should work, which fits in with what Paul said about “if a man will not work, neither will he eat.”

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  22. I’m irritated right now. P, G. E, allegedly, just called telling me they’ll be turning off my electricity in half-an-hour because of an unpaid bill.

    I don’t think it was a scam since it told me to call the number on the website, not respond to the 800 number that called me.

    I just checked. The bill came two days and isn’t due for two weeks.

    Honestly. WHAT do these bozos think they’re doing? The harassment of innocent northern Californians continues . . .

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  23. So, I’m reliving my youth listening to Carole King’s Tapestry while I write about Streams in the Desert. 🙂 Ah, peaceful bliss.

    #Livingatapestrylifefullofrichandroyalhues–includingyou! 🙂

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  24. I loved that Tapestry album that I played while at Georgia Southern University living in the dorm. My friend let me borrow that and a Creedance Clearwater Revival album which I played many time on my roommate’s system. My roommate loved country music which I did not care for. I could not understand why she wanted to listen to Tammy Wynette singing ‘D I V O R C E’ when she had not even gotten engaged much less married. To me it felt like a bad omen when she’d put that on.

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  25. That friend I borrowed the good music from was the one who eventually committed suicide. I don’t know if that roommate ever got divorced. Maybe I will see if I can find her on Facebook.


  26. Janice, your 9:26, you wrote: “And [then] it seemed an avalanche started when Cheryl felt defensive toward the comment I made. Unintentional conflicts. That’s the devil’s playground.” I think all of us are trying not to be overly sensitive, but I couldn’t help but wince in seeing my name put next to “the devil’s playground.”

    If I had your e-mail address, I’d have e-mailed you yesterday. Really, I think it might help for you to go back and read Roscuro’s original comment, and your reply to her. I stepped into the situation (and tried to do so gently), because you responded to a legitimate theological concern with a personal and needlessly insulting comment to our friend (including picking on her nationality). And you wrote it in a way that came across as piously humble, that you yourself were going to be godly and stay above it. I suspect you really didn’t mean it the way it came across–but it would help if you would reread it, and understand, and possibly even apologize. We can disagree with each other on here, but by the time we’re picking on this person is single, that person is Russian or Canadian, that one over there is old or fat, that’s personal and no longer polite conversation. That is why I stepped in, and I did try to do so gently, hoping that you would reread the comments and realize what you’d said, and why it might be deemed offensive. Offering “grace” or “forgiveness” toward someone who has not offended is not actually a gracious offer; it’s condescending. I don’t think you meant it that way, so I tried gently to give you a chance to look back and see. That is not meant to be inviting the devil to play, but to realize we are Christian brothers and sisters, and we should be speaking to one another to reflect that–even when we disagree. If you disagree with someone, say why you disagree, or ignore it, don’t just attack their nationality or some other characteristic.


  27. Sorry that I posted the contest info before reading the preceding post.

    I apologize to any here that I have wronged. I am trying to work on being a better communicator. Maybe pray for me? Thank you. I want to go forward and not continue with this conversation. Please extend grace if I am worthy.

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  28. Charlie ain’t mad at nobody.

    I think I told you before. Many years ago, I was a boy scout. I was traveling somewhere west of the Ashley River in Charleston, SC. I noticed a sign on a bar door. Evidently there had been hard feelings. The sign said”

    Open Under New Management
    Charlie ain’t mad at nobody.


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  29. There was a sermon I heard Dr. Joseph Stowell (sp?) preach on the radio once about grace moments, those times when we can choose to be mad and blow up at someone or we can choose to overlook what we perceive as bad treatment. That is the background of my original comment and it is the background of my most recent comment before this one. I really appreciated that sermon and have tried to make it a way of life. I really restrained what I could have said about the original comment believe it or not. In my mind I gave grace in the manner in which I understood that sermon. As we have been given grace, so too are we to give grace. I will see if I can find that sermon somewhere. I love you, too, Cheryl, as Christ teaches us to love.

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  30. I don’t mind standard poodles with a regular even cut, but phew, they look funny with that kind of a cut.

    Thank you, all, for the birthday wishes. It’s been a good day and you have all been a part of the goodness.

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  31. I like poofy poodles but those exotic trims make the breed look silly IMO 😊
    We have neighbors who own two standard poodles and they are trimmed nicely, although they are the meanest dogs in the neighborhood. When I see them coming down the road we turn the other way!

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  32. Cheryl, we’ve narrowed the tree down to most likely a maple of some sort, or a buckeye. We don’t think it’s a sycamore because of how the buds come out of the branches (my husband is bit of a tree/plant id nut) 🙂


  33. When I was in seventh grade I had a friend I sometimes visited for overnights on the weekends. She had a large gray poodle that did not have the poodle style trim with the poofy fros. Its name was Mutt. It was such a great dog. It made me wish to have one but it would have been out of the question with my parents.

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  34. Yeah, it’s the haircut that ruins them. Good looking and very smart dogs otherwise.

    I missed the entire Westminster dog show this year. 😦 I usually see parts of it but it sped by me this time. These have been the busiest few weeks at work (at home, but at work). I feel like my head is exploding, chasing down candidates not responding to questionnaires, trying open photos that won’t open, way too much to do before the weekend now. I canceled the blood work scheduled for tomorrow, it’s so busy.

    And it’s going to get worse with a key reporter out for 2 weeks beginning Friday — I’ll be covering that beat also.

    This short-handedness on staff is beginning to take a toll on all of us.

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  35. Fun, Janice! Latent rebellion?? I let my last four children chalk on the walls. But when son started putting swastikas all over, we changed the rules back.

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  36. Kare, I meant to say I knew it wasn’t a sycamore, because I know sycamores. I don’t think buckeye, unless there are non-fruiting varieties. I do have photos of its leaves (on the ground), but I don’t think I have your e-mail address. If you have mine, e-mail me and I can find a photo and send it. I’ve worked so hard on ID of “little” things, birds and wildflowers and butterflies, and now dozens of insects, but rather neglected the trees! I know a good number of them, but by no means all.


  37. Kevin- she doesn’t want to provoke jealousy.

    Oh, and isn’t there someone who likes 62? It’s ready and waiting to be claimed.


  38. Janice, You are a very sweet lady. You are caring and kind. I have not seen anything else in any remarks that you have made on here. I appreciate your friendship.

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