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  1. The first American death due to Coronavirus. It happened in China, not here. And the number of deaths from it have now surpassed SARS.


    “The first American citizen’s death from coronavirus has been reported. The American embassy in Beijing announced Saturday that a 53-year-old man died at Jinyintian Hospital in Wuhan, the city that is the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The global death count is now over 810, surpassing that of the SARS coronavirus, which killed 774 people over the course of nine months. The 810 deaths recorded by this outbreak of coronavirus have all been in the past month.

    There is no need to sensationalize this pandemic, as it looks like the United States government and medical professionals have been able to keep the virus under control, at least so far. President Trump took immediate action when the first reports came out of China. While I don’t have a lot of trust in the transparency of the Chinese government, especially in a matter like this that affects both the Chinese population and visitors, as well as the country’s economy, the Trump administration has handled the situation as well as can be expected. There is no need to panic but we must stay informed and protect ourselves as much as we can, just as with any other highly contagious virus.

    The coronavirus is still largely contained within China. What is alarming about this outbreak is how quickly this virus spreads. Also, there is no vaccine for it right now, though scientists are working on one. This virus apparently spreads from animals to humans, a trait that separates it from the flu and other highly contagious viruses. It can take up to three weeks for a person to present symptoms after being exposed.

    Saturday Chinese health authorities tweaked the name of the virus – now known as “novel coronavirus pneumonia” (NCP). Chinese authorities report that 37,000 people are infected, while about 6,100 cases were considered severe. The coronavirus has spread globally. Some comparisons to the SARS outbreak are being made, mostly in the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak because like in 2002 when the focus was on SARS, Americans were concerned about the government response to its spread. If I remember correctly, America’s response to the spread of SARS was not as swift as the current American response has been. That is good news – perhaps we’ve learned from past responses and have a better playbook to work with now.”


  2. Another promise kept, and more to come.


    “Funding Secured For 1,000 Miles Of Border Wall, White House Officials Say”

    “The Trump administration is shifting its border wall focus from procuring resources to breaking ground on new construction after securing funds for 1,000 miles of new wall along the southern border, White House officials tell the Daily Caller.

    The fiscal year 2021 budget requests fewer funds for border wall construction than in previous years, but a senior White House official explained how the administration has “now shifted from securing funds to being able to build more wall.”

    Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said in January he expects to meet President Donald Trump’s goal of erecting 450 miles of new border wall construction by the end of 2020, and the White House maintained that optimism Sunday.

    “On the border, there’s great news to report,” the official told the Caller. “The president has kept his promise to secure the border. With funding available, the administration will build up to approximately 1,000 miles of border wall along the southwest border.””

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  3. More bad news for scheming Democrats.



    “Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he is deferring to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice for the promised investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

    The senator told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” that he isn’t necessarily looking for primary research from Ukraine but said “that anybody who has any information coming from the Ukraine needs to turn it over to the [Senate] Intelligence Community … Rudy [Giuliani] says he’s got ‘the goods.’ All I can tell Rudy and anybody else is, if you got some information connected to the Ukraine against anybody, go to the Intel Committee, not me.”

    Graham also revealed that Attorney General William Barr told him Sunday that the Department of Justice is also collecting Giuliani’s documents.

    The senator, who is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has repeatedly said he wants to begin a thorough investigation into the activities of the Bidens in Ukraine, where Joe Biden was former President Barack Obama’s point man and Hunter sat on the board of a natural gas firm, Burisma Holdings. “

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  4. Let them fight! 🙂


    “Democrat Infighting Explodes In Face Of Trump’s Resiliency

    The Washington Post reported that Trump’s acquittal and improving approval ratings “have generated convulsions of angst among Democrats.””

    “he Democratic party’s crackup has become very public and very intense in recent weeks, especially in the aftermath of the ongoing Iowa caucus debacle, President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday and his Wednesday acquittal.

    Their two biggest issues? Trump’s political resiliency and whether or not a far left candidate like admitted socialist Bernie Sanders would lead to another four years of him.”


    “But while Bernie’s Twitter mobs were waging war on Matthews, Democrats on Capitol Hill were admitting to serious concerns over how Trump has successfully weathered the political storms he’s faced to date, and if a bruising primary battle among Democrats would give him more advantage in the fall election:

    “I think Iowa made nobody happy — everybody is ready to move on. New Hampshire is next week and we are moving forward,” said Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Michigan Democrat. She added: “He can win again … I’ve been saying it for a while.”

    “We shouldn’t underestimate him,” said Rep. Ro Khanna, a California Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter. “Only eight American incumbent presidents have ever lost. It’s always a challenge to defeat an American president. But he has a lot of glaring weaknesses.”


    Rep. Brendan Boyle, a Pennsylvania Democrat who supports Joe Biden, said that after the party’s sweeping success in the 2018 midterms, some in the party had unrealistic assumptions about 2020.

    “I did sense just talking to some supporters of mine, some diehard Democrats back home, some folks here, that there might have been a little bit of what Alan Greenspan once called ‘irrational exuberance’ about 2020,” Boyle said Friday in the Capitol. “I would always say that this is going to tighten.”

    Boyle said it could be ultimately beneficial that many in his party now realize how hard it will be to defeat Trump.

    The Washington Post’s report about Democratic fears regarding a Trump reelection in November was far more stark:

    Anxiety is coursing through the Democratic Party as President Trump emerges from his impeachment proceedings as a potent threat for reelection, with party leaders and activists uncertain about how to beat the incumbent and worried about a nominating race that remains crowded and is growing more acrimonious.


    [Trump’s acquittal and improving approval ratings] have generated convulsions of angst among Democrats, who watched their first-in-the-nation Iowa presidential caucuses conclude in a chaotic fiasco and deliver an inconclusive result. Many in the party are now sounding the alarm that denying Trump a second term could be far more difficult than they had calculated.

    All that said, there’s still a long time to go between now and November, and anything could happen. But for a man who has been under a constant barrage from Democrats, Never Trumpers, and their media allies with no end in sight, to be in such a good political shape in the aftermath and right as the 2020 presidential race is kicking into high gear is pretty remarkable.”


  5. Jr. has been trolling the Democrats. 🙂


    “Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, attributed the ousting Friday of witnesses who testified during his father’s impeachment proceedings to Rep. Adam B. Schiff.

    The first son credited Mr. Schiff, a California Democrat who led the impeachment investigation, shortly after the president removed Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from his assignment at the National Security Council and fired Gordon Sondland from his diplomatic posting.

    “Allow me a moment to thank—and this may be a bit of a surprise—Adam Schiff. Were it not for his crack investigation skills, @realDonaldTrump might have had a tougher time unearthing who all needed to be fired. Thanks, Adam,” he said on Twitter.”


  6. More bad news for Dems….


    “In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Didn’t Expand The Electorate And Had No Crossover Appeal”

    “Yesterday the Associated Press said it was unable to declare a victor in the race because of irregularities and DNC Chair Tom Perez called for a recanvass. As it stands now the race is essentially a dead heat between Sanders and Buttigieg with each able to claim victory depending on which metric is used. Here’s how Philip Bump as the Post summed it up this morning:

    As it stands, with all of the precincts in, Sanders leads on two metrics — support after the first alignment and support after the second alignment — and former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg leads on the state-delegate equivalent metric.

    Buttigieg put an emphasis on counties where the county delegates were worth more state-delegate equivalents, and it seems to have paid off. Only barely, though. He currently leads by a 564.02-to-562.44 margin, fewer than two state-delegate equivalents. That narrow lead is in part a function of how the party interpreted the satellite caucus rules. Incidentally, Sanders’s campaign put a focus on organizing those.

    Even if Sanders didn’t quite win when it comes to state-delegate equivalents, he still had a good night.

    Or did he?

    Over at NBC News, Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann have a piece suggesting that the outcome of Iowa actually contained some bad news for Sanders.

    Turnout was lower than expected. And the entrance poll showed him with limited crossover appeal outside of his young, very liberal base.

    Sanders got just 8 percent support from Iowa caucus-goers 45 and older. And among seniors 65-plus, it was just 4 percent.

    While he overperformed among “very liberal” Iowa Dems (43 percent), he underperformed among “somewhat liberals” (19 percent) and moderates (12 percent).

    He got just 12 percent support from white women college graduates — arguably the heart of the Dem resistance against Trump.

    And maybe most concerning of all for Sanders, he won more than half of the Iowa caucus-goers who said they supported him in 2016. But he barely registered (7 percent) among the 54 percent of all Iowa caucus-goers who said they backed Hillary Clinton four years ago.

    To see why this matters, you have to consider the context. The left wing of the Democratic Party has been arguing, really for years, that nominating moderates was a mistake. They believed there were a lot of potential voters who simply didn’t turn out when the nominee was a relative moderate like Hillary Clinton. And the promise was that if you had a real progressive nominee like Sanders, suddenly there would be a big influx of new people going to the polls to support the bold progressive candidate. ”


    But they didn’t. 🙂


  7. And yes, Little Mike still thinks you’re a stupid rube.


    “Mike Bloomberg Suggests Uneducated Midwest Rubes Are Just Too Stupid for Trans Bathrooms”

    “Back in 2016, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg made elitist and demeaning comments about Midwestern rubes who are too uneducated to support transgender bathroom access. The remarks, which resurfaced on Friday, illustrate the patronizing attitude many pro-transgender activists have toward those who dare to disagree with the view that gender identity overrides biological sex. Ironically, transgender activists were triggered by how the former mayor insulted the Midwesterners who disagree with them.

    Speaking to an audience at Oxford University and addressing the Brexit vote, Bloomberg said, “We, the intelligentsia, the people who could make it into this room, we believe a lot of things in terms of equality and protecting individual rights that make no sense to the vast bulk of people.”

    “They are not opposed to you having some rights, but there’s a fundamental disconnect between us believing the rights of the individual come first and the general belief around the world, I think it’s fair to say, that the rights of society comes first,” Bloomberg continued.

    Then came the geographical snobbery.

    “If you want to know if somebody is a good salesman, give him the job of going to the Midwest and picking a town and selling to that town the concept that some man wearing a dress should be in a locker room with their daughter. If you can sell that, you can sell anything,” he said.

    “They just look at you and they say, ‘What on Earth are you talking about?’ And you say, ‘Well this person identifies his or her gender as different than what’s on their birth certificate.’ And they say, ‘What do you mean? You’re either born this or you’re born that.'””


    Because you are, either male or female. Sorry that really is the only 2 choices. The rest are just made up to placate the delusional and the mentally ill.


  8. I see on FoxNews that Democrats are still probing even after no impeachment.
    This is weird. There must be an unusual hatred that I don’t understand.
    I know, he “is not one of us”. But this is out of the ordinary.
    There must be something I still don’t understand.
    They just can’t let it be.

    They don’t realize that they are just contributing to his re-election with such stuff.

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  9. Can we venture to say ‘spiritual warfare’? What makes people hate Israel, which is really just a dot on the map? Such hatred can be understood in no other way. There is much in our President to dislike, but this stuff is disgusting.

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  10. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/10/democrats-new-hampshire-gloomy-battle-112803

    ‘Straight out of House of Cards’
    The stage is set for a Democratic primary that is nasty, brutish and long.

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — It’s not just the chaos in Iowa or the newly bitter tone of the campaign in New Hampshire that’s to blame for the angst gripping the Democratic Party in recent days.

    It’s the realization that the primary on Tuesday may do nothing to resolve the discord. …

    … Traditionally, Iowa and New Hampshire have culled unwieldy Democratic fields. This year, they are only adding to the muddle. And as the candidates swept across the icy roads of New Hampshire, Democrats began to settle in for a slog. …

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  11. It certainly seems that way Kathaleena.

    And it’s obvious which party is the one usually doing Satan’s bidding.


    “Pregnancy Center Accuses New York of Religious Discrimination

    “Forcing them to hire someone who promotes abortion would completely undermine their mission.””

    “Crisis pregnancy center EMC Frontline filed a lawsuit against New York over the “Boss Bill,” which forces nonprofits and religious institutions to hire people that do not share their views.

    The center claims the law violates its 1st and 14th Amendment rights.

    EMC founder Chris Slattery told The Washington Free Beacon that the Boss Bill is “a fundamental effort to crush the pro-life movement.”

    The center provides help for pregnant women and newborns:

    “When you have a pro-life group that’s dedicated to work[ing] against abortion, for them to hire an opponent is patently absurd,” Slattery told the Washington Free Beacon. “For Catholic schools to have to hire pro-choice school teachers, priests, bishops, deacons—it’s patently absurd.”

    The law prohibits employers from deciding not to hire an employee based on the employee’s or an employee’s dependent’s “reproductive health decisions.” It also prevents employers from accessing “an employee’s personal information regarding the employee’s or the dependent’s reproductive health decision making,” including “the decision to use or access a particular drug, device, or medical service.” New York City passed a similar law shortly after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the statewide “Boss Bill” in November.”

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  12. Let’s hope Kristol’s “talents” work out as well for him this election. 🙂

    If they do, it’s Trump/Sanders.


    “If you’re a conservative-leaning independent voter in New Hampshire, you may have gotten an unusual phone call this weekend. Having your phone ringing off the hook in the Granite State in February is nothing new, obviously. (Some people have probably just shut their phones off entirely by now.) But there’s at least some novelty in having the caller suggest that those of you who normally vote in the GOP primary should consider switching sides and voting in the Democratic nomination race.

    And which candidate does the mystery caller want you to support? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not Bernie Sanders. The puzzle as to who was behind these calls was quickly solved. It’s the usual group of NeverTrumpers, including Bill Kristol. (New Hampshire Journal)

    GOP-leaning independent voters in New Hampshire are receiving phone calls and texts from anti-Trump Republicans urging them to cross the aisle and vote in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, NHJournal has learned. The message is for these unaffiliated voters, who can vote in either party’s primary, to vote for a “responsible and electable” Democratic alternative to Donald Trump.

    National #NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol, founder of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, confirmed to NHJournal that he is part of the effort, which involves tens of thousands of New Hampshire voter contacts and a six-figure budget.

    “Yup. I’m happy to have joined with some others to help remind New Hampshire independents, who might be accustomed to voting in the Republican primary, that this year, they may be able to make more of a difference by voting for a responsible and electable candidate in the Democratic primary,” Kristol said.

    The message from Kristol and his #NeverTrump buddies is pretty straightforward. They want voters sympathetic to the Republican Party to not waste their time and instead go help one of the more “responsible and electable” Democrats. Translation: Bernie Sanders (and probably Elizabeth Warren) are too far out on the socialist limb to possibly beat Donald Trump, so you need to help Biden, Buttigieg or Klobuchar grab the nomination.

    The other underlying message is equally clear. While Kristol et al. were fired up for challengers to President Trump (like Joe Walsh and the rest of them) in the Republican primary, that ship has sailed. Or perhaps the ship never even made it out of port. The GOP base has stuck with the President through thick and thin and none of the NeverTrumpers ever gained any measurable traction. Now, perhaps out of desperation, they’re going to openly back the Democrats.

    I have to wonder how much consideration these conservatives have given to their actions. Being opposed to Trump is one thing, but cheering for four years of Democratic control of the White House is another. They’re trying to draw a distinction between Sanders or Warren and the rest of the field, but that’s deceptive. As both myself and the Washington Post editorial board recently agreed, there are no moderates in the Democrats’ nomination battle.”


  13. So will the enviro-nuts thank Trump? 🙂




  14. Steyer & Bloomberg are blanketing California airwaves as our March 3 primary approaches (on what also will be “Super Tuesday”). I’m developing a genuine dislike for both of them. 🙂


  15. Old-style governing — it can still happen every now and again



    Unlikely allies got White House to tackle Tijuana River mess: How they pulled it off

    For decades, millions of gallons of raw sewage and trash have flowed from the Tijuana River to the Pacific Ocean, fouling beaches, angering Southern Californians and getting worse by the year.

    An estimated 143 million gallons of waste from Tijuana spilled into the river valley in 2017, overwhelming a treatment plant built by the United States and Mexico nearly 25 years ago. Last October, a corpse clogged a sewage intake screen, causing a backup and sending 14.5 million gallons of polluted water over the border and into the U.S.

    Yet neither country has been willing to spend the money to expand the plant. Then President Trump renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada in late 2018. He needed the approval of Congress. That was the opening local groups at the border needed to resolve the environmental disaster.

    When Trump signed legislation last month implementing the new agreement known as the USMCA, it included a provision authorizing $300 million to try to stop the cross-border sewage flows.

    With the support of an unusual mix of local Democrats, Republicans, Border Patrol agents and environmental groups, House Democrats leveraged their support for the trade bill — one of Trump’s highest priorities — to secure the administration’s rare backing for an environmental project. …

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  16. Exposure them to the sunshine, the best disinfectant.


    “Report: White House Has Identified And Will Cut Ties With ‘Anonymous’ Official Amid Sweeping Security Council Layoffs”

    “The White House has identified and will soon part ways with the “anonymous” official behind a recently released book and a “resistance” focused editorial published in the New York Times, former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova claimed Monday morning.

    DiGenova made his claim on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall,” but senior White House officials declined to comment on the topic when asked by the Daily Caller.”


    Keep. Purging. The. Disloyal. Obama. Holdovers.

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  17. That was supposed to say Exposing…..

    Keep. Purging. 🙂


    “Bigger than Vindman: Trump scrubs 70 Obama holdovers from NSC”

    “President Trump is making good on his promises to “drain the swamp” and cut Obama-era holdovers from his staffs, especially the critical and recently controversial National Security Council.

    Officials confirmed that Trump and national security adviser Robert O’Brien have cut 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama, who had fattened the staff to 200.

    Many were loaners from other agencies and have been sent back. Others left government work.

    The NSC, which is the president’s personal staff, was rocked when a “whistleblower” leveled charges that led to Trump’s impeachment.”


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  18. Some guys on the radio were commenting about the LTC who testified in the House hearing being sent to the Army War College. They looked on it as a promotion.
    Not so.
    He was sent there because the Army doesn’t have a silver star at this time.
    This happened to me.
    I was a GS-13. Chief of the Astrotopraghy Branch. We mapped the moon for the Apollo program. Circa 1975, the Apollo program ended and they abolished the branch.

    So?? What do you do with a GS-13 with no job?
    I was put in charge of a branch doing special projects for military maps. Everyone in the branch knew more about it than me. The guys were good, but I hated the job.
    But an opening came up and they sent me to the Naval War College for a year.
    When I returned, I was promoted to GS-14 and assigned to the Dept. of Geodesy.
    I don’t know much geodesy, but I do know how to manage. I have been successful at that most of my life.

    What I’m saying is. There is no place for a Lt. Col. the President is angry with.
    That doesn’t matter for a S/Sgt, but it does for a silver star. I don’t know how long until he has 20 years. But that’s what they are shooting for.

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  19. https://www.wsj.com/articles/pete-buttigieg-stakes-out-a-unique-space-in-the-democratic-field-11581351970

    Pete Buttigieg Stakes Out a Unique Space in the Democratic Field

    Revolutionary profile in a conventional package makes his standing tough to predict

    Pete Buttigieg is offering a highly unusual proposition: He’s a revolutionary messenger trying to deliver a safe package.

    Mr. Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., is in many ways the man to watch in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. He was the surprise force in Iowa’s caucuses last week, though it is hard to say whether he won, tied or came in just behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, given the muddled counting process there.

    In any case, Mr. Buttigieg’s prospects moving forward are hard to gauge because the profile he presents is so different from anything seen before. Whether voters find it intriguing or a bridge too far is the question he now has laid on the table. …

    … While his candidacy is revolutionary, though, his plans are much less so. By the standards of today’s Democratic field, he is a moderate, and his policy proposals are fairly conventional. …

    … His positions may still be too far to the left to win over many Republicans. In recent days, he has aroused passionate protests on the right by staking out an aggressive position on abortion rights, and conservatives protest his plans to eliminate the Electoral College and expand the Supreme Court, which they consider attempts to increase the power of Democrats. …

    … In Iowa, he attracted an eclectic mix of young, urban voters and older, rural voters. His more-moderate profile helped him win 21 of 31 Iowa counties that voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and then for Donald Trump in 2016.

    Positioning himself between the party’s liberals and moderates means he now is being attacked from both sides. His weakness among African-American voters still could be a fatal flaw, and his youth may leave too many voters thinking he can’t win a general election.

    Still, he is offering a personal and policy mix never before seen, which makes his prospects tough to predict.


  20. An interesting back-of-the-field candidate who seems to have some new traction. I like her down-to-earth style, personally, and can see how she might spark some interest among Democrats still searching.



    Klobuchar Draws Crowds in New Hampshire After Standing Out in Debate

    Energy surrounds Minnesota Democrat’s campaign, which had been mired in weak poll showings, fund-raising struggles

    NASHUA, N. H.— Amy Klobuchar declared her campaign was surging—and to make sure supporters got the message, she repeated it at most of her events.

    Sounding more upbeat than she did last week in the days before Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, where she came in fifth, the Minnesota senator is pitching herself as the dark horse ahead of the New Hampshire presidential primary Tuesday.

    She has been drawing hundreds of people to her events over the past few days after polling in the single digits and struggling to raise money for much of her campaign.

    A new Boston Globe/WBZ-TV/Suffolk University poll published Sunday night found Ms. Klobuchar in third place with 14% of support. That put her ahead of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden and behind Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Other polls showed the Minnesotan in fifth place—behind Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren—but picking up support.

    If Ms. Klobuchar exceeds expectations Tuesday, she still would face a tough path to the nomination. Her campaign is smaller than those of the other top candidates, and she hasn’t invested as much in operations in other states. She also has struggled to gain traction with voters of color. That could be a problem as the race shifts to more diverse states such as Nevada and South Carolina.

    At events across New Hampshire on Monday, Ms. Klobuchar used her record of winning statewide in the Midwest and her bipartisan legislative accomplishments to appeal to moderates and independents. In doing so, she is trying to peel off support from Mr. Biden and Mr. Buttigieg, who are targeting the same pool of voters. …

    “I’m much more energized by Klobuchar,” said Marni Sawyer, 55 years old, of Stratham, N.H., who has been deciding between Ms. Klobuchar and Mr. Biden.

    Ms. Sawyer attended a campaign event Sunday in Manchester. She said she had seen clips of Ms. Klobuchar’s debate performance, which has helped her lean more toward the senator. “I watched her closing statement, and I said, ‘I was getting goosies.’ ”

    The campaign said Monday it would air clips from Ms. Klobuchar’s debate closing statement as parts of its cable, radio and digital ads. “There is a complete lack of empathy in this guy in the White House right now, and I will bring that to you,” she says in the ad. “If you have trouble stretching your paycheck to pay for that rent, I know you, and I will fight for you.” …


  21. Exactly Michelle. The fact they did so shows you it was a firing, he just gets to fall back on his LTC rank and time left. Standard procedure at Cheryl’s company is HR and security come to your desk, you get a minute or so to grab your personal belongs, hand in your ID and access codes, and you are escorted off property. If you leave voluntarily, you do that stuff at your leisure, and there’s usually a goodbye party. He was fired.


  22. But DJ, Amy is as crazy as the rest. Vehemently pro-abortion as well.


    “Codify Roe v. Wade into law; the people are with us. (Nov 2019)
    Public supports contraception and safe abortion. (Oct 2019)
    Against criminalizing abortion & imprisoning doctors. (Jun 2019)
    Repeal Hyde Amendment; fund Planned Parenthood. (Jun 2019)
    New restrictive state laws are “just wrong”. (Jun 2019)
    Make abortions safe and make them rare. (Feb 2019)
    Supports embryonic stem cell research. (Jul 2006)
    Decision between a woman and her doctor. (Jan 2006)
    Voted NO on restricting UN funding for population control policies. (Mar 2009)
    Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP. (Mar 2008)
    Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion. (Mar 2008)
    Voted NO on barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions. (Oct 2007)
    Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Apr 2007)
    Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. (Nov 2013)
    Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions. (Jan 2015)
    Keep federal funding for family planning clinics. (Mar 2017)
    CC:Publicly fund abortions. (Jul 2018)
    CC:No parental notification for abortions by minors. (Jul 2018)
    Ensure access to and funding for contraception. (Feb 2007)
    Endorsed Endorsed by EMILY’s list for pro-choice Democratic women. (Aug 2012)”

    “Collect data on GLBT issues so we can persuade Congress. (Oct 2019)
    Ban conversion therapy; it makes no sense at all. (Oct 2019)
    Yes to federal law that allows third gender on documents. (Oct 2019)”

    “Reverse Trump climate rollbacks and put a price on carbon. (Dec 2019)
    Show how investment in climate change will benefit Midwest. (Dec 2019)
    No all-out ban on fracking; we need a transition. (Sep 2019)
    Carbon neutral is goal; nuclear/coal during transition. (Sep 2019)
    Would rejoin climate pact & propose new legislation. (Apr 2019)
    Open to carbon tax, but without increased prices. (Apr 2019)”

    “More mental health resources for LGBTQ. (Oct 2019)
    Provide immediate health care for undocumented immigrants. (Jun 2019)
    Medicare/Medicaid can be step towards universal care. (Jun 2019)”


  23. I’ve been meaning to get around to these 2, so here’s Mr. Pete’s too.

    Love OnTheIssues…..


    “Federal government should protect reproductive freedom. (May 2019)
    Personal choice is best for abortion’s moral decision. (May 2019)
    Abortion is moral question decided by woman, not government. (Apr 2019)
    Abortion is a woman’s choice, not a political statement. (Mar 2019)”

    “Look at reparations to mend generational theft of racism. (Dec 2019)
    We need a systemic approach to replace racist system. (Sep 2019)
    Systemic racism has touched every part of American life. (Jul 2019)
    Douglass Plan: tackle racial inequality with funding & laws. (Jul 2019)
    Racial inequality compounds, which is why it is persistent. (Jul 2019)
    White America needs to face roots of systemic racism. (Jul 2019)
    Has dealt with racism & police violence, but it’s not enough. (Jun 2019)
    If U.S. to address human rights, we need to be credible. (Apr 2019)
    Problem about me being gay means problem with my creator. (Apr 2019)”

    “Felons should be allowed (to vote) after release from prison. (Jul 2019)
    End cash bail; it hits low-income Americans. (Jul 2019)
    Eliminate private prisons. (Jul 2019)
    Abolish capital punishment. (Jul 2019)
    Supports constitutional ban on death penalty. (Jul 2019)
    Move policing out from the shadow of systemic racism. (Jun 2019)
    Restore voting rights for ex-cons, but not those in prison. (Apr 2019)”

    “Polluters pay carbon tax; redistribute it to those affected. (Sep 2019)
    No more intermediate steps: de-carbonize industry by 2050. (Sep 2019)
    Federal investment in renewable tech for farms. (Sep 2019)
    Military can play huge role in solving climate change. (Sep 2019)
    We have 12 years until climate catastrophe. (Jul 2019)
    Ban fracking. (Jul 2019)”

    “Same-day voter registration, and fight voter suppression. (Nov 2019)
    Expand but depoliticize Supreme Court. (Oct 2019)
    Constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United. (Sep 2019)
    Abolish Electoral College; it makes society less democratic. (Apr 2019)”


  24. No. I still think it comes down to Sanders and Mayor Pete.

    Sanders has numbers Ms. Klobachar can’t even get close too.

    The final poll from 5 hours ago…

    Mayor Pete
    Klobachar is 5th with 20% less than Bernie. And he totally destroys her among young voters, with Bernie getting 45% and her getting 0%. She did surge some due to a strong debate performance, which is likely Biden voters abandoning him because they are admitting the obvious and moving to her and Pete. But the pressure will mount on her, Warren, and Biden to begin admitting the obvious. It’s Bernie and Pete.


  25. Michelle, Klobachar (did I spell that right?) is still a long shot.

    But it shows how unsettled the race still is at this stage. A good number of Democrats are still searching for alternatives, not ready to pick Sanders (who’s widely expected to win tomorrow night) or Mayor Pete, who has been the bigger surprise dark horse — or gray horse maybe.

    There could be more clarity after Super Tuesday, but the winnowing process is off to a rather slow start with so many candidates — and voters still in a strange mood — in 2020. All that keeps the campaign money splintered.

    How it all ends in the long or even mid-run is still a question, I think. Many establishment Democrats are worried about a Sanders (socialist) ticket. But that’s where the youthful energy is. And many Democrat voters still indicate to pollsters that their minds are simply not completely made up, not just yet.

    Could Sanders win in November? It would seem unlikely but … then again … no one thought Trump had a chance, either.

    The entire field of Democrats is far more liberal than in the past.

    Populism has swept into both parties and that makes the prediction game difficult at best.


  26. It’s just that Amy and Pete are ‘nice’ and personable, so they make it all sound rational and more “normal.” Sort of. Just don’t look too closely. lol

    Bernie’s the wild man, arms flailing, white hair standing on end sputtering.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I’m just putting myself in the shoes of a moderate Democrat looking, searching, hoping to find a candidate that’s not entirely nuts. I’ll have to ask my ex boyfriend who was always a very centrist Democrat and seemingly is not too pleased with this year’s lineup.

    Mayor Pete is my guess for him. Or Amy. Again, they’re both very liberal, more liberal than he is, but … at least they seem semi-normal and one hopes they’d pull back on some of the wilder ideas if they were elected.


  28. A man in my church, who is also a Facebook friend, is over the moon for Tulsi Gabbard, and drove up north to go to one of her rallies and meet her. (He is not normally a Democrat, but also not attached to any party.) He, and other of her supporters, believe that she has been unfairly kept out of the debates.

    She sure is pretty.


  29. A friend at church likes her a lot, too, kizzie, but she’s trailing way behind and hasn’t seemed to catch fire — probably too far out of the leftist mainstream of the party.

    Unbelievable — the moment in the last debate when KlobUchar was the only candidate who raised her hand when asked who would be uncomfortable having a “socialist democrat” at the top of the 2020 Democrat ticket.

    New Hampshire voters start voting at midnight in one of their towns, a long tradition. It would be kind of fun to be there for that, I think.

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