38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-6-20

  1. Good morning, y’all. Another gray here–we had sunshine Sunday, but that’s been the only day in two or three weeks we have. I used to hate that about Chicago winters, but I haven’t seen that in previous winters in Indiana. But we have had a crazy warm winter, so I’ll put up with the gray. In Chicago it was a combination of winter elements: gray, depressing skies; too much snow (including lake effect); too cold temperatures; a need to go out in it every day to go to work, no matter how miserable it was; and unsafe road conditions (weather plus potholes plus on-street parking plus aggressive, selfish drivers) that largely made me leave.

    I realized last night that if I were still there, this year I’d be at that publisher for 27 years. When I started, I was in my 20s and nearly all my colleagues in their 40s (one was in her 60s); the last two of those retired last year. But immediately I thought about 17 more years in Chicago and realized I simply couldn’t do it. I left because Chicago wasn’t the right place for me. I sent out my resume for a couple of years before I left, because I didn’t initially want to go freelance, but with a choice between staying in Chicago and going freelance, ultimately I had to go freelance, And nearly all publishing is in “snow country.” Word was then in Waco, Texas (eventually it was bought my Nelson and moved to Nashville), and Thomas Nelson is in Nashville (but not a publisher I’d want to work for: they publish a lot of stuff that is heretical and other stuff that’s pretty close, and they have a very high turnover rate), but other than that, it’s pretty much Chicago, Grand Rapids, Colorado Springs, and for secular publishers New York.

    But my husband said that if I had been in Chicago when he went looking online, he wouldn’t have contacted me. So it worked out that I had “gotten out” eight years before that!

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  2. A beautiful day here, though I have no idea what it looks like as it is dark out.
    Yesterday, one year old took his first steps. Daughter and son in law are okay with that. Their friend told them it is because son is looking for them. Probably. He does miss them and talks about them to the best of his ability. But I did see the attempts and managed to pull out the phone for video of the first steps.

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  3. The other day I was out with my husband for a walk, and at one point the road was scattered with feathers, probably the kill of a hawk (or a cat). One with a feather with a good deal of down, fluffy and interesting, and I took a photo. That photo is on Flickr’s Explore (only 500 photos in it per day), #28 on the list (the highest I’ve made it before is #60, and that one dropped out of Explore midday), and by 8:00 it had been viewed 16,000 times and faved more than 70. (Now it’s past 19,000 with 90 faves. I’ve had some faved as much as 200 times, but this is the most views of any photo, and I wouldn’t say it’s anything close to my prettiest.)

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  4. Morning! Overcast here and 20degrees heading up to 40! Tonight it will snow and last into tomorrow…more snow Sun,Monday…then Wed, Thursday…we are definitely in a snow period around these parts!
    I have been up since 3:30…prayed, read, had my coffee and am ready to face the day! 😊

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  5. I’m having my hip xrayed today. This is the year I deal with my physical deterioration. There’s nothing lethal says, “you’re getting old,” than walking out of the doc’s office with six referrals.

    And we never got around to revisiting the eternal question, “Why doesn’t Michelle sleep like a normal person?”

    In other news, the senior elder’s wife and the church president’s wife (me) teamed up with the pastor and we’re presenting a 3-hour workshop on prayer in two weeks.

    My counterpart is so good (and busy), she had the graphic drafted and ready to print by the time we walked out of the office.

    Ask a busy person if you want something done . . .

    I went home and outlined my talk. I’m ready.

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  6. Enduring Word, Hebrews 9. I’d never considered this before:

    “ If the sacrifice of Jesus were not perfect, then it would have to be continual and constant – ever since the foundation of the world. Imperfect sacrifices must be repeated continually but a perfect sacrifice can be made once for all time, and genuinely put away sin (not just cover sin, as with sacrifice under the Old Covenant). The message is clear: He has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself.

    i. This principle of sacrifice explains why the suffering of hell must be eternal for those who reject the atoning work of Jesus. They are in hell to pay the penalty of their sin, but as imperfect beings they are unable to make a perfect payment. If the payment is not perfect, then it has to be continual and constant – indeed, for all eternity. A soul could be released from hell the moment its debt of sin was completely paid – which is another way of saying never.

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  7. We’re having very clear, sunny days but its cold for us, sometimes not breaking 60 for a high. My phone says it’ll be 60 today and right now it’s still at 52. I’ve been covering my poor potted impatiens with plastic at night, moving them onto the patio.

    We had rain in the forecast for Sunday, but I see that’s been taken off now. Sigh. Very, very dry out here.

    Last week and this week have gone very fast. I have a school board race to do a profile story on and this morning there’s a port meeting I’m live streaming.

    Good luck with the hip, Michelle. My new GP is described by my neighbor and former photo editor (both also patients of hers) as “very thorough.” For now, she’s just getting me caught up on some of the routine things I’d fallen behind on, then we’ll talk. I’m somewhat adverse to going to the doctor, I have a friend my age and that seems to be about all she does anymore, multiple appointments always. 😦 When they’re needed, fine, but I also wonder if these doctors wouldn’t have you constantly coming and going, needed or not.


  8. okay, okay, I get the message. I need to call the doctor. I can’t return to PNG without a physical and my knee keeps hurting. I find myself heading for the ramp at church instead of the two steps. Good news is i went to the dentist yesterday. Made it through the x-rays and got a good result. I also have and eye doctor appointment.

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  9. Oy, I ‘m glad I’m retiring from high school teaching after next year. Today’s students seem to have zero ability to think on their own and come up with answers to questions without asking a million questions first. (yes, I am giving a test to my advanced students, WITH A STUDY GUIDE and they still can’t figure things out. I even handed them each a small dictionary.

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  10. Peter, 3:33, yesterday I entered the grocery store, and the very first thing I saw was a display of blueberries labeled with a big sign “2 pounds for $4.” Especially for this time of year, that is a very good price, so I looked closer. The display held 6-ounce packages of blueberries, and a smaller sign told me I could get two packages for $4. Well, two 6-ounce packages is nowhere near the same as two pounds!

    So I went to a man stocking a different produce item and asked if he worked there. He said he did. I explained that the blueberries said they were two pounds for four dollars and that wasn’t accurate. He thanked me and walked over there, and I could see him looking and see him not figuring out the problem. (I think he was looking at the smaller sign.) Knowing that today people seem to need precise, step-by-step instructions, I walked over there, pointed at the big sign, and said, “It says two pounds for four dollars. It actually means two six-ounce packages for four dollars.” He said “Oh!” and I saw he got it. I refrained from asking him if he knew how many ounces were in a pound, because it’s possible he didn’t.

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  11. Peter, what do you suspect is the cause of this?
    It can’t be a difference in innate intelligence. It is caused by something.

    I have long suspected that life is too shallow because of the availability of answers/technology without serious thought.

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  12. 16! I’m math-deprived and even knew that one.

    But it’s true, “googling” answers is both a blessing and a curse in our time — you can find anything very quickly at your fingertips. It’s good in many ways. But probably not good in others, such as promoting thinking and (real) research skills.

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  13. Interesting side note, our pastor has spent time over the last decade in China where he’s conducted seminary classes for underground church pastors but also spoken to the churches themselves. He mentioned how impressive it was that his audiences could always finish Scripture verses, in unison, that he’d begin to recite or read. 🙂

    He thinks they’re probably pretty theologically sound, despite the lack of freedom & resources they’ve been able to rely on.

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  14. And speaking of China, when I checked in for my mammogram yesterday at the hospital, I was asked if I’d had any contact with anyone who had recently been to China. All the staff at the hospital seemed to be wearing face masks, but of course it’s also cold and flu season.

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  15. Chickadee has not responded to my email (I suspected that either she would take a while to do so, or not do so at all), but in texts that we have exchanged, she has said that she is looking forward to our Valentine’s Day get-together next Friday. I ordered the classic heart-shaped boxes of candy for each of my daughters (and one for myself, hee hee). Boy will get some Valentine-colored Peanut M&Ms (red, pink, and white) in a clear plastic cup.

    Don’t know yet what we will do. Maybe watch a movie, which has become our go-to thing to do. And of course we will have a yummy lunch.

    Every now and then, I see an opportunity to take a cute photo of one or more of the pets (such as the one with Rudy that was the header here recently), and I send it to Chickadee. A few evenings ago, I had the amazing experience of having all three of my own pets in the living room with me. Often in the evening, Rudy and Heidi will be in the room with me, and Angel (my very skittish kitty) may come in and out, but she doesn’t settle down to lie down and stay.

    At that time, though, Heidi was lying on the loveseat, Rudy was next to me on the couch, and Angel settled herself down on the edge of the rug, near the door. With that arrangement, I couldn’t get them all in one photo, but I took separate photos and sent them to Chickadee, telling her about them all being there at once. She liked that. (Angel did not stay there for long, though.)

    Boy has a wrestling match tonight.

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  16. Education: I have mentioned this before. When twenty one year old was first adopted, he was required to go to public school. In third grade he was quite proud of his extensive research project. I looked forward to seeing it. It was a bunch of pics he had found on the the internet in class. I was not impressed though I oohed and aahed. Fast forward ten years: eighteen who had refused homeschool and joined public in eighth grade, invited us to see his much touted research project he had been working on all second semester in ninth grade. It was on a big tri piece cardboard deal in the science exhibition in the school fair. It consisted of some pics he had printed off from the internet with one or two sentences. That was it. And it was acceptable for a ninth grader. Others were similar. But the boy could play video games!


  17. Just called my insurance company to update some info. They were fine, but when they put me on hold, the music was so bad I had to hold the phone as far away as I could. I did register a complaint about the music.

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  18. Michelle, that is a sweet tribute to Naomi. Years ago in Phoenix, an assistant pastor had a mentally handicapped daughter everyone called Precious. I assumed it was a nickname, and I assumed she had been born with problems. Eventually I found out (1) that was her real name and (2) she had been a normal, healthy child until two when she fell into a swimming pool unobserved and drowned. She survived, and was well loved, but as a parent every day of your life you’d be tempted to ask yourself “What if?”

    I determined as a teenager that I would have my children with a nurse midwife, probably at home, and it’s “horror stories” like that one that people always bring up to suggest you’re being naive. But hospitals have their own horror stories and really have never seemed to me like a safer place to give birth. In fact, I know plenty of people who’ve gone the other way, and have had home births or at least nurse midwives in a birthing center after too many disrespectful doctors and possibly a health close call. My sister went to nurse midwives after her hospital birth in which her doctor was screaming at her in anger at the same moment he had the head of her partially delivered infant in his hands. She had to drive to Tennessee for each of her births after that, since midwife deliveries are (were?) illegal in Alabama, but she was willing to do that for the safety of her babies and her own peace of mind.


  19. Meanwhile my feather photo has had more than 40,000 views on Flickr. And we had some snow this afternoon–crystals like tiny rods, not six-sided ones–and I decided to let my new lens play outside for the first time. I couldn’t get the snow quite in focus (white, shiny, and tiny isn’t easy), but I got a really neat photo of a cedar branch with snow on it. The cedar is so sharp and much larger than in real life, one of those photos that is “Wow, did I really take that?” I wish I could get another chance at the six-sided snow crystals, with this lens this time. We’ll see.

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  20. Wow! Nightingale and Boy told me that his match was with an 8th girl (about 13 years old) who obviously had more experience than he. She pinned him in no time flat.

    That doesn’t seem fair to match up a nine year old and a 13 year old. (I wonder if it was based on weight, as he is heavier, as well as taller, than many kids his age.)


  21. Yes, quick answers on the Internet are detrimental to students actually doing research. When my students don’t know a word, they want to get the answer quickly, rather than looking for the word in the back of the textbook or a paper dictionary. They ask why I don’t tell them. I remind them that if they look it up they’ll be more likely to learn it. Unfortunately, other students enable the lazy ones by giving them the word.

    After years of fighting Google translations that were often inadequate or inaccurate for the meaning the students wanted, I found spanishdict.com and suggest they use it, as long as they write on their paper that they used it. But the other day I told a girl to stop being so dependent on it since she was getting grammatical forms we haven’t covered yet, and would not know the correct way on a test.


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