52 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-4-20

  1. This tweet has aged like bad milk……. 🙂



  2. I haven’t turned the TV on yet, but according to Drudge. The democrats have a real mess in Iowa.

    In the bad news category. Rush has lung cancer.
    He used to be a heavy smoker. “My formerly nicotine stained fingers”.

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  3. Well at least we know who won the Super Bowl, and the 2020 #LiberalHack Tournament. so we have that at least….. 🙂

    His opponent, Jennifer (I’m a conservative @#$#$) Rubin, is reportedly inconsolable over being bested.


  4. Schiff is really scraping the bottom of his barrel of lies at this point.


    “Schiff: If You Don’t Convict Trump He Might Give Alaska Back to Russia

    Poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

    “President Donald Trump has literally broken Rep. Adam Schiff. I’ve enjoyed the House managers, especially Rep. Zoe Lofgren, but Schiff foams at the mouth and rants like a lunatic.

    In his closing statement, Schiff made up a whole bunch of unlikely scenarios to scare the Senate into convicting Trump.”


    And Kushner would still be a better choice than anyone on the Dem roster.


  5. When you’ve even lost Murkowski…….

    Tomorrow’s vote, which will acquit Trump, will be fun to watch.



  6. The FCC is going after carriers who are still doing what’s they promised not to do, track your location without permission.


    “FCC Chairman Ajit Pai dropped a bit of a bombshell on Friday, announcing that the commission would be going after some of the major wireless carriers, potentially including T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T. The reason is that one or more of these carriers are still selling your location data, and potentially not just to advertisers. Since most people’s cell phones constantly track their location, this news has clearly alarmed quite a few folks. This revelation comes despite nearly all of the carriers having previously promised to end the practice. (Ars Technica)

    “Mobile network operators who sold their customers’ real-time location data violated US law and the Federal Communications Commission will try to punish carriers that did so, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wrote today.

    “[T]he FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has completed its extensive investigation and… it has concluded that one or more wireless carriers apparently violated federal law,” Pai wrote in a letter today to Democratic members of Congress who asked for an update on the probe.

    “I am committed to ensuring that all entities subject to our jurisdiction comply with the Communications Act and the FCC’s rules, including those that protect consumers’ sensitive information, such as real-time location data,” Pai’s letter continued.

    By this point, I’m pretty sure that most of us know that our cell phones track our movements. As I’ve mentioned here in the past, I basically surrendered to the Googleplex years ago, for better or worse. I still get monthly updates offering to “review” my travel over the past thirty days, including how many miles I travelled in a vehicle or on foot and a list of businesses or other places I’ve visited. (And would you care to write a review or upload a photo of any of these places?) Yes, it’s kind of creepy, but I eventually just started ignoring it.

    I’d long assumed that the carriers were collecting the data to sell to companies that want to more efficiently target advertising toward us. But after a data breach in 2018, it was revealed that they were selling the information to third-party data brokers who then shopped it around to bounty hunters and others not authorized to receive it. At some point, even the more lackadaisical people like myself have to become concerned.”


  7. Ah yes…… the old Jedi Mind Trick…..

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for……


    “Elizabeth Warren Transferred Oil-and-Gas Investments to Her Children To Protect Her ‘Green’ Political Profile

    “Once she entered public life, they apparently unloaded the inconvenient assets by transferring them to children, who then endorsed an oil-and-gas lease that would be politically toxic if it carried Ms. Warren’s signature.”

    “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigns as an environmental activist, supporting the completely insane Green New Deal and stating that she will ban fracking on her first day in office.

    As is often the case with Warren, what she says and what she does are very different things. The Wall Street Journal reports that Warren received income from oil and gas royalties in Oklahoma and that she transferred her holdings to her children before announcing her run for the Senate.

    Warren latched on to the Green New Deal almost immediately. She did not care that it was concocted originally as a means of restructuring “the entire economy,” with its socialist Justice Democrats creators only later slapping the green wash of “climate change” on it to make it more appealing to the left.”


    “The Wall Street Journal notes that “there’s nothing wrong here: Many people hold mineral rights, and ownership can get fractured by inheritance. Fossil fuels make the world go round, powering everything from cars to MRI machines.”

    What makes this curious is that it belies the purism of her presidential rhetoric. She speaks as if oil inevitably stains everything it touches. “We want to make real progress on climate?” Ms. Warren said at a November debate. “Then we have to start by attacking the corruption that gives the oil industry and other fossil-fuel industries a stranglehold over this country.” A month later she added: “The biggest climate problem we face is the politicians in Washington who keep saying the right thing but continue to take money from the oil industry.”

    But back when she was a Harvard law professor, Ms. Warren and her husband cashed those gas checks—or at least they did until the month before she launched her Senate campaign. Once she entered public life, they apparently unloaded the inconvenient assets by transferring them to children, who then endorsed an oil-and-gas lease that would be politically toxic if it carried Ms. Warren’s signature.

    Warren rails against oil and gas companies profiting from “pollution,” but it would appear she has no problem at all doing the same thing, even if it’s on a much smaller scale. Maybe a reporter should ask her at what financial point profiting from pollution becomes unacceptable? And in what way she thinks it acceptable for her to try to transfer “pollution” profits to her children just as she’s making a national name for herself as a green justice warrior?”


  8. DJ,

    Still doesn’t pass the smell test….



    ““Nothing is more important to the Register and its polling partners than the integrity of the Iowa Poll,” DMR executive editor Carol Hunter said in a statement.

    Today, a respondent raised an issue with the way the survey was administered, which could have compromised the results of the poll. It appears a candidate’s name was omitted in at least one interview in which the respondent was asked to name their preferred candidate. While this appears to be isolated to one surveyor, we cannot confirm that with certainty. Therefore, the partners made the difficult decision to not to move forward with releasing the Iowa Poll.

    The Register has published the Iowa Poll for 76 years, and it is considered the gold standard in political polling. Selzer & Co., which conducts the poll, is recognized for its excellence in polling. It is imperative whenever an Iowa Poll is released that there is confidence that the data accurately reflects Iowans’ opinions.

    A pollster who spoke on condition of anonymity told American Greatness that it was “highly unlikely” that Buttigieg’s name would be mispronounced on such an important poll. “The phone workers are prepped on pronunciation,” she said, adding, “this was an important poll, little chance this was just blown off.”

    The pollster also explained that a call center manager walks around and listens to the calls while they’re being made.

    “Ann Seltzer [of Selzer & Co] is pretty reputable,” she noted. “Call centers should be monitoring the calls, if they notice something wrong, they can fix ASAP and not trash the entire poll … there’s no way this poll was messed up.”


    And just a reminder…..


    And even the left is crying foul…..


  9. A mythological creature….. that’s what the “moderate” Democrat is……


    “The Myth Of Pete Buttigieg, ‘Moderate’

    From health care and abortion to guns and immigration, and from the Supreme Court to the Electoral College, the man is decidedly a radical.”

    “What are Pete Buttigieg’s politics?

    If you read CBS, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Guardian, and a host of their friends, the former mayor is decidedly a moderate. According to The Washington Post and a few more, he’s “a traditional centrist” who embodies “the Democratic primary’s rightward drift.” And if you listen to the left-wing activists trailing him around, he’s “Wall Street Pete” and “will kill us.”

    His supposed moderation and support (almost solely) among white liberals torments Lucy, a white liberal who graduated high school more than a decade ago but writes for Teen Vogue. “Why I’m Not Here for Pete Buttigieg’s Moderate Politics in the 2020 Primaries,” she proclaims in the delightfully self-serious magazine.

    But just what is so “traditional centrist” or “moderate” about Mayor Pete? From health care and abortion to guns and immigration, and from the Supreme Court to the Electoral College, the man is decidedly a radical. Behind all his carefully selected scripture quotes that so easily confound coastal reporters is a politician whose justifications are difficult to recognize through the eyes of any of the world’s major Christian religions.

    But let’s start with health care, where Buttigieg has rejected his prior embrace of the socialist-favored “Medicare for All” in favor of a “glide path to Medicare for All” that, The Washington Post reports, “hinges on [a] ‘supercharged’ version of [the] unpopular Obamacare mandate.” The individual mandate, you might recall, was the most hotly debated aspect of President Barack Obama’s radical takeover of the American health-care system, and was repealed by the 2017 tax-reform bill.

    On abortion, Buttigieg leaves even less to the imagination. At Fox News’s Jan. 26 town hall, he assured a lifelong Democratic activist who opposes abortion, “I’m not going to try to earn your vote by tricking you.” Oh, phew. Then he declined to commit to altering the party’s platform language, which rejects Democrats like Kristen Day, the questioner. “He refused — twice — to even answer that part of my question,” she wrote afterward in USA Today, “and instead focused on his unyielding support for abortion and did not really seem to want the vote from me or people who share my view.”

    This should not have surprised Kristen very much. At the same town hall, Mayor Pete called late-term abortions “hypothetical.” On the sixth day of Advent the month prior, he told a seven-year-old girl he’s all in for abortion. How adorable.

    As the anti-abortion LifeSite News points out, as mayor of South Bend he vetoed the opening of a pro-life pregnancy center near an abortion clinic. When the corpses of 2,246 babies were uncovered at the Illinois office of a deceased South Bend abortionist, he fretted the evidence of abortion’s “disturbing” brutality would impact women’s “need to access health care.””


  10. I’ve wanted to ignore this, thought it’s all over-hyped. The Chinese govt says just 500 dead so far. And yet reports from citizen “journalists” says it’s much worse, and their govt. is hiding that from the world. They’ve gotten some reports out, but now the Chinese govt is arresting anyone who does it, which leads me to believe maybe they are hiding the truth.

    And that is alarming.


    “Chinese Central Television in recent days has been broadcasting scenes of workers constructing a vast hospital on the outskirts of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic that has already claimed hundreds of lives. Accompanied by swelling chords of heroic music, the broadcast is clearly designed to give the impression of a Chinese government that is on top of the situation, taking firm, effective countermeasures.

    A different view of the crisis is being broadcast by a small core of citizen journalists in Wuhan who are carrying out what amounts to a highly unusual and risky little rebellion against China’s system of total information control. They are making video reports, some of which have gone viral on YouTube, castigating their government for ineffectiveness and cruelty while claiming that the situation in Wuhan is far worse than the authorities will admit.

    One of these citizen broadcasters is a man called Fang Bin, who filmed himself visiting four hospitals in Wuhan on February 1. In contrast to the official images, he documented crowded conditions, people cramming hallways with IV bottles hanging above them, recording doctors pronouncing some of them dead. But the most remarkable of Fang’s videos – some of which have been translated and put online by Chinachange.org – was the one he made later that day when a group of men appeared at his home (below).”


    “In some respects, the portrayals in videos like Fang’s aren’t surprising, given the rapid spread of the coronavirus and reports of shortages of medicine and supplies and overcrowded hospitals, which had made it hard to treat all but a small number of seriously ill patients.

    What’s unusual is the emergence of a handful of people who, despite the clear risk of doing almost anything not approved by the government and the Communist Party, have made it their mission to tell the world about the extent of the suffering and the desperation of Wuhan’s inhabitants.

    Fang, who is reported by Chinachange.org to be the middle-aged owner of a clothing business, appears to have become the most visible of Wuhan’s online citizen reporters. But others have quickly taken up his example. One of them is a man, who describes himself in a video (above) as an “ordinary citizen of Wuhan in my twenties.” wearing a face mask and a knit cap as he stares into a cellphone camera and asks whether the government of any other country in the world would be sending sick people out of hospitals and forcing them to go home, where, he says, they risk infecting relatives and friends. His question aligns with reports that the local Wuhan government has been engaged in a desperate sort of triage, given the acute shortage of hospital beds, taking only a small number of seriously sick patients and telling others to go home.

    “I’m putting myself at risk,” the man says, speaking through a face mask. “The police might grab me any minute, but I want to send this video out to let outside people know the truth of what’s happening in Wuhan.” He continues, “We ordinary people aren’t stupid. We’re not brainwashed.”

    Taken together, the videos provide a mosaic of Wuhan under siege. One video, by an unidentified person, is taken from a car driving past a line of people stretching perhaps a mile or more, waiting in the hopes of buying face masks. Another video, which has since been scrubbed from the Internet, showed a man standing on a bridge shouting that he’d been sent away by hospitals even though he is sick. He calls out to whoever may be listening that he can’t go home, since he fears infecting his wife and daughter. Then the video starts to shake and the image becomes too blurred to be made out, but the voice of the man taking the film can be heard saying, “He’s jumped.””

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  11. Chas, I also have known a few people, however, who died of lung cancer and never smoked. “Non-smoker’s lung cancer” it’s sometimes called. Cancer is a plague. Mostly, it seems to strike out of left field.


  12. My aunt died of lung cancer after never smoking a cigarette.(Nor did my uncle). It’s one of the leading cancer deaths in the US and it’s a terrible way to die.


  13. He’s not backing down on this. 🙂


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  14. Bwahahahaha!!!!!

    It was the RUSSIANS!!!!!!!!



  15. But just like last time, no it wasn’t Trump, or the Russians…….

    It was Clinton.


    “App used in Iowa Democratic caucus fiasco linked to ex-Clinton campaign staffers”

    “The app that was supposed to help the Iowa Democratic Party quickly report Monday’s caucus results – but contributed to confusion and a muddled result as campaigns were in an uproar – is linked to Hillary Clinton campaign veterans.

    Shadow, a tech firm that describes itself as a group that creates “a permanent advantage for progressive campaigns and causes through technology,” is the company that created the Iowa Democratic Party’s app, according to The New York Times. At least the COO, CEO, CTO and a senior product manager at Shadow all worked for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, according to LinkedIn profiles.

    Shadow is associated with ACRONYM, a nonprofit dedicated to “advancing progressive causes through innovative communications, advertising and organizing programs.” Early last year, ACRONYM announced that it was acquiring an SMS tool called Groundbase and, out of Groundbase, “launching Shadow, a company focused on building the technology infrastructure needed to enable Democrats to run better, more efficient campaigns.”

    Groundbase co-founders Krista Davis, who is the current Shadow CTO, and Gerard Niemira, who is the current Shadow CEO, both held senior positions with the Clinton campaign.

    Tara McGowan, the founder and CEO of ACRONYM, posted a statement from an ACRONYM spokesman early Tuesday morning distancing the nonprofit from Shadow, which is a for-profit company.

    “ACRONYM is a nonprofit organization and not a technology company. As such, we have not provided any technology to the Iowa Democratic Party, Presidential campaigns, or the Democratic National Committee,” spokesman Kyle Tharp said in the statement. “ACRONYM is an investor in several for-profit companies across the progressive media and technology sectors. One of those independent, for-profit companies is Shadow, Inc, which also has other private investors. We are reading confirmed reports of Shadow’s word with the Iowa Democratic Party on Twitter, and we, like everyone else, are eagerly awaiting more information from the Iowa Democratic Party with respect to what happened.”

    McGowan is an alumna of Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign and previously worked as a digital director for NexGen America, a progressive organization founded by presidential candidate Tom Steyer.”

    Oh, but it is. 🙂

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  16. And when you’ve lost this far left tool, you got problems…..


    “The guy in the White House is chuckling all night here, showing the Democrats can’t even get a three car funeral organized or whatever you want to call it. I would say to the people of Iowa, ‘Will the last person leaving Des Moines, please turn out the lights?’ This has not been a success.””

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  17. Ruh-roh Raggy…….


    “The Iowa Caucuses will be remembered for a very long time for the Democrats’ incompetence in managing the process, but that debacle turns out to be small potatoes. Last night’s kickoff of Democratic presidential-primary voting was supposed to highlight the enthusiasm voters across the country have in defeating Donald Trump. Instead, as the Washington Pot’s Karen Tumulty reports this morning, the turnout itself came in at nearly half of what some had predicted — and fell 70,000 short of Barack Obama’s 2008 turnout:

    Even as the Iowa Democratic Party was trying to sort out the chaos in its reporting system, a party official announced that turnout was “on pace” with what they had seen in 2016.

    In other words, it was mediocre. About 170,000 people participated in the 2016 Iowa Democratic caucuses, far short of the unprecedented 240,000 voters who turned out in 2008 and launched Barack Obama on his way to the White House. What was so exciting a dozen years ago was not only how many Iowans showed up, but who they were: young people, first-time caucusgoers, an ethnically diverse mix of voters in an overwhelmingly white state.

    Until recent days, there had been plenty of buzz among Democrats that this year would set a new record. There was even some loose talk that turnout could reach 300,000, which would be incontrovertible evidence of the passion that their party is feeling about the prospect of defeating President Trump in November.

    People tend to forget just how talented Obama was at organizing, so expectations that any of the current candidates would outperform him were ambitious, let’s just say. Party leaders and pundits alike figured that the progressive grassroots and the establishment-minded voters would turn out in droves to send a message to their supposed bête noire, Donald Trump. Iowans had the opportunity to demonstrate heightened enthusiasm, but in the end they may not have even hit their 2016 level of 171,109 participants — one which pitted current frontrunner Bernie Sanders against Hillary Clinton.”


    Just gonna leave this here…..


  18. Goes to show what a lousy predictor is job approval at this point. Carter, who has the highest approval rating on that list, got creamed in the election.

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  19. I thought there would be an update on the caucuses by now; instead, I see this headline at WSJ:



    Iowa Democratic Caucuses Result? More Uncertainty

    Delayed vote totals leave the state party embarrassed and campaigns spinning their own narratives of the night

    What a mess.

    A breakdown in the Iowa Democratic Party’s system to report results led to hours of delays, cutting into the momentum of the eventual winner—whoever that may be—and raising questions about the integrity of the system and whether the caucus system would survive the snafu.

    During a phone call early Tuesday morning, the party said it would release results “later today” but took no questions and provided few specifics. The only certainty that emerged out of the caucuses was that a fluid Democratic presidential contest would remain so. …


  20. And the article concludes:


    Long way to go to a nominee

    One thing the Iowa’s delayed decision hammered home: The Democratic nomination process isn’t going to wrap up quickly.

    Polls are split in the next three nominating contests, with Mr. Sanders leading in the Real Clear Politics polling average in New Hampshire, but showing Mr. Biden ahead in South Carolina. Limited polls in Nevada also show Mr. Biden ahead there.

    The candidates will face a new challenge in former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Super Tuesday. The billionaire is spending nine figures, the majority on TV advertising, in a long shot bid to vault to the head of the field with a strong performance in the 16 contests held March 3.


  21. The concern I have is, what does this mean, ultimately, to the voting machines, etc, in November?

    The fake news folks have convinced me no one is above manipulating the vote to do what is right in their own eyes.

    Bad news, indeed.

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  22. Thankfully Michelle, this has nothing to do with voting come Nov.. This is a new app, with new rules, for this party convention. It has nothing at all to do with the election system the feds have in place. This is allllll Democrats. 🙂


  23. What fun. 🙂


  24. Ooops, turns out I fell for more fake news from CNN in the tweet above at 5:33PM…..

    I shoulda known, THIS is CNN here…..


  25. Bwahahahaha!!!!


    It just gets better…..

    Epic. Failure. This is weapons grade failure people.


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  26. She’s such a water carrying hack.


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  27. You can be sure, though, that voting results will be strongly questioned and doubted throughout this year, including in November. I agree with Michelle.


  28. Well they’ll claim that DJ, they’re already setting it up to blame their loss on election illegitimacy. But that won’t make it true. 🙂

    No matter the reasons, Dems will cry foul when they lose to Trump yet again. It seems to be the only things they’re skilled at, losing to Trump, and making excuses for why it’s his or anybody else’s fault. They’re already crying about foreign interference without evidence. Again. Still. 🙂

    They’re losing it over losing to Trump on everything they try. It’s also really amusing. 🙂

    Tonight is must see TV, just to watch the Democrat reactions.

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  29. Here’s how I see it playing out.

    Sanders continues to lead the pack, Mayor Pete, second, Warren and Biden jockey for 3rd. No one else matters except Klobachar, but she won’t matter until later.

    Eventually Biden and Warren will be forced to concede the obvious, it’s not them. Right now Warren is a huge anchor on Bernie’s numbers. Give him her numbers and he’s at near nomination clinching numbers, 45%ish. As the other “far left candidate” a merger is eventually gonna happen, probably with Warren as VP.

    Mayor Pete gets the lion’s share of the Biden camp, putting him around 40% or so, which is within sight of Bernie.

    This is where Klobachar’s supporters and the other less than 1% polling also rans come in. How they break decides it. A smart move at that point is name Klobachar VP if you’re Pete.

    If Bernie wins it, Trump draws the reasonable middle and wins bigly.

    If it’s Pete, the far left revolts and Trump wins less big, but by better than he beat Clinton numbers.

    Barring WW3, Coronavirus pandemic, stock market collapse, or asteroid strike, of course.

    And of course, him not saying or doing something insanely stupid tonight or tomorrow before his acquittal vote. 🙂

    So…………. 😳

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  30. Like

  31. Kept meaning to look up Adam Schiff’s district — finally did, he’s local to us (I thought he was somewhere in LA County, just not sure where) — Hollywood/Burbank/Glendale/Los Feliz — where Carol lives currently.


  32. My response to Britt is this.

    200 million of his own money spent, and he got less than 1% in Iowa. He stands no realistic chance in this Dem primary. They’ve gone way too far left to allow a capitalist former Republican the nomination. It’s never gonna happen. He knows this too, but his intent is only to use his money to bloody Trump up for the eventual nomination winner, without the restrictions of those pesky campaign finance laws. He’s the perfect Never-Trump candidate, but not really that appealing to Bernie and Warren supporters, the new heart of the party. If he hits more than 15% in any state primary, I’ll be shocked, and that includes NY.


  33. Bernie’s people will not be happy to hear this…..


    “Buttigieg campaign paid firm that developed voting app blamed for Iowa caucus delays”

    “Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign contributed money to the technological firm whose voting app contributed to reporting delays in the Iowa caucuses.

    Federal Election Commission filings reveal that Buttigieg’s campaign gave tens of thousands of dollars to Shadow on July 23, 2019, for “software rights and subscriptions.”

    Shadow, a technology company that has an investor in the Democratic digital nonprofit organization ACRONYM, was also paid $60,000 over two installments by the Iowa Democratic Party to build an app to help make caucus voting easier and faster for precinct volunteers. Filings also reveal that the Nevada Democratic Party paid Shadow $58,000 for “website development.”


    “UPDATE: A spokesman for the Buttigieg campaign said it paid Shadow for “text messaging services to help us contact voters.” The Iowa Democratic Party said it expects to release the caucus results sometime Tuesday.”

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  34. And NY and their sanctuary policies were just mentioned. That’s not gonna go over well….. They don’t like it when you point out the victims of their policies.

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  35. Thoroughly enjoyed that, the real, thanks for pointing me to the site. As expected, enjoyed watching the reaction. Even some of the white coats stood for monies to help the pre term babies but not for ending the killing of older babies in late term abortion.

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