34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-3-20

  1. Good morning! I went to the chili cook-off last night. It was fun. My vegan chili did not place, but I am not sure it got counted fairly since somewhere along the way its number changed from #6 to #5. I would like to know the backstory on that.

    I did not stay in the room with the Super Bowl game, but instead I went to the alternative game room. I played Bananagrams with lady friends. It was new fun for me! Then I drove myself home after dark, a new feat for me. Traffic was very light since it was in the middle of game time.

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  2. Bible study time along with first cup. Prayer and Scripture memory work, too. We are doing church wide memorization of a verse each month and my Bible study group does one each week.


  3. Good morning. I don’t know about the rest of the family but I slept through the night. Always helps the day go better! But now, little man and I are up. Daughter has headed ot to work and we are waiting for baby to wake up and join us. I am hoping she waits until somebody older than one is up with us.

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  4. I made it to work today. It will be a long day and I will probably crash when I get home later.
    We shall see. I think I must has a sleeping disease I have slept so much.
    Have a good day everyone.

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  5. Yeah, I was going to ask how did that snow goose get in there? Huge flocks of the birds gather fairly near to us over winter, but last year we didn’t hear about it till March, and by the time we went, we only found one lone bird, and I suspect it had an injured wing. (It was moving ahead of us in the grass hoping we didn’t see it, which either means it had a nest nearby or that it was hurt, and I couldn’t tell which. But as far as I know, they don’t nest locally.)

    My husband has been getting over pneumonia, and I keep hoping that he will feel like doing some of those local trips with me–I plan to do another by myself this week, if only we can get a day with sunshine. We had a beautiful sunshiney day yesterday, high of 60 degrees, but with church in morning and evening I couldn’t go off driving a few hours. And as it turns out, our younger daughter came for a visit anyway. But if we can get another day of sunshine, I want to go again to view the huge flocks of sandhill cranes in the area of Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge. We didn’t have sunshine the one time we did go over, and that drastically limited my shots. I’ve been hoping all winter for another chance, and basically waiting for my husband to get healthy enough to go, and at this point it’s either that I go myself or I likely miss it. Reality is we haven’t had a whole lot of days with sunshine since Christmas anyway, so it isn’t like I missed a lot of chances, and before Christmas we were just too busy.

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  6. Morning. We shall see some snow later on this afternoon then tonight a -5 temp…that would be a heat wave for Kare. This morning we have a freezing fog and the pines are a frosty white. Now what did that vermin predict yesterday?! 🐀

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  7. in the twenties here. Getting colder, but should be short lived.
    I saw an elderly lady, in her 90’s, at church yesterday for the first time. Either she has been ill or I have been gone. She asked if I got her Christmas card. I cannot remember after all of the traveling and moving. And then she said that she put money in it for me. I did ask how she sent it? She said through the church office, so I will track that down.

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  8. Cheryl, is there a local Audobon club or photography group you might visit to see if you could find someone else to go with when your husband is not up for going? I know a wonderful lady who attends a P.C.A. church here who is a member of a photography club. You might just meet a new friend with shared interests. I met this lady through another group where we volunteered together. She uses her photography of nature to make cards to sell.


  9. Crash.

    The third of my 3 large trash bins just tumbled onto the driveway. We’re having a fierce wind storm here, lasted through the night (actual howling at one point) and its really going strong this morning. 52 degrees.

    Kim, I’m glad you’re feeling well enough to get back to it. But staying in bed for a few days can be a nice break from it all, too, even when you’re not feeling well. Sometimes our minds and bodies just need that.

    Cheryl, praying your husband rebounds this week.

    And that we all get through the rest of this cold and flu season.

    AJ, I agree on the commercials. And I actually found “Groundhog Day” to watch last night after the game, I’d never seen it (though I knew the scenario well enough as it’s been part of our popular culture for so long now – 1993?).

    I wasn’t rooting for either team in the Super Bowl, really, last night — so I was able to thoroughly enjoy the game, the ups and downs of both teams. What a spectacular comeback for KC in the 4th quarter. Good for them.

    And the first time since 1970.

    (It did strike me, though, that this time 50 years ago would have been the last few months of my dad’s life, he’d been sick for a couple years and died in March 1970; it struck me that the Super Bowl that year w/KC playing and winning probably was on in our house, football and baseball games always were watched — and it became a distraction for him in those final months — so that was a sad realization, not to mention a bit startling at how 50 years have passed, I was a teen then, but how can that be?)

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  10. Janice, I have thought about that. Thing is, I don’t actually have a “birding” camera, so I can’t realistically sign up to go with a group. (I’d need to be closer to the bird than they would, for instance, and that wouldn’t work.) I have thought about how nice it would be if someone from my church had the interest and inclination, but I’m in that spot where most of my peers still have children at home and the retired ladies have less interest in getting out and about. We’ll see. I do have a friend to meet up with if I manage to get out to see the cranes this week, but I’ll have to drive over and meet her at the other end.

    My husband probably is over the pneumonia, but a month of being ill takes a toll on the body, and he is now in the phase of building his strength back up (a longer walk each day, for instance). Several hours of driving wouldn’t work for him at this point.

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  11. From Veith today:



    The Rapper Flame Becomes a Lutheran

    Christian hip-hop artist Flame has announced that he has become a Lutheran and has made his new theology the topic of his latest recording.

    Flame, whose real name is Marcus Gray, has been nominated for a Grammy and several Dove awards for contemporary Christian music. He was in the news recently for successfully suing pop star Katy Perry for plagiarism and winning a $3 million judgment. For more on his background–his troubled childhood, his turn to Christianity, his professional accomplishments, and his good works in his home town of St. Louis–read this.

    He recently completed an M.A. (not the M.Div. of pastoral students) at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, majoring in Systematic Theology, with minors in Church History and Counseling. He had been a Calvinist, just looking for a degree program, but at Concordia Seminary he found a theology that helped him work through issues he had been struggling with and that filled him with a sense of liberation and joy. …

    … In a later song, “Sola Fide,” he writes about a Christian in torment.

    He’s been saved now for how long and he’s still struggling with the same flaws
    And then you prescribe he scuba dive in that same heart
    That sin-filled, hope killed, broken willed and super dark
    You don’t send that person inside himself
    You remind that saint that it’s extra nos (Outside himself)

    Instead of looking inward, scrutinizing the state of one’s self, Christians should look for their assurance outside themselves (“extra nos”), to the Cross of Jesus Christ, to God’s Word, to the Sacraments, to Christ’s promises in the Gospel. …

    (Although I’d say that also sounds pretty much like Calvinism 🙂 )

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  12. In other news out of the Super Bowl…

    Halftime was the only part of the game I didn’t watch as I knew what it would be like — sad, it used to be one of the highlights with all the marching bands doing their special moves; those days are gone; now it’s all about objectifying women, apparently with the performers’ full consent. How odd, we talk about “me too” and the horrors of sex trafficking — and yet we have this? Mixed cultural messages much? We’re so sadly confused.




    … What is to be said about the degraded spectacle that the NFL served up for its halftime show yesterday? …

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  13. We got a quick lecture in our Zumba class this morning about it was cultural to Puerto Rico, and nothing our little girls should be troubled by.

    My corner thought it was awful. But there was no point in arguing.

    As my friend Amy Parker wrote: “We’ll believe in Girl Power when it’s not sexualizing the girls.”

    Or, as another friend’s precocious five-year-old pointed out, “Why are the ladies naked with sparkles and the men are all dressed?”

    Mom changed the channel.

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  14. During the game, Nightingale posted on Facebook: “You know you’re a football mom when you point out a player needs to tuck in his jersey.”

    Since the Patriots were inexplicably not in the Super Bowl this year, we weren’t sure who to root for. Somehow, we decided to root for the 49ers. Shortly before the end of the game, when we knew they had lost it, I said, “See?! We should have gone for the team with the red shirts!” (Red is my favorite color.

    When it was all over, I repeated that, so Nightingale said I could change the team I was rooting for, and I cheered, “Yay! My team won!” 😀

    We only watch the Super Bowl because Boy is so into football and is interested in it. And as I said last night, I was reading more than watching, except for the commercials.


  15. I’ve heard “cultural for Puerto Rico” and “so artistic”. As a puertorriqueño I take offense at that. I didn’t see the show, but the few photos I’ve seen look like soft core porn, not something that should be on a “family” program.

    Bring back the marching bands.

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  16. As I said, I didn’t have a team in this one, really, so it made the game more enjoyable — it was just a very good game. 🙂 I grew up watching (and playing) football and baseball with my dad & other girls in the neighborhood. A good game is just a good game.

    The halftime shows do reveal how much has become so entirely acceptable in our culture over the past couple decades. I loved the marching band shows of the old days, those were worth watching and they were always impressive. Give me drums and more drums — and fancy stepping in time.

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