9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-25-20

  1. 😦 Chas

    😦 Foot and leg pain for me. Teeth still hurt, although that is not a constant. You forget how well your body feels when you don’t have pain. I have been blessed to have relatively little for my age.

    😦 The money wasted by our government in foolishness.

    😦 🙂 My SIL was t-boned, but unhurt. They were not happy to have to buy another car when theirs was totaled, but that is so much better than having your body broken up or worse.

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  2. A friend’s son has two children by a woman who was addicted to heroin. First child was born addicted and had to go through withdrawal upon birth. He was able to have methadone.

    Second child was born with methadone and had to go through withdrawal without anything— which was worse.

    Third child, by someone else, asked thing, taken away immediately by CPS.

    My friend asked her why this all happened.

    “I couldn’t get help/ services until I was pregnant.”

    Such a world we live in, so expensive to get care, so many broken people.

    And so many deny Jesus. Heartbreaking.


  3. Michelle, there are a couple of typos or missing words in your 7:37 that make it difficult to follow every detail. Do you mean the second one was born addicted to methadone, or what? And your third paragraph is unclear. Anyway, yes, hard world. And so many, many drug babies end up in foster care. When I was doing foster care, I stayed approved for two or three years and hardly got used at all (about seven weeks in all: a four-week placement, two-week placement, one of less than a week, and some babysitting for foster families). I finally decided they didn’t really need caregivers for school-age girls badly enough for me to keep getting the hours of annual training and all of that, and not rent out the bedroom that I got money for renting, if they had enough married couples doing foster care that they didn’t actually need me. A couple years later I started hearing stories about how badly Nashville was being hit with addiction issues, and I wondered if I had been approved then, did they need every home they could get then? I wasn’t going to go through the weeks and weeks of training and paperwork and all of that all over again just in case they needed me, when they’d indicated the first time that they needed me and they really didn’t. But I did wonder.


  4. Sorry, Cheryl, typing on the IPad is always a typo disaster.

    Second child was addicted to methadone and had to be weaned off it, as if she had an addiction to heroin— which turned out to be harder than the baby addicted to heroin (because they COULD give the baby methadone).

    Third child was addicted at birth, but I don’t remember to what. CPS had enough patience with the woman and her chaos and didn’t even bother to try family reunification— that baby was not fathered by my friend’s son so she didn’t know more details.


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