17 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-20-20

  1. Trump’s immigration policies are working. Which is good, because at least 70% (average) won’t qualify for asylum because their claims are illegitimate.



    More evidence that President Trump’s immigration policies are having great effects, from the Wall Street Journal: “Mexican Forces Clash With Migrants at Border With Guatemala.”

    Mexican security forces used plastic shields to push back hundreds of Central American migrants who tried to force their way across a border bridge from Guatemala into Mexico on Saturday.

    Lines of National Guard officers jostled with migrants, some of whom threw bottles and wielded sticks as they tried to push their way into Mexico. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has vowed to stop migrants from entering the country illegally as they try to reach the U.S.

    The migrants are part of a group of some 1,500 people, mostly from Honduras, who gathered on the Guatemalan side of the Mexican border Friday.”




    “Last November the Trump administration entered into a series of regional agreements with countries including Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The goal is to reduce the burden of Central American migrant caravans arriving at the U.S. border. Migrants are being returned to Guatemala, sent back to their home country, or allowed to enter the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) and wait in Mexico. In this case, Mexico stopped the caravan at a point of entry as they crossed a bridge over the Suchiate River between Mexico and Guatemala.

    The scene was tense but Mexican National Guardsmen kept the migrant caravan back. There was some orderly entry allowed in small groups.

    Honduran migrants waved their country’s flag and sang the national anthem as they approached the bridge. At the height of the confrontation, Guatemalan authorities estimated 2,500 migrants were on the bridge, or attempting to get on it.

    Mexican National Guardsmen slammed down a metal fence that reads “Welcome to Mexico” to block the path of the migrants.

    Babies cried and tempers flared as the crowd swelled. Amid shoves, Mexican officials did allow a few migrants to enter the country in groups of 20, while a voice over a loudspeaker warned migrants against trying to slip into Mexico without passing through immigration filters.

    Mexico’s National Migration Institute tweeted that Mexico has shored up points along the southern border to assure “safe, orderly and regular immigration.”

    A caravan of hundreds of Honduran migrants began making their way north on Wednesday, with the goal of reaching the U.S. southern border. This is a perfect example of why the Trump administration made the safe third country agreement with Central American countries. The caravan should have been stopped by officials in Guatemala but since it wasn’t, Mexico took control and halted it.

    Human rights activists object to safe third country agreements.

    “The truth is, it is going to be impossible for them to reach the United States,” human rights activist Itsmania Platero said. “The Mexican police have a large contingent and they are going to catch all the migrants without documents, and they will be detained and returned to their home countries.”

    That’s the point, though. Migrants without documents have to be processed in an orderly way. Allowing caravans to travel through several countries on the way to the U.S. border without following immigration laws leads to chaos. Migrants are taken advantage of by human traffickers and drug cartels. That is what human rights activists should be concerned about, not Mexican authorities protecting their own borders.

    By the end of Saturday, more than 150 migrants entered to apply for asylum or some other variation of permission to stay in Mexico. “


  2. Time to start withholding federal funds from places that think they can ignore federal law.


    “ICE To NYC: This Is Not A Request. It’s A Demand”

    “Things are getting more than a little testy in the Big Apple between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Mayor Bill de Blasio. New York’s sanctuary city policy has continued to release criminal illegal aliens, ignoring detainers filed by the federal agency. A couple of those incidents resulted in tragedy, including the sexual assault and murder of 92-year-old Maria Fuertas of Queens by an illegal alien from Guyana who had been released in defiance of a federal detainer.

    ICE has clearly reached the boiling point in trying to get the city government to act reasonably in these matters. One senior agency official said the agency has issued “immigration subpoenas” to find out the status of the criminal illegal aliens they are seeking. And he clarified matters by saying this was not “a request,” but a demand. The Mayor, however, seems to be standing firm in his defiance. (Associated Press)

    “This is not a request — it’s a demand,” Henry Lucero, a senior U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official, told The Associated Press. “This is a last resort for us. Dangerous criminals are being released every single day in New York.”

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration said Saturday the city would review the subpoenas.

    “New York City will not change the policies that have made us the safest big city in America,” spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein said in an email.

    The Mayor’s spokesperson is being completely disingenuous with his statement saying that their policies have made Gotham “the safest big city in America.” The truth is that de Blasio inherited a city with historically low crime rates from his predecessors. But since then, things have taken a turn, and not for the better. Both murders and shootings have risen over the past three years, though thankfully not by huge amounts. Rapes increased by 24% in 2018, leveling off at that rate last year. Burglary and grand larceny were also up.

    It’s impossible to pin down precisely how much crime was committed by illegal aliens, but the fact is that crime is edging up, not down, under de Blasio’s leadership. But that’s really not the point being made here. The fact is that even under New York’s insane sanctuary policies, the police are still supposed to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement officials in cases of illegal aliens who are wanted for other serious crimes.

    That simply hasn’t been happening on de Blasio’s watch, with the failures producing real damage. One of the subpoenas involves a man from El Salvador who is wanted for homicide in his home country. He too was released after being arrested on other charges despite a detainer having been issued.”


    Same goes for the criminal illegal that raped and murdered a 92 year old woman recently. Her blood is on their hands for releasing a criminal ICE had put a detainer on.


  3. What? You mean their delusional rantings weren’t real, and none of what they alleged would happen actually did?

    I’m shocked!



    “2020 Women’s March Peters Out After Women Discover Trump’s Not Destroying Their Lives

    Maybe the Women’s March is losing support because it has become more about a man than it is about women.”

    “The Women’s March has an identity crisis. The march was inspired in 2017 out of fear that Donald Trump would in “Handmaid’s Tale” fashion strip women of all rights and dignity. After two years of a Trump presidency, and no such apocalypse, the Women’s March has lost much of its vigor.

    Although attendees of the Washington D.C. march did not disappoint in the way of vulgar signs and various shades of pink hats, they did lack the numbers of 2017 and even 2018. One protester told me people are just tired and weary.

    This year the march began with a short rally at Freedom Plaza. Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson, one of the march’s board members, started off the rally with the chant, “My body, my choice.” The marchers first made their way to Lafayette Park, then ended in front of the Trump Hotel.

    Once at Lafayette Park, the marchers surrounded the White House, where they sang and danced to a Chilean feminist anthem called, “A Rapist in Your Path.” The song begins with, “The Patriarchy is our judge, that imprisons us at birth.” The chant goes on to say, “And the rapist is you, it’s the cops, it’s the judges, it’s the system, it’s the president…”

    Few brought up women’s rights when asked why they’d attended the event. Many answered that they were there to fight for climate change and immigration. One young woman named Bianca from Raleigh, North Carolina pointed out that she was disappointed the organizers decided to make their platform so broad. She said she believed a women’s march should be about issues specific to women.

    One thing that united the marchers was a vitriolic hatred of President Trump. When asked why they were attending the march, two women separately said “Because @#$# Trump.” According to the Women’s March on Washington Facebook page: “After three years of marching, three years of training, and three years of building political power, the Women’s March is launching into its fourth chapter with a fresh face, renewed energy to take on Trumpism…”




  4. An inconvenient truth.


    “Don’t let the liberal media erase women who regret their abortions”

    “The liberal media sure wants you to believe that women never regret their abortions. Just look at some of these recent headlines.

    A Salon article was published titled “Debunking the ‘abortion regret’ narrative: Data shows women feel relief, not regret.” The Washington Post’s headline mused, “Five years after an abortion, most women say they made the right decision.” CNN went with “The majority of women feel relief, not regret, after an abortion, study says.” Meanwhile, VICE published a piece titled “Most women don’t regret abortions. Why would they?”

    This reporting stems from the “Turnaway Study,” conducted by pro-abortion researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and other pro-abortion institutions, and funded by pro-abortion foundations. The results of the study’s survey of 667 women — a small sample size that amounts to less than a third of the number of women who have abortions every day in the United States — is that abortion regret essentially does not exist.

    This will be news to the thousands of women who have registered their regret and testified publicly with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, as well as and the hundreds of thousands of women who have sought healing after abortion at Rachel’s Vineyard. According to the liberal media, these women must live in an alternative universe, one where there are actual emotional consequences to aborting one’s own child.

    Of course, this latest bit of pro-abortion propaganda conveniently comes out just before the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and as hundreds of thousands of Americans are making travel plans to the March for Life in D.C., San Francisco, and all over the country. The liberal media’s misleading coverage of this study, which stops just short of recommending abortion, cannot reverse the powerful pro-life trends at work in our nation.

    The abortion rate is lower than it has been since Roe v. Wade, record numbers of abortion businesses have closed, and states have passed hundreds of laws designed to protect the unborn. And the most hopeful sign that the tide is turning is that the abortion rate is falling even in states with few restrictions. The fact is, mothers are choosing life because it, not abortion, is the truly empowering choice. The theme of this year’s March for Life is “Life Empowers – Pro-life is Pro-woman.”

    It is not pro-woman to tell an unexpectedly pregnant mother that she is not up to the challenge of motherhood. No one is saying teenage motherhood is ideal (those numbers are down, too), but choosing abortion is a dead end. Meanwhile, choosing life allows for countless possibilities.”


    Don’t believe the hype from pro-abortion forces.


  5. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


    “Why The Supreme Court Needs To Let Families Use Tax Dollars For Private Schools

    This term, the Supreme Court has the opportunity to bury anti-Catholic laws now used to discriminate against all religions, and secure a brighter future for kids like Raelyn Sukhbir.”

    “Brittany Sukhbir’s little girl Raelyn cried after every day at school. Raelyn attended second grade at the local public school in Livingston, Montana, and a classmate was bullying her unmercifully.

    Brittany and her husband, Kyle, a retired army veteran injured while serving in Afghanistan, met with teachers and administrators, but nothing changed. “Life at home,” Brittany recalls, “was kinda like walking on eggshells.”

    That was before St. Mary’s. This Catholic grade school had a good reputation in Livingston and a “zero tolerance policy” about bullying. The Sukhbirs did not think that they could afford private school, but the daily bullying simply became too much for Raelyn to bear.

    They contacted St. Mary’s prior to the Christmas break. They visited the school and arranged for Raelyn to spend the morning as a visitor when classes resumed. Brittany was impressed: “Every single teacher knew her name and every student was excited to meet Raelyn and play with her.”

    That was two years ago. Since Raelyn started attending St. Mary’s, the Sukhbirs have noticed an incredible transformation in their daughter. She is no longer shy and reserved. In fact, she’s outgoing. She participates in sports and other activities.

    Changing schools has benefited the entire Sukhbir family, too. “Now that Raelyn is no longer crying when she comes home from school,” says her mom, “we can really enjoy being together.”

    A New Possibility for Every Child”


  6. They have no policies that would do this, so they rage against their betters.

    Stay the course.


    “Desperate Democrats badmouth economy even as it booms”

    “Who are you going to believe? Democrats badmouthing the economy or your own eyes?

    Former Vice President Joe Biden says, “The American people are getting clobbered.” But middle-class incomes are up $5,000 since President Trump was elected, wages for the average worker are rising at the fastest rate in a decade and more good news is surfacing that makes Biden’s claims look foolish.

    Here’s what the booming stock market is telling us: The U.S. economy will accelerate as we head to the 2020 election.

    That’s great news for President Trump, and a terrible prospect for Democrats. And it sure doesn’t please the liberal media one little bit.

    On January 4, the New York Times reported: “U.S. Manufacturing Has Slumped to a Decade Low.” It’s a shocking headline (now taken down), and utterly misleading. The piece says that the Institute of Supply Management Index fell in December to the lowest level since 2009. But that index measures sentiment, not output. The reality is that December industrial production was up 21 percent versus a decade ago, according to the Fed.

    The bigger reality is that “U.S. consumer confidence advanced last week to the highest level in more than 19 years,” and that optimism is key to continued expansion.

    That’s from Bloomberg’s report on its “consumer comfort” survey, which climbed recently to a level last seen in October 2000. In addition, the survey showed Americans’ view of the economy was rosier than at any time since 2001.

    Of course, Bloomberg, which is owned by Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, followed this cheering news with another report sub-headlined: “Economists expect slower U.S. growth in 2020 election year,” and quotes a PIMCO economist projecting growth of only 1 percent in the first half of this year. The story acknowledges that Joachim Fels’ projection is “one of the more pessimistic forecasters out there,” but of course that’s the one highlighted.

    There are three reasons that growth in 2020 could come in higher than expected:

    The signings of USMCA and “Phase One” of a trade agreement with China relieve considerable uncertainty for manufacturers and retailers. USMCA, the updated NAFTA, is helpful to various industries; the China pact is more comprehensive than expected, and includes meaningful enforcement mechanisms, including the possibility of tariff “snap-backs,” which will help prompt Chinese compliance.

    Homebuilding is beginning to surge.

    The U.S. consumer remains upbeat and completely indifferent to the impeachment drama, which seems to be occupying the minds mainly of pundits and politicians.

    The liberal news media is in despair, knowing that President Trump’s reelection prospects are bolstered by the strong economy. They are, for instance, quick to disparage the China trade deal. After warning for two years that Trump’s tariff spat with China would smack American consumers with higher costs (which never happened) and would derail businesses, those same analysts now suggest that resolution of the dispute counts for nothing.

    In fact, the China agreement should provide businesses with greater clarity going forward. It also requires that China step up its U.S. imports by roughly $77 billion this year and $123 billion in 2021. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow has predicted the deal will boost U.S. GDP by one half of one percent.”

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  7. Regarding Joe Biden’s ‘malarkey’ @5:13 yesterday: I think playing recordings/tapes/cds of English literature or Bible stories at night is a helpful idea, and it is well within the capacity of many of the poor if they can be educated to do it. It’s how I went to sleep at night for much of my early childhood.
    One of the studies linked in the article cited said:

    “Economists Melissa Kearney of the University of Maryland and Phillip Levine of Wellesley College found in a 2015 study that the more that low-income students perceive their school as having unequal resources and supports as compared to other schools, the less they consider their own academic efforts to be meaningful, and the more likely they are to drop out.”


    A person’s attitude is within their own control, and it can be greatly shaped by parental involvement. But none of this is easy or quick.

    The bigger issue for children is safety [and perhaps in some cases, food]. There have been too many stories of children being shot by stray bullets while sleeping in their own beds. Cyrus had a friend at the dog park (white) who has lived in the same apartment in Chattanooga most of his life. Over the years, the neighborhood disintegrated and is mostly a black neighborhood now. He has experienced stray bullets coming through his walls and windows numerous times, as have his neighbors. The police can’t or don’t do anything. And it has become so frequent, they don’t even call the police anymore unless someone is hit. :–(


  8. My mother, a teacher, used to say you get out of an education what you put into it.

    A teacher knows if they have a bright child/interested child and will respond to that kid. We just need to teach kids responsible ways to get an education instead of feeding at the trough of excuses.

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  9. This hack should stick to issues he actually has some knowledge about.



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  15. Things racist media hacks say for $500 Alex…..




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