29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-15-20

  1. I remembered again.
    God put us together that Sunday in October 1955. .
    I had no business being in the balcony. Never before, never again. I met her in the stairs and invited her to lunch.
    Then He left it up to nature.
    It has worked for 62.5 years now.

    It’s tough, but I reflect on how wonderful it has been.
    We now have seven great-grands. Three of which are already baptized.
    Mary says another is on the way.
    I’m already praying for him/her. I know it was an accident. She already has three, one adopted.

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  2. Morning! Looking at that photo up there I just knew we weren’t in Canada anymore!! 😊 cute little sea lions?
    Because of what our Lord has done Chas many lives have been blessed. You have encouraged and inspired all of us here and those grand babies will one day realized the impact of the many prayers spoken by their patriarch over them. Blessed beyond measure are we all…you are a treasure ❤️
    Last night at small group a story was told of not being drafted. This dear man is 89 years old and he will be 90 in May. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin two boys worked the dairy farm. The storyteller was deferred from the draft due to a hip operation when he was 15…so the government decided to draft his younger brother. I hung onto every word of that story as it unfolded…rich with remembrance of those days. Single mother raising two boys on a dairy farm, a son drafted leaving one son to help mother care for the farm. Oh..and that son who was drafted back then…he lives on that farm now having become a carpenter and home builder…he is 85 😊 (he had much angst over being drafted and despised the military life)

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  3. strange day yesterday. I waited all afternoon for a phone call someone emailed me and said they would call and then in the evening I got ready for Bible study, but the folks who said they would pick me up, never came. Oh, well, it happens


  4. I know my last two grands were ‘accidents.’ Not in God’s mind, of course. The funny thing was that their older sister was praying for a sibling. That is what her mom told her to do when she kept asking her mom to have another baby. After the second ‘accident’ her mom told her to stop praying for more! Now we wonder how we managed without these two delightful children. 😀 God gives us more than we are able to imagine and ask for ourselves. How wonderful!

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  5. What a racket those sea lions make. Barking and belching and honking at high volume.

    This is their rehab center (I was there for a story the other day and grabbed a couple photos with my phone, our photographer’s photos were way better of course — I’ve been there many times before). Workers had just tossed a bunch of fish in the pool for dinner. Yesterday three of them were well enough to be released back out into the ocean.

    They’re not endangered and their population is really quite high currently. They can cause problems. Fishermen, of course, hate them so they sometimes are shot. One of the larger ones, released this week, was healing from a fishing line entanglement injury around the neck (you can see the scar).

    I can sometimes hear the “barking” at my house during the night, I’m not sure if it’s coming form this facility or from the harbor where sea lions are plentiful; I think from the harbor which would be closer. When wind conditions are right, the noise will travel up the hill to our neighborhoods.


    Today is Wednesday (not Monday or Tuesday). I’m already ahead of the game.

    The Office Depot tech guy comes sometime between 8 & 11 a.m. to get my printer hooked into my computer and I have a port meeting to watch at 10 discussing future rate fees for trucking companies as the ports try to get to a “zero emissions” status by 2030+ or some such year. I also have a homeless story to write up (and an interview to do for that by phone).

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  6. Jo, sorry about the missed connections yesterday, that is kind of strange.

    “Chance” meetings, draft notices, unexpected babies, hidden necklaces — God’s sovereignty is breathtaking to behold.

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  7. We used to be able to hear the sea lions barking several miles away when we lived in Monterey. They’re boisterous mammals–and big!

    Logging in from new computer.

    What a hassle to dig out all the passwords again!

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  8. Sea lions: I understand they are strongly disliked for their voracious appetites. We have an ongoing “breach the dams” conversation. The salmon run can be rather sparse at times and the dams are blamed. Then another faction blames the sea lions. Then the sea birds. Then the fishermen. And the dams. And around and around we go.

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  9. Did you know the apostle Paul was in Crete with Titus?

    That St. Paul had been in Crete, though nowhere else intimated, is clear from this passage. That he could not have made such an important visit, and evangelized an island of the first consequence, without it being mentioned by his historian, Luke, had it happened during the period embraced in the Acts of the Apostles, must be evident. That the journey, therefore, must have been performed after the time in which St. Luke ends his history, that is, after St. Paul’s first imprisonment at Rome, seems almost certain.” (Adam Clarke)


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  10. mumsee, i hadn’t heard that so looked it up and found this (but may be other strains it’s not as effective for):

    This year’s vaccine appears to be a good match for one of the strains currently circulating, called influenza A H1N1, said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University and the medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.


  11. Oh, oops, you’re right (how could I have doubted that? lol):

    (CNN) There’s more bad news about the flu. Apparently, the main strain of flu that’s circulating doesn’t exactly match what’s in this year’s flu shot.

    Doctor Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says children are particularly susceptible to Influenza B/Victoria and that this year’s flu vaccine isn’t a very good match for it.

    Fauci says even though it’s not a good match for B/Victoria — a flu shot can still save a child’s life.

    According to CDC data released last week, if your child is exposed to B/Victoria, there’s a 58-percent chance that their flu shot will be well matched to protect against it.

    Fauci says the vaccine is, however, a “really good match” for the H1N1 strain.


  12. Since when did flu strains get pretty names, like “Victoria”? Or is that referring to a geographical place that is tied to the strain somehow?

    Maybe the flu is now named the way hurricanes are.

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  13. Twelve year old sure makes babysitting the nearly two month old easier. Baby makes a sound and twelve is there to coddle her. Talk about spoiling. At least I cannot be blamed.

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  14. Yay! My printer has made up with the computer. We are all together again.

    SO much easier to be able to print out my (sometimes long) interview or meeting notes and write from a hard copy.

    Old person.

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  15. When the Newfoundland cod fisheries finally collapsed three decades ago, there was much discussion regarding whether the seals, which eat cod, were as much responsible for the collapse as human overfishing. The general consensus now is that the straw that broke the camel’s back for the cod was the destruction of their spawning beds by the big trawlers which scraped the ocean floor with their nets in order to get as many fish as possible. Overfishing and a burgeoning seal population didn’t help, but the real problem was having nets that went too low and destroyed the ability of the cod to reproduce (there is wisdom in the Mosaic law to not take both the nest and the bird). Now, some of those fishing trawlers were not even Canadian, which brings up a whole other issue of Spanish and Portuguese fishing vessels entering Canadian waters to fish even after Canada closed down its own fisheries in order to save the cod – the Europeans began to come over to fish about 600 years ago, as the cod then were so plentiful, they were said to impede the movement of the boats, and did not want to stop coming.


  16. Roscuro, that is similar to the story of what almost made herons and egrets extinct. Bird feathers were stylish on ladies’ hats, and breeding plumes were particularly lovely. Several species of heron breed in a form of rookery, so it became popular to enter the nesting grounds, kill all the adults, and leave the young to starve. Now it isn’t even legal to own a feather of most species, even a feather picked up off the ground after the bird molted it, for fear of ever again opening up a market for feathers that causes such inhumane slaughter. (Game birds such as ducks are exempt, American Indians are allowed to use eagle feathers since they have a tradition of such use, etc. But I cannot legally pick up a woodpecker feather and frame it. I can photograph it, and I do, but I cannot own it.)


  17. I remember seeing all the sea lions when we visited the Monterrey Aquarium. They were quite impressive and memorable for the sounds they make.

    I’ve had a busy day with church activities. In my ladies’ Bible study we’ve spent two sessions in Philippians. One comment this morning was interesting about the letter to the Philippians being a thank you note that was expanded to be encouraging and giving helps for joyful and spiritual living. Next we will get into Hebrews. In my online study we are working through the book of John.

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  18. Hi. Just popping in to say I am still alive and on the go. School started again, so I am up early and late. I have been leaving the house sometime between 5 and 5:30 so that I have a little extra time to study in the mornings before class. It has been working so far…we’ll see after 3 night shifts with school during the day. I’ll probably have to sleep all day on Saturday.

    You are certainly right about the flu-B not being covered by the shot. We have seen lots of children with it.

    Today was Connor Matthew’s 5th birthday. He was quite exited and full of himself.

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  19. One of the schools in this area (although quite far from us) closed for a few days because of so many flu cases. I have never heard of one around here doing that.


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