46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-6-20

  1. Up since 4:30 still working on my new morning routine. Dogs are happy. I’ve exercised. Now to face the rest of the day.
    Today begins a long run of long days, mentally. Yes, physically I will have to be there too, but it is mostly mental. I will be teaching 3 days a week for 3 hours. I know the course material, but I found out yesterday that today starts an addition to it that I didn’t even know was coming. I need to get into the program and figure out the new material.
    Now I am off to figure out breakfast and get moving toward getting dressed and on the road.

    Be kind.

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  2. Happy Birthday Kim.
    You won’t believe this, but I envy you.
    I don’t have anything to do and couldn’t do it if I did.
    So that part works out.
    But not my favorite scenario.

    Years ago, Elvera’s boss once told her.
    “Every man needs a reason to get up in the morning.”
    I said, “And every man needs a reason to go home at night.”

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  3. Happy Epiphany.
    If you use Waze for gps, change the voice setting to “Cookie Monster.” It is adorable.
    I can hear Chas saying, “I don’t understand any of that.” 🙂

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  4. Happy birthday, Kim!

    I posted this last night, but figured if the butterflies were still up this morning, I’d repost it and no one would have to scroll as far up as they would have last night to see what I’m talking about! The new header is a baker’s dozen of the species of butterflies I photographed in 2019 (I got more than these). The collage maker made all the photos square and I couldn’t move them within the frame, so not all are cropped the way I’d choose, but oh well. (With some of the other collages I did, I recropped some of the photos and reuploaded them, but that was a lot of work and I didn’t do it on this one.) I also wasn’t sure where in the grid each would go, so I didn’t choose the placements.

    I’m not going to name every butterfly, but just comment on a few. Indiana has six species of swallowtails, and this year I saw the zebra swallowtail for the firs time (left side, second from the top), which was the only Indiana species I hadn’t seen–and in 2019 I also saw all but the giant (which we got in our backyard in northern Indiana). The two right ones on the top row are also swallowtails, black and eastern tiger. The tiger swallowtail is a female, and was a really huge butterfly–females of this species can tie for size with the giant swallowtail, which is the biggest butterfly species in the USA, and I suspect this one was one of those that would make the record.

    On the right, next to the bottom, is an American snout, which is a fun butterfly because of that “snout.” Right below it, the bottom right corner, is a question mark; I’ll come back to it in a moment. But first, the two left ones on the bottom row. In the bottom left corner is a tawny emperor, the first of its species I’d ever seen. Before anyone would “fave” that photo on Flickr, I had to edit my description to add in italics “alive and unhurt.” 🙂 Common milkweed is a really tricky plant, and bees often get a leg caught in one of its flowers. In this case, the butterfly had just been flying around, so I knew it was still alive, and chances are it could have gotten itself out, but it wasn’t even struggling or trying to get away. It looked so funny hanging there (it looks like its mouth is wide open and yelling for help) that I took its photo, but I only managed to take one photo before my compassion kicked in and I rescued it by running my finger along that leg. To the right of it, with its wings spread, is an eastern comma. You can’t see the reason it’s called that, but on the outside of its wings is a small white mark that looks like a comma. Now go back to the question mark (lower right). It has the same white mark as the comma (and in this photo you can see it because its wings are closed, but it isn’t very obvious), but it also has a dot, so it’s a “question mark.” In the center, a variegated fritillary, a species I never saw before moving here (or not to identify, if I ever saw it before) and still don’t see very often.

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  5. This probably belongs on the prayer thread.
    But I can’s identify something for you to pray about.
    But God knows the situation better than I do.

    She is absolutely miserable. She has nothing to do, but wants to be doing something.
    Something is wrong with the TV because it keeps saying the same thing.
    She wants to go home, and I understand her wish. But there is no place to go.
    And it would be worse there.

    How would you like to set propped up in a chair the rest of your life?

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  6. I wonder if having old movies on the television would help any? I know my mom enjoys seeing those over and over. Only she also does Diamond Point, needlework and some other hobbies. It is sad for her, but so sad for you, too, Chas. 😦 You know you have our prayers no matter which thread it is.

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  7. Just now caught up on Rants and Raves and I see several of you already mentioned a channel change. My mom would have her classics on in one room that had a large open arch to another where my brother and his wife would have on another channel. Now that was interesting! She no longer lives there and enjoys the old movies elsewhere.

    While I think of it–a simple Diamond Point may be something she can do. Although, perhaps she never enjoyed those type of hobbies. It may be worth exploring.

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  8. Do you get Turner’s Classic Movies (TCM) channel? Or another old movie channel? You can google that and your TV service to see what channel TCM would be on. Or google “old movie channel” and your TV provider, that also should bring up something that has a channel listing. Maybe a gentle change in programming from time to time might help.

    I’ll put this on the prayer thread, but my cousin (D) has back surgery in 2 hours (9:30 Pacific time). It’s a fairly common surgery — they’re having to put “spacers” in between 2 slipped discs — and it is not supposed to take long. They say she’ll be out of the hospital tomorrow, but that’ll have to remain to be seen. Our other cousin Bill is going to stay with her and her friend in her neighborhood was to take her to the hospital this morning since the hospital is close to them and it wouldn’t involve hassling the morning commute traffic which others might encounter coming from farther away (she should be there now, 2 hours ahead of the surgery time). I told D I can just as easily work from her house as mine should Bill need a break or something else comes up where my being there would help after she gets home and is recovering. I just need my phone, computer and a notebook to set up shop there (she lives about 30 minutes away, just north of me near LAX).

    It seems to be Monday again. I have 4 stories already lined up for the week, it could be a busy one. The holidays appear to be over. And the gardener should be here today to do a full shift and finally collect his pay from December (which includes a Christmas ‘extra’ — he was “rained out” the last time or two). I also need him to chop the stand off my Christmas tree that is still lying on its side in the front yard. And I need to ask him if he’d be able to clean off my roof, I need to make sure all the drains up there are clear and not getting clogged with leaves and other debris.

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  9. I appreciate the comments and help.
    But she cannot participate in anything that requires recall of a previous action. Like knitting, or a movie. She likes music and looking at old picture books. Each book is new to her when she picks it up. Though it has been around for years.
    But she does know to holler “Charlie” when she needs something. And that is often.
    And she is still The Sweetest Woman In The World.

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  10. Sounds like Elvera is in the mind set of seeing what is in front of her, but not connecting two minutes ago so, no, a movie won’t work. Perhaps one of those pretty landscape deals? With changing pictures? Photo albums? The doll idea sounds good, with some changes of clothes. Something she knows from way back, that she can accomplish and it won’t hurt anything. She can change the baby’s clothes, maybe feed and burp, even change the diapers. And if it does not work, that is fine. Baby won’t care.

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  11. As Mumsee suggested, one of those slide shows with music in the background, would help. Picture books, perhaps one of vintage photographs from the era when she was a child, could also help, as long term memory tends to remain even after the short term memory is gone. And Mumsee is also correct that a baby doll could help – I have seen that before, and I have also seen stuffed toys like teddy bears used.

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  12. Happy 12th day of Christmas, or Epiphany, or Day of the Kings! This Byzantine hymn, sung here in Arabic, of the nativity will be sung tomorrow in the Orthodox church, as January 7th of the Gregorian calendar is December 25th of the Julian calendar, which the Orthodox Church still uses:

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  13. You don’t have to follow a plot to enjoy many an old movie that’s well done. 🙂 Sometimes just the vintage fashions and interaction/dialogue of the actors in various scenes, say from the 1940s, is enjoyable.

    Happy Birthday Kim! Sounds like 2020 is starting off to be a busy one for you. Go nail it.

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  14. Happy Birthday Miss Kim!! We are thankful to the Lord for His creation and gift of YOU!! 🎂 ❤️
    Chas how about giving Elvera a clump of play dough. It is malleable, not messy and she really doesn’t have to fashion it into anything but she just might. 😊
    Got to run…having a lunch meet up with a friend from my old church….

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  15. DJ is right about not needing to be able to follow a plot completely to enjoy old movies. I recall several vintage films that I saw fragments of at my grandparents’ place that we thoroughly enjoyed even though we did not, for one reason or another, see the entire film. I was also wondering if it was possible to get a hold of the vintage shorts that were often played in front of movies. Sometimes DVDs of vintage movies have all the shorts that were played before the film, and they would include short documentaries. Something like this (there is a whole bunch of of these available on YouTube):

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  16. Re: Phos and others. She sits in my room and looks through picture books. She enjoys them as if it was the first time. She enjoys the music programs that are on RFCTV on Sat. & Sun. nights.
    She still has the baby doll she had as a child. It sits in an 85 year old high chair.
    But she did find something that has thrilled her for several days There is a bear holding a sign that says.
    “My teddy is old
    And full of tatters.
    But he loves me back
    And that’s all that matters”

    A major irritation is that FoxNews always has :’Fox News Alert” I have to explain over again that it doesn’t mean anything.

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  17. Chas – I disagree that a person would need to remember much to be able to enjoy a movie, although it may depend upon the person. As I wrote on Rants & Raves:

    “A kinda funny story I’ve probably told before: Starting at 8:00pm Christmas Eve, TBS starts playing 24 hours of A Christmas Story, a gentle comedy that takes place in the early 40s. We had that playing on my MIL’s TV in her room all day one Christmas day, and she loved watching it, not realizing that she’d been watching the same movie over and over.”

    Believe me, Mary was at the point where she couldn’t have told you what had happened in the last scene, and maybe not even what was happening in the current scene, but she still enjoyed watching.

    I had also suggested the Seek-a-Word books, which she had enjoyed even when she wasn’t really doing them much anymore. She would hold in the book in her hand, feeling as if she were doing something.

    Is there an adult daycare that is open five days a week? Mary eventually started going to one, and it was great for her. They also had a van that came to pick her up (and help her in the van), and of course, bring her home again. (We could not have afforded this, but Medicare or Medicaid paid for it, I forget which one.)

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  18. as for old movies, maybe comedies? The “shorts” idea roscuro had is a good one. And play dough, I could spend some time doing that 🙂 though my editor might complain.

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  19. Mary truly was Mary-Mary-Quite-Contrary (and negative and critical – even before Alzheimer’s). She would complain that she didn’t like this or that about the adult daycare place, but she would start to get agitated if she thought the van was late, fearing it would not come. On the few occasions it was cancelled due to snow, she would cry.

    (When she thought the van was late, she would say “The idiot bus driver probably forgot me again.” But she had never been forgotten, and she actually loved the “bus driver”, who was a woman who was very good with her.)

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  20. Is she a bit more settled inwardly on the days she goes to day care, Chas? If so, maybe upping that schedule to more (5?) days might help, it would provide more of a diverse schedule for both of you.

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  21. In the months before we discovered the adult daycare option, I was going nuts trying to keep Mary occupied each day. Being as negative and critical as she was (and the Alzheimer’s magnified that), she didn’t want to do whatever I would offer, or would do it half-heartedly, making sure I was aware that she was annoyed. I was so glad when Hubby would return home from work each day!

    I remember one incident in particular, because I had just about had it by the time this happened. It was mid-afternoon, and the mail had been brought in, which included a JC Penney catalog – not a big one, but a magazine-sized sale catalog. I suggested she take some time to look through it. She said there would be nothing in it that she wanted. But I pressed a bit, in a cheerful manner, saying that it’s still fun to look at them anyway.

    “Not really,” she replied, glaring at me, then began flipping through it page by page very quickly, slapping each page down as she went, not really looking at them, finishing it in no time. Then she looked at me with a smirk of triumph on her face.

    “Well fine,” I thought to myself. “Now you can just sit there and wait with nothing to do.”

    (I didn’t mean that as a punishment – purposely not giving her anything to do – but there was nothing more for that day for her to do, but wait a while for Hubby to come home. Taking time to browse the catalog leisurely would have filled a good bit of that time.)

    The very few times I tried to give her something useful to do (because she did want to be useful), she would be highly offended that I gave her a chore to do. So that adult daycare was a God-send to me personally, as well as to her.

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  22. Chas, you may have mentioned this before, but would any kind of a pet be something to which she could focus her attention? Maybe there are people who could bring an animal for a visit?

    Could she stir soup in a crockpot? Or do you have bird feeders for her to watch? She might enjoy using markers or crayons on paper that you could cut into shapes and hang up for her to enjoy. Or if you gave her a folding fan, would she like to fan herself?

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  23. Yesterday, Wesley and I parked right beside Bobbi Jewell at church. When we went out to go home, Bobbi was getting into her car and saw me with my cane and she opened my car door for me. I introduced her to Wesley, or Wes, as he calls himself in such situations. I told him that she was the mother of Richard Jewell, the one thought to have set the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics. We still have not been out to see the movie. Has anyone here seen it?

    Yesterday we had a bit of excitement as a church member got word during the service that an Amazon vehicle got carjacked in front of their family member’s home. There was a tense time of not knowing what had happened, but the family members were okay.

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  24. There is a nice dough that can be made at home from flour, salt, and oil that is used like play dough. If it gets stuck in the carpet, it will dry out and can be cracked up and vacuumed to remove it. It can be flattened out to make pretend pie crusts, etc.

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  25. I want to see the Richard Jewell movie, I remember when that was unfolding. So unfair to him. Didn’t he die some time ago?

    Ok, after having to listen to two politician spokespeople (so far) tell me about their wonderful holidays in London, Amsterdam and being snowed-in (in a cool way) in the California mountains, I finally am back on track with enough information for some legitimate stories. The holidays are OVER, everyone’s back. No one’s happy about that but the reporters. 🙂

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  26. A Bonne Anniversaire to Kim, by the way. As I mentioned the other day, you share the birthdate with one of my aunts.

    We had a little family tradition for the Day of the Kings that we get small gifts, no more than 5 dollars for one another – we would draw names, so each person only got one gift. As my siblings married and moved away, that went by the wayside, but I did a modified version of it this year, getting those who live here each a gift from five dollars or less. I had fun looking for the gifts this afternoon (a welcome break from the concerns of work), and I enjoyed watching them open their gifts at the supper table. I had found completely unusual things, but things that suited their interests and personality, for each one, and they seemed to find them really interesting as they looked at or read or played with them at the table after supper was finished.

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