50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-26-19

  1. Good morning! Belated Christmas greetings to you all. I have been on the road, with grands, or at work. We got to have 2 of the new grands stay a few days and be here to celebrate Trey’s birthday. Big fun! Miguel and Trey have gone to his mother’s and should be gone for about a week. I am working as many shifts as they will allow. I should be doing projects at home, but every time I start on one of those, a page goes off, so…..

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  2. We had a nice Christmas, too. We see the house has grown very small as the grandchildren grow tall. We are at the point where our holidays will be changing and adapting. That is bittersweet. We see far worse changes all around us though, so count our blessings!

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  3. I see DJ in the picture again. Is she trying to be the “Waldo” of these photos?

    Actually, Chas, since 2020 is a leap year, there are 365 more days. And speaking of the number of days, did anyone get a partridge in a pear tree yesterday from their true love? Today is the second day of Christmas, so is anyone giving their true love two turtle doves? Be ready to spend a lot if you’re giving all those items. Here is a run down, according to thePNC Christmas Price Index®:
    A Partridge in a Pear Tree – $210.17
    Two Turtle Doves – $300
    Three French Hens – $181.50
    Four Calling Birds – $599.96
    Five Gold Rings – $825
    Six Geese-A-Laying – $420
    Seven Swans-A-Swimming – $13,125
    Eight Maids-A-Milking – $58
    Nine Ladies Dancing – $7,552.84
    Ten Lords-A-Leaping – $10,000
    Eleven Pipers Piping – $2,748.87
    Twelve Drummers Drumming – $2,972.25
    The total is $38,993.59.

    I think I’ll stick with more practical gifts. I mean, where would we keep 10 Lords leaping? And the neighbors might complain about those drummers.

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  4. Morning! Cute ornament. We would have ornaments of “three girls” on the tree as there were three of us “Daddy’s girls”. And I have no idea where any of them have landed…perhaps one of my sisters is in possession of them and they now adorn their tree …that is a nice thought 😊


  5. Good morning! We had a good Christmas Day until we got home and our toilet broke. It should be an easy repair for my brother, Mr, Fix-It. A plastic part broke and needs replacing to keep the water from continuously running. Thank God that several years back we had a shutoff valve installed.

    I had a bite of turkey breast and found I am not missing it. I love the dark meat so if there had been a drumstick, I probably would have succumbed to that.

    Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the day!

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  6. It’s one of the colorful ‘tin’ ornaments I have that are from Mexico. They’re among my favorites.

    I never did find the family ornaments years ago when cousins and I cleared out the house after my mom died. They were the ones who cleared the garage (I had to return to work for some days as I’d already taken most of the vacation time I had on the books) and no one ever saw any Christmas “stuff,” which was odd.

    Later, I’d hoped they somehow landed in with the storage company, unbeknownst to us, but when I went through all of those boxes just a couple years ago (during the garage clean out here; all my mom’s storage boxes had been sitting in there since I moved here), no ornaments.

    I remember we had some old glass ornaments from earlier decades, and there was my mom’s beloved bird’s nest which she’d retrieved out of our backyard one year and found its way onto our Christmas trees every year after that.

    I tweaked my left arm while I was doing laundry last night, twisted it in a weird way while pulling some things out of the washer and I heard something in the forearm kind of snap or pop. It’s pretty sore today, although typing doesn’t seem to bother it. I’ll baby it and hope it clears up on its own.

    My cousin goes in for back surgery on Jan. 6; I was telling her about the leg pains that started with me just this last year and she said it could be a back thing, she said she didn’t feel pain in her back, but it radiates into the legs mostly. Falling apart.

    Meanwhile, I read this last night and am inspired for 2020:



    Ten Questions for a New Year

    By Don Whitney
    (professor of biblical spirituality and associate dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He is the author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Praying the Bible. His website is biblicalspirituality.org)

    Even those most faithful to God occasionally need to pause and think about the direction of their lives. It’s so easy to bump along from one busy week to another without ever stopping to ponder where we’re going and where we should be going.

    Once, when the people of God had become careless in their relationship with him, the Lord rebuked them through the prophet Haggai: “Consider your ways!” (Haggai 1:5). He urged them to reflect on some of the things happening to them, and to evaluate their slipshod spirituality in light of what God had told them.

    The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to stop, look up, and get our bearings. A great time for us to “Consider our ways.” To that end, here are some questions to ask prayerfully in the presence of God. …

    1/ What’s one thing you can do this year to increase your enjoyment of God?
    2/ What’s an impossible prayer you can pray?
    3/ What’s the most important thing you could do to improve your family life?
    4/ In which spiritual discipline do you most want to make progress this year?
    5/ What’s the single biggest time-waster in your life, and how can you redeem the time?
    6/ What’s the most helpful new way you could strengthen your church?
    7/ For whose salvation will you pray most fervently this year?
    8/ What’s the most important way, by God’s grace, you will try to make this year different from last?
    9/ What one thing could you do to improve your prayer life this year?
    10/ What single thing can you plan to do this year that will matter most in ten years? In eternity? …

    The article fleshes out each question with a short discussion of how it might be applied.

    I realize there is some debate about “spiritual disciplines,” but I do find these suggestions, some of them at least, helpful in providing a focus.

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  7. Morning all. It was a nice Christmas. After much of the crowd left we just sat around and quietly visited with family. Watching Little Lucy walk around with bags on her arms telling everyone goodbye over and over again. The menu was soups. I chose one and didn’t try any others. With being allergic to onions, You never know. Praises that I have not reacted to anything that I have eaten.

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  8. Oh my AJ that video was amazing!! Brought tears to my eyes and I pray all who experienced and sang those words of praise would truly know the hope of His Glory!!! I particularly enjoyed that portion of the teen singing those words…I don’t believe he was part of the “official” mob 😊

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  9. Jo, glad you were fine. Onions are so very hard to avoid – they’re in everything from ketchup to anything labelled ‘spices’ in the ingredients.

    Speaking of food allergies, our new Indian friends from last night want to cook some authentic Indian food for us – I’m not sure that’s a great idea with all my food allergies and husband’s smaller list of food allergies. But so wonderful of them to offer! I know our friends’ where we had supper will really enjoy that.

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  10. Onions can be avoided. I have successfully avoided them for 89.5 years.
    Everyone gave us pictures.
    Makes sense. There is nothing we need/want.
    Nothing money can buy or can be wrapped, I mean.

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  11. Nothing is ever as easy as it appears at first observation. Fixing the toilet is an ordeal unexpected. Brother is on round two of looking for more parts as more discoveries have been made. The intake pipe needs replacement, too.

    I went to the mailbox and discovered my present from the county. I have a jury summons. But I also got free movie tickets from my insurance guy for referring my brother to him about Medicare. I did not expect that treat.

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  12. If Christmas falls on a Saturday, we get the Friday off. If it falls on a Sunday, we get Monday off. It’s a win-win during those years when the holiday hits on or adjacent to the weekend.

    Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday? Bah, humbug.

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  13. I like it when the 4th of July is on a Thursday – we get the Friday off too.

    Today my true love did not give to me any turtledoves. Just as well, I would have objected to the expense.

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  14. We just get the “orphan” holiday off when it’s a weekday, even a Thursday. One can sign up for a vacation day on the day after in those cases, but whether it gets approved depends on how many other people are vying to get that same day off.

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  15. 7/5 isn’t really an “extra” holiday. In years like 2019 we get it off, but we don’t get Christmas Eve off. However nearly everyone takes that as a vacation day anyway.

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  16. Now if I can just get jury duty OFF! This phone changed jury to hurt which is the same difference. I will need a place to stretch out my legs in that packed holding area. I think it was last time that I parked by the guy who had parked so close to the line and my car door touched his when I opened mine and he was mad as a hornet. People like him will shoot folks for less than that. He was black and I was white so that was already one strike against me in his warped mind. So I do not look forward to going back over there in my feeble state of current being. But I must admit to curiosity about the cases which can be fascinating.

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  17. There is a hole that got dug overnight by the closed shut door of the animal trap that needs to be reset. Obviously a creature wants more of what they got before. Brother will reset the trap so the food is not so easily gotten out without tripping the door shut while the animal is inside. I am learning trapping secrets of the successful country dwellers. My brother even caught a weasel before that could not weasel out of the trap!

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  18. We are usually “cut loose” early on Christmas Eve, which helps. It’s not a formal thing, just depends on when you’ve gotten your story in and what the editor still needs. This year was odd because I was working from home (as is most everyone this week) and the editor never said “you’re free to be off the clock”). So after I was finished with what I was doing that day, I began doing things around the house while keeping a close watch on the emails and texts. When the early 4 p.m. deadline approached, I figured the day was officially over.

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  19. Wow! We’re warmer than LA! It’s 58° at 3:30 here. The sun is going down, so it’ll get cold soon enough.

    Janice- I like Dollar General. Same quality as Walmart, similar prices, but much smaller crowds. I’ve gotten decent khakis and jeans there over the years. Dollar stores, on the other hand, have cheap stuff. Good for food drives, party supplies, and the like, but not much for quality. The difference between DG and dollar stores, is that DG has everything marked at the nearest dollar (i.e. $10, instead of $9.95) or 50¢, whereas a dollar store has everything for $1.

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  20. Oh, and DG is giving Walmart a lot of competition in this area, setting up stores in towns too small for a Walmart. The people now get at DG what they used to drive 20 miles for at WM.

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  21. We got 65 degrees yesterday, and I was out for a bit this evening and it’s about the same. So I was out and about an hour or so, the day after Christmas in the Midwest, wearing long sleeves but not so much as a sweater! In fact, I was a tad too warm a couple of times.

    If July 4 is a Friday, then so is my birthday (one week before). Most people have one pair of holidays that arrive on the same day of the week (Christmas and New Year’s), but six months earlier / later, I have a second pair. I joke that the fireworks are for my birthday, but they just happen to be a week late. Actually, most places I have lived the firecrackers start around my birthday.

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  22. I was given a large container of delux mixed nuts. I can make myself sick by pulling out the cashews and eating too many. When I was young we went to the large Sears store which had a nut counter. It made the shopping worth it to get a bag of the warm cashews to eat on the way home. I guess they are in the comfort food category for me. I just ate enough to call them my dinner.

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  23. The sweet potato dish I made for Christmas dinner had mashed sweet potatoes mixed with maple syrup and a tablespoon of butter. I mixed in about 3/4 cup of whole pecans and put the small marshmallows on top. It was not vegan, but served nicely as our dessert yesterday. I really liked the maple syrup with sweet potatoes. I had never eaten that combo before.

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  24. We will get that weather before you Peter. They predict snow in the morning and lasting all the way through Saturday. We seem to be on the edge of it so we should not see too much snow out of this one. But you know what they say around here…if that “low” wiggles around a bit we could end up getting dumped on! 😂 ⛄️ One thing I do know, it is freezing cold out there tonight!


  25. sweet get together with friends this evening. I even got to go for walk around the block with my grandson and a friend. Of course we won’t admit thta I got lost so the walk was a bit longer than planned. The stars were amazing.
    Hello 49

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